The Atlantic Magazine The Coming Care Crisis in Autism - It's HERE
National Vaccine Policy Hinted at by FDA's Gottlieb Oversteps States and Personal Rights



New t shirt slogan; "Vaccines sometimes lead to disabled adults; but we don't care about them.."

Jeannette Bishop

Vaccines cause pharma customers, sometimes on the meds all throughout one's ultimately vaccine-shortened life!

But the slogan on these nurses t-shirts has never been scientifically demonstrated to be true for any vaccine (it's pretty clear DTP vaccine reduces one's chance of becoming an adult, no matter how much denial and censorship the system thinks it's empowered and obligated to apply, and I think they're deep-down afraid to really look at the all-cause impact of any of the others).

Brett Wilcox

Cheeky ProVax Shirt Day?
How about Cheeky Pro Vaccine Induced Autism Day, as well as a host of other diseases and afflictions.
Pro Vaccine Injury Denial Day
Pro Denial of Constitutionally Protected Rights Day
Pro Church of Scientism Day
Pro Corruption Day
Pro Conflict of Interest Day
Pro Fascism Day
Pro Government Overreach Day
Pro Discrimination Day
Pro Harassment Day
Pro Fraud Day
Pro Drug Cartels Day
Pro Pharma/State Orgy Day
Pro Self Inflicted Ignorance Day
Pro Vaccine Holocaust Day

Angus Files

Well if they want phrases my son we at age 21 years communicate with our low functioning son via Thomas The Tank Phrases whoop dee doo!!(wiggles)
“Bust my buffers” -usually means I’ve lost something
“Surprised and delighted”- happy
“Then there was trouble” Look out theres` a problem.
“Hes after me” having a carry on.

Not bad considering his grandfather is an award winner from Oxford(when awards meant something) .The vaccines are certainly working Offit.

Pharma For Prison


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