How Is Vaccine Choice Not a Woman's Right?
Tender Moment from Tough Cops for Man with Autism

Senator Pan Uses White Privilege Card to Protect Vaccination

White priv Pan
imprimatur meaning: 1. official permission to do something that is given by a person or group in a position of power:

"Creating a system to ensure that medical exemptions are scientifically justified isn’t just a public safety issue. It’s also imperative for ensuring that white privilege isn’t given the imprimatur of the medical establishment, using it to sidestep democratically enacted law."

This is one of the most disturbing messages we've seen from Senator Richard Pan, archipuppet of California's SB277 bill that removed and tightened vaccine exemptions since he said that water is the most toxic ingredient in any vaccine.

We in the vaccine safety, medical freedom communities (plural because we are not monolithic in our thinking, and that's a good thing) are the last exposed, unprotected and targeted group for bullying.  In his Facebook message, Pan turns to racially profiling us. White privilege? Offensive beyond belief.

White Privilege: inherent advantages possessed by a white person on the basis of their race in a society characterized by racial inequality and injustice.

Pan is likely referring to this study - Sociodemographic Predictors of Vaccination Exemptions on the Basis of Personal Belief in California.

The right to make healthcare decisions has nothing to do with race.  Pan is using political rhetoric to divide us in a nation already splintering.


cia parker


You'd always have to evaluate the truthfulness of your sources of information and go from there. But you would be doing your family a disservice if you only believed the opposite of what you were told by conventional sources. Better to consider it as well as other sources you have access to, and consider whether it is believable. Three and a half years ago, the very day we picked up our puppy in St. Louis, I got a fever, chills, etc., and was very ill by bedtime. Fever of 104 the next day, for two days, then 103 for one more day. Starting August 13, summer time, really not prime time for flu. I never go to the doctor for a viral illness, very rarely for anything else. But our speech therapist told me that dozens of schoolchildren were out sick with it when school started that week, that they were considering delaying the start of school because of it, an employee at the health food store where I had gone two days before getting sick said that several of their employees were out sick with it, and our teacher for puppy kindergarten said that he had had it at the same time, with a 103 degree fever. But I could not find a word about it on the Internet or at the website of the public health department. So it goes both ways.

If official authorities were reporting a diphtheria outbreak (or polio, meningitis, or whatever. I would not worry about measles, pertussis, chickenpox, or flu outbreaks), that would be so unusual, unprecedented in many decades, that I definitely think it should be taken very seriously and investigated carefully. In that case, there were be many articles about it on the Internet. And, again, go from there. Keep your children home from school for the duration if there were danger. If it were appropriate, require the vaccine for school for that specific outbreak, and then let everyone decide whether to comply or stay home.

And it goes both ways. The ineptitude of official authorities is amazing. At the time of the EV-68 outbreak four years ago, my daughter got it as soon as school started in August, getting cold-like symptoms on Thursday of the following week that came on amazingly hard and strong, progressing from a slight runny nose when she got home to major congestion and coughing by bedtime. The school secretary said when I called her in sick that many kids were out with a flu-like illness. And it turned out to be in the polio family of illnesses. She had a severe cough for over a month, and lost a little of the hearing in her right ear (polio used to do that, mild polio meningitis). I asked the school nurse if she should stay home from school until she was well so as not to infect others, and she said no, only if a doctor said he thought it advisable. So sure, let the disease run amuck. They considered closing entire school systems until the epidemic was over. But did the school nurse care? Ultimately, there were 120 cases of permanent paralysis reported from it nationwide and 12 deaths.

So I totally agree that you should take anything public authorities say with a grain or more of salt. Sometimes they're lies and sometimes it's just stupidity. But I would always bear in mind that some diseases are potentially extremely serious and take appropriate measures to prevent or treat them.

John Stone

Mom 4 Truth

A very interesting point.


I think that one problem is that the PTB are completely beyond trust.

Mom 4 Truth

Wait a second. Pan just called vaccine avoidance a privilege. I realize the term "White privilege" is offensive, especially in this context. But forget the word "White" for a moment. He actually admitted that it's a privilege to not have your child vaccinated. Thanks Pan!!!

cia parker


I certainly agree. And I would not permit forcibly vaccinating anyone at any time. But in the case of school, I think it would depend on the numbers involved. Anyone strongly against letting his or her child get a vaccine to prevent a disease that was REALLY sweeping through schools and REALLY killing large numbers, would have the option to keep their child out of school. Also true that if the vaccine were really effective, then we'd just be talking about those so severely and obviously at risk that they were able to get a medical exemption. And true that if they were only effective for some, everyone's being vaxxed would still decrease exposure. At this time, they say that if there were an epidemic, then in return for getting the religious exemption, I have to agree that I would keep her at home. I'd actually LIKE her to get measles, mumps, hep-A, and flu, but I agreed to that provision. It would be possible, if measles came back here, that she'd get it and transmit it to someone, whether vaxxed or unvaxxed, and that person would be outside my field of responsibility. But even though there are many cases of pertussis here every year, they've never invoked that clause.

