Connecticut Bill Would Give 9 Year Olds Consent for Sexually Transmitted Disease Shot
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British MPs are Front for Gates and the Pharmaceutical Industry

image from www.gavi.orgby John Stone

The deadly charade continues. British television viewers were told on ITV NEWS on Thursday night that an All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) was to investigate "the  resurgence of the anti-vaccination movement".  They should not be deceived into thinking however that the APPG on Vaccination is the equivalent of a parliamentary committee. The secretariat for the group - which itself  consists of five little known members of the House of Commons and two of the House of Lords - is listed as an organisation  called Results UK, which is in turn a satellite of GAVI, which we all know is a partnership of  the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the WHO,  Unicef, the World Bank and the Pharmaceutical Industry etc. Every single vaccine manufacturer is represented within GAVI.

The strategy has been apparent since the summer of 2017 when the director of GAVI, Seth Berkley,  had an article published in the on-line Spectator - a British news journal - calling for "anti-vaxxers" to be banned from the web, when what he was really setting out to do was ban all criticism of vaccines from the web while simultaneously indulging in hate rhetoric. In the British context it might perhaps be a modestly hopeful sign that the present move comes from an undistinguished ad hoc group of parliamentarians rather than a standing committee: less helpful is the continuing treachery of the mainstream media which cannot any longer report anything without a having devious agenda behind it.

John Stone is UK editor of Age of Autism




Jenny Allan

In view of my previous comments about Public Health England on this thread. I thought I would give you all a good laugh on this Mad March day! I hope the mods allow the (rather rude) quote from Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn's article, but it's worth reading the entire article for its entertainment value.
"Something for the weekend, Sir? (all on the NHS) on handing out free condoms to the over-60s
PUBLISHED: 1 March 2019

"The government department which meets with the sole purpose of giving this column something to write about has been working overtime again this week.
How else would they have decided to hand out free condoms to the over-60s on the NHS?
You couldn’t make it up.
Our old friends at Public Health England have really done the bizzo this time. They’re behind a pilot scheme in Derbyshire aimed at distributing rubber johnnies to ‘Silver Singles’ via, and I quote, ‘GP surgeries, community venues and food banks".

Please note R Littlejohn, a very experienced journalist who has been writing for the UK Daily Mail for years, has made the mistake of assuming Public Health England is a UK Government Department. It isn't. As I explained below, it is a quasi-autonomous agency, with the apparent powers to spend huge amounts of taxpayers cash on 'health' projects with little or no accountability.

For the benefit of US readers the free condoms for the over 60s are an attempt to stop us promiscuous bed hopping oldies from spreading sexually acquired diseases. I nearly died laughing at this assumption, and so did my faithful husband of 53 years. God only knows what this is going to cost, but the condom manufacturers will be rubbering their hands with glee. (forgive the pun).

Charity Food banks have sprung up in the UK in response to persons actually going hungry, mostly due to Governments' incompetence at administering benefits. The bureaucracy is horrendous. It is not unusual to have to wait more than 6 weeks for a payment. A lot of these persons will be autistic and other special needs. The form filling is daunting.

I expect a few oldies rely on food banks, but we eat well on the state pension. I usually donate a couple of tins to the donation box in my local supermarket, during a weekly shop. It's often full to the brim. Scottish people are generous.

John Stone

Thanks Susan

Susan Welch

John, You are probably aware, but thought I'd post this as your article got a mention on UK Column news yesterday. Just a few minutes towards the end (at approx 44 mins), but they did look into it pretty thoroughly in the time they had and even contacted Results UK


Immunisation against infectious disease - GOV.UK The Green Book .
Consent - Chapter 2
Vaccine safety and adverse events - Chapter 8
Wrong shape for football and no damn use for rugby ?

Singing Kettle , World Tour . The Wee Kirkcudbright Centipede. YouTube

Angus Files

Wilde quote "the unspeakable in pursuit of the inedible". or the invaccineable..

