The United States Government Told You Vaccines Cause Autism
Robert F Kennedy Jr Blocked From Giving Evidence At Congressional Hearings

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By Cathy Jameson

What’s next?

Will they come after personal webpages?

Will they ban the books that have already been written?

Will they remove our ability to call each other from our home phones, disable our cell phones so we can text each other, or remove emails access from our personal computers?


Pinterest was never one of my favorite websites to visit. But with readers all over the world using all manner of social media platforms including Pinterest, I created an account for Age of Autism there several years ago. Once in a while, when I’d remember to, I’d pin something under our Great Reads, Good Movies, or Friends of AofA boards. A new book to check out, a documentary of interest, or an infographic that was making the rounds on other people’s advocacy pages were what I’d typically pin. Never more than an afterthought though, I’d spend more time adding links and reading material to our AofA Facebook fan page. With a much larger audience, FB was the place to be.

Late last year, I heard that Pinterest was shutting down individual and advocacy groups’ accounts for pinning misinformation about the US’ liability-free vaccines. I knew that it was just a matter of time that AofA would make that same hit list. In mid-December, I received an email from Pinterest that information I’d pinned on our boards long ago were in violation of one of their policies.

CJ pinterest 1

When that happened, I wasn’t surprised. I wasn’t sad about it either. Visually unappealing to me, I never cared much for Pinterest’s layout and preferred to spend my time on other social media platforms. I’d honestly forgotten about people’s pages being pulled off of Pinterest’s until a dear friend mentioned it to me on Thursday evening. Friday morning, articles were being circulating about those recent unpinnings.  I tried to log on to see if we were still being banned from using Pinterest.


We are.

CJ pinterest 2

We lost a platform, but we have other places we can share our stories. We’ll continue to do that that for as long as we can.

We’re safe for now elsewhere on the web. But it’s not surprising that some people, like Congressman Schiff,  would rather we keep quiet wherever we log in. To write such a letter, and for it to get as much attention as it did, tells me that the industry, its supporters, and its benefactors are getting more and more nervous. They’re not worried about failing vaccines or corporate espionage though; they’re scared of informed moms and dads!  

I can see why Schiff sent the letter, but if he’s going to send a stern warning to Facebook and Google, where’s his letter to Reddit? Another online social platform, Reddit gets millions of visitors like Pinterest, Google and FB do. Schiff wants the industry’s vaccine information to be better guarded! But just the week before his letter was sent, the mainstream media went absolutely gaga over a teenager who consulted Reddit users, not a doctor, for medical advice. I guess because it was a pro-vaccine question, and one that made an “anti-vaccine” mom out to look like the bad guy, it’s okay to keep Reddit up and running. Oddly, that mundane Man Gets Vaccines story made front-page news. The story fed into the media’s orchestrated vaccine frenzy and took over as many headlines as possible. In multiple newspaper sections —U.S., World, Local, Science, Health, and on numerous news station channels around the globe, that teen’s story went viral.

Personally, I didn’t think that story was newsworthy at all. A legal adult opts for liability-free vaccines? So what. That wasn’t and still isn’t newsworthy in my eyes. But the 18-year old’s private healthcare decision that was overly broadcasted and shared around the world just so happened to occur during intense “legislative measles” campaigns  here in the US. I guess when you’re feeding the industry versus going up against it, you’re allowed to stay and play for as long as they want your sound bite to last.  

Censorship is nothing new, but so many more people and groups are working overtime now to remove our already-established rights. Those include freedom of speech and, in some states, vaccine choice. Once a private matter, vaccination has become open season not just in the news, but just about everywhere. The overreaching of the government and the undermining of its people has gotten more than just a little ridiculous lately. In fact, the Food Drug Administration is trying to get in on things, too.  Can they step in? Do they have the authority to take away American citizens’ medical rights? I don’t know. I do know that they, and our representatives, need to hear from us right away and before those hearings start on Wednesday.

In 2013 when I signed on to Pinterest, a startup that had seemingly nothing to do with medicine or the vaccine industry, I saw it as a tool to connect with other like-minded parents. As had happened on other social media platforms I’d been using, I quickly did find other people and was encouraged by them to check out their boards and pins. Even though I barely visited the site, I’d get frequent emails that so-and-so and such-and-such began to follow us. Other alerts reported that our boards were beginning to be repinned. We didn’t get too many private messages, but the message we did get were positive ones. My goal on Pinterest was to create another safe place for our many readers, and I got to do just that. Our boards and page may be gone there, but we’re here to stay.

Social media platforms and industry mouthpieces may get away with shutting us down, but it’ll take lots more to shut us up completely. If Pinterest, Google, or Facebook think we’d be lost without them, we won’t be. We’ll rise up like we’ve had to in the past. You can count on us to do that whenever our rights, and yours, are being threatened.

