5th Grader with Autism Locked out of School and Shunned by Staff
Media Sanctioned Prejudice on Minnesota Autism Board

Vaccine Mandates Violate Women's Choice! Male Protester Tossed from Sacramento March.

Womens March 2a_DxOFP
Joshua Coleman walked at the Sacramento Women's March last week holding a sign that read, "Vaccine Mandates Violate Women's Choice!"  He was thrown out of the march.  We can name all of our ladybits on posters. We can wear knitted hats in 50 shades of pink.  We can laugh and act tough and blame men for all the ills of the world as we march. (Frankly, most of world's ills HAVE been at the hands of men, but that's another topic and blog.)  We can open our arms to anyone and Womens Marcheveryone who wants freedom, equality, a fair shake. And well we should. I abhor the MeToo world where men use power for sex.  I teach self-defense to women.  I myself am a happily divorced woman, raising and caring for 3 adult women with autism on my own. I tell the girls in my Karate classes they can stand toe to toe with the boys on the mats, and they do! I want choice for my daughters.

Just don't bring vaccines into the conversation. Vaccines, especially in California, are like ethereal unicorns, with cotton candy manes and peppermint stick horns. Special. In a world of their own. Exempt from scrutiny to the point where WE are not exempt from taking them into our bodies or our daughters' bodies.



cia parker

David Weiner,

I agree. I think most men in developed countries are responsible and kind, and if it weren't for those qualities, women and minority groups would never have gotten the rights we now have, again, in developed countries, and to some extent in many developing ones. Naked self-interest would have continued the repression. And there are millions of women who have abused and continue to abuse what power they may have. Read Hitler's Furies for examples.

Gary Ogden

Julie: Thank you for the link. Jordan Peterson is good, very, very good, and he well understands the great danger of the identity politics-what I would call tribalism-which animates Left activism and politics today. And he has helped many people get their lives together. Impressive man. I long had a political home on the Left, but three things opened my eyes: David Talbot’s “The Devil’s Chessboard,” Carl Bernstein’s 1978 “Rolling Stone” article, and Richard Pan. I’m no longer a political partisan at all. Age of Autism is my political home, because it stands for Science and love, the only two things I trust any more. The interviewer holds her own quite well, although, like most journalists, does not know enough or thought deeply enough about the issues she is asking questions about to learn something from the interview.

David Weiner

I recall talking to a relative who held out great hope for the U.S. electing a woman president.

But if you look around, you see that the women who have achieved power in politics are no more humane, no more responsible, no less warlike, than their male counterparts.

As a rule, in government, the worst rise to the top, irrespective of gender, race, etc.

Our only real hope is to reduce the impact that the state has on how we lead our lives and organize society.


Individual rights are what matter.

Anyone who believes in, and tries to divide this issue along gender lines, is being played for a fool.


Thank you, Gary. You may be interested in one of Jordan Peterson's earlier interviews with none other than Cathy Newman (Channel 4 BBC News). It has had 14 million views. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMcjxSThD54

She is the 'journalist' who, in the past has acted like an attack dog towards Andrew Wakefield. E.g.


Angus Files

A good example of brainwashing and how to manipulate memory of vaccine and civil rights issues.But the sad shameful apathetic History of vaccine injury still stands thanks to AOA.

Pharma For Prison



I can’t stop wondering if these women (protestors) would have had any problems if a woman was holding the sign instead of a man (Josh Coleman)... Vaccines are mandated on women working in healthcare. Vaccines are mandated on girls in California to attend public school and if they are lucky they will grow up to be women = Mandated Vaccines Violates Women’s Rights. Hopefully Josh’s sign opened minds & hearts regarding medical freedom. Thanks Josh for your work as it is for humanity. Research vaccines everyone and be well.

Hans Litten

Julie Gerberding - female
Colleen Boyle - female
McCormick and so on & on

Thompson Male
Coleman Male and so on & on

Your nonsense gender politics are properly mixed up Kim (Ginger too)

Vaccines are gender non specific , they harm all


The level of sexism deployed to silence the pandemic of vaccine injury should rock any true feminist to her core.

