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How Is Vaccine Choice Not a Woman's Right?

Running Into Vaccine Interference

TrollsBy Cathy Jameson

I tuned into a talk radio station the other day while a story about a troll factory in Russia was being discussed.  Troll factory?  My imagination conjured up a Willy Wonka meets Dr. Seuss setting with loads of oddly behaving characters.  I’ve heard of trolls wreaking havoc on the internet but hadn’t heard the term troll factory being used before.  I had to find out more.  Focusing my attention back on the radio, I learned that the discussion was about an investigation about Russians and the 2016 election.  I knew about that story and thought that the word troll was a good word to describe those who meddled in that event.  One of the goals trolls have is to turn people against each other.  When a hoard of trolls comes together to spread misinformation and cause confusion and doubt, they may come from one source like that factory overseas.

Working together to distract and destroy, AofA has had its fair share of trolls over the years.  Trolls haven’t just descended here on our posts; we’ve encountered them on our social media pages, too.  Interfering in parent-to-parent online conversations, they work hard to discredit us.  Regardless of their persistent criticism and attacks, some of them personal, we’ve remained vigilant to our mission – sharing resources and parenting stories with those who seek information about autism and other topics related to autism, including liability-free vaccines.

Our goal is simple – share knowledge and our experience. 

Their goal – make us sound crazy at all costs.

Leaving negative messages wherever they can, I see an increase in troll presence whenever a story about liability-free vaccines makes the news.  They come out in full force when the diseases those liability-free vaccines haven’t prevented is in the news, too.  Quick to blame the vaccine hesitant, the under-vaccinated or the completely unvaccinated, an outbreak couldn’t possibly be the fault of a vaccine, they spout.  When we point out that vaccines have been recalled in the past, have lost their efficacy over time, and have not been studied as officials claim they have hasn’t helped.  Rather than learn those truths, trolls insist it’s always the fault of the unvaccinated. 

Ima saying

I don’t spend too much of my time in their arena, but sometimes I can’t help but notice their input.  They are vocal.  They are persistent.  They are everywhere.  Are they being paid to leave their thoughts on as many vaccine news threads as they do?  I can only assume that there’s some sort of financial incentive.  Why else would these complete strangers verbally abuse parents of vaccine injured children at the rate they do? 

With the measles in the news these last few weeks, I’m seeing lots of pharma influence in vaccine-related conversations.  They’ve even gone after older folks who’ve begun to chime in.  That generation of Americans share that something like measles was no biggie, almost seen as a rite of passage and chalked up as a typical childhood event when they were kids.  It was more than a nuisance than anything and never was it considered as dangerous as today’s news and TV doctors are making it out to be.  Measles may be considered deadly in other parts of the world, but that isn't the case here in the US.  Here, we’re being told to fear it with every fiber of our being.  With how much attention the measles is getting, I wouldn’t be surprised if the CDC will step in like they had to when things got out of hand the last time the media and its trolls made too much of a fuss.  I don’t always agree with the CDC, but I applauded them when they put on the brakes on the insanity that was stemming from the news outlets just a few months ago. 

“Measles strikes again!” The media and others wanted us to believe. 

CDC no

But not really.   

Source:  CDC Twitter Page

If there’s a vaccine for it, we best fear it.  That’s the general message those in charge of vaccines – and from those who do their bidding – want us to believe.  That includes the trolls who work feverishly to protect Big Pharma and its investors.  Whenever there's a mention or a smidgen of an uptick in diseases, like now, the trolls come out.  Up in arms, they demand that it's the "anti-vaxxers" fault. 

“How dare they!” They scream at us. 

“How could they!” They blame us. 

“Unfit to parent!  Uneducated fools! Undeserving humans!” They shout in our direction. 

Pro-vaccine logic, as well as troll logic, differs greatly from that of people who used to vaccinate.  We believed until something terrible happened to our child. 

So, what do we do?  Say something?  Say nothing?  We could fall back on the old, classic suggestion – If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.  But some people feel called to set someone straight, especially when liability-free vaccines, the measles, autism, and their attempts to find better health for your child despite their diagnosis comes up.  To those people who have that desire, I say go for it.  Speak your mind.  Call them out.  When you do say something, I’d suggest doing so without emotion and name calling.  When one resorts to name calling, the chance to politely prove a point is immediately lost. 

Before you share any personal information, though, keep in mind that you own no one an explanation.  If it’s vaccine choice that’s the topic, remember, it’s your child – your decision.  Their health is your responsibility, not someone else miles away sitting behind a computer screen.  When you engage, you’re already armed with enough facts the most important one being your and your child’s first-hand experience.  Having citations and some literature to reference seems to carry some weight when someone demands you to “Prove It!” also     

If the comments or conversation is about autism and how your child’s diagnosis came about, that’s no one’s business but your own, too.  If how they tumbled onto the spectrum is discredited, let’s say by vaccines, reevaluate how much time you’re giving to this person.  Defending your beliefs is a worthy cause, but the energy spent to inform someone whose goal is to cause interference.  If it’s not worth your time or effort, ignore the troll and whatever they said.  Sometimes it’s best to just walk away and let it go. 

