Sticks Lead to Stones: We Need to be Very Angry at School Abuse of the Disabled
Dear Mom Who Thinks I Need to Vaccinate My Kids Against Measles

Maine's Vaccine Exemption Removal Bill Has Been Released, And It Is The Most Draconian Bill Filed In The USA Yet.

By Ginger Taylor, MS

McvcLOGO250LD 798, An Act To Protect Maine Children and Students from Preventable Diseases by Repealing Certain Exemptions from the Laws Governing Immunization Requirements

The Bill simply removes all religious and philosophical vaccine exemptions, for anyone, from anywhere in the Maine Department of Education and the Maine Health and Human Services law.

Current law allows exemptions from immunization requirements based on religious or philosophical beliefs for students in elementary and secondary schools and schools and health care facilities. This bill removes those exemptions. The bill also directs the Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services to remove any immunization exemptions based on religious or philosophical beliefs from their rules and requires the Department of Education to adopt rules allowing a student who is covered by an individualized education plan and has elected a philosophical or religious exemption from immunization requirements to continue to attend school under the existing exemption as long as an appropriate medical professional provides a statement that the medical professional has provided information on the risks and benefits associated with the choice to immunize."

"School" means any public or private, post-secondary school in the State including, but not limited to colleges, universities, community colleges and schools for the health professions."

This is daycare, preschool, k-12, colleges, nursing schools, medical schools... ALL SCHOOLS, public and private, IEP or not, 504 or not.

Medical exemptions will remain restricted, the most narrow in the country and are next to impossible to get in Maine.
Read here.

There is a carve out to grandfather current IEP kids until they graduate, but next year, kindergartners with IEPs will be denied FAPE. Even children with cancer will not get a legal medical exemption from DTaP or TDaP.

It also extends to staff of medical facilities, and even declarations of state emergencies.

Maine can also add required vaccines to the schedule by fiat, without passing a law, and without public hearings. So in June you may leave school, only to come back in September to find that Gardasil has been mandated for school and you cannot opt out.

To sum up, it completely removes religious and philosophical exemptions in Maine.

Christians, Jews, Muslims, all religious sects and all people of conscience will be forced to inject WI-38, MRC-5, RA237 and other morally objectionable material into their own bodies and the bodies of their own children.

We will be forced to buy and use Stanley Plotkins products.

We urge Mainers to Call your legislator today and demand that he or she oppose this bill.

We urge you to call all the Mainers you know and tell them to get to Augusta, as often as possible, to walk the halls and talk to legislators.

This bill has to be defeated.  For all states' sake.


Papa Dan

Is there a law firm putting a legal challenge together? who's taking action? Can someone point to anything going on, or does something need to get started?

The Original Someone #1

Please note that the "Someone" who is posting on this article is not the same Someone as I am. I must remember to call myself The Original Someone #1, and use that name whenever I post a comment here, or just use a completely different name from now on. Just wanted you all to know that.

susan welch

Your Mother.

I rarely share anything on Facebook, but I did share your comment, so that people can see the, frankly ignorant/abusive, remarks that are made to families with vaccine injured children.

your mother

EDITOR'S NOTE: This hideous comment came from someone at the University of Maine. THIS is the danger we face - angry, vile slurs and death wishes. KIM

dear retard, vaccines are good, and I hope your children die from measles.

Zero Now

Article Link here from Robert F. Kennedy Junior who explains some of the issues with CDC science. Also on other reports I heard it referred that the CDC owns 20 patents and makes $4.5b/year from the sales of vaccines. Anyone who thinks that their child is more important to the CDC's advertising than the $4.5b in sales might want to do their own research...
...just one paragraph from long worth reading article: Exactly. Over the next two years, the CDC worked with the pharmaceutical industry to gin up seven epidemiological studies that purport to exculpate thimerosal from causing the autism epidemic. None of these studies pretend to be safety studies. Each of them simply looked for the presence of a small number of designated diseases in specific populations exposed to thimerosal. All of them are fatally flawed due to improper methodologies or deliberate fraud. Nevertheless, these are the studies that the CDC lists on its website—and that its spokespeople regularly cite—to defend mercury in vaccines. It’s worth noting that the CDC itself has so little faith in these studies that it derailed a scheduled 2012 review of their underlying science by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and killed a 2006 review of thimerosal safety by the National Toxicology Program. Under CDC pressure, the Institute of Medicine made the astonishing declaration, in 2004, that, based on those seven flawed studies, the science was settled and no new studies on the causative relationship between thimerosal and autism should be undertaken or funded. That declaration effectively cut off support for any scientist who wants to investigate the link.

