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Connecticut Bill Would Give 9 Year Olds Consent for Sexually Transmitted Disease Shot

Pretty babyThe nutty Nutmeg state of Connecticut is considering a bill that would allow 9 year olds to consent to a Gardasil vaccine for the sexually transmitted disease of genital warts. Nine. Years. Old. Making a medical decision.  From our friends at


The Connecticut Legislature is considering a bill which would allow minors as young as 9 years old to receive an HPV vaccine without parental consent. 

Below is the 3 minute public testimony in opposition to this ridiculous bill from Eileen Iorio, a co-author of the bestselling book HPV VACCINE ON TRIAL:  Seeking Justice For A Generation Betrayed.

How would a parent know if their child was having an adverse reaction to an HPV vaccine if a parent is unaware the vaccine was given?

Kevin Barry




Hello, my name is Eileen Iorio, researcher and co-author of the book “HPV Vaccine On Trial”, with preface by virologist and Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Luc Montagnier. I am also the parent of a child in middle school in Greenwich.

I am here today to testify against Bill No. 858 concerning the “prophylactic treatment” of minors for sexually transmitted diseases, [under the current health law section 1, subsection (a) of section 19a-216.]

In medicine, the term “prophylactic” usually refers to a vaccine. My testimony today is based on the assumption, unless explicitly corrected by the committee, that this Bill is written to include the HPV vaccine and any other vaccine indicated in the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases in the future.

It must be stipulated that a vaccine is clearly NOT treatment, as it is given to healthy children FREE of disease. The language term “prophylactic treatment” used in the Bill is both misleading and confusing. It is the legislative equivalent of trying to put a square peg into a round hole. Current CT health law only permits doctors to TREAT minors for sexually transmitted disease. The law was not designed for such broad medical intervention on minors without parental consent. Indeed, as regards the HPV vaccine, it contravenes Federal Law to do so.

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (42 U.S.C. §300aa-26), which gives blanket product immunity to vaccine manufacturers, explicitly states that parents or guardians MUST be given information on the benefits and risks of a vaccine PRIOR to vaccination. The CDC encourages medical providers to fulfill this federal requirement by giving clear and detailed instructions for them to follow. Federal law further states that parents or guardians must have all vaccine information on their children so that in the event of an adverse reaction, they would be best placed to immediately notify their health care provider, mitigating a more serious reaction and harm to the child. Federal law should be observed and respected by this committee and the State of CT so that children are protected.

The US government’s vaccine injury tracking system has recorded 61k reactions including 454 deaths following the HPV vaccine. In addition, 134 cases of death and injury have settled at the federal vaccine injury compensation program. Minors, without access to full risk information, cannot adequately assess risk vs benefit, especially since the HPV vaccine has not yet shown to prevent cancer, contrary to what we are told by media reports and commercials.

Should this bill become law, it opens up the unpleasant issue of minors who are abused or trafficked being forced into getting vaccinated to prevent STD infections. This would be encouraged by the abuser to avoid detection of the abuse.

I understand that the intention of this Bill may include other drugs for sexually transmitted disease prevention but again, current law does not allow for preventative intervention, only treatments. And regardless of misleading language, the idea that a parent would not need to know about such measures is equally egregious. Therefore, I am here today to ask that this Bill NOT proceed out of committee on the basis of loose, ill-defined terms and gross over-reach of government, unduly displacing parental rights and putting children at risk for harm.

Thank you.
Eileen Iorio
Co-Author “HPV Vaccine On Trial: Seeking Justice For A Generation Betrayed”



Michael S.

And now this today:

As Media Freaks Over 159 Measles Cases, Thousands of Kids Sold as Sex Slaves Out of Foster Care

Great article from a great writer. Here's an excerpt:

"If ever you needed a clearer example of the mainstream media’s intentions in this country, you just need compare the amount of coverage given to the 2019 measles non-crisis—used to bolster vaccine manufacturers’ bottom lines while calling for the silencing of those who advocate for vaccine safety—versus the 18,000 children who will go missing from government-run “protection care” this year—many of whom will be sold into sex slavery."

There's a wonderful Google chart comparing screen time for Measles vs. screen time for missing Foster kids.

In terms of the magnitude of effect on the children of America, the missing kids and subsequent selling some of them into sex slavery is as devastating a tragedy as the effects of mandated vaccines. Hopefully, some of these kids will be rescued and rehabilitated. Not so with most of the Autism victims.

Michael S.

None of this makes any sense until you factor in the pedophile aspect in. Hate to go there and bring this up, but any bill / law that takes power away from the parent and gives it to the state is in danger of creating more opportunities for the sexual abuse and possible trafficking of children. I often wonder what the true intentions of these bills are.

Senator Pan of SB277 fame introduced CA SB18 , which has passed. Here's an article from today about it:

SB18 Bill Will Allow Authorities To Enter Unvaccinated Kids Homes

Jeannette Bishop

Something to contribute towards and/or spread the word:

"Kennedy’s letter informs Romero that CHD will seek to hold ACIP members supporting the recommendation accountable for endangering this population with a product that has little proven efficacy but which likely puts them at higher risk of developing cancers and other grave health conditions."

