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Urgent Action Required to Maintain Our Medical Freedom to Choose

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History is repeating itself! Once again, a massive propaganda machine has fomented disease hysteria, preempting rational public health policy decisions. Last time around, coercive medical sterilizations were performed in the U.S.; their goal was to “cleanse the genetic pool of undesirables”. This time around, the objective is to increase utilization of vaccines, and thereby increase ever higher profit-margins.

The pharmaceutical industry in partnership with the U.S. government is determined to increase vaccination uptake by stripping parents of their human right to exercise their parental responsibility, which is to protect their child from risks of harm.

A growing number of parents have raised doubt about the assurances given that all vaccines are “safe and effective”. Parents are raising concerns about the empirical evidence of an ever increasing number of vaccinated children who suffer from debilitating chronic illnesses as never before. The failure of public health officials to examine the evidence and identify the cause of children’s chronic ailments, focusing solely on vaccination rates, has resulted in the loss of trust...(Continue reading at AHRP)


John Stone


I sent the following reply to the journal last year (not of course published):-

The article by Brennan [1], which has just been drawn to my attention, only exists in hypothetically perfect world in which medical evidence is always clear cut and bureaucracies beyond fallibility, bias, corruption or perhaps even scrutiny - it hinges like a lot of ethical investigations round the word "if". You could agree "y" if "x" (though I am not sure whether in this case it would be a libertarian argument as opposed to just an argument) but we do not have flawless bureaucracies making perfect decisions based on immutable scientific laws. Of course, a crucial argument relating to political liberty is just that bureaucracies are inevitably imperfect.

While we could explore and criticize the basis of many such decisions (and despite huge institutional pressures many criticisms of vaccine products lie within mainstream scientific debate, for instance issues regarding influenza vaccination, HPV, aluminum adjuvants, mercury preservatives etc.) we are simply not talking about a branch of science which admits of such uncertainties. Nor are we dealing with just a few products. The US mandated schedule has perhaps dozens of products already, with hundreds in the pipeline which depend for their commercial viability on being licensed and mandated in their turn. Brennan does not engage with the problem that is not about one or two instances (for instance MMR vaccine is often cited) but an indefinitely large number products which could become compulsorily mandated for citizens by already existing bodies.

Brennan weights the case by proposing on the one hand that we have reliable science and on the other hand a lady who has appeared in Playboy centerfolds, i.e. Jenny McCarthy, but of course the arguments against the perfection and safety of the program has often been taken up by scientific and medical professionals, and often against their professional interest. It is not a happy example for yet another reason. If we were to have reliable information about vaccine products (as opposed to Papal style declarations of infallibility) scientists and doctors would need to listen respectfully to citizens about their experiences whether or not they had appeared in Playboy. For this purpose celebrities are just prominent members of the public. In the case of Jenny McCarthy she and her employers have been subject to professional intimidation lying well beyond the realms of dispassionate science [2]. The issue of false-flag "grass-roots" vaccine organizations has also recently been highlighted by Doshi [3]. Bureaucracies can maintain their record by socially repressive means against the public and Jenny McCarthy would be an example: this is what might happen to you if you stand up.

It is not helpful - indeed highly misleading - to talk in abstract propositions: the truth here is messy and likely unpleasant.

[1] Brennan J, 'A libertarian case for mandatory vaccination, BMJ Ethics', 11 July 2016 http://dx.doi.org/10.1136/medethics-2016-103486
[2] Schneider S, 'Big Pharma’s faking a “grass-roots” campaign to keep Jenny McCarthy off “The View”", Notes from the Underground http://markcrispinmiller.com/2013/08/big-pharmas-faking-a-grass-roots-campaign-to-keep-jenny-mccarthy-off-the-view/
[3] Doshi P, 'The unofficial vaccine educators: are CDC funded non-profits sufficiently independent?' BMJ 7 November 2017 http://www.bmj.com/content/359/bmj.j5104

Hans Litten

Public health ethics

A libertarian case for mandatory vaccination .
Jason Brennan
Correspondence to
Professor Jason Brennan, Department of Strategy, Economics, Ethics, and Public Policy, Georgetown University, 3700 O St NW, Washington DC 20057-0004, USA; jason.brennan@georgetown.edu

This paper argues that mandatory, government-enforced vaccination can be justified even within a libertarian political framework. If so, this implies that the case for mandatory vaccination is very strong indeed as it can be justified even within a framework that, at first glance, loads the philosophical dice against that conclusion. I argue that people who refuse vaccinations violate the ‘clean hands principle’, a (in this case, enforceable) moral principle that prohibits people from participating in the collective imposition of unjust harm or risk of harm. In a libertarian framework, individuals may be forced to accept certain vaccines not because they have an enforceable duty to serve the common, and not because cost–benefit analysis recommends it, but because anti-vaxxers are wrongfully imposing undue harm upon others.


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