Shelley Tzorfas

Women are not yet allowed to march against their children getting poisonous amounts of Aluminum, Thimerosal/Mercury, Cancer causing Formaldehyde, Human Fetal Cell DNA, Peanut oils leading to anaphylactic shock and other toxins. They are not allowed to march against this for themselves, elders, or any other people. They are not allowed to march and say that the US paid 4 Billion Dollars to those who were injured or died from these poisons as there seems to be a media blackout on these truths.

Gary Ogden

Julie: Exceptionally good insights into how the man behind the curtain is playing so many. Too many Americans behave like sheep. I suspect most of these women at these marches really do mean well, and think these organizers are addressing what ails us. Alas, it is just another meaningless distraction, orchestrated from above. Josh Coleman never fails to shine a light on stupidity. Thanks, Josh.


'I abhor the MeToo world where men use power for sex.' I agree, but equally, I abhor a world where women use sex for power. 'Most of the world's ills have been at the hands of me....' One could also say that what we should be most grateful about in the world today is at the hands of men.
Men have the highest suicide rates, work in the most dangerous jobs (the most workplace injuries/deaths), are on the frontline in war, make up the majority of the homeless, the drug addicted and depressed, make up the mojority of homicide victims, and make up the minority of university student numbers, are victims of various forms of affirmative action in employment.
We are trying to show the folly of conventional thinking regarding vaccines but we should also be wary of buying into media bias in other aspects of life. People like Jordan Peterson, Heather MacDonald, Christina Hoff Sommers, and Australian Bettena Arndt are fighting another war for rights to freedom of expression. Theirs is directed against identity politics, controlled speech and an anti-men rhetoric, all of which are being sold to us using a very similar strategy of that used to demonise 'anti-vaxxers'. Their (especially Jordan Peterson's) regard for the importance of the individual and the rights of the individual, as opposed to group identity with one group pitched against the other, could easily be transferred to the paramount importance of the right to say no to any medical procedure.
I see the whole intersectional race to victimhood ideology that has taken over the west, pitting one group against another group as a very convenient distraction from important issues such as the validation of vaccine injury and death as well as human rights issues such as the right to live in a society free of any medical mandates whatsoever. The rights of the individual to this freedom should be sacrosanct.


PS Way to go, Josh!

Donna L.

The irony is astonishing, isn't it? How on earth can so many women out there not grasp the fact that once you give up the right to choose what is injected into your body and your child's body, you run the very real risk of also giving up your ability to enjoy a career (like, for example, that of the Permit Officer above) as well as the ability to even attend a Women's March, simply because you'll be stuck at home 24/7 caring for a victim of vaccine injury.
The lack of comprehension on this issue is just mind-boggling!

Jeannette Bishop

Joshua Coleman is standing up for something at the crux of human liberty IMO. I wish more understood what's at stake when they shut of critical thinking and demand vaccine slavery whenever the media chants MEASLES, MEASLES, MEASLES.


thank you for your sign, Mr Coleman.
vaccine mandates are especially a women's issue, as women are targeted in employment, as nurses and childcare workers, and as single parents who are more economically vulnerable to legal threats and coercion.

“Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights Article 6—Consent 1. Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information. The consent should, where appropriate, be express and may be with drawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without disadvantage or prejudice.”
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), October 2005


No safety studies were done. This is the biggest scam ever.

Grace Green

Huge admiration for Joshua - determined yet reasonable with everyone who accosted you. This extraordinary event confirms for me that vaccination is about career women, and Elites who want to maximize the size of their Empires. It's not about the kids. Shame on those "feminists" - one day you'll understand that there are other kinds of feminism! A wee hint to AoA readers - let's not perpetuate the myth that more boys are damaged by vaccines than girls, it just takes different forms.

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