(Maybe completely unrelated, but some of the past tetanus vaccine campaigns that were found to be administering HCG contaminated vaccines targeted women up to age 45.)

Jeannette Bishop

In CA there is AB499 allowing this decision to be made by 12 and up. At the time of legislation, the sponsor kept saying that bill was about closing a "loophole," as if not having to do with most children under parental supervision (not that I trust that HPV/HepB vaccines will never be, maybe already have been, pushed on minors in grade school here). So, was that bill mainly about children under the "care" of the state? Maybe there are state laws prohibiting life-risking treatments ordered upon a child not in immediate need, or something like that (probably intended to prevent predatory actions motivated by money, or eugenicistic--word?-- or even nazi-experimentation agendas), but making it legal for a young child to consent in this case is a-ok?!?

I don't know, maybe these consent bills are first about human trafficking at the roots, getting at the most vulnerable because, "We can't really protect those in our system from predators, but we have to have our system (maybe we don't), and if we vaccinate (and course vaccines never come from predators) we feel like we're doing our best and we make money on the side of 'the good guys' so it's better than nothing?" But still, the camels' noses from the makers of Vioxx, the opioid epidemic, the Gardasil girls' & boys' injuries--and I think a majority awakening to a real role for the autism epidemic is at hand, etc.--they can't be blind to all these, these camels' noses are getting further in the tent, and they (the camels) love it and love their legislative sponsors for it...

... but how can any well-intended and actually qualified legislator particularly get behind HPV vaccine at this point?!?

Shelley Tzorfas

If this absurd change to Vaccinate minors at age 9 comes to pass, then shouldn't 9 year olds be able to make a decision to vote? They will already be voting with their Lives. Is this aimed at having school vaccine clinics? Last I heard parents take their children to the doctor..There are schools these days pulling kids out of class to get vaccinated. Never mind that up to 95% of people with HPV-the body gets rid of it all by itself within 2 years. Never mind that some reports show 89,000 injuries, paralysis or deaths from it. Never mind that there are reports of large amounts of our youth Getting Cancer from this vaccine marketing. Once children make decisions about vaccines, the parents lose the right to their private medical information which is just another way to put a divide into the family and break it up even further.

Shay Bock

I cannot understand how this law can be passed since a child under the age has no legal rights in the US. Or, has this law changed from state to state? I wonder if the parents should ban together and inform Connecticut that they face the possibility of suing the state.

Frederic Chopin

"Should this bill become law, it opens up the unpleasant issue of minors who are abused or trafficked being forced into getting vaccinated to prevent STD infections. This would be encouraged by the abuser to avoid detection of the abuse."

Good Lord!

Eileen Iorio

Thank you Bob. I appreciate the support. The questions afterwards by the committee were tough but we made our points well. The amazing people who showed up to testify are part of a team of dedicated parents who care deeply about children's safety. Who would WANT their child to receive this vaccine without their consent or knowledge, given the real risk of a reaction? It makes no sense, not to mention that it removes parental rights and contravenes Federal Law.
In the Q&A, I did explain about the inefficiency of VAERS both in the inadequacy of some reports (especially in the cases of death - some are hearsay) BUT since we know that VAERS only captures a fraction of reports. We can say that likely the number is actually higher. I don't think it's fair to just gross it up from an assumed 1-10% rate, we don't know. But it does show that vaccine safety monitoring is stuck in the 1980s with an inadequate, outdated passive system with no alarm system. We know that congress have not received vaccine safety reports in over 30 years and we know that no attempt is being made to identify vulnerable children so that vaccine injury can be averted. The whole country is freaking out about measles in a few dozen people when the real catastrophe here is systemic neurological damage to our children on a scale never seen before. It can't go on.
Thank you AofA for publishing this. The next battle will be when they have a hearing about mandating the HPV vaccine. We'll be back, in higher numbers. Stay tuned.

Bob Moffitt

Thank God we have informed and courageous people willing and confident to SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER. Eileen .. in case you stumble upon my comment .. I want to personally thank you for remaining ever vigilant regarding those wishing to establish a "medical tyranny" … which would award the health and safety of our most precious resource … OUR CHILDREN .. to anyone OTHER THAN OUR CHILD'S PARENT.

From Eileen's statement:

"The US government’s vaccine injury tracking system has recorded 61k reactions including 454 deaths following the HPV vaccine. In addition, 134 cases of death and injury have settled at the federal vaccine injury compensation program."

As we are all well aware .. the US government's vaccine injury tracking system ..VAERS .. is woefully inefficient .. with far more vaccine serious and deadly reactions NOT REPORTED .. and still "61 THOUSAND .. INCLUDING 454 DEATHS … are on record for all to see.

I simply cannot understand my country today … in State after State .. with great fanfare … legislators enact laws and regulations restricting the use of PLASTIC STRAWS .. because they are perceived as a RISK to our environment .. while at the very same time legislators are considering enacting a law permitting a CHILD .. WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT .. to receive a vaccine KNOWN TO HAVE CAUSED THE DEATH AND SERIOUS INJURIES TO HUNDREDS IF NOT THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT .. HEALTHY CHILDREN.

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