But IF Ebola were running wild here, wouldn't it be reasonable to want your child's schoolmates to be vaccinated for it, to reduce the chance that your child would catch it and die of it? I would leave the option of homeschooling open for those who didn't want to comply. And I have seen no evidence that any public school education is valuable in any way: from an academic standpoint, homeschooling would nearly always be better. The principal of a high school where I taught said that school, even high school, was nothing but babysitting. It is true that parents would have to decide which option they valued more, vaccine rejection or public schooling, but if there were a diphtheria epidemic, I think the right of classmates to be protected from the germs is valid. Another possibility would be separate schools, classrooms, restrooms, lunch room, etc., for the unvaxxed, and I would be fine with my daughter's being in them.

But it's certainly true that at this time we have no disease in the US, nor you in the UK, that is serious and common enough to justify mandatory vaccination of all school children and teens. Measles is a GOOD thing to get for the vast majority. Considerable lifelong cancer protection. Pertussis is not a dangerous thing to get, nor would chickenpox be. But what if it were (highly theoretical, but the principle is worth considering) bubonic plague?

John Stone


As opposed to.practice in which innumerable children get exposed to immense but unquantified harm to protect children who are mostly not dying. I remember - in 2013 particularly - talking to professional bio-ethicists who were not taking on board that mostly the vaccines were neither particularly effective or safe, and they were talking as if the science was perfect and definitive (and because they were paid to do so). But, of course, it is propaganda, not science, and you cannot base ethics on it. One of the things that happens in bad philosophy is that the practitioners make the argument “if x then y”, which may be the case, but in the real world x is seldom so in the first place, so it is a waste of time. The best instance in this case might be “the benefit outweighs the risk” rather than “the benefit greatly outweighs the risk” (for which their tends to be an absence of strong evidence) or the simple claim that “vaccines are safe”. But Pan is surely talking about an ideological fantasy. Anyhow, I think this is why it is not worth entertaining.

These were mainly British bioethicists but of course they were probably still taking their cue from Art Caplan, and from Art to Dorit to Pan is barely any distance at all. There is seldom much sophistication in the practice of bioethics, and they are mostly just there to spin a case for whoever is paying them. They live in a world of cartoon clarity - the 2015 outbreak began in Disneyland as William Thompson almost predicted (that said The Incredibles is very sophisticated).

cia parker

I think the principle is defensible. If there were REALLY children dying or being disabled because they caught a VPD from an unvaxxed classmate, then you could certainly make a case for forcing all of them to be vaccinated. The question comes down to numbers and individual judgment. Equally obviously, if there were a million children being diagnosed with autism (etc.) every year, and it were proven that it had been caused by the MMR, while there was only one death a year from a child catching measles from a classmate, then most people would say that saving that one life came at a cost that was too high. And, of course, we can't measure how severely children who don't seem to have had a reaction have really been damaged. If Ebola were sweeping our country (God forbid), and the vaccine for it were effective and not often obviously reactive, then I could understand requiring it for school. I would want them to accept the nosode in its place, of course.

In reality, we don't have any situation in which such coercion is defensible.

cia parker

I looked up the article you mentioned:

It is very chilling. And very dishonest. She says LOOK how much these diseases have increased, without mentioning how harmless they nearly always are (like pertussis). She says LOOK how much it costs us to TREAT these diseases for which there IS no allopathic treatment, without mentioning the costs to the individuals, families, and society of millions of allergic, autoimmune, autistic, etc. vaccine-damaged citizens. As though it is self-evident that ALL disease MUST be wiped out regardless of the consequences, and regardless of the lack of need. Now, having established that there IS no need for any change, she goes on to explain how courts could actually physically compel children to be vaccinated, saying that children at a church in Philadelphia in 1990 were forced by a court to be vaccinated. You can tell she's eager to extend that practice universally across the country. It is, after all, what she was hired to do seven years ago. She has a very short paragraph about educating parents, but she knows as well as we do that that's not going to change anyone's mind (to persuade them to vaccinated, anyway). And she's GLEEFUL at the idea of schools not admitting children with a personal exemption. And at even sickly children's not getting a medical exemption.

