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The New Pain Free American Childhood Comfort Promise If You Ignore that Chronic Illness Epidemic

Board of Education
Paddle at Kim's Pediatrician Office in the 60s - 80s.

Thanks to JR for sending me this article below from the New York Times. 

American parents now clamor for pain free childhood for their kids. I see it on our town Mom lists on Facebook. "Seeking a ballet class for my 4 year old. Not competitive. Not too hard. I just want her to have fun." Or this one: "My son needs a blood draw and I'm terrified to take him. Which QUEST lab has the BEST blood draw that won't hurt?" Another constant in my Karate classes: "This hurts! I can't do it!" from children as young as 4 when we are doing the most basic stretches, like sitting and reaching for your toes. We  gently tell them, "Stretching pulls on your muscles to you can kick and punch better and it's supposed to feel a little bit like a hurt. But it's stretching hurt, not boo boo hurt. There's a difference."

Is there a difference?  Welcome to the world of "The Comfort Promise."  Stop laughing.  Welcome to the world of "Lawnmower parenting." What's that? Lawnmower parents go to whatever lengths necessary to prevent their child from having to face adversity, struggle, or failure. Instead of preparing children for challenges, they mow obstacles down so kids won’t experience them in the first place.

We're training children to expect no discomfort at all in life. And then we wonder why so many teens are on anti-anxiety drugs to cope with life. 

The revolting irony is that American children are sicker and worse off than previous generations, ravaged by chronic disease. 
How is it a leap in medicine to ask a doctor to be kind and gentle with a "Comfort Promise?  I remember my shots at Dr. G's office in Attleboro, Massachusetts. There weren't many back in my day. He said hello. Wrapped his arm around me with a mock hug and jabbed my arm. Then I got a lollipop.  He wasn't cruel. He wasn't mushy. See the photo at the top of this post? He had almost the same paddle hanging right above the door that went into the patient rooms from the waiting room. THAT's what we looked at when not reading Highlights magazine.  Imagine that subtle message in any office today. Yet I left the visits healthy and well. And today, kids leave the pediatrician changed forever.  But we can take "comfort" that they may never have chicken pox.

Taking the Pain Out of Children's Shots: If you ask every single child in the United States, what are you most afraid of going to the pediatrician, the answer is needle pokes,” said Dr. Stefan Friedrichsdorf, the medical director of pain medicine and palliative care at Children’s Minnesota.

The pain and fear around childhood vaccinations, he said, contributes to the development of needle phobias, which can make people reluctant to get flu shots and other potentially lifesaving vaccines. Thus, pediatric pain specialists hope that reducing or eliminating the pain associated with needles can potentially reduce what we now call vaccine hesitancy, encouraging parents to get those annual flu shots for themselves and their children, and generally taking away some of the fear that can get in the way of ideal health care.

“We now have noticed that since we started doing this, it’s a life changing event, kids are less and less likely to be needle phobic,” Dr. Friedrichsdorf said. “We are trying to prove it’s lifesaving.” Through an initiative called the Comfort Promise at Children’s Minnesota, the entire hospital has committed to reducing or eliminating needle pain, along with other types of pain.

So how do you eliminate, or at least substantially reduce, the pain of vaccination or blood draws? Parents should make sure that their children’s pediatrician or hospital always offers the four elements of the Comfort Promise, Dr. Friedrichsdorf said.  Read more here.


R Prasad

@Bob Moffit

Agree 100%.

R Prasad

@susan welch

You are very right about most intelligent of people blindly believing in the Vaccine industry’s Goebbels propaganda that Vaccines save lives and Vaccine injuries and deaths are justified. Years ago, one such intelligent friend of mine met me after a long time and asked me about Autism diagnosis of my child. When I told him that it happened after MMR vaacine, he was outrightly dismissing that the Vaccines triggered my child’s Autism. They are all brain washed in such a way that their minds are closed. Open mind is a rarity today.

Bob Moffit

It is no accident the vaccine industry promotes the "pain" each child fears .. this is the precise reason the vaccine industry has used to justify manufacturing vaccines for 6-7-8-9 diseases in ONE VACCINE. Just another PLOY used by the industry to pretend they are so concerned about the CHILDREN .. when in my opinion … the COMINATION OF VACCINES IS PURELY A "COST EFFECTIVE" DECISION .. it is much CHEAPER to manufacture, store, deliver .. and .. administer .. FOR EVERYONE .. THE INDUSTRY AND PEDIATRICIANS .. but .. the CHILDREN.

susan welch

R Prasad

The longer anyone is in this fight for truth about vaccine dangers, the more they realise what a toxic subject it is. It appears to be a politically correct religion that no-one, without exception, is allowed to question - let alone criticise.

The longer I am in this fight, the more surreal I find it that children (and adults) become seriously injured/acquire lifelong disability/die and yet 'Powers that Be' the world over say 'nothing to see here, move on' and 'it's a coincidence' and 'we don't know what caused it, but it was definitely not the vaccines'

The weirdest part of all of this is that the majority of people believe them despite, often, the evidence of their own eyes. The mantra that vaccines have saved the world and, therefore, the odd injury/death is a price worth paying, seems to be ingrained in even the most intelligent of people.

What an incredible job the PR agencies have done for governments/health authorities.

We truly are living in Orwell's 1984.

Katie Gillet

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R Prasad

NBC News is running this “One Nation: Overdosed” series on the Opioid crisis. In today’s episode, they were worried about the children whose families were affected by Opioids or children who were born to addicted moms. They were also worried about the “lost generation of children” due to Opioid crisis.

But I wonder why no network ran any series about “One Nation: Overvaxxed”? Why no network bothered about disastrous financial and mental situations of Autism families? Why media simply doesn’t care about poisoned and lost generation due to excessive and obsessive vaccination?


Science is pure- you got it right. I truly believe that parents today “heliocopter” or “lawn mower” because they know, at some level, their kids are neurologically compromised. I believe that a large portion of Millennials and Gen Zare sub clinically vaccine injured.

We are sacrificial victims.

Jeannette Bishop

But pHARMa has hundreds of new injections for us! How's that ever going to work if the delivery minions don't reduce the trauma, somehow, of what they already do with a dozen or two vaccines?!?

And more chronic illness and mysterious sudden deaths? It's like they count on us to be too neurotoxic (and probably too wi-fried) to make the connection or, perhaps, manipulable enough to accept all of it as for the best.

Grace Green

A word of warning. I noticed in their comments section someone said Lidocaine (Lignocaine in the UK) can give some people nasty reactions, and another comment refuted that, saying it is known to be 100% safe! Not true. I've seen it at the top of some lists of common allergens, and I myself am allergic to it. I believe this was caused by having it injected into me many times at the dentist. Applying it to the skin is not recommended if people are allergic to it.

Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

Along with the 16% - 20% of children who have been diagnosed with a neurological illness there are no doubt many more with subclinical difficulties who struggle to deal with the world's lesser hardships. The reason for 'helicopter' and 'lawnmower' parents has to be that they are aware of the limits of their children can cope with.

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