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VAXXED II: The People’s Truth

Vaxxed bus sideBy Cathy Jameson

After scrolling through some posts and photos on a social media webpage, I went back to read a few of the comments I’d skipped over.  I thought that one post, which was about vaccine choice and why it’s important, would surely spark a conversation.  The person who’d shared the post offered some personal information with the photo and why they advocate for it now—years ago, their child was negatively affected by a liability-free vaccine.  Most of the comments that had been left were sympathetic.  Some were in support of vaccine choice, but one person’s remarks made me pause:    

“I don’t think you really mean that the shot caused your child’s problems, do you?  Because that doesn’t happen…does it?” 

I believe the commenter was not a troll and was genuinely asking for clarification.  Maybe they had never experienced a reaction post-vaccination before.  Maybe they hadn’t taken time to look beyond what many doctors and what our government says about vaccines (that they are “always and only safe and effective”).  Maybe they didn’t have children yet and didn’t know that the US vaccine program recommends more liability-free vaccines now than ever in the history of the vaccine program.  No matter what their vaccine status or stance was, the response they left needed an answer. 

“…that doesn’t happen…does it?”

Yes.  It really does. 

Need some proof?     

Look no further.

After the first Vaxxed movie was released, families offered to go on camera and share their stories.  Polly Tommey and the Vaxxed crew offered to record those stories.  Thousands of stories told by thousands of families from all across the United States and abroad shared eerily similar reports.  The running theme?  Their child was developing.  Then they received liability-free vaccines.  Then they got sick.  Vaxxed II endeavors to share those stories.

From the Indiegogo website: 

'Vaxxed II: The People's Truth' is the follow-up to the award-winning documentary, 'Vaxxed: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe.' When we set out across America promoting Vaxxed, thousands of empowered parents traveled miles to share the stories of what happened to their children. These stories created a movement. A revolution that will change history forever. The parents have been lied to and will be silenced no longer. This is your story, your truth, and now we need your help to tell it.

So, to that person in the thread on that social media page who asked if a vaccine really could have hurt a child?  Yes.  It can.  The flu shot can.  The MMR vaccine cab, the HPV vaccine can, and a host of others can.  And it isn’t just children being harmed; adults can also be injured.  Besides parents and adult vaccine consumers reporting that, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that also. 

CDC side effect

When I still subscribed to all that the vaccine program offered, it was hard for me to believe that something my doctor told me would be good for my son could actually harm him.  But then, my son was harmed.  Adverse events changed his health and not for the better.  Thinking back to what I may have missed, I thought I’d weighed all the options.  Sadly, I was only weighing the ones that my son’s doctor told me, ones deemed as positive.  The ones she didn’t tell me about and the ones I could have looked up but didn’t, took a toll on his health and also his development. 

For those who are currently weighing the pros and cons of vaccines and who want a consumer’s review of vaccines, watch that trailer again.  Listen to the parents and to the anguish in their voices.  Listen to the warning the medical doctors are sharing, too.  Know that many more stories were collected.  Know that stories are still being told of problems stemming from all liability-free vaccines given today.  Mainstream media and medical professionals may not want to share those stories, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t happen.  They benefit from the products they can postively promote and sell.  The benefit of listening to a parent of a vaccine-injured child is that you get the truth.  It might be a painful truth filled with emotion, but it’s a truth nonetheless.

Vaxxed bus ronan

Thousands of names were written on the

Vaxxed bus, including Cathy’s son’s name.


Care to help get the truth out there to the public?  Check out the Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth website, or visit the Indiegogo campaign page here. Until more people know all there is to know about vaccines, we must keep telling the truth.   

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.



Thomas Mauel

There is total suppression of anyone warning about the dangers of vaccines on the Google search engine. Use Duck Duck go to get a balanced list of articles concerning vaccine safety.

twinkle hahn

Forced "medicine" for profit with zero liability to it's product makers who's profits are in the billions of dollars. Sad time in American Fascism.

kathy Young

Vaccines are not safe or effective. I have M.D. diagnosed Vaccine Induced Autoimmune diseases. They have ruined my life. Research vaccines and TH1 and TH2.


I'm sure many parents are already aware of this, but Medical Cannabis can really help kids with autism. My doctor says it was amazing for his 3 yr old son with autism. He now prescribes Medical Cannabis in Australia for this reason. Thank you for all your great work. Looking forward to Vaxxed II.

susan welch

Frederick Brown

As far as smallpox is concerned, I suggest you look up the protest in Leicester, UK in 1885 and all that entailed.

Your remarks re 'anecdotes do not have scientific evidence' You are correct, they are not research, they are real, young people. Many of them with lifelong disabilities.

So you keep your dodgy research. However, if you are so sure of it, do please show us the research that multiple vaccines are safe. Or vaccine safety trials with placebos. Or the one that shows aluminium injected into babies is safe.

Please do comment again with your convincing evidence!

Frederick Brown

Anecdotes do not equal scientific evidence. 5.5 BILLION people have been vaccinated since 2000. That’s an awfully large group of “study participants”. If what is being proposed by this post were true, one would expect to see a much more compelling pattern across such a large sampling of people from around the world. Sadly, this is just more disinformation. Where is your evidence? No science behind this at all.
Smallpox was eradicated by vaccination with the last case being found in 1977. That’s what vaccines have the capacity to do. If you wish to return to the dark ages that’s your prerogative. Just be sure to quarantine yourselves so the rest of us can push on into modernity.

for Gabriel

Genetic diseases increase at geometric rate.
Autism has increased at an exponential rate.
Therefore, autism is not a genetic disease.

