Surprising NYT Editorial in Which China Gets Tougher Vaccine Safety Scrutiny than America
Toilet Paper Math is the Hardest Math. Vaccine Failure Math is Crappiest.

Lap Dances for Opioid Sales

If you think the American medical system isn't a disgrace, check out this article. Pharma sales is outright bribery. In the record business 60 years ago, the Payola scandal changed how record sales people would work with radio station programmers and disc jockeys after bribes were exposed. That was a pay for air play. In the liquor business, men with black bags full of money walked into bars and helped the owners "choose" a brand.   In the 1990s, I took my first and only trip to Indianapolis to meet with the VIOXX team at Pfizer. There, my company presented the incentive gifts for the doctors who would prescribe the drug - long since removed from the market for killing. The gifts included diamond earrings for wives and girlfriends. Reps still bring lunch and donuts and the like to doctors. I've seen the young men and women, tidily dressed with their briefcases, sitting earnestly in the waiting room. Me? I'd bring lunch too. Here's your knuckle sandwich!

In a trial in Boston, Massachusetts (home to the Puritans, ha ha), a pharma exec is said to have given a lap dance to a doctor in a bid for opioid drug sales. In the midst of the "#MeToo" movement, where women are clamoring against sexual harassment, some women will still use their feminine wiles to get what they want: sales commissions.  Power. Success!!!  Mama mia.  You know what? I don't give a rat's patooty if women use sex for success. That's part of liberation and choice. If she wasn't forced. If she made the decision to go for the doctor's weak point, that's hers to decide. But make no bones about it - MEDICINE IS FILTHY. Your health does not come first. Or second. Or third. It's a game of sales, commissions, quotas, getting patients in and out of the office in 9 minutes and bowing to pharma and medical device companies. To think otherwise is quaint at best.

Vaccines are no different except it's the government giving the lap dances to doctors while the patients get... well, this is a family blog. You know what word to insert.


Pharmaceutical Executive Once Gave Lap Dance to Doctor in Alleged Opioid Bribe Scheme, Witness Testifies

A former pharmaceutical executive accused of joining in a scheme to bribe doctors into prescribing a powerful painkiller once gave a lap dance to a doctor the company was pressuring to get his patients on the drug, her onetime colleague said Tuesday.

Jurors heard the testimony on the second day of the closely watched federal trial in Boston against Insys Therapeutics founder John Kapoor and four other former executives. They include Sunrise Lee, whom prosecutors have described as a former exotic dancer who was hired to be a regional sales manager even though she had no experience in the pharmaceutical world.

The executives are charged with conspiring to pay doctors kickbacks in the form of fees for sham speaking events that were billed as opportunities for other physicians to learn about the drug, a highly addictive fentanyl spray. In reality, prosecutors say, the events were mainly social gatherings for doctors and their friends to enjoy a fancy meal.



"A cesspool it is, the most profitable and powerful industry in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave."

You forgot the quotation marks, Gary.


So true Bob Moffit!

R Prasad

I guess I forgot to attach the WaPo link. Here...


Oh and by the way we got our opioid prescription, and the radio talk show was talking about small gifts influencing doctors writing opioid prescriptions.


We were coming home yesterday from a doctor's appointment (pain clinic LOL) cause those acquired mitochondrial disorders hurt and all; when I heard this on the radio talk show.

That small gifts are enough

Jeannette Bishop

Recently listened to a discussion of cancer treatments suppression while (something to the effect that) a treatment via chemo (whatever "efficacy" they actually have while they set one up for more cancer in the future) is priced at a 1000 times mark-up over the production costs...can't personally verify, but rings true...the system is running only upon willful disbelief that it can be as bad as it is in all the fronts upon which it is this bad.

Language alert, but this mother puts the evil of the vaccine industry's latest vaccine rights feeding frenzy into perspective:

And Dr. Sears adds some much need clarification of the stats in this Highwire release today:

R Prasad

I usually don't read much of MSM, who are in the pockets of Big Pharma and Big Vax, but this piece on WaPo is a very good read by an Autism mom about how bullying of Autism kids starts by the parents of non-Autism kids.

R Prasad

This video exposes the bottomless pit magnitude of greed of Big Pharma and Vaccine companies. They are not in the business of caring for patients, they are in here just for the MONEY, MONEY, MONEY and of course, MONOPOLISTIC CONTROL of the people.

This video is a Must Watch for every American.


Anti-inflammatory Vioxx .
We had a good friend for Xmas dinner 2003 . A deep sea diver and his new girlfriend a drug rep for Viagra . Nice woman, very pretty,well spoken ,good manners. During dinner mum asked her "And yes dear and what kind of drugs do you sell" Viagra she said mum responded and what is that an , an anti-inflammatory medicine? I am taking Vioxx, mum told her , I am waiting for a hip replacement .
Oh No. Not That Not Here , Not Now. Not in front of my mother!
I had to ask to leave the table to check the turkey in the oven!
Mum asked my partner " Ma Jimmy" John "How many pre dinner gins and tonic did you give her exactly before dinner as she sounds a bit squiffy or somthing? as I thought we were having sadle of venison for Xmas dinner .
The good family Doctors did not know Vioxx was not safe and effective !
Callum Kennedy - My Mother You tube


It was Not until the current drug addiction epidemic which is mostly opium derived drugs was there sudden compassion for the addicts and blaming of the pharmaceutical industry for their role! Why? Because 90% of the addicts were white in this recent addiction epidemic. Racist hypocrisy! Likewise the concerns related to vaccine safety for white parents are taken more seriously and granted more media attention than the concerns of African descent and true native Americans.

Gary Ogden

A cesspool it is, the most profitable and powerful industry in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

Angus Files

Its a badge of honour for the ones receiving the bribes to boast the quantity and quality of the holidays they are receiving through the bribes system...all done with a smile and a smirk of see how smart i am, selling poisoning vaccines and crap in the name of health shame on them.

Pharma For Prison


Elaine Dow

The medical community, now in denial that they did not know the risks of opioids, is just a down right lie. It is well known that the soldiers injured in the civil war became addicted to opium, which was given to them for the pain of the wounds. And then, on top of that, they thought that cocaine was a cure for their addiction! The psychiatrists freely used cocaine to treat many mental and physical ailments, causing another addiction. Not until President Woodrow Wilson was it declared illegal and dangerous drug. I worked a booth at the AAP convention for Generation Rescue in Washington DC a few years back. Big signs and banners for drugs for children making a new market for antidepressants and amphetamines. I left there feeling the doctors taking care of our children have lost their soul. My father's classmate at Georgetown Law and co-worker at beginning of the Social Security Program, became General counsel for Pharma in the 1950's. Joseph Stettler, later became head of Pharma in the 1980's. My father worked for Social Security and wrote Disability legislation and regulation. A wonderful program to give parents and the disabled a benefit to help them get through life. Two different paths, one good for these men who were once friends, my father with good intentions and the other big money.

Bob Moffit

"I've seen the young men and women, tidily dressed with their briefcases, sitting earnestly in the waiting room."

You have a better doctor than I do .. the "young men and women tidily dressed with their briefcases" are NEVER asked to "sit earnestly in the waiting room" .. THEY ARE IMMEDIATELY GIVEN ACCESS TO THE DOCTOR .. the ONLY people who must sit waiting are my doctor's PATIENTS .. during which the television set is tuned to a PHARMACEUTICAL STATION THAT SHOWS ADS FOR DRUGS .. ONE AFTER ANOTHER … EACH AD URGING THE WAITING PATIENT TO ASK THEIR DOCTOR ABOUT THE DRUG BEING SOLD. It is pure TORTURE …

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