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No US Childhood Vaccines Were Placebo Tested: Why the Pharma/Government Complex Is Getting Desperate To Shut Down The Web

  1. image from i.ytimg.comBy John Stone

A special tribute to Del Bigtree (pictured) and his team at ICAN for his stunning 88 page letter to the HHS regarding vaccine safety. As Del reported - in the latest edition of Highwire - the letter, in response to an earlier reply from the then acting Director National Vaccine Program Office, Melinda Wharton, took virtually a year to compile, and is a meticulous piece of research. Most sensationally they researched the HHS claim through US government archives that at least some pediatric vaccines had been trialed against genuine placebo, and came to a negative conclusion. Not only that, they established that none of the vaccines those vaccines had been trialed against had ever been trialed against genuine placebo either. At the end of the line the toxic products were only being compared with other toxic products, rather than against saline.

Leave aside the sceptics, for any believer in the vaccine program as a necessary intervention in public health, this should be a devastating finding. Fundamentally, the research into the safety of any of the products before marketing was simply not there. The manufacturers apparently had no faith that their proto-products could withstand this scrutiny, and for the rest they just did not care: under the alleged imperative of protecting the population it seems anything went. So even before all the sham monitoring procedures and reviews which Del and his team dismantle in forensic detail we are left with the proposition that none of the present products being given to US children – and frequently  other children across most of the developed world – have any meaningful pre-marketing safety data all. If you are believer in the program you have been let down: if you wanted a program with any pretensions to safety - supposing such a thing to be possible - it looks like you would have to start from scratch. The manufacturers did this: the governments, the politicians and the regulators (internationally) let it happen.

This damning document is published simultaneously with a demand in the UK  from the Royal Society for Public Health (which I had never heard of) to shut down comment about vaccines on the web. It echoes calls from Seth Berkley of GAVI, Heidi Larson of the Vaccine Confidence Project and the European Parliament. The pamphlet airily dismisses concerns that vaccines have side effects or that you could possibly have too many. It is pure public relations, and if the RSPH claims to be "independent" it also admits that the publication was paid for by Merck, a detail which was reported by British Medical Journal and the Guardian, but not true to form by the BBC. We have, in truth, been building to this moment for two decades: as the evidence piles up that every single aspect of the program lacks integrity or is simply rotten to the core all the perpetrators can do is call for the silencing of their critics, and maintain the products are safe because they say so. 

Watch Del introduce the letter on Highwire January 24, 2019:


Please help give the ICAN letter the widest possible distribution, particularly to politicians.

The full correspondence can be found here.

John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.



"The outcome of disease always depends both on the virulence of the pathogen and the health of the individual immune system."

Nope. This makes no sense. Lots of people who seemed vibrant will get a very severe case of the same illness that a vulnerable baby overcomes in a day.

And under the germ theory it doesn't matter how strong your immune system *was*. Once it's been overcome by the pathogen it is every bit as weak as anybody else's with that pathogen.

cia parker


What you say makes no sense. There's no reason for me to reply to you again.


"Why do you think that within a few years (not many) of the introduction of the vaccines for them, pertussis, measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, diphtheria, Hib disease, and chickenpox (and others) almost entirely disappeared?"

Why do you keep asking this question when I've already provided the answer hundreds of times? Why are you so desperate to believe the people who you already recognize are harming our children?

It makes no sense.

Why would Walter Reed be any more trustworthy than Paul Offit or Senator Pan? Why would Jenner or Pasteur?

And you went no way to explaining my arguments against germ theory. If we are attacked by billions of viruses every day then if even a tiny fraction of them are pathogenic then we couldn't possibly survive. And even if we could, we would already be immune rendering every vaccine pointless. Once we had survived our first few days on earth, then we could never get sick again.

If that's wrong then we must conclude that precisely 0% of germs are pathogenic.

Plus your comment about the immune system completely misunderstood my point. The immune system does not allow us to overcome our math problem. In fact, it makes it worse.

You did provide one solitary example of a patient with what are presumably yellow fever symptoms but you didn't say whether they had been given any toxic medical treatments.

And like I said before, the whole "incubation period" is more than a little suspicious. Clearly they never found what they thought they would and just rigged the results to tell them what they want to hear.