John Pelletier

To "just thinking",
Clearly you have lost that ability, likely due to vaccine injury. When you "posit" that "vaccines have saved lives", what evidence do you cite that proves this beyond doubt? Every time a vaccine was introduced (in the United States) in the last 70 years, there were simultaneous changes in multiple inputs to the human condition that were more likely to have brought about change falsely attributed to the introduced vaccine. Let's take "measles" for instance; the record seems to indicate that it was extremely high in incidence and mortality in the early 20th century, but both incidence and mortality abruptly declined beginning in the 1940's, a full 20 years prior to the introduction of the stand alone vaccine in 1963, and at the introduction of the vaccine, the slope of the decline actually leveled off, rather than becoming abruptly steeper. A brief history lesson: Vitamin D was discovered and it's structure worked out in the early 1930's (about the same time as the introduction of Merthiolate, but that's another digression) and due to its potent anti-rachitic function, food fortification with vitamin D was begun in earnest in the late 1930's or early 1940's. Since an early source of vitamin D was from cod liver oil, which is high in vitamin A (a well known adjunct in the treatment of Measles) as well, it is likely that vitamin A&D supplementation occurred in tandem. Vitamin D facilitates the maturation and proliferation of multiple white blood cell lines, which are integral to the immune response that would be necessary in the case of acute measles infection. By Occam's Razor, I would say that healthier immune systems were likely due to vitamin A&D fortification, and that was the reason for the steep decline witnessed in the 1940's and 50's, rather than being due to a vaccine that did not yet exist. Couple that with the improvement in school lunch programs that took place with the post WWII baby boom, and you have a perfectly rational explanation for American society in general developing "herd immunity" naturally, resulting in the witnessed decline.
In addition, back in the days when measles was rampant, one of the prominent symptoms was light sensitivity, and care of children with measles involved keeping them in a dark room. The reason for photo phobia was likely due to acute infection causing over consumption of vitamin A and D in the body.
In addition, although the Medical establishment constantly tries to declare Measles eradicated, it has never been so, there are cases every year, and some years more than others. A fair number of these cases are in people who have been partially or fully immunized per the current vaccine schedule, indicating that the vaccine is, for the most part, ineffective.
If you are going to support the removal of personal belief exemptions, you should review the actual historical record to see alternative viewpoints.


When will this be voted on?

Saddened State

If the vaccines prevent ppl from getting sick then why is anyone worried about an outbreak in thier school? Your child is protected, you DO NOT have the right to tell me what I have to do with my child. The fraction of a percent of children that would be endangered by an outbreak is so minuscule it’s almost non-existent. Compare that to abusive parents, drug addicted parents, alcoholic parents and any of the other numerous “child endangering” parents out there that nobody is doing anything about. You want to pretend this is about saving children from thier parents who don’t kno any better? Go save a child that is actually in danger of something. Your child is protected, keep your drugs away from mine.

David Weiner


Thanks for sharing your perspective on this. I agree with what you have stated.

I have a different understanding of what happened in Montana though. I believe that MT got an insurance company to greatly lower the fees that they were paying to hospitals and thereby offered much lower rates. So it was the hospitals and doctors and such, who were making out like bandits, not the insurance companies. Though they probably also made more money under those circumstances.


Some One
You have got to understand that the vast majority of Republicans just like the Democrats; are for all the vaccines, all to be given on schedule, and mandates are a good idea..

We are looking for cracks in the system here.

Trump was alone in his views.
And then we had a smattering of senators that was willing to go out of a limb on this issue.
Burton - because he is one of us; but also has retired. .

Ben Carson, and Rand Paul, did say something, but apologetic when they say it, and that speech first about how vaccines are the seventh wonder of medicine, even before antibiotics - but there is this "rare" ----

but those did happen to be from the Republican party.

The rest that seemed open like Harken, Cummins, (Democrats)-- and what was that woman's name from New York ahhh I can't remember her name; Mc Haffeny, or Mc - ? She might have really stood up, but the rest melted away quick, and became if not just stone cold silent, resigned as Jason Chaffetz another Republican.

As far as this health insurance buiz; Trump said they were keeping the pre existing condition clause.

