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Robert F Kennedy Jr Blocked From Giving Evidence At Congressional Hearings

Breaking newsRobert F Kennedy jr has said that he is being prevented from giving evidence at two Congressional hearings on the grounds that they are full. It is ever more essential that everyone contacts their representatives to insist that all sides should be heard, particularly if their representatives are members of those committees.

We re-publish the letter from last week giving details of the two hearings.

Maintaining Medical Freedom: Urgent Action Required!

Threats to end religious and philosophical vaccine exemptions have just been ratcheted up to an unprecedented federal level. If parents and caregivers are stripped of the ability to make healthcare decisions for their children, reinstating that ability may be nearly impossible. We need to take action now to prevent the government from dictating what is injected into our children.

On Wednesday, FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb hinted in a CNN interview that if non-medical vaccine exemptions were not abolished at the state level, federal health agencies may intercede. This is especially ominous considering two critical upcoming vaccine-related hearings recently announced on Capitol Hill:

We absolutely must have representation at these hearings. It’s crucial that we have as many parents and advocates as possible in attendance at both. And if your Senator or Congressional representative is on one of these committees, it is critical that they hear from you! Click here for the Energy & Commerce Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee members and here for the HELP Committee members.

Every single one of us needs to contact our Congressional representatives and Senators starting right now. In your communications, be sure to emphasize that:

  • These hearings need to be fair, balanced, and include opposing viewpoints. We have many highly qualified individuals to present those viewpoints.
  • Issues related to vaccines should be governed by the states.
  • Over $4 billion has been paid out for vaccine injuries and deaths and HHS estimates less than 1% of adverse events are reported. Mandating any procedure involving such risks is unethical.
  • HHS has failed in its Congressional directive to study vaccine safety for 30 years.
  • Mandating liability-free vaccines that have not been properly safety tested is in direct opposition to the first tenet of the Nuremberg Code: The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.

If you have a vaccine-injured child, tell your story. This personal input to those who represent you in our nation’s capital illustrates the harsh reality of a vaccine program geared towards industry profit rather than public health.

We have much more information on all the many ways our government has failed to protect our children here and factual information that may aid in the defense of health freedom and pushing back mandates here.

The future of medical freedom is at stake. Ensuring that our federally elected representatives hear from all of us through emails, faxes and phone calls to both their DC and district offices has never been more important than it is at this moment. If we are to maintain medical freedom and protect the health of generations to come, we need to raise our united voices now! Please share this alert with friends and family and urge them to do the same.





Here's an excellent PowerPoint presentation on RFK Jr's website. I watched the videos from the "Science of Vaccines" forum, but the slides were very hard to see, the room was noisy and his voice was tired. Not problems here. It's only available to members of Children's Health Defense, but membership is only $10:


Frederic Chopin

There’s never been a known case of vaccine strain measles spreading from person to person, you don’t need 95% of a population immunized to eradicate measles (look at smallpox), giving vitamin A after measles starts doesn’t reduce mortality very much and “nosodes” would do absolutely nothing. Also vaccines don’t cause autism and Mercky it’s probably a bit over your head but it’s all right there in the article.

Angus Files

there are many vaccine strain measles reported cases lots thousands. It is very important to see which is which.Anytime there is a catch up campaign by pharma such as in the Ukraine the measles cases go through the roof.Of course n-o-t-h-i-n-g- to do with the vaccines of course not -but whos looking anyway just keep your eyes on the money.

The following information comes from the WHO Report Global Measles and Rubella Update 2018.

In 2016—with a vaccination rate of 31%—there were only 90 “confirmed cases,” i.e. 90 cases of measles confirmed by a laboratory. There was a low vaccination rate but there was no epidemic either. And this also applied to the three years before 2016. From 2013 to 2016, there were on average only 50 cases of measles per year.2

More Vaccinations, More Disease...

Pharma For Prison



Hi CIa, I agree with you that malnourished children who are starving to death in third world countries will indeed die of any type of infection; many die from a bout of diarrhoea.
Vitamin A is what the world health organization recommends to prevent severe measles infections; very mainstream, and apparently very effective.

I suspect that this current epidemic actually is caused by the vaccine measles strain; when it is the wild strain it is all over the news, but no one is mentioning what strain is actually causing this "epidemic"? 60 cases of a temporary infection is an epidemic; interestingly, so far no measles deaths, yet despite a huge flu vaccine campaign, more and more flu deaths in this country.