Like every other germ theorist/vaccine promoter in history.

cia parker


Many kinds of bacteria are constantly evolving and changing, like flu viruses. Others are more stable over time, like the yellow fever virus. Those that change develop new ways of infiltrating the cells of the organism being attacked (from our point of view, from its unconscious point of view, it's just carrying out its need to replicate, which it can only do inside the cells of its host). The changes which allow it to better infiltrate are more successful and result in more viruses with those traits.

Our immune system is designed to detect and destroy potentially dangerous invading pathogens. Many bacteria are usually harmless and absolutely necessary. The minority are dangerous, and most people's immune systems do a good job of analyzing them and killing them, often with no signs of disease. Others experience a clinical infection, and the immune system usually mounts a successful attack on them.

The outcome of disease always depends both on the virulence of the pathogen and the health of the individual immune system. Vaccines are usually effective in giving immunity to the targeted diseases. They also have many dangers which everyone should be aware of, and vaccines should be avoided whenever possible. But in the case of the most dangerous diseases, everyone should learn about them and think about what he wants to do to protect himself and his children from them, considering all the factors involved. And no one can have 100% certainty that he has made the right decision, but that's life. But if you live in the Congo and many people around you are currently dying of yellow fever, then that means that you yourself are at risk of being bitten by a loaded mosquito and getting, often dying, of yellow fever. The yellow fever vaccine is very effective at preventing yellow fever. From there, each person must make a choice.

You asked what symptoms Dr. Reed's yellow fever patients had. Yellow fever starts about three to six days after being bitten by a carrier mosquito. It starts with fever, headache, and rapid pulse. The rapid pulse is to make the blood transport leukocytes and many other immune factors faster to the sites where they are needed. It is only in the first three days of the symptomatic illness that the disease can be transmitted to other if the right kind of mosquito bites them and then someone else. The symptoms are not specific to yellow fever in this stage, but could be caused by many illnesses. This article has information on how to do a differential diagnosis to distinguish between yellow fever and other similar diseases. https://www.uptodate.com/contents/yellow-fever

At the end of this stage there is a remission of two or three days. About 80% of those with clinical disease recover at this point, with permanent immunity. The other 20% enter the toxic stage, with a return of the fever, black vomit (coffee-ground emesis), diarrhea, a slowing of the pulse (Faget's sign), jaundice, yellow eyes, yellow skin, and failure of the kidneys, liver, and heart. The patient gets a strange hiccup (like with Ebola, a related disease), falls into a coma, and dies. About half of those patients who enter the toxic stage dies, even now, even with the best of hospital care. The Faget's sign can also occur at the end of the first stage.

You asked specifically about the symptoms of the Americans on Dr. Reed's team who got yellow fever in Cuba in 1900. I'll give the passage from The American Plague (162-5), which describes the course of Jesse Lazear's illness. "In his logbook, Lazear wrote an unusual entry on September 13. In all cases before those, page after page of records, Lazear had used the soldier's name and simply the date he was bitten, with no other attention to the mosquito. A one-line entry with a name and a date. On that day, however, in his elegant hand, Lazear did not write the soldier's name, but instead wrote 'Guinea Pig No. 1.' He went on to write that this guinea pig had been bitten by a mosquito that developed from an egg laid by a mosquito that developed from an egg laid by a mosquito that fed on a number of yellow fever cases: Suarez, Hernández, De Long, Ferández. It was a precise, detailed history that proved beyond doubt that the mosquito was loaded with the virus when it bit a healthy soldier...(If he had entered his name, then his death would have been considered medical suicide by the insurance company, and his wife and two children would not have gotten any payment.) For the next few days, Lazear's life continued much as it had over the last few months in Cuba. He fed and cared for the mosquitoes in the lab. ..Then he began to lose his appetite. He skipped a few meals in the mess hall. He didn't mention it to anyone, nor did he ask to see one of the yellow fever doctors; instead, he worked hard in the lab trying to ignore the oncoming headache.