Pharma For Prison


Jenny Allan

Of course it should be remembered, over stockpiling of vaccines is very much a win-win situation for the manufacturers who get paid regardless, and a lose-lose situation both for the UK NHS and hard pressed taxpayers.

I think some sort of public inquiry is in order. Does ANYONE monitor this profligate waste? -other than those of us prepared to take the time to report it on social media and BMJ responses (thank you John!)
Note the PHE annual report, which is presented to Parliament, contains the vaccine losses at the end, and in a small print section of a table. By that time most parliamentarians will have fallen asleep!!


"Do we know who they are on this committee?"


They are listed in the second link of John's article, posted below.

Jenny Allan

This might provide some clues about which vaccines are getting stockpiled:-
"GPs will receive an extra £5 for every child aged 10-11 they vaccinate with the MMR vaccine from April, under the new GP contract.
The five-year deal, agreed by NHS England and the BMA, includes the extra payment as part of an MMR catch-up campaign, which aims to reduce the current number of measles outbreaks.
This comes as a recent surge in measles cases led PHE to urge patients ensure if they have had two doses of the MMR vaccine, to check with their GP before going on holiday.....GPs should also 'continue to follow-up, recall and update computerised records for patients who do not respond or fail to attend scheduled clinics or appointments', the contract said.
Other immunisation changes in the new deal include:
• From April, GPs will see a 26p increase to the childhood seasonal influenza, pertussis, seasonal influenza and pneumococcal polysaccharide fee. This means the current fee will rise from £9.80 to £10.06
• From April, the HPV vaccine programme will be extended to all women aged 18-25, with a fee set at £10.06
• From September, all boys aged 12-13 will be included in the HPV vaccine scheme. Although NHS England said the HPV catch-up will not have to be delivered through general practice in 2019/20, it expects all boys to be added to the scheme from April 2020
Last month, Public Health England called on the Government to add MMR catch-up elements to the GP contract in order to tackle low uptake levels.

This came after NHS Digital found the number of children getting the MMR vaccine last year dropped to the lowest level since 2011/2012"

The last line gives us a clue. It seems in spite of all the recent manic Wakefield bashing and nasty pro vaccine propaganda, the ACTUAL uptake of MMR vaccine has now fallen to its lowest levels in England. My youngest Grandson- fully vaccinated at great expense with singles for measles, mumps and rubella, will be getting targeted again. He knows how to politely refuse!!

I've heard on the grapevine the new all singing all dancing flu vaccine for the over 65s has been a resounding failure, with us oldies refusing it in droves. I was 'reminded' by my GP and sent a note stating willingness to be vaccinated with the 'ordinary' flu vaccine, a single dose no mercury vax, but I won't have squalene adjuvent, linked with narcolepsy and gulf war syndrome. I haven't heard back but have not had flu for years. My previous infections will have given me at least generic immunity to most strains.

It's a disgrace GPs are apparently getting paid to 'push' HPV vaccines for boys and girls, currently getting vaccinated in schools.

John Stone


Should be on one of the links: the best known personage is I think, for those of long memory, Baroness Blackstone. I couldn't find any individual connections with pharma, but several seem to have enjoyed the hospitality of foreign governments.


Flu vaccines for NHS staff including pregnant working staff ?
Where are the basic risk assessments of Flu vaccine in pregnancy? apart from apparently only being
measured for risk against lab work trials in mice ,rats, and bunny rabbits before implementation of same in women ?
Promoting policies for compulsory or advisory flu vaccines ?
"QUANGOS" Heading straight for a head-to-head clash and a big public conversation/regulation
showdown with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 !
NHS Scotland, safety standards oversight worse off than NHS England ,with no independent regulation of accident and incident reports ?

See-- ASAP-NHS / Common Space https/
And- NHS Whistleblowers launch campaign for independent regulator
https.www.heraldscotland 22 Jan 2016
What percentage of NHS staff are consenting to the annual flu jab ?
A big dollop and a handful ?
A dollop and a handful ?
A wee dollop just around 40% a wee handful ? or is the data available with accuracy and transparency for this?