The target is 95% for herd immunity, right?

With 100% vaccination rate: 
15.5% with no measurable antibodies only 20 years after 2 shots (which is the current recommendation)

18% with either low or zero antibodies 5 YEARS after 2 shots 
 (current recommendation)

10.4% with zero measurable antibodies 20 years after 3 shots
(which is MORE than current recommendation)

How many more shots would it take, and at what cost?

Waning Antibody Levels and Avidity: Implications for MM Vaccine-Induced Protection


@ Frederick Chopin:

The U.S. measles death rate in 1962 was .2 per 100,000, or 2 per million.

Vital Statistics of the United States
volume II Mortality

See page 1-22, table 1-13.


Mercky Business


It helps very little, and particularly not you. It is an algorithm but where is the real data? For most undeveloped countries there is very little real data. It is not so good, frankly in developed ones.

cia parker


It doesn't matter to well-nourished healthy children whether many thousands of malnourished, sickly children in the Third World died of measles. Autism etc. is a much greater threat to the former than measles is, and measles confers immense benefits on those who go through it. And even in Africa and India, natural measles confers so many of these same benefits to the vast majority who get it and recover from it that the only question is what parents of sickly children who are starving to death or shivering and burning from malaria etc. should so about measles: get the shot or take their chances? The measles nosode would be the best, safest, and least expensive option for them.

I agree that it's inaccurate to posit that most of these children died of vaccine-strain measles: ordinary measles in itself depresses the immune system and sometimes leads to serious complications, even death. Nearly all of these children died of just ordinary measles, but the root cause was their weak immune systems.

Frederic Chopin


This may help https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3231907/

Mercky Business

So Fred, where is the hard data for those deaths?

Frederic Chopin

So either 110,000+ didn’t die of measles in 2017, or it doesn’t matter, or well maybe they did but it was all from the vaccine strain (ya know person to person transmission of vaccine strain measles has never been found in all of medical history). Anyone else want to take a shot?


2 "witnesses"
Nancy Messonnier, MD (CAPT, USPHS, RET)
National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Anthony Fauci, MD
National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases
National Institutes of Health
Fauci on Diane Rehm show talking about ,wait for it, Andrew Wakefield!, the AntiVaxxers! and the Facebook burning to come.

Aimee Doyle

@cia - we're looking at the same website and drawing different conclusions.


This website specifically says in 2019 "All 50 states have legislation requiring specified vaccines for students. Although exemptions vary from state to state, all school immunization laws grant exemptions to children for medical reasons. Almost all states grant religious exemptions for people who have religious beliefs against immunizations. Currently, 17 states allow philosophical exemptions for those who object to immunizations because of personal, moral or other beliefs."

In my comment I was looking specifically at philosophical exemptions. Basically you're looking at states where there is only a medical exemption and lumping together religious and philosophical exemptions. You're looking at the shading, and you say that "There are only three white states, meaning no personal exemptions (religious and or philosophical), West Virginia, Mississippi, and California. All the other 47 have personal exemptions. And they are trying to take those away, but they have not yet been able to do so."

Maryland, where I live, does NOT have a personal exemption, and I can assure you, that as a concerned parent I have researched this. Maryland does have a religious exemption, but my religion doesn't qualify my family for this. I think you're not realizing the difficulty in actually obtaining a religious exemption. Or the fact, that you actually have to subscribe to a religion - the right religion - to be exempt. And assuming you can get the state and the courts to agree.

And it does bother me that you imply that any concerned parent in 47 states would be able to opt out. I am a concerned parent, and a very informed parent, and I have not been able to opt out here in Maryland. Believe me, I have tried hard.

And I don't like the way you put all the responsibility on parents - just another way of blaming the mom or dad. Moms and Dads are under enormous pressure from the medical profession, their jobs, their relatives, etc. Pharma has a responsibility. Corporations have a responsibility. Elected representatives have a responsibility. The media has a responsibility. All of them have failed us. And they should be held accountable. The status quo - with three states allowing only medical exemptions, and 17 allowing philosophical exemptions, and 47 allowing (primarily) religious and philosophical exemptions have led us to the current autism epidemic.

I hold both parties culpable. And I hold the party in power particularly culpable. Trump and the Republicans did NOTHING in two years when they held the House, the Senate, and the Supreme Court. Those who have the power to make a change and who choose not to also have the consequences of this epidemic on their hands.