"On September 18, he complained of feeling 'out of sorts,' and stayed in his officer's quarters. His head pounded and L. decided to write a letter. ..(he wrote to his mother, and referred to his one-year old son Houston and the baby his wife Mabel was about to have: they were staying with his mother in the US). ..That night, L. started to feel chilled as the fever came on. He never went to sleep but worked at his desk all through the night, trying to get all the information about the mosquitoes organized. By morning, he showed all the signs of a severe attack of yellow fever. The camp doctors made the diagnosis, and L. agreed to go to the yellow fever ward. ..L. was carried by litter out of the two-room, white pine board house in which he had lived since he and Mabel first arrived in Cuba. ..(In the yellow fever ward, in a separate one-room building), Lena Warner (the immune nurse who had survived the yellow fever in 1878, when she was nine, and was found in her boarded-up house by a former slave who first thought she was dead, and carried her to safety) nursed J.L., recording his vitals. (I put up a link to his case record and vital signs last week. The surgeon general required that this record be made for every yellow fever patient.)... (On September 25,) Lena Warner braced L's arms with all of her weight, shouting for help. Still he bolted from the bed, darting around the small frame-wood room as wildly as a trapped insect beating against glass. Two soldiers ran into the ward, pinning L to his bed, tying restraints around his wrists and elbows. ..Warner sponged his body with iced whiskey and water. She recorded his temperature, which had held at 104 degrees for days, on the chart beside his bed. ..(Warner watched him sleep.) But the quiet did not last. L's body began to lurch, and black vomit rolled from his mouth; through the bar hanging above his hospital cot. He writhed in the bed, and his skin grew deep yellow. His 104 temperature slowly fell, leveling out 99 degrees, and JL died at 8:45 p.m. at the age of thirty-four."

cia parker


As is obvious, there are many problems with vaccines. But, that being said, most of them usually work for a period of time to prevent the targeted diseases. The basic science behind vaccines is correct. Why do you think that within a few years (not many) of the introduction of the vaccines for them, pertussis, measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, diphtheria, Hib disease, and chickenpox (and others) almost entirely disappeared? In the case of the routine childhood diseases, this was a bad thing, but it is a true thing.

Vaccines usually don't cause any obvious reactions. While they usually prevent the diseases, and that's why people continue to get them. With the increasing vaccination schedule, more and more are severely and permanently damaged, and it is immoral to mandate any vaccine for anyone for this reason. But it would also be immoral to prohibit vaccines for those who want them enough to take the risk.

Your article said as though it had any probative value that 90% of those who get pertussis had been vaxxed. The old DPT vaccine was MUCH more effective at preventing pertussis, but it was so dangerous (again, not to most, but to many), that developed countries replaced it with the acellular version, DTaP. From the beginning about twenty years ago, it was clear that it was not very effective and that huge numbers of vaxxed people got pertussis anyway, including my daughter who got pertussis at eight month old after having gotten three DTaPs. The pertussis vaccine continues to be very dangerous, and I do not recommend that anyone get it. It used to be a killer disease, but evolved to become much milder, to the extent that the disease is very rarely dangerous (usually only to newborns under three months old), while the vaccine is very dangerous. And they're trying to see how they can go back to the old DPT. This does not show that vaccine science has collapsed, but rather that the vaccine they developed to replace the DPT turned out to be much less effective than they first thought, while continuing to be much more dangerous than they first thought.

Your article extrapolated from that that modern medical science in general has collapsed, but that, again, is going too far. A older woman in Mexico City who is like my mother to me had a pacemaker inserted about two months ago to aid her failing heart, and it has restored her to optimism and energy, when she was despondent, weak, and close to death. I took my daughter to the dentist yesterday, who said she has three wisdom teeth coming in and that she said that the lower right one was sore. So, although I am cautious about X-rays, I made an appointment for a panoramic X-ray in a month to assess the wisdom teeth, and, if it seems appropriate, I'll take her to an oral surgeon to have one or more extracted under IV sedation, in his office, if possible (the dentist thought that it would be). And I am confident that there will be no serious problems, but this is thanks to technology and training in modern medicine that haven't been available for that long.

I think that everyone should inform himself on all medical procedures before agreeing to anything, but I also think that he should have access to any medical procedure which is reasonable (and opinions can differ as to that).

One problem is that you have not said how you think people should protect themselves against tetanus, bacterial meningitis, and yellow fever in the relevant cases, for example. These are diseases which healthy, well-nourished people used to die from very readily.

If most people stopped vaxxing and the mortality from these diseases rose to something like pre-vaccine levels, do you think they should just accept dying from them?

I put that in a separate paragraph because it is the crucial issue.