Well, bring it on. She knows that these ideas are way past their sell-by date, but what the heck, she gets amply remunerated regardless of hearts and minds results.

Harvard MD

Can Senator Pan be sued in CA, held accountable for either a child's onset of Autism Spectrum Disorder or if not then at a minimum denied the right to an education (other than home schooling)?

If I'm not mistaken, Japan and China can hold their representatives accountable for harm caused by mandated vaccines or expired/tainted vaccines. On a related topic, in Canada (and I thinking's the US) citizens have put their politicians on notice regarding 5G roll-outs ans mart-meters that they will be held personally liable for any ill health one instance in Canada, the politician resigned shortly after acknowledging receipt of this notice.

John Stone


There are many angles on this issue - essentially what we are talking about in most places in the world that have mandates are sanctions against ordinary people (like removal of educations rights) which don’t affect the rich and powerful, or to a much less a degree. In the U.K. we don’t presently have mandates (we do have a lot of bullying) and I am not sure whether the laws about vaccine compliance which are class discriminatory in this way would be politically acceptable. Obviously, the vile and obnoxious Senator Pan has piloted laws that discriminate against ordinary people and it is the economically privileged (no doubt many of them white) who can still walk away (if nothing else it may be relatively easy for them to go and live somewhere else). Meanwhile, he has the demeanour of someone who has got away with a repellant confidence trick, and can’t get over his own amusement.


All brilliant and valiant points! But I need you all to shut up. What we are saying, in the United States if (yep, intended) America, is that there is a valid reason to deny a child access to an education. DENY A CHILD ACCESS TO AN EDuCATION!!!!! I don’t give a good gall darned what Sean Hannity, or Jake Tapper, or Rachel Maddow considers scientifically appropriate, I care about my children not being allowed to be educated. Would LOVE an opportunity to discuss science with any one of them. In the mean time
Can we just let kids go to school?!


Step up! Step up, Step up, Step up, please, please, PLEASE!!! California doctors!!!! Please!!! I know it involves a huge swallow of courage! I know it involves loss of livelihood. But please, there are thousands of kids who could be saved by you standing up for science.

The scientific reality is that vaccines DO CAUSE AUTISM! There are court cases that confirm that. Cigarettes cause lung cancer, and vaccines cause autism. Pick up you sacks and help us!!!!


Dear Mrs Hokanen and Stagliano i just made a brief comment about the majority of autism bloggers not all. I would love to have an internet or radio discussion about the prespective of high functioning autistic person who you stereotype as a happy go lucky neurodiversity advocates. when some with High Functioning autistics are worse off in terms of their health and social class than many low functioning autistics. I live in the Los Angeles area so would love a discussion on a local or national radio or internet AoA rarely interviews or allows to blog on AoA a high functioning autistic especially those with a lufe threatening genetic disorder like me. My main email is

R Prasad

Dictatorship has 3 phases:
1. I am, the great
2. I am only, the great
3. I am, the GOD

Senator Pan is in phase 3 now. After that, only thing left is FALL.


a pertinent quote from B L Fischer article in Mercola:

"The responsibility for the crisis of trust in the global vaccination system lies squarely at the feet of those who operate the system and refuse to acknowledge the suffering of the people harmed by vaccines."


Seems a relevant time to mention that the leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, has warned his followers that the CDC have a vaccine which specifically harms black males.

Louis Farrakhan Says CDC Is Trying To Infect Black Men


This is clearly a call for legalization of child sacrifice in the State of California!
Pan, as well as Reiss, must be prosecuted for public calls to force parents to sacrifice their children, even babies, on the altar of so called "public health". Those are criminal offenses, and these calls must be prosecuted by police and Child Protection Services in the State. Calls for child sacrifice are illegal.

@Jonathan Rose The law applies to "...any public or private elementary or secondary school, child care center, day nursery, nursery school, family day care home, or development center..."

True Reader, but there is an enforcement issue witb private schools, leading to those parents having an easier route around the legislation. Pan and other State officials have conceded that they have no way of forcing private schools to report their exemption numbers, and, in fact, many weren't. I concur with Johnathan that it may indeed be a case of white affluent parents having the upper hand and with better education being merely a confounding variable.


They want to trick the 99.99% to point the blame at each other, while the oligarchs get away from their crimes against humanity scot-free


Interesting reading, available to read online.
Legal approaches to promoting parental compliance with childhood immunization recommendations.
Published online 15 Feb 2018 By Lois A Weithorn & Dorit Rubenstein Reiss
Article- human vaccines & immunotherapcutics.