Do we know who they are on this committee ?

John Stone


Obviously, it is not unique - one is troubled by ordinary people being asked to give up their savings when there is “big money” involved, the other is that charities may appear to be “grass roots” when they are pharma lobby groups. Then there is the case of Science Media Centre and Sense About Science, which control the British media and which are a kind of combination of state and industry without being as Jenny says accountable. In the case of Public Health England, Jenny is quite right that it is the Department of Health made into a non-accountable or semi-accountable agency in the form of Public Health England. I am not sure what one can deduce about which out of date vaccines were being disposed of. Also, notoriously there was stockpiling of useless and dangerous anti-virals. We do know that a decade ago the government ordered 132m rounds of Pandemrix but the public ran a mile, and only about 6m were used in the end. Time for a Freedom of Information Request?

Susan Welch

John and Jenny, I am in awe of your knowledge. Thank you so much for all this information.

One point I would like to make is regarding the Results Group, which I assume is funded by GAVI. I looked at their web site, including 'Get involved' and 'Donate and it appears to be running along the lines of a genuine 'charity' whose members are concerned about poverty/Third World issues. I worked for an international aid charity for very many years and its methods of raising funds was not dissimilar to the Results Group.

If they are funded by Gavi, supported by MPs, but posing/passing as a charitable organisation that well meaning people get involved with and raise funds for, then surely this should be the equivalent of 'conning' the public?

Jenny Allan

It might perhaps be a modestly hopeful sign that the present move comes from an undistinguished ad hoc group of parliamentarians rather than a standing committee."

Not hopeful at all John. Unfortunately 'undistinguished ad hoc groups', mostly self appointed, have far too much 'clout' in the UK, mainly due to the thin veneer of apparent 'officialdom', which allows them to dictate to real Government committees. It's a clever way of circumventing new laws which are supposed to make Government lobbying by groups sponsored by corporate and other vested interests more transparent. Unlike the official Government Cross Party Committees, these persons have no public accountability whatsoever.

An example of a self appointed so called 'advisory' group is the toxic 'Science Media Centre' with a stable of so called scientific 'experts' all hand picked to promote the REAL corporate and political agendas, pro-pharma, pro nuclear power, pro genetic modified crops and food. Again no accountability, even though this group was permitted to dictate science policy on the BBC, and media lead Fiona Fox, with an ordinary degree in God Knows What (not science) , was permitted to do a public demolition job on Andrew Wakefield at the Leveson hearings, whilst your written contribution and mine were discarded.

Closer to the UK Government is Public Health England, which again looks like a proper Government Health Department, but in fact this is just another quasi-autonomous set up (QUANGO), something successive UK Governments have pledged to get rid of. Remember that 'bonfire of the quangos' promise? Again there is no direct public accountability, so PHE is effectively permitted to do whatever it likes, including inflating or even inventing measles cases in order to 'push' vaccinations.
Quote from above:-
PHE Who we are
“We are an executive agency of the Department of Health and Social Care, and a distinct organisation with operational autonomy. We provide government, local government, the NHS, Parliament, industry and the public with evidence-based professional, scientific expertise and support.”
Doesn’t that sound suspiciously like ‘The Science Media Centre’ blurb?

From a very positive 2016/17 PHE Annual Accounts statement above:-
“Constructive losses PHE wrote off £37,462,000 (2016: £115,224,000) in relation to countermeasures held for emergency preparedness and vaccines that have now passed their shelf life. These write offs are a planned consequence of our preparedness strategy that involves central stockpiling.”

This is a huge amount of money to lose on stockpiling vaccines. Which vaccines?? They don’t’ say but all that hype over those Welsh Measles cases was intended to ‘persuade’ UK teenagers to get another MMR jab. It failed. The teenagers just refused in droves. There has been no accountability for this huge loss of taxpayer’s money, which would have been far better spent on frontline medical care. Measles is not dangerous in well-nourished healthy children and might even convey benefits to the immune system, as well as measles immunity for life.

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