Psychology Today. Nudges- Knowing Where and When They'll Work. By Magda Osman. 7 Nov 2018

balinaheuchter Air Traffic Control You Tube - Colin Campbell example of - How to "Fudge a Nudge" -"Deal" or "No Deal" "Not in a month of Sundays" "No exceptions/no compromise?" -make a trade off -do an exception- everyone get's a good deal /good outcome!
Team work essentials for Families supporting all types of Autism ! Firefighters , Footballers and Learning Disability Practitioners


Hans, you are right that we are looking at one of the biggest crimes in all history. When I read the story of that poor girl who was so healthy and is now confined to a wheelchair after getting her third Gardasil shot I could not believe that Merck could produce such a toxic vaccine and give it out to girls like it was something they absolutely had to have only to be mislead and made into cripples. Merck should be prosecuted for the damage they have done to so many girls who got the Gardasil vaccine and were physically debilitated for life. There is a place for the people who perpetrated this crime on young girls and women and it is called hell. They have destroyed people's lives and gotten away with it. My heart goes out to those who have suffered this damage for no damn good reason except to help make huge profits for Merck!


Here is the reason that the germ theory is nonsense.

1) Everyday we are bombarded with billions of germs. Presumably at least some of them are of the kind that germ theorists believe are dangerous (otherwise we would have to conclude that none of them are dangerous). So how do we survive?

2) Let's just say that we ignore 1 and imagine that, by way of magic, none of the billions of viruses we get bombarded with are pathogenic but all those that are are tucked away somewhere. Ok. But presumably they reside in sick people right? So where are there lots of sick people? Doctor offices and hospitals! So everybody must be dying the moment they enter these places right?


3) I love this one because I have never seen anybody else ever raise it. Under the germ theory there are no negative feedbacks. This makes a stable biological system by definition impossible. The immune system is *not* a negative feedback it is the opposite. It actually reinforces our math problem because the immune system will weaken as the number of pathogens increase.

There is no way of resolving this problem without a discontinuity. A Deus ex Machina as The Almighty Pill so beautifully put it. So the germ theory is quite literally, mathematically impossible.

There is as much chance of it being true as 2+2 = 5.

There are plenty of other massive problems with germ theory such as why did things like SARS and bird flu magically disappear? Why do we have the symptoms that we do? Is our body controlling the symptoms to help fight the germs and if so, why would suppressing the symptoms with antibiotics or Tamiflu be considered a good idea? If the virus is causing the symptoms then why would it cause these kinds of things? Sneezing and coughing maybe to spread itself around, but why on earth things like paralysis and lethargy?

And let's say that despite all this you still believe in germ theory. Vaccines would still be logically impossible. Viruses don't infect us on an acute basis. But the entire paradigm of immunity/vaccination is predicated on the very notion that viral infection is acute (and that we fight it off). So what to make of the fact that viruses like HPV, measles, polio, varicella, Hep B etc reside in our bodies for years? It makes no sense. Immunity/vaccination isn't just wrong, it's a category error.

Now does anybody want me to explain why antibiotics *appear* to work? I can do this. And my explanation actually makes sense (unlike germ theory) in light of such phenomenon as supposed "antibiotic resistance" and recurring "infections" and non-specific antibiotics working just as well against "infections" as germ specific antibiotics. None of these things can be coherently explained using germ theory but under my theory it all makes perfect sense. I will just leave this here in the meantime:

https://www.mdedge.com/pediatricnews/article/38175/amoxicillin-failure-strep-throat with these two quotes:

“Penicillin failure in eradicating strep throat has been increasingly documented beginning in the 1980s, rising from just 5% in the 1950s to approximately 35% today.”

And then this: “Traditional antibiotic resistance does not appear to be the reason. In fact, there is absolutely no in vitro resistance of group A streptococci (GAS) to penicillin or amoxicillin (or cephalosporins).”

Only my explanation can make sense of the above.


The funny thing about Eindecker's claim saying lab tests prove that all of the data we are using has integrity is that the use of lab tests (even if they were accurate and unambiguous) actually proves the exact opposite.

We didn't require lab tests to prove measles cases before the vaccine. We do now - at least for sporadic cases - so the diagnostic criteria has been strengthened.

Making it harder to diagnose measles or polio etc *reinforces* my point about the "success" of these vaccines just being a self fulfilling prophecy.

That is, not only do most doctors not want to diagnose so-called VPDs but even if they do they have to jump through more hoops to do so.

But Eindecker didn't stop to think about this. How could he? This point of mine is devastating for his beliefs. He either admits he's wrong or he clutches at straws.