Legalised coercion/mandates? ,there is a big multi-cultural revulsion for it, legal or not ,on paper or off-it. "Aye right off-it!"
gary glitter- hello,hello. I'm back again You Tube.
That type of insideous , sleekit, coersion can go and take a long jump to it's own selfies off a short jetty.


Will, today and last week you made useful points about racism and classism — yet here you stereotype Age of Autism contributing editors.

This article’s main point is spotlighting the harmful results of Sen. Pan’s disinformation campaigns and power grabbing. Diversion is a trick from his playbook.

Michael S.

Thanks Laura and Cia Parker for your excellent posts.

In a perfect world, Pan should be brought up on charges of child endangerment for his reckless use of inaccurate information about water being the most toxic chemical in vaccines. Someone should haul him into civil court for providing "fake" science to support mandatory vaccinations and restrict exemptions.

The real science is out there: The very troubled vaccine court has issued nearly $4 billion in claims, some for vaccine-induced deaths. That's all the proof you need. How can you mandate a product that is proven to kill children? That's premeditated murder, just like throwing a hand grenade into a crowd of people: You don't specifically know who you injure or kill, but the evidence shows that people will die and be injured. That's a criminal offense, period.

cia parker

Pan is taking advantage of a trend which has become prevalent in the last few years of bashing groups which used to have some degree of entrenched power, and elevating every supposed group of formerly disempowered victims to take their place. It has become common now to try to silence opposing voices, shout them down, not allow speakers at universities who express views these people don't agree with. It goes against everything our country is supposed to stand for.

Pan is socially awkward and insecure. Remember how he had to creep to the edge of the floor of the state legislature to get his pharma handler to whisper to him what he should say? How he ran like a deer down the hall to avoid having to talk to Del Bigtree and Polly? Suave. Probably damaged himself. He's just become used to getting nothing but cheers when he trots out the memes that have become standard discourse now.

How did he win in the elections in November again?

Laura Hayes

Amoral and Imbecilic Senator Pan Speaks Again.

A quick dissection of his latest idiocy:

"Creating a system to ensure that medical exemptions are scientifically justified isn’t just a public safety issue."

Darn right it is a public safety issue, Senator Pan! There is not one person on the planet who isn't scientifically justified to receive a medical exemption for every single vaccine, seeing as not one has ever been tested or approved properly or ethically. There is not even one vaccine that should be on the market, much less administered...and, of course, no medical treatment or procedure should ever be mandated in a free and ethical society. For further reading on this point:

"It’s also imperative for ensuring that white privilege isn’t given the imprimatur of the medical establishment..."

I know of both "whites" and "non-whites", of differing socioeconomic statuses, who have sought medical exemptions in order to protect their children and themselves from the known, inevitable, and horrific harm that vaccines cause, not to mention the harm vaccines cause that has yet to be discovered, including in subsequent generations. If indeed more "privileged whites" know about the dangers, inefficacies, and lack of need for vaccines, not to mention the corruption that underlies them from manufacture to mandate and beyond, let me immediately share below 2 more links for "non-privileged whites" and "non-whites" to watch/read so that they can quickly get up to speed on that which Senator Pan does not want them to know, as everyone deserves and needs to know the sordid truth about vaccines:

"...using it to sidestep democratically enacted law."

SB277 was definitely not a democratically enacted was bought and paid Big Pharma. It was corporate lobbying and corporate dollars which enabled SB277 to pass. No citizen asked for such a law, and tens of thousands of citizens were ignored and dismissed as we spoke out against the rights-and-freedom-stripping legislation, and we were silenced by the Pharma-supported and Pharma-sponsored media.

I hope and pray that all people, "whites" and "non-whites", of all socio-economic statuses, from every corner of the globe, will quickly see through the vaccine propaganda, and see the Pharma puppets and vaccine profiteers, such as Senator Pan, for whom they truly are...reprehensible men and women put into positions of power by Pharma dollars and Pharma power who are quickly and successfully eliminating parental rights, medical choice freedom, and other rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America.

Don't be a vaccine a VACCINE REFUSER.

VACCINE-FREE is the way to be!


@Jonathan Rose
The law applies to "...any public or private elementary or secondary school, child care center, day nursery, nursery school, family day care home, or development center..."


It appears that Mr. Pan has not reviewed the data within his state. Autism is more common as a percent of enrollment in Blacks, Whites, and Asians while less common with Hispanics. Statistically significant ? Depends on the statistician.
Vaccine injuries affect all Americans and soon it may affect Washington state even more.

