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Measles in Europe: The WHO and the Little Boy Who Cried Wolf

Measles-feature-296x300Our John Stone puts measles hysteria in perspective in his response in BMJ:

The WHO and the Little Boy Who Cried Wolf
Re: Measles cases in Europe tripled from 2017 to 2018 Jacqui Thornton. 364:doi 10.1136/bmj.l634

Let us get a handle on this. I just looked up the population of Europe for 2018 on Google and discovered a figure of 738 million, so the chances of dying of measles last year in Europe was less than 1 in 10 million. While it seems unlikely that vaccination can ever eliminate measles - notably because the vaccine sheds - could this just possibly be a distortion of policy?

A couple of other observation regarding Jacqui Thornton's article [1]: (a) the number of cases is likely be an artefact of the drive to identify them; (b) 61% hospitalisation does not sound credible.

[1] Jacqui Thornton, 'Measles cases in Europe tripled from 2017 to 2018', BMJ 2019; 364 doi: (Published 07 February 2019)

Measles cases in Europe tripled from 2017 to 2018
BMJ 2019; 364 doi: (Published 07 February 2019)

Cite this as: BMJ 2019;364:l634

More than 80 000 people in 47 of 53 European countries contracted measles in 2018, with 61% hospitalised and 72 deaths, the World Health Organization has said.

The total number of people infected with the virus in 2018 was the highest this decade—three times the total reported in 2017 (23 927 cases) and 15 times the record low recorded in 2016 (5273 cases).1

Despite more children in the WHO European region being vaccinated against the disease than ever before, progress on vaccination is uneven between and within countries. This leaves clusters of susceptible people unprotected, particularly in middle income countries, WHO said.



cia, why exactly do you think the numbers are accurate?

How exactly do you propose that the glorious health agencies know exactly how many people at any given time have the so-called measles virus in them?

cia parker


I believe the numbers are accurate, so the important question has to be why they are so much higher than they were in developed countries in the second half of the twentieth century. Babies getting it when they very rarely used to is probably a factor, as is the trashing of children's immune systems from so many vaccines. Or possibly mutations in the measles virus itself.

I would say that under these circumstances, all infants should take the measles nosode to protect them when they are very young and vulnerable, or shelter them at home, avoid as many vaccines as possible, and let them get natural measles when the nosode protection wears off. But natural measles is too valuable to avoid entirely forever.


The reality is that every figure that health authorities claim is an impossible lie because of one word.


If you don't know the denominator you can't possibly know the ratio.

And the only way to know the denominator for deaths due to measles virus is to know how many people at any one time have the measles virus in their body (we will assume the virus is the actual cause of any injuries whenever its present).

Of course, nobody has ever gone around and tested the general population for measles virus infection. Not since the vaccine. Certainly not before it.

The claimed rates of complications and deaths are completely made up.


More than 80 000 people in 47 of 53 European countries contracted measles in 2018, with 61% hospitalised and 72 deaths, the World Health Organization has said.


48800 hospitalizations, and 72 deaths, in a single calendar year ... from measles???

What a load of nonsense!

Vikki K

I think the relevant wording is - 'Despite more children in the WHO European region being vaccinated against the disease than ever before'. On the WHO website it goes even further - 'The surge in measles cases in 2018 followed a year in which the European Region achieved its highest ever estimated coverage for the second dose of measles vaccination (90% in 2017). More children in the Region received the full two-dose series on time, according to their countries’ immunization schedules, in 2017 than in any year since WHO started collecting data on the second dose in 2000. Coverage with the first dose of the vaccine also increased slightly to 95%, the highest level since 2013.' This is definitely not working according to their vaccinate-the-herd paradigm.

John Stone

R Prasad

Yes, I and others have repeatedly raised that issue in BMJ RR in the last year as measles was being hyped, when they have let me us. Particularly, in this thread...

R Prasad

The headline says "Measles cases in Europe tripled from 2017 to 2018". But why don't they talk about Autins cases doubling, tripllng and quadrupling in very country where the vaccines are administered aggressively, zealously and indiscriminately? Measles rarely causes a death, but Autism diagnosis is a life (long) sentence for parents and families. On the top of that, Autism causes deaths in the forms of accidents, family tragedies and drowings. Which is bigger burden on society? People?

cia parker

I'd like to know why the mortality rate is so high. 72 deaths in 80,000 reported cases is nine in 10,000, ten times higher than the US rate of one in 10,000 cases in 1960, five to ten times higher than the UK rate in the '80s of one or two in 10,000 cases. You're right, John, it may well be largely due to babies getting it who would have been protected by their mothers' antibodies from natural exposure in 1960 and earlier. And the fatal encephalitic syndrome is many times more common in infants under one year old. I'd like to know how many of the deaths were in healthy, well-nourished children. And how many of the total were given the vitamin A dosage recommended by WHO. If over 60% were hospitalized, something that did not occur and was not needed in 1960, then the public health system could easily have given them two small doses of vitamin A. Complications arising from the hospitalization itself, with many germs running rampant there? From the reflexive use of fever reducers?



That ‘gem’ has been making the rounds among the, ‘pro-forced injections of dangerous products without informed consent or the protection of law’, crowd. In the sense that we have a historical perspective where young men sacrificed themselves to a fascist cause, (NOT as a reflection of any personal attack on this young man) when I first saw that I could not help but think of the Hitler Youth.

Angus Files

Just as well your here John, sorting out the waffle this lot site as truth.


Pharma For Prison


Beleaguered Autism Mom

An acquaintance had knee replacement surgery. He was in worse pain and had a red swollen knee long after the surgery. After it was determined he was sensitive to the metal in the part that was used, the surgery was re-done using a titanium part instead. When asked why appropriate testing wasn't done in the first place, to rule out the potential metal sensitivity, he was told "because it is so rare." I think this little vignette is emblematic of the autism problem. They know bad reactions happen - it is just that it is more expensive/less profitable to account for those with metal sensitivities. People are left to learn about these issues the hard way. The system is built for profit not health. How many children are exposed to only one vaccine at a time?


Just found this lovely gem in the Daily Mail:

John Stone


It a very interesting point - there are many issues here, including whether the bodies are reporting confirmed data (even the position in the U.K. with it gigantic centralised health service is messy), how many unvaccinated cases are infants who didn’t receive anti-bodies from their mother because they had been vaccinated. How many cases were vaccine induced or due to shedding, how many thousands of sub-clinical cases might there be. But the possibility that serious cases we being added to because of recent vaccine history seems quite plausible.

elaine dow

When I was eight, I contracted measles. I just had a vaccine containing mercury and was scheduled to have my tonsils out the day I woke up with measles. I then developed encephalitis and wound up in a coma for two weeks. Even received the "last rites of the church" and the doctors tried a new procedure using steroids. I recovered and did have to have some physical therapy for a while for movement and tremors. The doctor told my mother this happens "one in ten thousand". Hopkins would call my father to use my records for protocol for other patients. I know now that the mercury burden and the strep infection caused the slide into encephalitis, a heavy metal, bacterial infection and a viral infection all at the same time. You have to wonder how many of these cases that became serious had just received a heavy metal containing vaccine and/or had another infection. At eight years old I developed TTP (purpura) after a DPT shot. I was hospitalized for many weeks and steroids were also used as treatment. Even today, I do not wear jewelry for sensitivity to metallic. Never do these reports list the other factors causing the serious reaction to measles. What I went though is nothing compared to the suffering of autism. Elaine Dow

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