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Minnesota was "The Land of 1000 Vaccine Mandate Protesters" This Week

MinnesotaVaccine mandate laws are sweeping the nation hidden within the Trojan Horse of minor measles outbreaks that have not been deadly in this, a first world nation with sanitation, access to medicine and clean water (Detroit notwithstanding....)  I add this because the response to mandate balking has been to talk about close to 1000 deaths in Madagascar following a measles outbreak. Madagascar to most of us is an imaginary place where penguins fly airplanes and a dancing hippo flirts with a hypochondriac giraffe. In reality, it is one of the top 25 poorest countries in the planet, riddled with malnutrition, no sanitation and filthy water.  Take a peek at the stats from WHO on probability of death under the age of 5 in Madagascar versus the USA:  44 to 7.
Death under 5 Madagascar Death under 5 USA

The estimate from attendees whom we know was over 1300 protesters, there in America's Land of 10,000 Lakes, Minnesota.


Hundreds Rally To Oppose Bill Limiting Vaccine Exemptions

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Hundreds of people opposed to requirements for childhood vaccines rallied at the Minnesota State Capitol Monday.

They were there to voice their opposition to a measure that would make it harder for parents not to vaccinate their kids.

A proposed Minnesota Senate bill would remove language in state law that allows parents to “conscientiously” object to the shots.

“We believe that parents should be able to make their own choice. They should be having this conversation with their doctor,” said Alicia Leiviska, of Health Choice Minnesota.

Those at the rally dispute the position by the medical and scientific community that vaccines are safe.



A HUGE question that I think needs to be asked is simple:
"Should the Gov't have the power to FORCE persons to consume a PRIVATE, FOR-PROFIT PRODUCT?"
If vaxxes are so much for the "public good", then WHY are they NOT a PUBLIC, NON-PROFIT product?
That seems pretty simple, and basic to me.

Hans Litten

An anti-vaccine group has placed dozens of billboards in the Greater Toronto Area suggesting vaccines are risky and that children don’t need immunizations to attend school, a sign of the challenge facing public-health officials at a time when cases of measles are on the rise.

The group, Vaccine Choice Canada, has four different images rotating on 50 digital billboards in Toronto and the surrounding area, according to the Facebook page of Ted Kuntz, the group’s vice-president. The billboards are in a number of locations around the city, including outside of Toronto’s Eaton Centre. Mr. Kuntz wrote that the advertising campaign, which began last week, will run for two weeks and will generate at least two million impressions. In the Facebook post, Mr. Kuntz thanked numerous donors who made the billboard campaign possible.

Vinita Dubey, associate medical officer of health with Toronto Public Health, said the campaign is concerning and should prompt a discussion about banning advertisements that promote false or misleading messages.

“There is legislation available to prevent tobacco companies from advertising,” Dr. Dubey said. “There is some precedent for being more legislative and proactive about messaging."

David Weiner

"Vaccine mandate laws are sweeping the nation hidden within the Trojan Horse of minor measles outbreaks"

Speaking of Trojan horses, we should think of the work of Bill Gates and we should never forget to Beware of Geeks bearing gifts.

Bob Moffit

Make no mistake .. the ongoing efforts to eliminate exemption from vaccine mandates is well-organized, well-financed, dedicated and determined .. to succeed in all 50 states of our country. This major effort has been planned for at least 10 years with the publicly stated goal of achieving full vaccination compliance from CRADLE TO GRAVE.

Unfortunately .. the SWAMP THAT IS OUR PUBLIC HEALTH BUREAUCRACIES .. have all the time, resources and career energies to pursue their stated GOAL of full vaccination for ALL .. while it requires enormous effort to gather a few hundred parents that do not have the TIME, RESOURCES OR CAREER ENERGIES to oppose the effort to DENY THEM STATED GOAL.

I believe this massive effort to gain complete control of our most precious resource .. our children .. is a WAR WELL WORTH FIGHTING AND SACRIFICING FOR .. we are in the FOXHOLE TOGETHER IN THIS WAR .. AND .. HOPE AND RIGHTEOUSNESS IS ON OUR SIDE.

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