CHD Press Release: CDC’s ACIP Considers Expanding Recommendations for HPV Vaccine to Ages 27 to 45
Those Measles Outbreaks: Thoughts out of Season

Testimony Against Connecticut's Bill That Would Allow 9 Year Olds to Consent to Sexually Transmitted Disease Vaccine

Thank you to Kevin Barry, warrior autism Dad, co-founder of Generation Rescue so many years ago, and now founder of, a non-denominational organization devoted to our precious right of informed consent.  I have blue jeans in  my closet older than 9 years old. And they are as equally equipped to make medical decisions for themselves as children here in Connecticut.  Kim

Kevin Barry. Public testimony CT 2/25/19 from Isabelle Menozzi on Vimeo.



Thanks for your powerful testimony. I was impressed!

David Weiner


I agree with you 100%.

Language is very important. The term "public health" essentially smuggles into the argument the notion that the government is responsible for your health. Our side should never use it and make that unwarranted concession.

Laura Hayes

Beleaguered Autism Mom,

You are most welcome, and please know that I deeply appreciate your excellent comments here on AoA. Good and important point you raise about adverse reactions to vaccines being purposefully omitted from section 8.8. I also read section 8.12, pertaining to guidelines for physicians interacting ethically with the media. Dr. Richard Pan and Dr. Paul Offit, amongst so many others, are clearly not sanctioned by the AMA when they regularly violate those guidelines.


Your word replacement idea is excellent! And I agree that the term "public health" needs to be delegitimized. We must socialize the idea that "public health" is best served and best achieved when each individual makes the best possible health choices and health decisions for himself/herself/their own family. That is how we will all benefit both individually and collectively. However, the American public has been brainwashed to believe otherwise, and has also been spoon-fed the idea that is one child's job to protect another child, versus the parent's job. How easily Americans are misled into accepting ideas that are nonsensical and untrue.


I have an idea for a simple but powerful message:

"Public health" is codeword for "pharma profits" and/or "pharma dictatorship"

Any time you hear "public health," replace it with the real meaning:
* the unvaccinated are a threat to "public health"
* Senator so-and-so is proud of his work on "public health"
* "public health" trumps personal liberty

A related message: health is personal not public.

The very concept of "public health" is a ruse that they have long been bludgeoning us with, without much pushback. It is a Trojan Horse concept that collectivizes individual responsibility for health and gives the state cover for trampling on rights. The concept of "public health" needs to be delegitimized.

R Prasad

Why consent to 9 year olds only for Sexually Transmitted Diseases Vaccines? Why not for driver’s license etc? If 9 year olds can understand the risks of STD vaccines, they can understand the risks of driving? No?

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Thank you for the link and everything you do Laura Hayes. In addition to the AMA's ethical guidelines that say personal/religious belief exemptions to vaccination are allowed for AMA members, it also says in Section 8.8 that adverse reactions, to drugs or medical devices should be reported to the appropriate regulatory authority. Adverse event reporting for vaccine reactions is not included. I wonder why not.


One of my favorite films was actually a made-for-TV project titled Citizen X starring Stephen Rea, Donald Sutherland and Max von Sydow about the real-life hunt for a serial killer in Soviet era Russia. There's one particular scene in which the detached, cool-headed, highly political military commander in charge of the investigation played by Donald Sutherland asks the more emotional, seemingly more fragile chief pathologist played by Stephen Rea, "Goddamn it! What is happening to me? My heart is pounding, my collar feels tight; what the hell is this?"

And the pathologist answers: "Passion."

Thank you to Kevin Barry for his passion. An excellent argument was made. The response of the state will essentially be a headcount of whores.

Laura Hayes

Actually, it is an AMA document to which FirstFreedoms links, not an AAP document. Is the AAP part of the AMA, or a separate entity?

Does the AAP have something similar it sends to its members? If anyone has a link/resource for similar literature from the AAP, please post it here. Thanks!

Laura Hayes

For those who also wanted more information regarding how the AAP offers vaccine exemptions to its members, while at the same time it insists on inflicting vaccine mandates/requirements on others without those same exemptions, read more here:

Laura Hayes

To further clarify, this bill applies to all "STD" vaccines, so not only HPV vaccines, but also HepB vaccines, and any future "STD" vaccines. CA already has such a law, however, the age is 12 years-old vs. 9 years-old. No doubt, CA will soon be seeking to lower the age to 9, too...or younger.

From regarding this CT bill:

"This bill would amend the current law that allows any municipal health department, state institution or facility, licensed physician or public or private hospital or clinic to examine and provide treatment for sexually transmitted diseases to minors without parental consent to include prophylactic treatment.

The definition of prophylactic is guarding from or preventing the spread or occurrence of disease or infection or tending to prevent or ward off. HPV and Hepatitis B Vaccines would be considered prophylactic treatment for sexually transmitted diseases. As used in this bill, "prophylactic" means a medicine or course of action used to prevent disease."

Laura Hayes


Follow-up question to my earlier question to you regarding a link to/resource for AAP offering its members PBEs and REs. How exactly does that work? In other words, if a doctor has hospital privileges, and the hospital requires vaccines, does the AAP "sign-off" on a doctor's PBE or RE, which the hospital then accepts without question? Or, if a medical student joins the AAP, will it "sign-off" on a PBE or RE for that student so he/she does not have to submit to the vaccines required by the medical school and/or hospital in which training is done?

I am eager to learn ALL of the details on how this AAP-provided protection from vaccine-induced harm and death for its members works!

Laura Hayes

Thank you, Kevin! Superb testimony, and excellent answering of the follow-up questions!

Also, can you please provide us with a link or resource so we can show and share with others that the AAP permits PBEs and REs for its members, while at the same time it condones and promotes vaccine mandates without those exemptions for others.

I hope that AoA readers will REFUSE to give their business to any doctor who is a member of the AAP.


It would be like allowing drug dealers onto school playgrounds

Bob Moffit

I was as shocked as was Hans upon hearing Kevin state .. FOR THE RECORD:

"The AAP offers philosophical and religious exemptions for THEIR MEMBERS but oppose them for all others"



Well-said. What an amazing man! Of course he is right--if parents were offered 6 infant drugs we would turn them down cold. But use the word "vaccination" and people's brains turn off.


To paraphrase:
Safe and effective... bait
Unavoidably unsafe... switch.

Brilliant! Thank you Mr Barry!!!

Hans Litten

Astounding interview

Did I hear that correctly ?
The AAP has allowed exemptions while recommending the rest of the country should not have !


what a great testimony.

Hans Litten

Kevin Barry is a legend - writing this before having viewed the clip

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