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The United States Government Told You Vaccines Cause Autism

National Vaccine Policy Hinted at by FDA's Gottlieb Oversteps States and Personal Rights

Action alert2Note: Thank you to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and his team at Children's Health Defense for this important action alert.  We are on on the defense as regards vaccination mandates and personal choice because the heavy hand of pharma in government is on the offensive. Measles equals mandates.  It is incongruous to claim to be pro choice, feminist, MeToo or part of any progressive group that demands equality and personal rights and back mandates.


Maintaining Medical Freedom: Urgent Action Required!

Threats to end religious and philosophical vaccine exemptions have just been ratcheted up to an unprecedented federal level. If parents and caregivers are stripped of the ability to make healthcare decisions for their children, reinstating that ability may be nearly impossible. We need to take action now to prevent the government from dictating what is injected into our children.

On Wednesday, FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb hinted in a CNN interview that if non-medical vaccine exemptions were not abolished at the state level, federal health agencies may intercede. This is especially ominous considering two critical upcoming vaccine-related hearings recently announced on Capitol Hill:

We absolutely must have representation at these hearings. It’s crucial that we have as many parents and advocates as possible in attendance at both. And if your Senator or Congressional representative is on one of these committees, it is critical that they hear from you! Click here for the Energy & Commerce Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee members and here for the HELP Committee members.

Every single one of us needs to contact our Congressional representatives and Senators starting right now. In your communications, be sure to emphasize that:

  • These hearings need to be fair, balanced, and include opposing viewpoints. We have many highly qualified individuals to present those viewpoints.
  • Issues related to vaccines should be governed by the states.
  • Over $4 billion has been paid out for vaccine injuries and deaths and HHS estimates less than 1% of adverse events are reported. Mandating any procedure involving such risks is unethical.
  • HHS has failed in its Congressional directive to study vaccine safety for 30 years.
  • Mandating liability-free vaccines that have not been properly safety tested is in direct opposition to the first tenet of the Nuremberg Code: The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.

If you have a vaccine-injured child, tell your story. This personal input to those who represent you in our nation’s capital illustrates the harsh reality of a vaccine program geared towards industry profit rather than public health.

We have much more information on all the many ways our government has failed to protect our children here and factual information that may aid in the defense of health freedom and pushing back mandates here.

The future of medical freedom is at stake. Ensuring that our federally elected representatives hear from all of us through emails, faxes and phone calls to both their DC and district offices has never been more important than it is at this moment. If we are to maintain medical freedom and protect the health of generations to come, we need to raise our united voices now! Please share this alert with friends and family and urge them to do the same.


Hans Litten

FDA Head: Anti-Vaxxers Could Soon Cause an Epidemic
ANSWER "To the Autism Rate Scott which will plummet"

FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb says anti-vaxxers are poised to do real damage.
ANSWER "To Paul Offits career et al"

The anti-vaxxer movement has already led to 120 cases of measles in the U.S. in this year alone. And if people don’t get with the program, Gottlieb told BI that the problem could get worse.
ANSWER "With global Autism numbers anything up to 100M - I cant take you seriously !"

Joy B

Gott-lieb him, this guy is a fellow at the AEI, a regressive neocon thinktank with a who's who of fascists, regime-changers, and corporate-welfare pigs. Are we surprised that he was chosen to protect big pharma in these times?

There is no legislating this away, no amount of petitioning will matter. The guillotines will have to roll.


Presidential candidate and HELP Committee member Senator Elizabeth Warren is famous for saying, “If you don’t have a seat at the table you’re probably on the menu”. I wonder if she realizes that Pharma will be serving her hundreds of thousands of disabled children and their parents for breakfast on the 5th?

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