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Humanity Itself Is The Collateral Damage Of The War On Disease

Anthony Fauci Lies then Backtracks on MMR Encephalitis After Audience Gasps at Federal Meeting

LiesListen to minutes 40 - 45.

Public Health Officials Testify on Measles Outbreak

Two leaders of the National Institutes of Health testified on a measles outbreak in the U.S. at a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearing. They talked about the root causes for the outbreak, much of which was caused by people refusing to vaccinate their children against it and other infectious diseases. The two doctors also answered questions about the effectiveness and safety of vaccines. After the hearing ended, anti-vaccine advocates yelled at the two doctors and members of the committee. From C-SPAN.


The safety conversation seems to be based on usage over time. As if use means safety. People SMOKED for 70 years before a cancer link was made public and accepted. This did not make cigarettes safe because millions of packs had been smoked. Millions of doses of MMR does not means safety - especially as doctors are NOT taught the adverse reactions and the religion of vaccination is to DENY any link.   This is exactly like the Catholic Church scandal - from the parish priest to the Pope. 

We have been BEGGING for hearings on autism for years, with no response. Our kids die. Our families are collapsing. Schools are faltering under the weight of special education. And here, a handful of NON LETHAL measles cases in the USA has launched draconian mandate laws that rob citizens of their right to say NO to a medical procedure. And a hearing!

Robert Kennedy Jr. was DENIED the right to speak today. His father DIED to protect our nation's freedom and laws. His uncle DIED to protect and govern our nation. He was denied the right to speak on the worst health tragedy to befall our children ever. EVER.  A Kennedy. America's royalty.

Listen to Fauci deny encephalitis at around minute 41. Then you hear gasps. Then Fauci mumbles, "rare" like a boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar,  The crowd is then chastised.  Listen to the word salad: "In healthy children MMR vaccines does not cause brain swelling."  Listen to the tap dance. There is NO WAY TO KNOW if your child is one the "rare" cases UNTIL THE INJURY HAPPENS. This is jabberwocky nonsense by the nation's top medical experts.  Add to this, that vaccine EXEMPTIONS are being attacked from coast to coast so that if you, a parent, worry that your child might be subject to injury, YOU CAN NOT SAY NO to the MMR vaccine. This is against Nuremberg Code of informed CONSENT. End of story. Check please.  Kim Rossi - Managing Editor.


John Piscitelli

'Follow the money...' At the core of all these agendas is the almighty dollar. There is capitalism, and then there is corrupt capitalism. The pharma companies and their hired immunization guns are at the center of that corruption. Very easy. Identify where most of the vaccination dollars are flowing, and you'll uncover the bad actors.


C-Span put the book rising down the memory hole.
my, my.

David m burd


Fauci is a 100% Pharmaceutical whore whose agenda is "a drug or vaccine for anything and everything" with nutrition and naturally-acquired immunity be damned.

Read the seminal book (by Peter Duesberg, "Inventing the Aids Virus") documenting Fauci's incredible (corrupt) manipulation of the U.S. Mainstream to essentially censor any truth about HIV being totally harmless, with all its " victims" clearly killed by the lethal drugs Fauci pushed, and still pushed/promoted by Fauci. Good luck!

cia parker

Most of the problems with measles are BECAUSE children are routinely vaccinated. To be fair, all those 33 or more children who got SSPE from measles have either already died of it or will die. But it was very rare before the vaccine, and even rarer among babies under one year old, who are much more at risk of getting SSPE as a sequela of measles than if they get measles when they are older. Babies didn't use to get measles or SSPE because they were protected by their mothers' antibodies from placental immunity and breastfeeding. Vaccinated women are much less able to protect their babies than the 99% of women who got natural measles before the vaccine. Measles can be more serious in adults (but usually isn't that serious even in adults), but it used to be that 99% got natural measles by the time they were 18 years old, shown by blood tests on army recruits in the early '60s.

The one fatality in the Disneyland outbreak was in an adult woman who was severely immunocompromised and got measles in the waiting room of a health clinic. And they didn't even recognize that what she had was measles until after she died, just like in the case of Gareth Colfer-Williams in the Swansea, Wales, outbreak several years ago, the only fatality there. Also a severely immunocompromised adult in whom measles was not recognized until weeks after he died of it.

The answer is to let measles come back: it's the best possible training of the immune system for lifetime health against both pathogens and diseases like cancer and heart disease. Those who do not have natural antibodies (the way I do from having had it when I was six), would have to decide whether or not to get the vaccine or the booster. Immunocompromised children should get the measles nosode to protect them from measles. No one should be expected to compromise their own health for the sake of theoretically protecting someone else's health, and measles is a very good disease to just go through naturally.


Nothing is evidence based on vaccine safety studies in the USA. It is all based on assumptions. There has not been a single vaccine on the pediatric schedule involved in a randomized controlled double-blind multicenter trial with an INERT placebo, the gold standard for clinical trials, therefore they cannot say for sure if vaccines are safe compared to an inert placebo.