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.




Brian Nomi


“This is a very significant change with[in] a relatively small period of time. …It’s very concerning, very alarming, very disappointing, very important to take into account and to acknowledge.…These estimates are not at all due to [a] changing definition of autism, zero is due to shifting autism diagnosis.

…The increase in autism prevalence is pushed quite significantly by children with significant levels of impairment and with co-occurring cognitive impairments, so it’s not just slightly affected children that are making the estimates percolate upward. Autism is increasing across the board. …It is important to acknowledge what’s true.” [emphasis added]

—Dr. Walter Zahorodny, Director
Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network, New Jersey

(Quoted in The Sickest Generation on Children's Health Defense website:


Hi Cathy, Big Fan.
I have had 4 boards deleted on Pinterest for SELF HARM. The last one was titled "Do No Harm." Memo not received.
The first had over 3000 pieces of data. Each one appears to be deleted at a lower and lower number of pins. There seems to be a group of us who just start another board to help those who are getting started and those who are searching for information.
We are a Horribly Vaccine Injured Family with 4 children having Special Needs through adoption (30 plus dx). I have Tissue Analysis showing sky-high levels of Aluminum in our son’s brain a year after stopping vax when he was 2 years old. He is now 24, diapers, non-verbal, functionally 2 years. As far as I’m concerned, Vax is the Mark of the Beast.


Here’s how inept Pinterest keyword searches are now:
Vaccination: Sorry, we couldn’t find any Pins for this search.
People have reported Pins from this search. Let us know if you see something that goes against our policies.
Vaccines: Ditto.
Voices for Vaccines: LOTS of posts, including the industry front group V4V but also posts by NVIC, photo of Robert De Niro, an article on whiny children, and photos of pit bull dogs.

If truth is not allowed on social media, then lies will fill the void. Stay and fight.

Shelley Tzorfas

Pinterest censorship claims that they are removing websites where " there may be immediate or detrimental effects on a Pinner's Health or public safety." They will only "rely on institutions such as the CDC or WHO." This claim against immediate or detrimental affects on a Pinner's Health basically means that if you or the public do NOT get injected with Aluminum, Thimerosal/Mercury, cancer causing Formaldehyde, Glyphosate,Human fetal Cell DNA which relates to cannibalism, cells from pigs, dogs and other animals and insects, Peanut oils leading to anaphylactic shock to foods as many younger people suddenly have, parts of antifreeze and compositions of moth balls, yeast, MSG, ether, polysorbate and more then your health may be in Jeopardy or Double Jeopardy?


"Antivaccine", has become, quite deliberately in the press, a term to encompass all criticism of the vaccination program, both scientific and moral, and all acknowledgement of harms from vaccines, whether from vaccine injured, their families, whistleblowers, researchers, or the general public.

In an interview about her recent book, Fascism: A Warning, Madeleine Albright describes fascism as "a process for taking and holding power".
The digital erasure by the "medical misinformation ministry" is incremental fascism.
"AntiVaccine" is the new "UnGerman", and the book burning has begun.

Tim Lundeen

I closed my pinterest account with a link to this article.

Bob Moffit

Being old school .. the banning of books by major retail outlets was widespread .. it wasn't that long ago when I would try to buy a popular conservative book by someone like Rush Limbaugh .. or something controversial like David Kirby's "Evidence of Harm" .. in my local Barnes and Nobles or Borders .. only to be told by staff the books were not available .. not in stock .. any number of reasons .. which were all "plausible denials" for not "selling" the books .. when in truth .. it was the CONTENT of the book that required it be "not available".

The good news .. AMAZON .. suddenly ALL BOOKS WERE IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE .. easily acquired .. and those traditional book giants lost the power they once had to "ban" whatever books THEY decided were not worthy of reading.

It is my hope the same type of FREEDOM of expression and ideas will create a new social networking GIANT .. just as AMAZON did to the book monopolies … that will END today's social networking monopolies … that have the power to "shut us down" because THEY don't want our opinions heard in today's TECHNOLOGICAL PUBLIC SQUARE.

Mark Wax

Fascism is about control. Be it from the right or left wings. Remember, we live in a country where segregated transportation, schools and water fountains were legal,.... in my lifetime. It has been only 15 years since homosexual behavior was a crime in many States. Until 1967, it was illegal to marry someone of a different "race." The freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution are defined the government apparatus. So much for "of the people, by the people, for the people."

Jenny Allan

It's daft! The blunt fact is Pinterest , Facebook, Twitter and the rest, including news and media outlets all make their money from advertising revenue. In turn, this relies on large numbers of users and watchers. If they attempt to censor free speech, for that's what it amounts to, they will lose their customer base. People don't like the idea of being fed one-sided propaganda, with dissenting voices banned altogether.
Goodbye Pinterest.

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