Urgent Action Required to Maintain Our Medical Freedom to Choose
Connecticut Bill Would Give 9 Year Olds Consent for Sexually Transmitted Disease Shot

US Take Action: Wed. measles hearing will be a pharma only show

Urgent call to actionFrom Autism Action Network

The US House of Representatives Oversight & Energy Subcommittee, of the Energy and Commerce Committee, will hold a hearing on the current measles outbreak and response efforts this Wednesday, February 27 at 10 am in the John D. Dingell Room 2123 of the Rayburn House Office Building. The focus of the hearing was obvious in the press release, “Measles is a highly contagious, life-threatening virus that was previously eliminated in the United States thanks to the success of the measles vaccine,” the four bipartisan Committee leaders said. “Unfortunately, measles cases are on the rise as a consequence of the virus’s transmission among unvaccinated groups.” No critics of federal vaccine policy or the vaccine industry will be allowed to speak.

Please call Rep. Frank Pallone, the Chair of the Oversight & Energy Subcommittee and let him know you do not want the federal government to endanger our right to say “no,” and to let vaccine critics speak at the hearing:

(202) 225-4671

 And call Pallone’s boss,  Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who has ultimate control over what hearings are held and who is allowed to speak, with the same message:  

(202) 225-4965

 Please click on the link below to send messages to your member of the House and the two US Senators from your state letting them know that you support vaccine choice.


 The hearings appear to be the next phase in a script the vaccine industry has been following around the world to eliminate vaccine choice. First, predictable outbreaks of measles, which was considered little more than a childhood inconvenience a generation ago, has been rebranded as a killer disease. Outbreaks that until recently were considered insignificant are used to whip up hysteria by corporate media outlets that rely on advertising dollars from the big four drug companies, Merck, Pfizer, Sanofi and Glaxo (who also control more than 80% of the global vaccine market). Governments are frightened and bribed into eliminating vaccine choice for their populations delivering unimpeded access to captive markets. This scenario has played out in Italy, France, Croatia, Romania and California, and now appears to be slated for all of the United States.

 Please share this message with friends and family, and please post to social networks. And if you support the work of the Autism Action Network please make a donation at www.autismactionnetwork.org



Thankful for the woman who raised jb handleys book during the sleight of hand on autism/encephalopathy, (Fauci lied under oath about MMR causing encepalopathy-raising a reaction from observers, and had to be corrected by Messonier) and to the elderly lady shaking her head in amazement at blanket attempts to raise the fear profile for measles, and prevaricate about the safety of the MMR.


While I would agree that calling and emailing are paramount it should be noted that all representatives are also on Twitter if anyone wants to sound off. Ironically enough Speaker Pelosi is touting the hashtag #FakeEmergency


Our country needs to eliminate mandates, recommendations only.
Mandates require, that if you are vaccine injured, you have given up your right when you vaccinate, to a trial by jury and normal rules of law, such as discovery. It violates constitutional and ethical principles.

Shelley Tzorfas

Do people realize that there has been a pending lawsuit against the MMR vaccine maker because Rabbits Blood was added to the test to make it appear as if it worked properly. Some people have watched this since 2010-2011. Is this then, a race to force Human Fetal Cell DNA and other toxins into more people before the public finds out that it is not efficacious?

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Maybe the experts will be discussing how measles caused the autism epidemic. Because it is a "wily virus." I'm supposed to believe my son caught autism before he was vaccinated? There were no signs or symptoms of a measles infection before vaccination, so that must be what makes measles "wily".

cia parker

Nancy Pelosi? No way is she going to do anything helpful. I don't think any of them will. I'm sure they all have their personal pharma trolls working on them.

I think there's going to have to be massive public protest and resistance, the way there was in Italy last year. And there will have to be a large number of resistors who all willing to take their children out of public school and homeschool them, or form co-ops with similarly-minded families. How is that working out in California?


Kim – I have emailed and faxed many letters over the years to various members of Congress. I have never directly called anybody at their office before, but today is a new day. I just called the number for Nancy Pelosi and the only thing I could do was to leave a message. I then called Frank Pallone’s office and got a recording where I could leave a message with seven different people. How do I leave a message directly with Frank Pallone or who should I leave a message with when I call that number that was listed above? I’m trying to keep it short and sweet and really just drive home that the hearings need to be fair, balanced and include opposing viewpoints. I am directly advocating that RFK, Jr. be allowed equal time to speak at this hearing. Any other suggestions? Thank you.

Jonathan Rose

Do we know who will be testifying at the House and Senate hearings? (Evidently not RFK Jr.)


Rep Pallone accepts a great deal of pharma money, his conflict of interest in this hearing is extreme.

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