Dear Mom Who Thinks I Need to Vaccinate My Kids Against Measles
Eighteen Year Old Exercises Medical Health Choice Rights and Media Goes Wild!

NVIC and Dr. Bob Sears: A Primer on How to Get Involved in Legislation

Sschool House Rock billMeasles Mania is sweeping the country - and laws to remove vaccine exemptions are in play. Here's a primer on how to get involved in stopping the assault on your family's medical choice and rights. It's 2019. Our bodies include our immune systems.

Measles hysteria + dozens of legislative bills unveiled across the country to mandate more vaccines for children and reduce or eliminate exemptions. Is the timing a coincidence? Dawn Richardson, Director of Advocacy for the National Vaccine Information Center ( joins us today for an update on nationwide vaccine legislation and shares some expert tips on how you can get involved in the political process in your state, defending the medical rights of families everywhere.


David Weiner

Grace Green,

If receiving SS and Medicare becomes contingent upon taking vaccines, it will affect a large number of people in the U.S. and not just the poorer folks. Government interference has made medical care so expensive here, combined with the fact that so many people are not in such great health and are dependent on the medical system, that probably most middle class people will not be able to afford to pay for their own medical care in their senior years. And, of course, people who might be able to afford to pay for it on their own, but do not strongly object to vaccination, may decide to take advantage of highly subsidized medical care as well. This is the way that governments use their so-called welfare programs to control the population.

Jeannette Bishop,

Yes, Big Mother is looking to set up shop in Oregon.

Jeannette Bishop

Anyone in Oregon understand what's happening with this bill?

Aaron and Melissa Dykes (Truthstream Media) discuss this some a couple of weeks back:

I'm not sure if it the type of bill that NVIC tracks, but sounds to me like it might bring vaccines right into the homes of new parents?

Grace Green

If it's mandated only for those receiving Medicare and Social Security then perhaps it's intended to remove the "lower orders".

go Trump

Great clip above with Melissa and Dr. Bob. I like the part that compares vaccine mandates to manifest destiny and building a Vaccine Railroad across the United States.

However if the "Adult vaccine mandate program" ever goes into effect to keep one eligible for Social Security and Medicare it will be about all over for the US of A.


Some assembly or senate member in New York has introduced legislation to deny all vaccine exemptions and it is being voted on soon and will probably pass. The mass hysteria over the measles illness is insane and how extreme we have come since the days when I was a child and it was just considered one of the childhood illnesses that everyone got. Everyone got measles, chicken pox, mumps, and everyone recovered in a matter of about a week or so with no one having any severe damage or anyone dying from it. Now theses illnesses are considered a matter of life and death. And they keep saying they don't know why the rates of autism are skyrocketing at such high rates. I would also like to know if any researchers and pharmaceuticals are trying to figure out how to reverse the damage done to our children. It is unacceptable to lose whole generations of children to vaccine injury!

Bob Moffit

The legislative attack on vaccine exemptions should surprise no one .. consider the following AoA column on "goals to improve full vaccination rates by 2020 ..

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