John Stone


While I am sure the WHO will project whatever figures it chooses I distinctly recall having measles, mumps, rubella and chicken pox in my childhood, and so did everyone else I knew. I also had whooping cough though I am sure I'd been vaccinated. There is I think very little doubt that the vaccines succeed in suppressing these diseases mostly, but may be not at a worthwhile price.

Angus Files

"Were measles good for the 110,000+ people it killed in 2017, most of whom were children under the age of 5?"

But Chop which of the 110k were vaccine strain and which were wild if indeed they were all tested.Or ist just Junk Figures to go with the Junk Science -probably..Have you missed the Autism Pandemic is it now one in 4 kids or more.Who`s looking,have you reported that Chop?Of course you havent.

Pharma For Prison


cia parker


Almost 100% of the deaths you cite occurred in the Third World, to malnourished children often chronically ill with HIV, malaria, or one of many other diseases so common in developing countries. However, even there, 10% of measles patients may die of it, but in the 90% who recover from it, there is only one-fifth the mortality in subsequent years as in those who did not get measles, either because they got the vaccine or just did not get measles. See below.

In both the developed and developing worlds, those who take vitamin A at the recommended dosage slash the complication rate, in Africa it is halved, and it is the complications rather than measles itself which can disable or kill. NOT taking fever reducers allows the body to benefit from the training the experience gives the immune system, and prevents measles encephalitis. Also important to recuperate quietly at home for a good three weeks after the day the rash appeared to prevent opportunistic infections while the immune system is getting back to normal.

Immunocompromised children should take the nosode, not the vaccine, to prevent measles. Everyone else who is nursed appropriately will derive immense benefits for the rest of their lives from having had natural measles.

Aaby Low mortality after mild measles infection compared in uninfected children in rural West Africa, Vaccine 2002; 21 (1-2) 120-6.
"It has been assumed that measles infection may be associated with persistent immune suppression and long-term excess mortality. However, few community studies of mortality after measles infection have been carried out. We examined long-term mortality for measles cases, sub-clinical measles cases, and uninfected contacts after an epidemic in rural Senegal. The study was carried out in Niakhar, a rural area of Senegal. Index cases of measles were identified and children less than 7 years of age exposed to measles in the same compound had acute and convalescent blood samples collected. Clinically diagnosed measles cases were serologically confirmed. ...However, uninfected children without clinical symptoms and change in antibody level had higher initial measles specific IgG antibody levels and less intensive exposure to the index case. No index or secondary case of measles died in the acute phase of infection nor did any of the children exposed to measles die in the first 2 months after exposure. Exposed children developing clinical measles had lower age-adjusted mortality over the next 4 years than exposed children who did not develop clinical measles (P<0.05). Sub-clinical measles cases tended to have low mortality and compared with uninfected children, exposed children with clinical or sub-clinical measles had lower age-adjusted mortality (mortality ratio (MR)=0.20 (0.06-0.74)). Controlling for background factors had no impact of the estimates. When measles infection is mild, clinical measles has no long-term excess mortality and may be associated with better overall survival than no clinical measles infection. Sub-clinical measles is common among immunised children and is not associated with excess mortality."


"Were measles good for the 110,000+ people it killed in 2017, most of whom were children under the age of 5?"

No Fred. Not a single one of those were actually killed by measles. And that's ssuming the deaths were even real (99.99% of "measles" deaths occur in countries with limited or no cause of death data).

There is no evidence that anybody has ever died because of a wild measles virus infection. Indeed, there is infinitely more evidence that vaccines kill and maim than that viruses do.

We *know* when a vaccine enters a body so if a death occurs soon afterwards we have actual temporal evidence (ie an observation) of causality. This is the same standard of evidence that we use for every other eyewitness event (a "smoking gun").

We do not know when a wild virus enters someone's body - we simply make assumptions about it. So there is no temporal evidence (ie observations) for virus injury therefore no evidence of causality.

So you see Fred. Your 117,000 figure is 100% made up. The actual figure is almost certainly zero.

No pro-vaxer would ever dare apply the same standard of evidence to virus injury that they frequently demand for vaccine injury because then it would be clear that no virus has ever killed or harmed anybody in all of human history.

cia parker


I think you're mistaken. Look at this 2018map of the US with different shading for exemptions.


