Lap Dances for Opioid Sales
February 2, Again? Not for our Loved Ones with Autism.

Toilet Paper Math is the Hardest Math. Vaccine Failure Math is Crappiest.

Toilet paper math
If Jane has 124 apples, and 93 of them are rotten to the core, riddled with worms and covered in pesticides, what percentage of apples should be thrown away immediately?

If Acme Motor sales has 124 cars on the lot and 93 of them have flat tires, sugar in the gas tank and have a family of flying squirrels dining on the wires and firmly ensconced in the engine, what percentage of the cars are lemons?

Measles Lemon



Tenement "single-end"room and scullery kitchen ,with a back court outside toilet!
Last bed-pan off the shelf mentality ,the "Chanty wrasslers" version of best practice in evidence- based medicine, using the "china/chanty"standard from under the bed? Evidence lacks skills and fundamental competencies to produce a valid risk assessment to safely sit their own wee bot's the right way round on a circular one?
Public Health England [PHE] States doctors may prescribe use in pregnancy aciclovir at 800mg four times a day and valaciclovir chicken- pox drug and their use is "off-label" after contact with someone with this particular"pox" as a prevention suggestion? A top down "Best interest " Directive from PHE and the Chair of The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation "OFF-LABEL" use means this drug is not approved or has a licence for use as a anti -chicken- pox drug in pregnant woman ?
SEE [ PDF] Finding The Evidence. NHS England . The Information Standard . A Key step in the information production process .

The WHO Won't get fooled again. You tube [rock band] not the other WHO !


Hera, my strategy makes us sound extreme, but it doesn't make us sound incoherent.

One person shouting that if germs were dangerous then nobody would visit a doctor office makes little difference because people are hardwired to dismiss lone voices in the wilderness no matter how logical they are. But if people heard it a dozen times from a dozen different people then the germ theory would start being questioned en masse in very short order.

The pharmaceutical industry could survive 100% of the population studiously reading the vaccine inserts just fine (they would just ramp up their hysteria over the so-called VPDs). They couldn't survive even 10% of people questioning the germ theory.

Like I said, my strategy is a tougher sell at first but it is sustainable and, dare I say, "immune" to any kind of counter-attack from the vaccine industry. Indeed it would build upon itself because my arguments use observations that people often make themselves. If you explain to someone that doctors often rename a disease if the patient is vaccinated they may just ignore it until they actually witness a doctor doing precisely that at which point their faith in the paradigm is shaken. If you explain to someone that disease isn't contagious then they will ignore it, but the next time a "contagious" disease affects half of the members of their family but mysteriously not the other half then they will start to think about it.

And whilst most illnesses are indeed caused by the mind, that certainly doesn't rule out poisoning causing injuries as well. In fact, it is this juxtaposition of trauma/poisoning that explains why different people get affected so differently by the toxins in vaccines.

And yes Greg your point about most adults not being vaccinated is correct. Like I said, we don't have any useful data to show whether the vaccine works in the slightest. The logic says that it cannot and there is no valid data that suggests otherwise.

Angus Files

Measles and measles and measles = 0.

One and one and one and one = 3.

M and M and R = Autism.

Pharma For Prison



It seems strange that you are worried how "anti vaxxers" are perceived and yet you keep pushing the idea that viruses don't exist and that illness is all from your mind? (By the way, I consider myself to be a medical rights and medical safety advocate, while respecting the right of other people to choose different descriptions that fits their own beliefs. .)
Logically, I would expect that given your above beliefs, that you believe that vaccine injuries are all caused by someones mind as well?
Certainly though, we do agree that the MMR vaccine can and has repeatedly caused serious injury and death. THE CDC admits that encephalopathy is a side effect, Bradley Banks is one of many whom the government conceded has measles induced disability, and other posters ( thank you) here have linked to the deaths caused by the MMR in the massively under reported VAERS data base.
I also agree with you that accurate facts are always important.

It doesn't mean a 75% failure rate. We can't say such a thing with the information provided because we don't know how many were exposed and whether they wouldn't have contracted measles anyway.

Anti-vaxers need to be careful with their facts because we are judged more harshly than pro vaxers.

And on the surface, this caution appears reasonable. It rests on the thinking that within a given population, more INDIVIDUALS are likely vaccinated and leading to more cases. There are more cases not because of vaccine failure but because of a disproportionate large amount of vaxxed individuals being exposed.

This argument that provaxxers peddle sounds reasonable, and often it even throws 'antivaxxers'. Yet reflecting, you will find another instance of provaxxers' devious deception. They're generalizing a high childhood vaxxed rate (considered over 90%) to the entire population. This is patently wrong because within a given population, it's most KIDS that are likely vaccinated not most INDIVIDUALS.

Consider most individuals over 21 are likely less or partially vaccinated, and most people over 45 are likely not vaccinated at all. The vaxxed/unvaxxed rate for any random population may indeed be 50/50 -- not 90/10 as they often suggest. With this outbreak based on a 50/50 ratio of vaxxed/unvaxxed individuals just as likely to be exposed, there is every reason to consider a 75% vaccine failure rate.

Jonathan Rose

More on vaccine failure in another part of the country:


Breaking News: Governor Inslee, President Trump, and the American Press breath a sigh of relief as a State of Emergency is declared in light of 41 children with measles seek refuge at the American southern border.


It doesn't mean a 75% failure rate. We can't say such a thing with the information provided because we don't know how many were exposed and whether they wouldn't have contracted measles anyway.

Anti-vaxers need to be careful with their facts because we are judged more harshly than pro vaxers.

Now, in truth, the vaccine is zero per cent effective. Like every other vaccine.

We know this because: a) measles is not caused by a virus because a self replicating pathogen (SRT) is not mathematically possible; and b) even if an SRT was possible, no vaccine could possibly work because viruses don't infect us on an acute basis.

The only thing that is different about this "outbreak" is that at least some New York doctors are willing to diagnose measles in vaccinated patients whereas very few doctors will do so generally.

How do people believe something as ridiculous as that measles is caused by a virus?

Measles rashes - all rashes - are almost always focused. They are not evenly distributed around the body which of course they would be if they were caused by something that is transmitted through the bloodstream.

Does nobody ever wonder why a child might have a rash on their stomach but nowhere else? Or their back and legs but nowhere else? Or, bizarrely, behind their knees and inside their elbows?

I'm sure there will be a Deus ex Machina explanation from Eindecker for this but for those of us who don't believe "because magic" is a valid argument, the only explanation is that rashes are caused by the mind and the virus explanation is utter boll*cks.

Gary Ogden

Thank you Sharyl Attkisson. Exactly 75% failure rate. Herd failure?

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