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A Valentine to my Daughter with Autism

Eighteen Year Old Exercises Medical Health Choice Rights and Media Goes Wild!

Mia 18 balloon
My daughter got GUARDIANSHIP when she turned 18

There is an 18 year old who is DEFYING his parents. ALERT THE MEDIA!!!

18 year olds are able to go to war where they may fight and lose their lives.
18 year olds are vaping and Juuling a because they want to smoke.
18 year olds are thinking about sex. A lot. Maybe even having sex.
18 year olds can get a legal abortion.
18 year olds can get birth control.
18 year olds sneak alcohol from the fridge and Rx drugs from Mom and Dad's medicine cabinet because they want to get high.
18 year olds can vote.
18 year olds are legal adults with rights including medical rights
So how is an 18 year old who took on his own medical care and got himself vaccinated news?

It's a PR stunt.  You don't have to be an adult to figure it out.

18 By Alice Cooper

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I've got a baby's brain and an old man's heart
Took eighteen years to get this far
Don't always know what I'm talking about
Feels like I'm living in the middle of doubt

'Cause I'm eighteen, I get confused everyday
Eighteen, I just don't know what to say
Eighteen, I gotta get away

Oh, lines form on my face and my hands
Lines form on the left and right
I'm in the middle, the middle of life
I'm a boy and I'm a man

I'm eighteen and I like it, yes, I like it
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Eighteen, eighteen, eighteen
Eighteen and I like it



Jeannette, thanks so much for the video of Jill Wheeler telling her side of the story in that interview! I was actually wondering if she and here son were actually real people. Apparently it does seem that that media pounced on this teenager's naivety and exploited it in typical 'divide and conquer' fashion. Still, for all the villainization of the Ms Wheeler, the desperation to portray as a bad, nutcase mom, we find yet again a loving mother with genuine concerns about vaccines and striving to do what she felt was best for her kid.

Grace Green

I think the mistake I and other parents may have made is not to explain to our children the reasons for our decisions as we go along. It's easy to forget that they grow up all too quickly and will then have to make their own decisions. It takes time to educate and teach our children all the information that we've learned, and maybe we just assume they will always automatically agree with us.
On the other hand, this teenager might just be a paid actor!

Jeannette Bishop

"Special Guest - Jill Wheeler - Mother of Ohio Teen Who Got Vaccinated Against Her Wishes"

R Prasad

Actually, this stupid 18 year old "boy" who "took on his own medical care" should be highly thankful to his loving mom who protected him from many of the medical harms and injuries that happen with childhood vaccines (including but not limited to Autism, Asthma, Allergies, Juvenile Diabetes, Apraxia, Developmental Delays etc.). She was one smart and caring mom. If she didn't take those precautions, probably this "boy" might not be in a position to take on "his own medical care" due to any of these vaccine injuries.


I looked into one of these Reddit accounts which all the news articles were linking to, in that case it turned out the provax teen with an suppossed antivax mum was also going around organizing anti-Trump marches at the school. So it seems more likely that case was another PR stunt and the story fiction, with the parents really putting him up to this on behalf of the charities/foundations they work for.


The headlines should say, "Adult makes medical decision."


I think the purpose here is a bit more sinister. This is laying a groundwork of cultural acceptance for the looming agenda of transferring to the State the natural parental rights to decide how children are raised. This will be done in part via a bogus notion of children's rights independent of parents. This story pushes the idea of the "thoughtful" child being endangered by "stupid" "backwards" parents.

There has already been a case in Ohio where parents had a 17yo child removed from their care because they didn't want him/her to undergo HRT. This dissolution of natural parental authority will be used to force medical interventions like vaccinations and eliminate movements like homeschooling.

As for this story, my favorite part is how this kid admittedly went to Reddit to find answers that can be googled in 2 minutes, yet has the audacity to deride his mother as stupid and brainwashed.


Thanks Alice! I wrote a while back about anticipating their next desperate propaganda stunt. Seriously -- this is it?! After Russian bots hijacking the 'net and WHO's designation, hordes of teens are now taking to Reddit to revolt against their 'antivaxx' parents?! I almost feel pity for them.

Bob Moffit

I love a 19 year old .. non-verbal young man .. who will never have the opportunity to experience all the wonderful life-living events that 18 year old young men are entitled to enjoy .. and .. I have every reason to believe my beloved grandson's "regression into autism" was caused by the numerous vaccines he received .. beginning with the HEP B within hours of his birth .. a vaccine administered without consent of either his mom or dad. Indeed, shortly after he was born … the local hospital he was born in received a supposed "prestigious award" for having achieved the highest HEP B vaccination of children born in their hospital.

God bless the tens of thousands who never had the opportunity to know they were:

"I'm eighteen and I like it, yes, I like it
Oh, I like it, love it, like it, love it
Eighteen, eighteen, eighteen
Eighteen and I like it

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