There are only three white states, meaning no personal exemptions (religious and or philosophical), West Virginia, Mississippi, and California. All the other 47 have personal exemptions. And they are trying to take those away, but they have not yet been able to do so.

And I really don't think that a concerned parent would fail to look for the information about shots for school. I think most parents are just complacent and brainwashed, but they don't have to be.


I compiled contact info for the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions who are having the March 5th hearing. Faxes are great where there is a fax number- you can also go on the Senator's websites and often find local office fax numbers too. Don't snail mail, it has to go through way too much security before even reaching them. Try to get to know their aides for health care policy, these are the people who will likely be reading what you send. This is long, but hopefully is okay to post here.

HELP Committee contacts
Lamar Alexander: Chairman, Tennessee:
FAX (202) 228-3398
email link https://www.alexander.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/email
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/senatorlamaralexander
Insta: http://instagram.com/senlamaralexander

Ranking Member Patty Murray, Washington State:
Phone: (202) 224-2621
Fax: (202) 224-0238
Toll Free: (866) 481-9186
email link: https://www.murray.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/contactme
twitter: https://twitter.com/PattyMurray

Sen. Mike Enzi, Wyoming
Phone: (202) 224-3424
Fax: (202) 228-0359
Toll-Free: (888) 250-1879
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mikeenzi
Insta: https://www.instagram.com/senatorenzi/

Sen. Richard Burr, NC
(202) 224-3154
(800) 685-8916
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SenatorRichardBurr
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/SenatorBurr
Insta: https://www.instagram.com/senatorburr/
email link https://www.burr.senate.gov/contact/newsletter/

Sen. Johnny Isakson, GA
FAX: 202-228-0724
email link: https://www.isakson.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/email-me
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SenatorIsakson
Insta: http://instagram.com/senatorisakson

Senator Rand Paul, KY
email link: https://www.paul.senate.gov/connect/email-rand
Phone: 202-224-4343
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/senatorrandpaul
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RandPaul
Insta: https://www.instagram.com/senatorrandpaul/

Susan Collins- Maine: email link https://www.collins.senate.gov/contact
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/susancollins
Twitter: https://twitter.com/senatorcollins
Insta: https://instagram.com/sensusancollins/

Bill Cassidy, M.D. – Louisiana: email link: https://www.cassidy.senate.gov/contact
(202) 224-5824
local fax numbers at this link: https://www.cassidy.senate.gov/contact/office-locations

Pat Roberts, Kansas: email link: https://www.roberts.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/emailpat
Phone: (202) 224-4774
Fax: (202) 224-3514
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SenPatRoberts
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SenPatRoberts
Insta: https://www.instagram.com/senpatroberts

Lisa Murkowski, Alaska: email link- https://www.murkowski.senate.gov/contact/email
Phone: (202)-224-6665
Fax: (202)-224-5301
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lisa-Murkowski/25271170290
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lisamurkowski
Insta: https://www.instagram.com/senlisamurkowski/

Tim Scott, South Carolina: email link: https://www.scott.senate.gov/contact/email-me
(202) 224-6121
Toll Free: (855) 425-6324
Fax: (202) 228-5143
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SenatorTimScott
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/SenatorTimScott
Insta: http://www.instagram.com/SenatorTimScott

Mitt Romney, Utah: email link- https://www.romney.senate.gov/contact-senator-romney
Phone: (202) 224-5251
Fax: (202) 228-0836
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/senatorromney/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/senatorromney
Insta: https://www.instagram.com/senatorromney/

Mike Braun, Indiana: email link- https://www.braun.senate.gov/contact-mike
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SenatorBraun/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SenatorBraun

Bernie Sanders, Vermont: email link- https://www.sanders.senate.gov/contact
tel (202) 224-5141
fax (202) 228-0776
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/senatorsanders
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sensanders

Tammy Baldwin- Wisconsin- email link: https://www.baldwin.senate.gov/feedback
Phone: (202) 224-5653
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/senatortammybaldwin
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SenatorBaldwin/
Insta: https://www.instagram.com/senatorbaldwin

Chris Murphy, Connecticut- email link: https://www.murphy.senate.gov/contact
P: (202) 224-4041
F: (202) 224-9750
Twitter: https://twitter.com/senmurphyoffice

Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts- email link: https://www.warren.senate.gov/contact/shareyouropinion
(202) 224-4543
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/senatorelizabethwarren
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/SenWarren
Insta: https://instagram.com/senwarren