Republicans were just doing a what if; on the pre-existing conditions. I have noticed they do a lot of what iffing. . Example; What if we get rid of junk lawsuits, since President Bush Jr. and was repeated by the Republican party when they were closed out by the Democrats when the people gave power to the Democrats in both houses and the presidency. It was even repeated to me in a speech at a bank breakfast; that senator McConnell was suppose to be giving except his plane was late, so his aid gave it instead. Since I was sitting right in front of the aid when he said it, I shook my head vigorously no, and he saw me and said -- "no?" After ward I told him that Congress taken yet another right away - to sue, and be heard by our peers, if injured did not work out well vaccine safety, so yeah that is a big no! I was scared, I admit. I hate that I am a scared rabbit. I so admire people like Kim, John Stone, Del Bigtree, Blaxill, Wakefield and those that became leaders, that can get up, and speak out with such bravery and self assurance.

That new health care plan that both Democrat houses, and the Democrat President passed really drained my family financially at a very hard time for my family. It even cost my ASD child his job since he applied for work health insurance not understanding that they would get rid of people if they did. My fault he applied, but I thought the work's health plan would be better than the ever increasingly high crappy individual health insurance. Even my daughter and I got caught having to buy crappy individual health insurance and this was during a mental health crisis for my daughter. We are hardly alone. The people that I met along the way that are working for small companies, or even a large company with sweat shirt views were all in the same boat.

Both Democrats and Republicans did not want to hurt their donor that made their money from health care and their game is to stall the winning side, or get accused of such so nothing really gets done.

Did you see Sharyl Attkisson's Full Measure of what Montana is doing with health care. Their health care for state workers was going broke and they had to really get the middle man out and control - actually asked the price. At last the real problem that middle men are making millions and the health care cost are really out of control. .


@John Stone Agree. And thanks for your recent comments on the New York Times website regarding their absurd editorial. Can't anyone even make an attempt to cover this story impartially? Speak out anyome and everyone, please!

John Stone


No doubt both sides have contributed beginning with the original legislation from the Reagan administration (no doubt with the help George HW Bush), the ever weakening role of government in genuine regulation, the capture of agencies which is just fostered by administrations, the militarisation of health after 9/11.


@For someone. I agree these bills which absolutely appall me seem to be emanating at the moment from liberals. That said, to do nothing when you have the chance and have campaigned and made implicit promises to parents...that's the conservatives including the President. It is the word idiot I object to. It is either both are Pharma butt-kissing idiots or let's not go there. Also as a person with two asd family members I did not appreciate the Republicans rushing into office and trying right off the bat to deny people with pre-existing conditions--which is everyone with asd--health insurance. So both sides have a lot to answer for here. I don't like the bashing tone or the assumption that everyone supports Trump and his all talk and no action autism program. If a person still falls for that at this point, well, there may be even more idiots to delineate.

For Someone


I guess it doesn’t matter whether they liberal idiots or conservative idiots. It does however tend to be the liberal politicians who are putting in the illiberal bills.


@Georgia A bunch of conservative idiots have been in charge of the house, senate and White House for two years and yet have done zip with their power to insure the extremely important right of vaccine choice or to promote vaccine safety. ( they did find time in their busy schedules to protect the right of mentally ill people to buy firearms and gut environmental regulations. ) So I think we can safely assume both parties are under the sway of big Pharma. So stop the name calling. It is nasty and divisive. I think everyone on this site is interested in vaccine safety, whatever their part affiliation and conservatives after the past two years have no right to pretend their track record is any better, that's for sure.


Can I ask Just Thinking?

If an injury following vaccines is just a coincidence then what is an injury with a positive lab test for a virus?

I would have thought that, as we know when the vaccine was administered but not when a virus enters our body, we have better reason to believe in a causal relationship between vaccines and injuries than we do viruses and injuries.

Just thinking.


to not thinking :
you are making discriminatory assumptions about those who care about the most basic of civil rights, the right to bodiliy integrity.
your attempt to prejudice the discussion with politics is indicative of the poor quality of your argument.
a product so poor it had to be indemnified should never be required as a medical intervention.

not all pharma products have encephalopathy, guillain barre, transverse myelitis, adem, and brachial neuritis as side effects. vaccines were indemnified because there is risk of enormous consequence. there must be choice as the ethical response.


I think that "Just Thinking" is reminding us and not agreeing with what we are up against.