That suggestion to walk away holds true if it’s a person you know causing you grief and not a random someone or some bot on a device arguing with you.  It may not matter that they’ve seen your child tumble farther away from typical health and development.  They cannot and will not see beyond what their doctor or pharma advertisement has convinced them otherwise.  I know people have had to walk away from year’s long friendships and family members because of this.  Instead of coming together or deciding to agree to disagree, two worlds collide.  It’s sad that that happens, but walking away can sometimes be the only option. 

Until someone, including a troll, has a child who’s negatively affected by liability-free-vaccines or has been diagnosed with severe autism as many of our children have, carefully thought out responses about our experience may not make one bit of difference.  We’d never wish for anyone to go through what we have, but we’ll be here when that happens.  It doesn’t matter if the troll is local or thousands of miles away.  There is no “I told you so” here.  No judgement.  No finger wagging.  No stern looks.  No name calling.  No threats of violence either.  With open arms and probably a few tears, we’ll be ready to provide support. 

Encourage people.  It’s simple and what we prefer to do. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism. 




What do you have to do to sign in and comment on that Youtube video? Thanks

Jeannette Bishop

This out today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQptarOLSBU

Shelley Tzorfas

I authored this with deliberate intelligence...https://therefusers.com/researchers-release-the-profile-of-a-vaccine-internet-troll-holistic-remedies-news/

Health Bites Online

I always post a link to Dr. Christopher's Exley's paper about how the aluminium in vaccines causes autism. No-one has ever replied to date.

Angus Files

Stalin would be delighted.

Pharma For Prison


cia parker

I think that it would be very good if everyone who is anti-vax or skeptie-vax (I'm the latter) spent some time commenting on online blogs. You're right, it's necessary to be as polite and objective as possible, even in the face of their insults. But the pharma industry is spending millions a year on its propaganda war, including paying shills to comment online. And often, if someone puts up one comment critical of vaccines, they will text their cronies to have five or six all attack your reply at the same time, to give the impression that if that many people disagree with your comment, then that shows by consensus that they must be right.

But the more people who put up comments describing their negative experiences from vaccine reactions, and their supporting documentation for their statements, the more of a counterweight is established, and it plants doubts in the minds of the readers, and most readers can readily see that this phenomenon is one of trolls paid to defend vaccines and dismiss and deny vaccine damage using every tactic imaginable. And then they often draw the obvious conclusions. I was amazed when I first put up comments at A Shot of Prevention in December 2011, and no matter what time I put them up, within five minutes one or more of the same stable of commenters would attack it and try to discredit it. Several of them are still there, still doing the same thing. It struck me as a completely new idea that maybe they were paid to do it, and it shocked me. How naïve I was then! I later learned that it was an off-shoot of the pharma-supported blog Every Child Times Two. And it eventually completely and permanently blocked all my comments.

I'd say one important measure is to read books and underline the sections which are best-suited to making the most common points needed. Definitely read Dr. Moskowitz' Vaccination: A Reappraisal. Judy Converse's When Your Doctor is Wrong: The Hepatitis-B Vaccine and Autism. Cilla Whatcott's The Solution (on homeoprophylaxis). Olmsted and Blaxill's The Age of Autism (book). Vaccine Epidemic. Handley's How to End the Autism Epidemic. Dr. Richard Halvorsen's Vaccination. Dr. Richard Neustaedter's The Vaccination Guide. And Dr. Aviva Jill Romm's. Any book by Neil Z. Miller, especially the recent one summarizing many studies proving the dangers of vaccines. And use them. The enemy wants to say that all scientific studies have conclusively shown that all vaccines are safe, except in that elusive one in a million case? Well, then prove them wrong, point for point.

Parents are afraid of contagious (or infectious diseases like tetanus or pneumonia) diseases disabling or killing their children. So it's important that we learn what the dangers would be in different areas of the world if large numbers of people stopping giving many, even all, of the vaccines. Have answers on how to protect children (and adults), how to prevent the most dangerous diseases and how to treat them when they occur, to give them confidence in alternative ways of dealing with the problems. Nutrition, hygiene, sanitation where relevant, but also herbal and vitamin treatments (especially vitamin C for everything, by IV in serious cases, A for measles), and homeopathy for both prevention and treatment. It is simply not enough to say that well-nourished people never have anything to fear from any disease, and very few people in the world believe that or are ever going to believe it. And I personally would recommend consideration of vaccines for the most dangerous and likely diseases in situations in which the people were in danger from the disease but had no access to nosodes (like yellow fever).