Tim Kaine- Virginia, email link: https://www.kaine.senate.gov/
Phone: (202) 224-4024
Fax: (202) 228-6363

Maggie Hassan- New Hampshire- email link: https://www.hassan.senate.gov/contact/email
(202) 224-3324
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SenatorHassan
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Senatorhassan
Insta: https://www.instagram.com/senatorhassan/

Tina Smith, Minnesota- email link: https://www.smith.senate.gov/content/contact-senator
Phone: (202) 224-5641
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/USSenTinaSmith/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SenTinaSmith

Doug Jones, Georgia- email link: https://www.jones.senate.gov/contact/email-doug
(202) 224-4124
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/senatordougjones
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sendougjones

Jacky Rosen, Nevada- email link: https://www.rosen.senate.gov/contact_jacky

Aimee Doyle

@Cia - You're right that parents can simply ask their computer about vaccine opt-out provisions in their states. However, many parents don't even know that exemptions are available. And outreach education with respect to these exemptions is not exactly robust.

Actually, only 17 states have personal/philosophical exemptions. So the majority of states don't. And you're right that every state has a religious exemption,but states differ greatly in the latitude with which they allow religious exemptions. Sometimes parents have to get a lawyer and legally fight for the right to use those exemptions. They have to prove they actually practice that religion. It can be very difficult. And try finding a doctor to give you a medical exemption. The pediatrician for our son refused, and he is one of the most open-minded doctors I've ever worked with.

I guess my point is this: I think it's important to fight against additional mandates, or fight against the removal of mandates that already exist. But the status quo is horrible and this is what has led to the current autism crisis. So yes, I hold those who are silent about - and accept - the status quo accountable.


Fred ma dear , child deaths attributed to ,lack of safe water and sanitation , war and marginalisation,
micronutrient /malnutrition , lack of access to antibiotics/IV fluids, basic supportive care to treat secondary complications of childhood and adult wheezles and sneezles and various descriptors of
"THE POX" I would suggest in in a supportive fashion ,that your rose tinted specs/perception, would perhaps greatly benefit from a hefty daily dose of a good blast of some fresh air and late winter sunlight and sunshine . Then, away and read Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs .
Children and or adults are are not thriving and surviving in a vaccination induced sterile bubble !
Cap-in -hand vaccination risk assessments are a catastrophic failure !
Just the same as aluminium cladding combined with tinder box insulation , catastrophic failure in departmental leadership ,governance, and oversight in in basic health and safety for high rise living ?
"Cronies and jobs for the boys" codes of conduct in line, for a good scrub down with a wire brush and a bottle of Lysol!

For Fred Chopin


The WHO can make up any figures it likes, and it has nothing to do with a draconian reaction to a few cases in United States. Since when was a few cases of measles a basis to take away the last vestiges of medical freedom.?

Frederic Chopin


Were measles good for the 110,000+ people it killed in 2017, most of whom were children under the age of 5?

cia parker


As to why they're silent on the autism epidemic, I'm sure it's because they fear their political death if they take a stand on it. Like everyone else. I hope that all three of them will write to me and tell me their position on this. Vicky Hartzler wrote me some years ago and said she'd never vote for a mandate, but who knows? She may have changed since then.

I hope that they will be overwhelmed by the response from those who want to maintain vaccine choice, and realize that they may face political death anyway if they don't take heed.

But people have to take responsibility for their situation and choices. All they have to do is ask their computer if they don't want to get the vaccines for school. It's really not a mandate if it's easy to opt out, and in most states it IS easy to opt out and get a personal exemption.

I understand that BP wants to change that, and I'm alarmed. I'm willing to cooperate in whatever reasonable joint venture vaccine critics come up with to make our voice heard.


Bernadine Healy is rolling over in her grave.


I have an older friend whom I mentioned about the measles hysteria and her first response was they don't remember polio. She's older and I said polio is not measles to which she agreed. I told her how vaccinations kids get today and she was stunned into silence. Bernie Sanders is just as ignorant (not stupid) as my neighbor. He has no interest in this issue. If he was like Dan Burton who grandson was injured.....maybe it would get his attention.

Fred, my son got vaccinated for VP diseases. He got tics and seizures instead. Fortunately for my son we stumbled into homeopathy. Fred you bring nothing to the this table where my tribe meets. Get a life.