Similar words passed my college professor's lips as he was pushing the 1978 swine flu off on his large 200 student class; and from the lips of my kid's pediatrician in the 80s and 90s. They were all memorizing from that Merck play book. Yeah, it is a game with them like foot ball, they are on the one team to make as much money as possible, and that is their play book. Too bad that they have had the ball for the pas 50 plus years.

I pray then that Libertarians converge in the state of Maine to a critical mass of shared skepticism of authority, and state power; and explodes all over the United States.

Jeanne J

Just thinking

Cite references to "Studies of thousands of vaccinated and unvaccinated children show the same rates of all other childhood disease, including developmental delay and cancer" please.


I’m “just thinking” you should shut the f up. Ginger, I’m coming! Don’t know how but im getting there!! Thank you for all You do!!!!!!!

For Just Thinking

Just Thinking

Unfortunately, the echo chambers of the World Wide Web are as nothing compared with the echo chambers of public health, and you are talking in platitudes - a prepared sales pitch. Knowing what to say to people in your clinic is a world apart from mastering any genuine knowledge. So you want to bombard babies with dozens of products all of which contain deadly toxins and all of which are known to have serious possible side-effects, and then you want to turn around and say it was all coincidence when in huge and unprecedented numbers they fail to develop normally, have life threatening allergies and other chronic diseases. So, what body of science are you citing?

You may like to take away and read the Del Bigtree/ICAN letter to the Secretary of Health and Human Service and the Acting Director of the National Vaccine Program:

It may not be a glossy, easy to read brochure but it may have a little more to do with “the scientific method” and it may have little more to do with “thinking”.

Just thinking

This page sounds very much like the echo chamber we should all hope to avoid in online forums. I would posit that:
A) vaccines have saved millions of lives-including perhaps even that of your own self and more likely your parents or grandparents.
A)i) A vaccine injury fund exists because like all medicines, there are side effects. Luckily, the life-altering of these side effects (e.g. Guillain-Barre) are exceptionally rare (and not autism).
B) Infants and children need many vaccines in the first 5 years of life. Could it not *possibly* be a coincidence that one’s child received one of these and then started manifesting developmental delay or cancer because that is what her/his genetics (not vaccination schedule) predetermined? Studies of thousands of vaccinated and unvaccinated children show the same rates of all other childhood disease, including developmental delay and cancer. The mammalian brain is trained to see ‘cause and effect’ but this process is not infallible. That is why large studies of thousands of subjects are needed. An n of one does not a fact create. (Unless that n is a child with lockjaw who fell on a nail and didn’t have a tetanus vaccine.)
C) If the level of energy and organization of the anti-vax crowd were dedicated to something that ACTUALLY harms broad swaths of the American people (e.g. systemic racism, opioid addiction, income inequality, never ending war, national debt, or campaign finance reform), you’d really, actually save some lives.
D) As a mother and as a sister of someone with autism, I understand how difficult it is to care for a child, and especially a child with special needs. I respect the struggle immensely. I do not respect the fervor with which beliefs are touted to be facts.
E) if one is to do ‘research,’ that means either answering a specific question using the scientific method or reading the studies of those who use it. It does not mean reading whatever website makes you feel validated or the most afraid. The AAP website might be a good place to start if you are researching on vaccines and autism.

David Weiner


You are correct to say that libertarianism is neither left nor right, nor some mix of the two.

Historically speaking, libertarianism grew out of liberalism. In fact, some libertarians would like to reclaim the word liberal. Some libertarians refer to themselves as classical liberals.

Liberalism was radically transformed in the early 20th century in the U.S. by Progressivism. This explains why libertarians differ on many issues with modern day liberals. FDR faced severe criticism by various groups when he rolled out his New Deal. One of these groups was the libertarians, though they were not called that at the time. FDR denounced all of these opponents as "conservatives", which was meant as a term of derision. Yet these groups were diverse; they had different philosophies, priorities, and so forth, but they formed an alliance on the right. Libertarians were always a small minority in this larger group and were never really able to advance their agenda in this context, so this alliance collapsed. But this is the historical reason why many have come to think of libertarians as "right wing".

Jeannette Bishop

@Not in Maine, that phrase was used by someone posting as Georgia.