It's a man-made disease triggered by Merck's vaccines.
The increased rate of autism follows the increased number of vaccines.

And the tears continue to flow in California.

susan welch

Cal Lawson. I'm not sure why you would make such an unscientific statement on this site. Many readers here have seen family members regress after vaccination and read AoA posts because of the, often, scientific information supplied.

Supporters are always kind and considerate and do not engage in unpleasant exchanges, whatever their diverse views. Perhaps you truly believe what you say, but whatever your motives, I think you are on the wrong website.

Angus Files

Sure Cal start your day with a vaccine everyday...where it says "further information "you can get the manufactures list of adverse reactions from there-dont believe us why should you just trust your MD.

Vaccine ingredients
Active ingredients
Added ingredients:
Thiomersal, also called Thimerosal
Human serum albumin and recombinant albumin
Sorbitol and other stabilisers
Taste improvers
Products used in vaccine manufacture:
Egg proteins (ovalbumin)
Yeast proteins
Latex (in packaging)
Acidity regulators
Growing the active ingredients:
Human cell strains, animal cell strains and GMOs
Recombinant DNA technology
Bovine products
Other growing media
Further information

Pharma For Prison



Hi Cal,
About 6% of autism is genetic, ( Fragile X syndrome.) However, most autism has no known genetic cause. It is agreed by almost all mainstream scientists that autism is a combination of some kind of genetic susceptibility coupled with environmental factors.
Hannah Poling had genetic susceptibility to mitochondrial disorders.This disorder, coupled with vaccination, resulted in her developing symptoms of autism following her vaccination, , and being compensated by the federal government for her vaccine injury.
Basically, autism is diagnosed based on a list of symptoms. There is no "genetic autism test" with the exception of the small percentage of people with autism who have fragile X. Missing part of the brain ( corpus callosum) in some people can also produce a diagnosis of autism. Regressive autism ( where a child is normal until they react badly to vaccines) has resulted in many children being diagnosed with autism. ( Basically, the vaccine injury caused damage to the parts of the brain, resulting in things like impaired speech ( or in some cases no speech) or damage to the social centers of the brain.
Here is the actual definition used to identify people with autism

it is a list of behavioral symptoms. Anyone with these symptoms, regardless of what caused the challenges , has autism.
There is no genetic test involvedin the diagnosis.

It is like the symptom of a headache, in that these symptoms can have multiple causes.

Did you know that trauma to the brain in childhood can also cause symptoms of autism?

( TBI means "traumatic brain injury", or in laymans terms, being "hit on the head". ASD is "autism spectrum disorder".)
From the article
"However, environmental insults including TBI may also contribute to risk of developing ASD [8]. Changes to areas in the brain associated with communication that are observed in TBI patients have also been noted in children diagnosed with ASD "
However, environmental insults including TBI may also contribute to risk of developing ASD [8]. Changes to areas in the brain associated with communication that are observed in TBI patients have also been noted in children diagnosed with ASD

There are many other peer reviewed journal articles that you can use google scholar to search for, , about the overlap between brain injury and developing an autism disorder. Whoever told you autism was purely genetic and only happens in the womb gave you misinformation.

For Cal

Hi Cal

It cannot be a genetic disorder and occur in the womb. Who told you these fairy stories? If you watched the trailer you would also have seen footage of deeply distressed people telling you what they saw after the vaccines. Too much for you?

Cal Lawson

It is biologically impossible for vaccines to cause autism. Autism is a genetic disorder that occurs in the womb, not something that be contracted after birth. Whatever other side effects might happen from vaccines, autism is not one of them.


I was a nurse who promoted vaccines because I really believed they kept our kids healthy. I gave my kids every thing they promoted in the 80's and 90's. And I held my precious grand babies down while the doctors ordered and nurses shot them full of poison. My son had ear tubes 3 times and was hospitalized after his 4 month shots. All of my kids and grandkids have allergies and eczema, anxiety/sleeplessness, my granddaughter has had ear tubes and frequent ear infections, asthma, are unable to look at people and one who's been sick since he was born 18 months ago. My newest grand daughter is 4 months old was 5 weeks premature but was bullied by her pediatrician to get vitamin k and hepp b at birth and full 2 month shots at 2 months. She has screaming fits followed by quiet staring which she did in Drs office, and after the shots didn't poop for 4 days. All "normal ". She is on her 2nd course of antibiotics. How can we find doctors who don't force vaccines on our kids?

R Prasad

Quick video review of Vaxxed II by Mike Adams of Natural News:

R Prasad

Don't know if you have seen this review by John Moody (of Weston A. Price Foundation) on JB Handley's "How To End Autism Epidemic". If not, it is a Must Read and brilliant.

Rosemary Boyle

Thank you so much for being a voice, we here in Australia are so thankful for all the work you all have done. Looking forward to vaxxed 2.

Angela Markun

Thanks for sharing


Thanks Cathy. I also love the liability-free vaccine references. Way to go!

Cathy Jameson

Thanks, Susan. I'm following Ginger Taylor's lead in referring to them as liability free. Her recent post about that was spot on.

susan welch

Thank you, Cathy. Excellent post - as always. I love that you refer to 'liability free vaccines'

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