Aimee Doyle

@Cia - "I wrote to my senators and representative. They are all Republican now, and I think they're all against vaccine mandates. I can't imagine this going through."

Just a question - if your Republican Congressional reps are all against mandates, then why are they silent in the face of the continuing autism epidemic - and the mandates that already exist? If they really care, then why do red states still have any vaccine mandates at all? All states have vaccination mandates (even red states with red governors and legislators). Just because a state allows religious and medical exemptions doesn't mean that people know about them or can access them. Thousands of children are still injured by vaccination even in states that have these exemptions.

Why isn't this discussed? I understand we don't want additional mandates, but our state and federal representatives seem fairly blase with respect to the mandates that already exist.

Why give a pass to those who have the power to make changes but who choose not to exercise it? I feel they are just as culpable in this autism epidemic.

John Stone


I think Jonathan is probably aware of Sanders' history, but also thinks there is a chance he can be reasoned with.


Because we need more VPD outbreaks.


There is no such thing as a Vaccine Preventable Disease

cia parker

Frederic Chopin,

You've got to analyze each vaccine and disease separately, you can't just say that all diseases are bad and therefore all vaccines are desirable. Measles is extremely good for the vast majority of people to get naturally. If we were in the middle of a diphtheria or polio epidemic, it would be different, but we're not. This is just pharma power speaking.

cia parker


I couldn't imagine Bernie Sanders being pro-vaccine choice, and looked it up. He said: "I think obviously vaccinations work. Vaccination has worked for many, many years. […] I am sensitive to the fact that there are some families who disagree but the difficulty is if I have a kid who is suffering from an illness who is subjected to a kid who walks into a room without vaccines that could kill that child and that’s wrong."


cia parker

I wrote to my senators and representative. They are all Republican now, and I think they're all against vaccine mandates. I can't imagine this going through.

John Stone


I hope this link may answer your needs



If someone could compile and share/post/publish a list of emails and phone number of the committee members that would be amazing?!?! Many people want to speak up and respond to the call to action, but this layout of committee members is not easy/super fast to work with..... Has anyone already sent their email? Please share! :)


I believe my Congressmen are on the committee. I wrote. He is probably the one driving it all and blocking Kennedy; knowing my luck.

Loraine Fishel

Bernie Sanders is a big pro vaxxer you can see this on You Tube. He discusses Flu vaccine with the emperor of vaccine evil Offit MD himself. It is a big disappointment to see this is the democratic party. Senator E Warren smacked down parents of vaccine injured children. I guess she is only interested in looking at financial corruption. How does she even face herself in the mirror?? Very Very Shameful of her to engage in this type type of victimization of parents of the vaccine injured.
What I am foremost talking about is vaccine choice. Where there is a risk there must be a choice. No mandatory medicine injections.

Shelley Tzorfas

The burden of proof (safety) should have been on the manufacturers but the burden of destruction lies upon the families...

R Prasad

Those who argue that 'Autism is just a neurodiversity condition' should explain why people with Autism have double the death rate than normal people due to physical (ill)health.



"In 2011 54% of children had at least one of 20 chronic health conditions;

Life expectancy is falling and infant mortality is rising. U.S. children are 76% more likely to die before their first birthday than infants in other wealthy countries;

A study conducted from 2001-2004 found that half of U.S. youth (ages 13-18) had been diagnosed with at least one mental, emotional, and/or behavioral disorder;

Top military leaders report seven in ten young Americans aged 17-24 are unfit to serve in the U.S. military because of obesity, asthma, hearing and eyesight problems and mental illness."



The cost of autism/case = $ 2,400,000

US population = 327,167,434
US census under 18 = 22.6%
US Under 18 population = 73,939,840

Autism Rate = 1 in 34
Therefore, US Autism Cases = 2,174,701

Cost = $ 2,400,000 x 2,174,701 cases = $ 5,219,282,400,000

The cost is about 5 trillion yet the cost to Merck, Pfizer, Bill Gates Foundation, CBS news, FDA, and CDC is 0.

For Frederick Chopin


Because we don't need any more unaccountable collateral damage to our children, brain injuries, chronic diseases, which people like you cynically walk away from.