Not in Maine:
Definition of a liberal:
broad, large-minded, tolerant inclined to respect views and beliefs that differ from your own
Having political or social views favoring reform and progress
Are on the left politically, of or belonging to the political or intellectual left
tolerant of change; not bound by authoritarianism, orthodoxy, or tradition
having or showing active concern for protection of civil liberties protected by law
under group or government control

liberal · tolerant · open-minded · forbearing · indulgent · receptive
a person who advocates civil liberty.
a person who believes in the doctrine of free will.
tolerant · unprejudiced · unbigoted · broad-minded · open-minded · [more]Libertarianism is a collection of political philosophies and movements that uphold liberty as a core principle. Libertarians seek to maximize political freedom and autonomy, emphasizing freedom of choice, voluntary association, and individual judgment. Libertarians share a skepticism of authority and state power, but they diverge on the scope of their opposition to existing political and economic systems.
What surprised me is that they Libertarians are not “left” or “right” or a combination of the two. Libertarians believe that on every issue you have the right to decide for yourself what’s best for you and to act on that belief, so long as you simply respect the right of other people to do the same.

Hump! I sure thought that libertarians were on the right? I also thought they believed in no or little government while the liberals believed in government being in control of as much as possible (but in a good way of course/ in a perfect world with out corruption).

Shelley Tzorfas

This is a race to see if the American public will find out if the MMR vaccine is not working as promised Before more vaccines are forced. If the public learns that the results were spiked as employees blew the whistle, that the lawsuit has been postponed by their attorneys for NINE years so far, then they might reject this interference on their rights and liberties. What has happened in these 9 years is more forced MMR shots (Measles) while the public has no idea that their children are getting shot with male and female aborted fetal cell DNA which might not only spike the cancer risk, but produces other risks as well. What if people simply asked "if their children's vaccines are Made-in-China?

Not in Maine


Just wondering why you would blame this on "liberal idiots." Wouldn't a liberal agenda want to give power back to the people, allowing individuals to choose whether or not to vaccinate their children? Liberals would want the exemptions to stay; seems to me that a conservative who believes people are not intelligent enough to make their own decisions may have drafted this nightmare legislation.

Just my two cents, as a liberal with vaccine-exempt child.

Grace Green

I'm struck by the sentence "We will be forced to buy Stanley Plotkin's products." Do you think that even if they were able to force you to have your children vaccinated for school attendance, they have the right to force you to pay for something they're forcing you to have against your will? What would they do if people all refused to pay? That would rather mess up the aim of the game, wouldn't it? Just to say, "Okay, I'll get the vaccinations, but I will not be paying for them" would give them a bit of a problem. They couldn't say you'd refused the vaccines, but they wouldn't want to set a precedent of people not having to pay.


New Jersey & Connecticut are fighting a very similar battle. North Carolina has defeated the bill that tried to do the same. Let’s stixk together on this. Learn from NC’s good choices & Californias mistakes. Go to churches of all kinds and inform them in detail about what is happening. Most don’t even know.

Jeanne J

Given the precedence set by SB277, I recommend that you not wait until after the bill becomes law to begin filing law suits. I recommend that you form a coalition of groups who would otherwise get a religious exemption for the aborted fetuses present in vaccines and file a class action law suit citing violation of your constitutionally fought-for religious freedom. Make sure you have a press conference that lays out clearly that your legislators are trying to enact a law that requires you to shoot into your children's bodies the very human tissue that you are opposed to being used in medicines and biologicals in the first place. Make sure the press conference makes clear the list of vaccines (that we know of) that are formulated from fetal tissue. Make it clear to the legislatures that they are about to violate your civil rights, and you are willing to take them to court, all the way up to the Supreme Court. These legislators are bought and payed for by the Pharma lobbyists, so trying to find enough moderate ones to vote against this law, imo, is at best a coin toss. The threat of a legal battle that exposes them to the public for violating your religious freedoms is likely more leverage than the same lobbying efforts that netted ZERO in Pan country.


What is most odd about the medical excemption and cancer is...
My son GOT cancer from the Dtap!
The idiocy of politicians who think they are doctors...making medical laws?
Talk about arrogance.
My son was forever genetically altered by the diploid aborted fetal stem cells... and grew tumors all over his spinal chord and a baby.
(Research insertional mutegenics, tumoregenic cell lines, reverse transcriptase, vaccines)


I can't believe a bill like this is even being considered in Maine. Bunch of liberal idiots in power in this state. We must stand up for the right to do what we feel is best for our children. The state has no right to tell you what medications that you need to give to your child. If you have religious reasons or if you are an enlightened parent with a brain (and not a sheep) and choose not to vaccinate your child, you shouldn't have to. Is the state of Maine the parent of your child. Will the state of Maine provide lifetime care if your child is vaccine injured? The article above is right, go to the state house, walk the halls and talk with lawmakers, organize a protest, write a petition, call into to radio shows, get on social media. We cannot let the state of Maine become a Nanny state, that dictates health choices...And parents do some research, don't be a follower, research research. Ask yourself why a Vaccine Injury Fund exists? Ask yourself the hard questions...


