Robert F Kennedy Jr Blocked From Giving Evidence At Congressional Hearings
Urgent Action Required to Maintain Our Medical Freedom to Choose

A Pill In Every Pot! Pfizer's Sally Susman Hosts Kirsten Gillibrand Presidential Run Fundraiser

Pills-moneyNote: We are a non-profit organization and will never endorse a candidate. Nor tell you how to vote. We will begin to cover the candidates for 2020 as they come out of the woodwork.   This fundraiser costs less than a month of Pfizer's breast cancer drug which runs a cool $9,850 per month.

Do any of you remember that David Kirby wrote a HuffPo post that Gillibrand as a newly minted Senator was calling for funding into vaccine safety? How quaint.  Senator Gillibrand: Supporter of Vaccine-Autism ResearchSenator Gillibrand: Supporter of Vaccine-Autism Research

If media accounts about Kirsten Gillibrand of New York are correct, then I am pleased to be the first to report that my new Senator is a supporter of research into possible connections between vaccines and autism.

The presumptive Senator, a moderate Democrat from the Hudson Valley, is sure to join the growing chorus of voices in the US Senate — and well beyond — in calling for more Federal funding for scientific studies into vaccines and autism, including Senators Kennedy, Dodd, McCain, Lieberman and Enzi, among others, and former Senators Clinton and Obama.


CNBC Pfizer executive Sally Susman to host 2020 presidential fundraiser for Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand

  • Presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand is to attend a fundraiser at the home of Sally Susman, a top Pfizer executive, on March 31, according to people with direct knowledge of the matter.
  • Tickets cost $1,000 to $2,700, these people added.
  • Susman is a major figure in Democratic fundraising circles. She was a lead bundler for President Barack Obama's 2012 re-election campaign.



Michael S.

And now this:

YouTube Begins Shutting Down Revenue For Anti-Vaccine Videos

John Stone

Loraine, I am afraid that was in 2007, not 2019.

Loraine Fishel

Thank you thank you thank you!!! Tears of joy!!!Someone cares!!! This means so much!! Dear God this has been my hope for 23 long years after my son crashed 3 hours following Chicken pox and a DPT shot called Tripedia. I gave him CPR and then as years past later often cried on the way home from work after another evening shift working as a nurse at the hospital. Every morning I got this poor little guy up to start in again in on ABA as early as I could drag my self out of bed. Tripedia has had at times had on the product insert that it can cause autism! I think this has been scrubbed off in the mean time. My multiply impaired son has this as part of his Dx. Once you know the devastating effects of Autism why in the name of God would you knowingly give it to anyone?? Most politicians keep their eyes shut and their hands out for cash. I have worked so many extra shifts mostly midnights trying to keep your family ship afloat. When I am deadly tired I think Tripedia!! and I get an angry adrenaline wake up to try to keep going. I want this Bull to stop in my life time Lord. That is my fervent prayer. Please Please make this happen God!!

Beleaguered Autism Mom

California cannot hide what it has done to its children. Nearby states notice first.

R Prasad

Those who think 'Autism is a gift' must read and watch this single mom's tragedy. The govt, state and school district failed her and children with Autism miserably.

David Weiner

Bob Moffitt,

In order to REGAIN control of our public health agencies, they would have had to have had control of them at some point in the past.

But they have always done the bidding of other powerful people. They have rarely, if ever, been about public health. Let's hope that they get abolished instead.

L Land

She is not the first, and will not sadly be the last to say she cares about vaccine safety to get votes and then do Nothing about it once elected.
It is hard to imagine a candidate that will not be lured by drug company contributions or if they have any wealth that do not own lots of Pharma stock

Bob Moffitt

CBS "60 Minutes" report last night was on the FDA's role in creating the opioid crisis in our country .. during which the FDA was heavily criticized for their FAILURE to fulfill their responsibility to provide SAFE AND EFFICIENT DRUGS .. as one speaker said .. for over 20 YEARS. I thought I would never see the day when a network would show a damning report on the unholy connection between FDA and Drug manufacturers .. since "60 Minutes" like almost all the advertising .. day in and day out .. are DRUG COMMERCIALS. It was a very CRITICAL OVER-VIEW containing many of the very same lack of "SAFETY AND EFFICENCY" arguments we have been raising about VACCINES .. including FDA officials being paid lucrative allowances for attending private meetings between the FDA "regulators" and the industry they are supposed to be 'regulating" .. how the FDA is failing to do their own research on DRUGS .. instead accepting the research done by the drug manufacturers as valid.

The "opioid" manufacturing industry is worth BILLIONS .. and .. this report lifts the veil of secrecy that exists between the FDA and manufacturers .. all the while KNOWING literally THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS are being addicted every day .. becoming a leading cause of death in our country .. while acknowledging the 'revolving door" opportunities for FDA "regulators" to find lucrative employment in the DRUG COMPANIES they had been closely working with during the time THEY were supposed to be "protecting the people" .. in actually from this report .. they are being handsomely paid for "protecting the PROFITS of the drug manufacturers".

Julie Gerberding comes immediately to mind.

This "68 Minutes" was the result of ONE man who has worked his entire life in the drug industry and finally realized he could no longer keep quiet on the corrupt alliance between FDA regulators and the industry they are supposed to be regulating. Would the same "come to Jesus" moment happen to someone in the VACCINE CREATED FDA SWAMP.

Let's hope this begins a determined governmental effort to REGAIN CONTROL OF OUR PUBLIC HEALTH AGENCIES .. who .. just like the FBI and Justice Dept .. can no longer be TRUSTED TO DO THEIR JOBS PROTECTING THE PEOPLE FAITHFULLY.

As Jesse Jackson famously says … 'KEEP HOPE ALIVE'

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