All of this orchestrated fearmongering over a few cases of measles in the United States is nothing more than a false flag operation being carried out in order to get support for forced mandatory vaccination in the United States. $$$$$$$$$$ It is based on 1/2 truths. Measles cases are not increasing. Measles deaths are not increasing. Measles has not been "deadly in the USA" in the last 4 years. There hasn't been a single pediatric measles death in the USA since 2003. There has not been a single measles death in adults in the USA since 2015. There have only been 10 adult measles deaths in the USA since 2000. There have only been 33 deaths related cases of measles-induced sub sclerosing pan-encephalitis (SSPE) since 2000 in the USA. So why all of this fear-mongering over a few non-fatal cases of measles where 99.99% went through the course and are not asymptomatic? Why are there hundreds of bills in individual states trying to pass mandatory vaccination laws, removing exemptions. $$$$$$$$$$ This fear mongering is completely unwarranted, when NO ONE is dying from measles in the USA. Your chance of dying from measles in the USA (since no one is dying) is less than your chance of winning POWERBALL for a billion dollars. The USA is highly vaccinated, and also those over 45 have most likely had measles and are therefore immune. That is why no one is dying. When people get measles and they don't die they are beneficial to herd immunity. Or course Measles vaccine can cause encephalitis...... My question is this: Why did Fauci feel pressured to say otherwise?


Like John Stone said; they don't care.
And so tonight for the first time I am going to pray that every last one of them have the same life experience that turned me around 180 degrees. It is only fair that they have equal in all this since they have the power in their hands.

And by the way;

Congress voted that these pharma companies and medical personal cannot be sued. They took that right away, and now -- ohhh and now they want to give those same pharma companies that priced insulin out of many a diabetic's reach, that ephrinpen out of a peanut allergy patient's reach, Vioxx and opioids given out like candy -- not good enough to give them indemnity; they have to force us all to take the product as well.


The only truth spoken or heard in that hearing was the "collective gasp" of incredulity by the audience.

David m burd

Of course the great Dr. Andrew Wakefield (now relentlessly libeled by mainstream media as "discredited") seminal paper in 1998 (co-authored by 12 other top British spevialists) clearly documented severe damage to children via the MMR vaccine.

So here we have at this Hearing the totally corrupted Anthony Fauci, and his equally ignorant/corrupted sidekick, smoothly patting each other on the back, on the (false) safety of the measles vaccine.

If C-Span was anything close to being objective, as most people naively believe, on either TV or radio, they should interview any/many of the hundreds of highly credentialed vaccines-critical biomedical experts we all know. But they won't, because C-Span is just as corrupt and bought off as is mainstream media. The Anthony Faucies of the present time are just as evil as the Nazi Josef Mengele.

Bob Moffit

Like many already stated .. I couldn't waste my time listening to this pharmaceutical industry "puppet show" .. which immediately came to mind when .. after listening to the Democratic Rep from Colorado opening statement .. which I suspect was written FOR HER .. and .. the opening statement of the Republican who began by stating something like .. "if any issue is of bi-partisan concern, this is it".

I am old enough to recognize the "code words" .. "bi-partisan" .. as a euphemism for SWAMP.

I know the question would never be asked of the SWAMP .. but .. if MEASLES is such a dangerous threat to the people of the United States .. why was it COMBINED with two diseases .. MUMPS AND RUEBELLA .. into ONE VACCINE? Common sense dictates the combining of THREE DISEASES in a single vaccine .. will lessen the safety and efficiency for MEASLES .. which is being presented as a "clear and dangerous threat" to our communities? What are the BENEFITS OF COMBINING ALL THREE DISEASES IN A SINGLE VACCINE .. EXCEPT FOR "COST EFFECTIVENESS" AND "CONVENIENCE" FOR DOCTORS AND PARENTS?

This was simply another 'dog and pony" show .. routine for the SWAMP.

Hans Litten

A Kennedy. America's royalty. Totally Agree With that. RFK please find a way to run !

As a catholic myself I am happy enough with the criticism of the church.
The popes words this week about criminal predator bishops, cardinals and priests is a little late in the day to be taken seriously (& I would suggest is o0nly happening now because of the continued huge financial settlements being imposed on the RC church in the US courts).

And another criticism I have with my church is its complete failure to speak out on the greatest holocaust ever perpetrated on humankind. In fact that seems to be true for nearly all religions.
The Kenyan_HCG and Philippine RC church however does come out of the scandal quite well.


If vaccines are such fantastic life savers (as Orwellian morons from NIH, CDC, FDA etc. claim), why most European countries have only voluntary vaccinations and recommend just a few vaccines, while in the US children are forced to take about 70 vaccinations? And the outcomes of this liberal European vaccination policy are: much lower prevalence of autism and other brain injuries in children, much lower infant/child mortality and much longer life expectancy in Europe than in US, where we face catastrophic pandemic of autism and other brain injuries, high infant mortality, as well as unprecedented declining life expectancy. The country like that can’t be perceives as developed. These features are sings of a failed state.
It is hard not to believe that there is a sinister anti US conspiracy on part of global pharmaceutical cartels, which originated in Nazi Germany. However the real tragedy is that corrupt or ignorant American politicians and medical bureaucrats eagerly participate in extermination of Americans with toxic vaccines.