As many people as possible should go to the barricades. Pharma is paying MILLIONS to create beliefs in people's minds, and they're obviously not doing that with no evidence of its success. So the front line in this war is really on the blogs. For those unsure how to join battle, first get a disqus account if you don't already have one, wordpress is becoming more active, it would be good to get an account with them too. Go to your search engine and type in disqus and then the nym of one of the major warriors, on either side. mike stevens or autismdadd or ron roy or sabelmouse or ciaparker2. It will take you to their most recent comments, click on See in (I've forgotten the word, see in article or something like that), then read the comments on that page, go to the box under the article and type in your comment, or reply to a comment already there. Sign up to follow the commenters you like the best, and you'll get notices in your inbox of new battle fields. You'll get notice of replies to your comments in your inbox as well. And I guarantee you that you'll instantly get attacks from the pharma shills, and then muster your information and your experience and join battle. They are under contract to never let you have the last word, so it's up to you how long you're wiling to engage at an individual article.

The more who do this, the more their narrative will be called into question by honest readers, their narrative's strength is really just in sheer numbers promoting it, and the sooner this debacle will end. It is very fatiguing, though, but if every ant contributed its grain of sand, the tide would be turned.

Jeannette Bishop

Very good advice, especially about keeping things respectful. I'm surprised the industry-supporting trolling hasn't been extremely counter productive (I think it indicates the character of the industry, that this intolerance of any downside discussion is what a century or so of less than forthrightness leads to, but in effect it has appeared to foster a mindset like "boy, those people are so off, they even get bullied, piled on ...because, well because, they must be dangerous, SELFISH!... I don't want to think things would be otherwise"), but I'm hoping that it's not so far off now that the vaccine-autism link will be largely recognized, maybe an openness to learning more vaccine risks and limitations will follow.

I used to feel it was pretty important to address a whole thread of misleading assertions (not that I was ever up for it, but I'd keep trying), for the "benefit" of whomever may be earnestly reading that whole thread... but energy-wise have found it expedient to try to find someone who sounds simply honestly concerned about the issue and hopefully open to hearing some more input. Then hope that any "earnest" reader, imaginary or real, finds something useful in that type of discussion. With that frame of mind, I've been able to "venture out" on this topic nearly every day (I'm so NOT social, that I even have social-media-anxiety issues, despite my hopefully-not-counter-productive-wordy-nerdy style that cannot seem to improve with practice or time, unfortunately the reverse).

I suspect I've been shadowed banned periodically on some platforms whilst being given the steady "pleasant" interaction of a couple of bots/trolls to give me a false impression of visibility, so I also second the admonition to consider who you might be spending time/energy with.


Please do NOT call me a "vaxx denier", or even a "vaxx skeptic", or "vaxx hesitant", or any of those things. I want ALL Americans to be as free to receive vaxxes, as to NOT vaxx. Currently, all U.S. vaxxes are "liability free", thanks to Congress, and the 1986 Vaccine Injury Compensation Court & Act! Yes, sadly, "troll factories", and "troll farms", ARE a thing! Russian, yes, but also many other Eastern European countries have them, as does China. China even has a separate Military Unit of the People's Army, which engages in all sorts and kinds of cyber-war, cyber espionage, and business and civilian spying & intelligence activities. But the WORST, to me, is the vast brainwashing, ignorance, and mis-education on the part of far, far, far too many Americans. The media will repeatedly tell you loudly that "28 out of 32 cases were NOT vaxxed", but the media will NEVER say, "4 out of 32 cases WERE properly vaxxed". That's just one example. I believe in FREEDOM, and TRUTH, and the pro-vaxx forces do not. The pro-mandate folks are worst of all. The President had it correct, despite the media twisting his message: "The FAKE NEWS media IS the ENEMY of the people!"....
KEEP UP the GOOD WORK, people!
(NOTE: Pay very close and careful attention to ALL your social media accounts, and the companies! SOME social media companies are NOT our friends!)


These scare tactics used by government have only one goal, total control over the lives of citizens.
In America, the rights of individual citizens is under attack. Media has been used so effectively that ordinary people are clamoring to give up their rights for what they believe to be security.
Regardless of the topic, health care, education, guns, "epidemics" of vaccine related illnesses. I say "related" because clearly preventable obviously hasn't happened.
The message is clear, you must allow government to take over, "do it for the children!!"
The "greater good" ... where have we seen this before? Think, think, think...
Oh yeah, Nazi Germany, China, Russia....

Pretty soon we won't have any personal freedoms left. And the people? They won't see it until it's too late. History has proven time and time again, manipulating the masses is easy, sure, it takes a little time, but the results are always the same.
Too bad most don't see it until it's too late.

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