No US Childhood Vaccines Were Placebo Tested: Why the Pharma/Government Complex Is Getting Desperate To Shut Down The Web
Oregon Senator Sara Gelser Bullies Vaccine Injured Constituents



Hi Laur, anyone born before 1957 is considered to already have had the measles, and to already have lifelong immunity.
I doubt the elderly are trembling in fear of a disease they already have natural immunity to. Maybe they are trembling in fear of the flu that they have already been vaccinated against, but is still killing people anyway, since the vaccine is basically useless?
The MMR is a live virus vaccine. That means that it contains weakened virus that the newly vaccinated can shed to immunocompromised people. So maybe these people should be scared of the recently vaccinated.
Of course some people, like my family have IGA deficiency. People with IGA deficiency have a tendency to shed from live virus vaccines for a very long time; months, even years. Just wondering ; would you have my family get vaccinated and shed viruses for ages, or would you rather we did not get vaccinated? And of course, no one tests for IGA deficiency before vaccinating; you or your family could be long term shedders too.

For Laur

Many of our children are immuno-compromised, but they are still supposed to get the vaccines to protect the immuno-compromised. In fact, the immuno-compromised are told they need the vaccines even more be cause they are immuno-compromised. Many recently vaccinated will be shedders, endangering the immuno-compromised. In fact, it is all drivel.


The misinformation you are spreading is causing a public health crisis. It is morally reprehensible. Elderly, immunocompromised, and parents with children too young to get vaccinated are terrified of leaving their houses in WA. Become more educated on how vaccines work and the nonexistent relationship they have won autism before your falsities and fearmongering cause any more damage. Here’s something to get you started:

R Prasad

We should send and give print outs of this article to anyone who bullies us, the vaccine injured families.

autism=vaccine injury

I think the constant, subtle bullying of parents by making fun of their beliefs is what gets me the most. I see it all of time on social media mostly by the same jerks who will do anything for attention.

This guy, Matt Wilson, is a teacher in the Newton, Ma. public school district plus has a high functioning daughter with autism. He makes it very clear that he is pro vaccine and now and again takes the opportunity to make fun of vaccine cautious parents. THIS is what is educating our kids sadly. Parents making fun of other parents. This isn't the first time he has used social media to take subtle jabs at those who truly believe their kids were injured by vaccines. This hypocrite constantly preaches tolerance and acceptance of all people. I guess parents of vaccine injured kids don't deserve the same tolerance in his mind.

The judgement makes my head spin!

From his public Facebook page:

Run Luau Run
November 23, 2018 ·
I’m assuming that anti-vaxxers are ignoring the CDC’s warning regarding romaine lettuce, right?

***apparently I have to add a snark alert. If you’re not going to have a sense of humor about this and understand there’s an ounce of truth to it, then keep scrolling. 😉

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