The Threat 5G Poses to Human Health What you don't know will alarm you
Dan Olmsted Wrote About Measles, Autism and Vaccine Zealotry in 2015

Merck Bank of America's Top Pharma Stock Pick

Merck trust usBank of America Merrill Lynch names Merck its No. 1 top pick in the U.S. pharmaceutical space and tells investors to expect big returns from its cancer drug. From CNBC.

Welcome to Pharmerica, where doctors have been replaced by bureaucrats who decide what treatments you can have. Where doctors are the final sales force for pharma. Where politicians decide what vaccines you  must have to work or go to school.  Cancer is rampant despite decades of research.  And an entire division is free from any product liability, unlike Vioxx. What a market. What a world.


Hans Litten

Great reminder on old news, but reading it again, to my simplistic mind, I have an overriding feeling that Paul Offit has broken the law somewhere in here and should be prosecuted for basically what I see as racketeering. Defrauding the taxpayer ?
What I can say for certain is Offit should be in prison for his vaccrimes.
Paul Offit is currently director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). He also holds the Maurice R. Hilleman Chair in Vaccinology, created in honor of the former senior vice president of Merck, which provided a $1.5 million endowment to the hospital and the University of Pennsylvania to “accelerate the pace of vaccine research”.

Offit joined the ACIP in October 1998 and three times voted in favor on decisions related to the use of the rotavirus vaccine, including a vote to add the vaccine to the CDC’s “Vaccines For Children” program—all while sharing ownership of a patent for a rotavirus vaccine being developed under a grant from Merck.

A member of the CDC’s advisory committee until June 2003, Offit’s vaccine was approved by the FDA in 2006 under the trademark “RotaTeq”. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia was listed alongside Offit as a patent owner on the filing certificate issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office, and the hospital sold its stake in RotaTeq in 2008 under a deal in which Offit profited handsomely; he has acknowledged that he made “several million dollars, a lot of money”.

Jenny Allan

Merck and GSK joining forces:-


Aye but it needs a merk-at place for it's produce first?
nurse ratched - you tube- medication time.
The real Lennox Castle Hospital, Glasgow, mid 1980's ,with 50 bed wards made nurse ratched's ward look like a summertime holiday camp ! Ward communal clothing store room ,including shared pants and socks ,one tv to share between 50 men. One of the assessment departments was called "The White House "as well !Oh What!
Nobody's Child . Travelling Wilburys. you tube .
Vaccines [ product liability free - Vioxx- UK] and now Statins, for another Public Health Product Compulsory? See Alliance For Natural Health https/
Statin propyhylaxis for the over 75's
Allianz Demographic The world is aging -more over 75 year olds Desk Top Study Predictions of percentage of population over 75 yrs 2012 - 2030 -2050
Statins using the same template of duff health and safety risk assessments as doctors with a "Best Interests"Demi -God -delusions /complex as
Panorama -Documentary about Gossport War Memorial Hospital .
BBC Panorama 21 January
Killed in Hospital BBC Panorama You tube . Ma mother Donalda escaped it in 2013 by a hairs breadth passed a freckle" twice" . These poor souls at Gosport Hospital did not escape it!

Hans Litten

Posted by: Justine | February 06, 2019 at 11:56 AM

I do hope you are right. 2019 will be our year

You say "Gardasil at least" , vaccination is grouped in such a fashion that if one falls they all do.
Perhaps this is our strength and their weakness.

R Prasad

Join the thousands who are filing complaints against vaccine mandates: Here’s the new HHS website that allows you to register a complaint

R Prasad

Just saw some latest info about Vaxxed II.

Angus Files

All bow to Hilleman..

Pharma For Prison


Jeannette Bishop

And none of the products in that liability-free line (essentially mandated worldwide, also) have been studied for their carcinogenic potentiality.


I had hoped that Merck's stock would have a permanent dent if Wall Street analysts had taken notice of the Gardasil civil suit that started in CA on Jan 9 and that AoA reported on Jan 30 2019 from the Children's Health Defense. Unfortunately, Merck's stock is doing well...but as this case progresses I think Merrill Lynch will regret their call. I think this maybe a tipping point for Gardasil at least, please read the original article, it describes the stellar team and high profile law firms forthe defense a first against a vaccine in the US in a long time!


New (6th Feb) NY Times article, taking comments

‘A Match Into a Can of Gasoline’: Measles Outbreak Now an Emergency in Washington State

Hans Litten

There is a big SELL on Merck coming one of these days. (like Bayer-MonSatan)
Mark my words.

The fourth-quarter and full-year results further bolster our confidence in Merck's innovation-based strategy in which our key pillars — oncology, vaccines, animal health, and select hospital and specialty care products — are expected to drive sustainable growth over the long-term," Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier said in Friday's earnings release.

And, on a related matter, don't know if many here heard the news a week or so ago of two Isreali scientists proclaiming they will have a complete cure for cancer in a year. Could be bogus, but the proposed science sounds legit and not so off the wall. Reading the wall-to-wall skeptimism, I couldn't help feeling that something else was at play other than sincere caution. Could it be fear of competition?

Gary Ogden

Heartwarming it is. Time to phone the broker!

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