Absolute insanity! Praying this doesn't go through!
Question....How would this impact students who are enrolled in Maine Connections Academy which is an online, public charter school?


As a condition of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, HHS (Health and Human Services) was required to perform biennial reports about how they are improving vaccine safety.

The Informed Consent Action Network requested records of these reports through a FOIA, and when HHS refused to disclose this information, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr and Del Bigtree were compelled to file a lawsuit against them.

In doing so, HHS was forced to settle and admit that they

"could not locate any records," because they simply don't exist.

The HHS has never, not even once, submitted a single biennial report to Congress detailing the improvements in vaccine safety

within the last 30+ years.

Read the Court Order here:

Tia Downing

Ginger - FYI - the link at the top is not correct - it brings you to "An Act To Clarify the Intent of the Licensing Provisions in the Marijuana Legalization Act."

Mom 4 Truth

If children with cancer cannot get a medical exemption for Dtap, then that pretty much negates the argument for everyone else getting vaccinated -- "to protect the immune compromised." I wonder what the parents of children with cancer who have lectured ex-vaxxers that they should vaccinate would say about this law when THEIR child is the one who is put in harm's way by vaccine mandates.

(I don't understand why "A scientist" is being indulged here.)


Read people...Section 47 if anyone is interested 👀😷👀


Has anyone noticed that the link that you provided doesn’t bring you into something about vaccines? It brings you to an old bill on medical marijuana

Susan Welch

A Scientist. Your comment is not convincing to those of us who saw a child react immediately to a vaccine. Then, in the weeks that followed, lose previously gained speech, recognition of those around them and 'normal' behaviour.

You would call that coincidence. Hundreds of thousands of parents saw vaccine injury.

Miriam Hubiak

This post has the wrong LD & HP numbers.

LD 1664, HP 1148,
128th Legislature
Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapters 126 and 261: Immunization Requirements for School Children, Joint Major Substantive Rules of the Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services

Jeannette Bishop

Sounds a lot like SB277 as it originated, though I don't think it had any opt-outs at first other than medical exemptions limited to what the CDC guidelines were. It seemed to me like it got through in part because legislators had so "many" concessions they could seek in various kinds of "give and take" exercises (I hope that didn't involve lobbying checks ...but lobbyists were seen handing envelopes to a couple of committee members on camera...) that made them feel like they could claim to constituents they took into consideration their concerns and acted upon them, while still being able to vote forced vaccines onto every child eventually in the system, not already vaccine hurt, and probably on some that already were, too, as they took the word of the denialists that of course anyone who draws that lot gets a medical exemption. Pan even said on the floor publicly parents should come to him if any physicians were denying medical exemptions where needed as he would work that problem out...we know what he's saying now.

And I still believe this bill is indication of where, with unelected means of getting new vaccines on the California mandate list, some want to go in our state too, and we've just got to somehow end the law and establish mandates as illegal ...

Don't know if it will help but you can point out the rising rates of special ed children in CA and maybe even the footage of Pan and Allen in a hearing on the topic of funding shortages and growing needs in that area of our school systems (I personally think the S.M.A.R.T. meters and the rise of pervasive exposure to wireless tech gets some credit here, but not without vaccinations and other sources of pollution setting the toxic foundation IMO):

Alice Schneiderman

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 granted complete legal indemnity to the pharmaceutical and medical industry.

The Supreme Court has legally classified vaccines as "unavoidably unsafe"

If the pharmaceutical industry gets a free pass, then We The People must have a waiver as well!

Do not give up your rights, there are 300+ vaccines in the pipeline. No one is safe!

Marc R Bernier

Why does your link take us to a page on Pot legalization?

For “A Scientist”

A Scientist

What body of evidence are you citing?

A Scientist

Good! Because vaccines don't cause autism!


legislatures keep pretending that physicians have omniscient abilities to predict how a vaccine, or group of vaccines will affect a child.
what a fairytale!! and what a pharma lobbyist delight.


Unconscionable! It is patently absurd to believe that the same system of people that brought us the opioid crisis is not also responsible for massive vaccine injury, and this injury is being brought to us through force of state! We must resist!

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