I could only listen to a little bit of this because I agree it was sickening. If the one sided lies weren't so dangerous, it would be absurdly funny. Why didn't they allow any vaccine side effects experts like Dr. Toni Bark or Dr. Suzanne Humphries, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny? Yes, why didn't they subpoena Dr. William Thompson to give his version of no link between the MMR and autism? This was clearly a one sided propaganda bumper sticker meeting that is NOT based on the hundreds of thousands of parental reports of regression following vaccines and NOT based on the hundreds of independent research studies that show the serious side effects of vaccines, like Dr. Christopher Exley's and Dr. Christopher Shaw, Neil Miller's book of 400 critical vaccine studies. If they don't believe that, read the full vaccine package inserts of their side effects: Seizures, death, encephalitis, autism, on and on. Measles is usually a beneficial mild short lived childhood illness.


The one word that should ring in the ears of every participant in that crock of a hearing is SHAME! If anyone is attending the Senate hearing may I humbly suggest you get your hippie on. Rules be damned! Let ‘em drag you out.

Becky Estepp

That was absolutely positively sickening.


Cia it’s good to call too, to flood their phones. That really gets their attention when lots of people are calling.

Kathleen Breault

I can't listen to it.

cia parker

Thank you too, Jane, I saved yours too. I like writing better than calling, I think when I call at most they just put a tally mark down on a list.

cia parker

Thank you, Annie and For Cia,

I've saved both your emails in a file on my desktop for future reference and already sent the email to Mr. Guthrie. I signed it with my qualifications, J.D., Ph.D., so I hope he'll get it and read it.

Victor Pavlovic

Thank you Kim Rossi, you are awesome.

Annie Ashes

cia parker:
Try this: Might work.
Here's a little background on the chap (he's way behind in the $$ game, but give him time. Only ten years in.)

cia parker

Thank you for the email address! I'll write right now!


for cia

Try this email:

I found it here


Dr William Thompson must have lost his invitation.
Maybe in the wastebasket?

And no testimony from MMR autism researcher Poul Thorsen?; Surely the committee could have given him a one day sanctuary from the OIG most wanted list.

Now the "magical misinformation ministry mystery tour" goes to the Senate, a veritable nursing home of a committee (I'm old, I can say that), where they pretend to deliberate by repeating the ministry mantra, vaccines are safe and effective, and that darn Facebook!

Jane McQuaid

Cia Parker, You can go directly to the House Committees website and contact the committee directly. There is no email address for them but I'd recommend calling them.

Susan Welch

A totally predictable, evil, propaganda piece!


cia parker

I just tweeted Guthrie, but was cut off after two sentences. I really need an email address. He needs to know that there are several demonstrable facts: 1) any vaccine can cause encephalitis, not just in sick children whose parents are well aware of their condition, but as part of the necessary reaction of the immune system to the incursion of the vaccine. 2) they OFTEN do, but it occurs more often with some vaccines (including the MMR) than with others, and more often the younger the child and the more shots he has cumulatively received, 3) measles is NOT dangerous in well-nourished, previously healthy children. One doctor in the hearing said that there is no way to prevent it other than the vaccine. Not true. The nosode will prevent it. And NOT true that good diet, exercise, etc., will prevent it (as one doctor there said): it's a highly contagious respiratory disease and the fact that before the vaccine, 99% of kids in developed countries like the US got it shows that it really was universal, but very rarely a problem. And, as we've discussed before, it's a VERY beneficial disease to get. Was it Pelletier who said that parents were terrified when they heard that measles was around? Nonsense. Those parents who know anything at all about measles would welcome its appearance. And they were lying about vitamin A at the hearing as well.

How can I contact the decision makers before they vote on this? I got an auto-reply from Vicky Hartzler the other day after I wrote, the others haven't replied at all. I'd like to tell them that if they vote for a mandate, I will never vote for them again.

cia parker

Does anyone have an email address for the representative conducting the hearing, Brett Guthrie? I just tried, but since I'm not a constituent, it wouldn't let me email him. He's from Kentucky. He needs to know that any vaccine can cause vaccine encephalitis and brain damage, and OFTEN does, that's why we've got one in 36 diagnosed with autism now. The woman physician said that HEALTHY children don't react with encephalitis, you said that you don't know if a child's healthy until after the fact, but I don't think that's usually the case. Usually the child IS healthy until he gets the vaccine he reacts to, usually because of genetic predisposition. Guthrie seemed concerned to me, I think he's just not well-informed. Probably pharma-bought, but he needs to be informed so his mind can start to be prepared to accept the truth sooner or later. Because this is by no means going to go away.

L. Shuler

I would have LOST MY MIND listening to all the lies and half-truths in there!!! And not being able to speak out if they lie???? NOT RIGHT!!!!!!

John Stone

These people just don’t care!

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