Dan Olmsted Wrote About Measles, Autism and Vaccine Zealotry in 2015
Attorney Patricia Finn Speaks Out Against NY's Push to Remove Religious Vaccine Exemption

Fox Houston on Measle Outbreak

Note: There are few people I admire as much as Leslie Phillips in our community. I've known her for many years, and together, our kids have grown from children to  young adults with autism. Her son has weathered one of the most difficult versions of autism that I know. And her family has paid a steep price. Most of us are quiet about the agony we face when the doors close. Or when the cameras turn off. Thank you to Leslie for this interview. It's really hard to get your point across to the mainstream media and not be edited into either a 1 second soundbite or a into a caricature.

The article is about FIVE active cases of measles. 1-2-3-4-5. The Brady Bunch had six cases of measles and got a sitcom.

Houston TX— People, considered to be “anti-vaxxers” are getting the blame for a spike in measles cases reported in the Houston area, throughout Texas, and in different regions of the U.S., but these parents say they are not opposed to all vaccinations. They just want more research to combat what they call “a one size fits all” approach to vaccinations.

"It’s wise to consider all the possibilities because the consequences for vaccines injuring my family have been really horrific,” says Leslie Phillips, a mother to three children who claims her youngest son Andrew had an adverse reaction to vaccinations that he received as a baby.

Phillips is also a member of several non-profit groups and has dedicated her life advocating for her son, and for other parents, hoping to spare them from what happened to her.

"People have the right to look at the risk and benefits of any medical procedure and vaccines are no different," adds Phillips. "They have risks.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention website, the last death due to measles was only one person in 2015.

Phillips says that website has great facts, but she advises to look deeper.

"But if you look at their vaccine adverse events reporting system, there have been more than 100 deaths by the vaccine, and if you look at the history, it’s even more troubled,“ explains Phillips. She suggests that like with most medical procedures, you may want to get a second opinion if there is something that concerns you about vaccinations.  Read more here.



From the Houston chronicle
"It was unclear Monday if a lack of vaccination played a role in any of the Houston-area cases. All four children had received the first of the two shots — the second is given between the ages of 4 and 6 — and the woman said she'd been vaccinated, though the county is still working to confirm that through records."

Jeannette Bishop

So, the corporate media have been hyping measles cases--I'm not clear whether any of this qualifies as an outbreak according to the CDC--and pointing fingers at the "anti-vaccine" community, and a local reporter decided to talk to someone in that community, probably honestly trying to do "fair and balanced" reporting and it turns out they're a vaccine injured family? I pray the viewers process the bigger picture and investigate more.

(repeat posting) A recent "Middle Ground" conversation that doesn't give enough time to really inform of what's going on but is now over a million views:

One prays the majority of viewers aren't as closed-minded as the majority of those commenting sound like they are.


It was the Houston chronicle. They mentioned that all of the children as well as the grown woman was vaccinated.



A Houstonian here. One of the first articles that I read on the topic a few days ago let it slip out that all of the children that got the measles had gotten their first MMR and the grown woman was also saying she was vaccinated. It was buried way down in the story. So....

Wish I could remember which news outlet it was


'I think all jockeys should have the equine flu vaccine mandated immediately in case of cross species contamination ! Punters too probably. Para Typhus Spanish Flu reprise.'
Hans, why stop there? What about cats, dogs, pet mice.....?
Luckily the race horses were vaccinated, though. The BBC says that in unvaccinated horses 'it can be fatal'. We can be sure that, if the BBC says this is so, it would have been fact checked; no fake news ever emanated from the BBC! Phew, lucky for the vaccinated horses that still got the equine flu.

cia parker

I just hope it means that measles is going to be breaking out all over and that my daughter has an opportunity to catch it.


Sneezles -A poem from Winnie The Pooh By A,A.Milne 1926
Alexander Fleming did not "come across" penicillin till 1928?-did his work not sit on a shelf for years? while his medical colleagues called him "A Quack, and a country bumpkin?"
Outbreak of equine flu, racing cancelled .
Animal Health Trust -Suffolk info Equine influenza vaccines at MSD Animal Health MERK.COM
Oh Pooh! The Ponies have the Sneezles and Wheezles .The Economic loss is feeling donkey burgered?
The Bookies can't depend or" bet" on vaccines being safe or effective?

Hans Litten

I think all jockeys should have the equine flu vaccine mandated immediately in case of cross species contamination ! Punters too probably. Para Typhus Spanish Flu reprise.


All horse racing across UK cancelled after equine flu outbreak

The British Horseracing Authority made the decision after three vaccinated horses tested positive for the disease.
Thursday 7 February 2019 12:14, UK

All horse racing across the UK today has been cancelled due to an outbreak of equine flu.

The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) made the call after three vaccinated horses in an active racing yard tested positive for the disease.
It said a decision on whether racing would take place tomorrow was likely to be made this evening.
While human beings are not at risk from the virus, they can be transmitters of it.
The BHA warned horse owners outside racing to contact vets if they were concerned, because "unlike thoroughbreds, the wider horse population in Britain is not vaccinated against equine flu".

Bob Moffit

I wish this local Fox news affiliate had the same broadcast reach to the country as the cable FOXNEWS channel who claims to be "FAIR AND BALANCED". Unfortunately this critical conversation regarding the numerous questions swirling for DECADES around our national vaccine policies is NEVER broadcast .. instead we get the usual public health representatives demonizing anyone who dares question the "safety and efficiency" of recommended and approved vaccines as dangerous .. uniformed people .. who are unnecessarily putting the "herd" at tremendous risk simply for asking more research be done .. most notably that common sense "unvaccinated vs vaccinated' study .. that would provide those pro-vaccine public health zealots the opportunity to provide some measure of comfort their fully vaccinated children are in much better health than the unvaccinated children they so desperately want demonized.

As I have often observed .. the greatest power of the media .. such as FOXNEWS FAIR AND BALANCED .. is their power to IGNORE those seeking answers to serious doubts about the benefits and risks associated with ALL VACCINES.

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