Jeannette Bishop

Divide and conquer.


I just rewatched video footage of the public health meeting where Pan declared that water is somehow the most toxic ingredient in vaccines… because drowning is a leading cause of death among 2-5 year olds!

(I wonder why he isn’t lobbying to have water removed from vaccines — think of how many toddler drownings could be averted!)

Pan's position on exemptions is similarly illogical. Doesn’t he see that he is undermining his own position on mandates by describing vaccine exemption as a privilege? If vaccine exemptions are of benefit to the children of those who exercise them, surely it follows that mandates are a bad thing.

Jonathan Rose

Of course those who receive vaccine exemptions are more likely to be white and affluent: they can afford to move their kids to private schools that don't insist on vaccination. But vaccine skepticism is actually more common among African-Americans: 42% of them believe that vaccines cause autism, compared with 31% of the general population. (They remember the Tuskegee Experiment.) However, if you're a black inner city single mom, private school isn't an option, and you can't afford to pick a fight with your Medicaid doctor, even if you suspect that vaccines are causing learning disabilities in your kids. The "white privilege" canard is commonly used to deprive individuals of their rights, because after all, if it's a "privilege" it isn't a right, is it?

David Weiner

How dare white people try to protect their children from the mandatory state poisoning program!


So Will, where do you put your energies to fight the multiple injustices you see?

Agnes Files

Wrong Will most people on here are at home watching their very sick children thanks to vaccines,whether they are black white male female gender neutral or whatever matters not, they are all vaccine damaged and mostly needing 24hr care so forgive us if we dont fit into your big envioro pharma drama this here on AOA is the real world..

Pharma For Prison


Managing Editor

Hi Will. We had more men writing, including a Somali gentleman. Dan and Mark founded AofA and brought me in. We accept submissions - we do not control who writes. I was middle class when my daughters’ were born. I am now firmly under that level with little hope of clawing backbup. I earn less today than I did 4 years out of college in 1989 and I made very little then. Thanks for offending our dedication. Kim


An outrage! It people like Pan who have done everything in their all mighty power to keep the Thompson findings from communities of color, now he gets to exploit people even further by claiming their inability to acquire medical exemptions is a matter of being underprivileged?! CA doctors who practice science should offer medical exemptions, free of any charge, to anyone, ESPECIALLY, a family with non caucasion children!


There is white privilege here on AoA because almost all of the blog post authors are upper middle class white females that have plenty of time and money to complain about their child's autism. There is not doubt autism is environmental which includes way more than just vaccines. Lets us not forget Exxon Mobile and Shell and their dangerous pollution in Benecia and Vallejo near Pam congressional district. Mainstream liberals ignore the oil cabal and its dangers despite those companies refineries all over the south bay(LA) and north bay areas(San Francisco) where most of their voters are. Winder if they are bought off just like the Republicas. There is also east Asian privilege and rampant colorism in east Asia as well so Pam forgot to mention that.


Hope this FB post backfires!
Clearly appauling and race baiting, he thinks he is clever, but he is actually politically tone-deaf in his use of such labels.

Angus Files

I would say the valiant attempt to spread the truth by Dr William Thompson of the CDC is slowly getting out..much to Pan et-al`s annoyance, suck it up Pan!.

"or, if you're on ... a 3.4-fold increased risk of autism associated with MMR in African-American boys."

Pharma For Prison


go Trump

Is Dr. Pan talking about "white coat privilege" where doctors get to demand whatever the hell the want with no liability for anything they do ???


Senator Pan supports the corporate privilege of a rapacious industry.

Bob Moffit

This scurrilous label "white privilege" is beyond revolting .. especially when CDC Dr William Thompson has given ample evidence the CDC "covered up" their own research clearly indicating a 'significant increase' in adverse reactions to recommended and approved vaccines for CHILDREN OF COLOR.

If anyone is guilty of abusing the PRIVILEGES they have .. it would be everyone involved in the CDC's willful destruction of evidence of the significant increase RISK to CHILDREN OF COLOR. That cabal of "abusive privilege" would include Mr Pan .. who has abused EVERY PRIVILEGE he has .. as a DOCTOR and ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE .. to deny CHILDREN OF COLOR THEIR RIGHT TO KNOW OF THE INCREASED RISK TO THEIR LIVES.


Sociodemographic Predictors of "Look look,quick quick ,quids in"the basis of personal belief in the UK "
Be Fast or Be last!
One of The Funniest Comedy Sketches of All Time ! You Tube
Worth it's weight in cups of tea chappies!

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