Elaine Dow

The 60 Minutes report about marketing Oxicoden by Pharma and the FDA last evening should have been eye-opening! The chemist who interviewed showed how easily the stated safety of drugs can be manipulated. We were sitting watching the report and all we could think of was the same applies to the vaccines. I remember with our son, Joe, receiving the Hep-B at eight years old and really crashing into tourettes (transient tic disorder). Another drug to prescribe for the doctors, the FDA employees making policies are making a fortune in the harm of our children with no conscience. I often think that many are being sterilized by the chemicals in the vaccines. They have altered there physiology of their bodies and are changing the human race. Berkley college did a experiment in the seventies. They gave half the class total authority over the other half of the class who would be a prisoner. The first half was to bring them the meals, take them to the shower and their general care. Some of the students did the right thing, others, only part of the time and some did nothing; Showing when people are given unchecked power with no checks or balances, evil in people can arise. Iowa has a bill suggested that all legislators over 50 have to be vaccinated!!! First they come from the children and then they will come for the elders. Who is next???? Elaine Dow

Frederic Chopin

Because we need more VPD outbreaks.


National Vaccine Information Center: Public Hearings on Measles Outbreaks and Vaccine Laws Provide Opportunities for Americans to Voice Concerns


Aimee Doyle

I don't understand why the House Government Oversight and Reform Committee (Republican chaired and dominated) did NOTHING during the two years when Republicans held the house.

They had the power to hold hearings, look into that travesty called the IACC, subpoena CDC documents, call witnesses, investigate the CDC whistleblower scandal.

I'd like to know why they did nothing when they had the power to make a difference. I think we should call out the people who were in charge at the time and hold them accountable.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Jonathan Rose | February 24, 2019 at 05:15 PM

They were never defeated. They are still with us. And in full control .
1936-2019 more powerful and evil than ever.
Fluoride, is theirs.
Mercury amalgams
The Fluthanasia vaccine is theirs. and so on

As the wonderful Colton Berrett said "Doctors can no longer be trusted" ....... RIP

Autism Investigated

We shouldn't have anything to do with these hearings other than protest them. They're nothing but carefully orchestrated political circuses.

Mark mcd

4 billion paid, how much unpaid? How much damage is the economy carrying? No idea?


President Trump is who recruited Robert F Kennedy to work with him on this vaccination nightmare. I pray he can get in on those mtgs.


I want names of who blocked him from testifying.

R Prasad

Hmmm, the Vaxxer extremists demand the evidence and proof of vaccine dangers all the time, but don’t allow to be presented. The vaccine injury epidemic will continue until every family has a child with Autism or other vaccine injury.


They probably really don't want Kennedy anywhere near getting heard. I hope he is able to get through. He is one of our most public & strongest hopes. Plus they probably cannot bamboozle him.

It is clear Dr. Gottlieb of the FDA (?) strongly supports vaccination and is talking about involving the Feds in state decisions re vaccines and probably other health care issues.

Sarah D

I believe slots were limited and assigned by lottery. Someone who was given a slot, or even more than one person, could cede their time to RFK Jr. People with time to speak should contact CHD and offer their time.


it seems that it would be important to find out who gets money from pharma that is on the committee or who is pushing for mandates at both the state and federal level....and make that be known...

Hilary Bilkis

Where can we see a list of whom is being allowed to speak at these Congressional hearings?

Jonathan Rose

I have written to Bernie Sanders (who is on the HELP Committee) asking him to intervene.

Apropos, I highly recommend the film "Never Look Away". It's a devastating drama that centers on the Nazi euthanasia program. It confronts a complicit medical establishment that devastated a generation and then covered its tracks. In short, it's about us -- and them.

Deborah Courtney

Convenient for Pharma and CDC...Kennedy understand their game and is possibly largest threat. He must be permitted to testify.


Wow! One of my the top environmental lawyers of all time, just off three successful lawsuits against Monsanto and Pharma controlled HHS, not being given a seat?! So much for science!


What is a "full" hearing? I have been at hearings that started in the morning, had 3 sessions and went until 6 pm or later.

I want to clarify the "only 1% of adverse events i.e. vaccine injuries are reported". Actually, one study decades ago came up with the 1% number. It is believed that the more serious the injury, the higher the rate at which it is reported. So we do not really know how many injuries get reported, but we know it is only a tiny fraction of those that occur.

Angus Files

Cant be going un-noticed by Trump.

If your watching do something.

Pharma For Prison



Measles, the new "weapons of mass destruction in Iraq."


they're full all right.

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