He chooses the latter. Perhaps this wouldn't be so bad except that I've already explained all of this to Eindecker but he continues to proffer up his "but but but lab tests!!!!" arguments anyway.

And thanks Almighty Pill you responded to the Walter Reed thing perfectly.

Hans Litten

I just love this Cia Eindecker ...... 1M views so far and only just out


The collapse of vaccine science is well underway, but people blindly cling to the status quo because they know nothing else.

#Where will we hold the trials. Not Nuremberg again please, the nitelife isn't great.

cia parker


I have said many times at this point that the yellow fever vaccine is more dangerous than most, and it often causes severe reactions, even fatal ones. But, as Eindecker said, it's a question of risks vs. benefits. He made an appropriate decision to refuse the vaccine when he went to Africa, informing himself as to the incidence of yellow fever in the countries he visited, and deciding based on that that the vaccine was not worth the risk involved. But it still remains true that VERY FEW of the millions who get the vaccine have a severe reaction to it, and that then they don't get yellow fever, and, as the nurse told Eindecker, the disease is very dangerous and often fatal. In this area there are never any guarantees either way, but the odds are unevenly weighted, but the people involved have to weigh them anyway and make a decision.

The theory of vaccines is correct. If you introduce a little of a pathogen into the body, then antibodies will be produced to it. In many cases this will mean that the person is immune to the targeted disease for an unknown length of time, sometimes for life, but usually for a lot less than that. The problems with vaccines are many: adjuvants like aluminum, preservatives like mercury and formaldehyde, the introduction of foreign proteins both in the modified pathogen, traces of the cell culture, and other ingredients, and the force and duration of the response to the vaccine by the individual immune system. And we don't know everything about the reactions: there are probably more dangers than we are aware of now.

It has always come down to a weighing of the risks and the benefits. If you live in an area with active yellow fever, then you will probably be willing to take a greater risk than if you were in little danger from the virus. I can't think of a crueler way to die than from yellow fever or other hemorrhagic diseases. Well, maybe Spanish flu, which is no longer with us. Healthy, well-nourished children whose fever is left alone (no fever reducers) are at close to zero risk from natural measles and the dangerous measles vaccine would be a bad choice. Minimal risk from the disease, should it occur, and it would be a boon for lifetime health if it did, great risk from the vaccine. I'm not even going to call it an acceptable choice, it would be the wrong choice. Those not at this minimal-risk end would have to do a more careful risk-benefit analysis, always bearing in mine the option of very safe, effective, inexpensive nosodes for all diseases.


It is nonsense to say that if it is not the case that if every case of every contagious disease is not positively lab-identified, then that proves that contagious disease does not exist. People have always recognized that disease travels from one person to another, although it was a long time before they understood germs and viruses, or the role of animals as carriers in many diseases. They used to put a cross on their door in medieval times to warn others of the existence of disease in their house. Later they put up quarantine orders, even before they knew of the existence of viruses. Yellow fever was surprising until Dr. Reed's work because it did not go from person to person the way they might have expected, and it popped up unexpectedly, striking only one person in a family, for instance, and then not spreading to others. And then they realized, and proved, that it was carried by mosquitoes, and everything became clear. Cuba made a monumental effort to eradicate mosquitoes, to the extent of examining every household in Cuba for standing water on the premises, and draining it and fining the homeowners if they had been apprised and ignored the directive.

I'll tell you how yellow fever was recognized in Reed's time and discuss malaria later, I have to take my daughter to the dentist now.


I would urge people to dig a little deeper on the topic of germ theory itself. Remember, you were once in the same blinded, conditioned place with respect vaccination that you are now with respect to germ theory itself. One good place to start is the book Virus Mania, as it will help begin to dispell the illusion of infectivity surrounding more modern "viral diseases," peeling back the blinders.

David, I second the thanks for the video link.

Cia, I have not read that book, nor am I familiar with the details of the research. But to expand on what rtp said, Reed clearly set out to find what he already believed. He "believed" it to be contagious and set out to find some appearance of that. This is eerily reminiscent of how the CDC starts with a conclusion regarding vaccine safety and works backwards to "prove" it.

Even if we take his research at face value--a large if--it does nothing to prove that a specific virus was the cause. It merely shows that blood taken from ill patients--while ill--and injected into others (via mosquitos) can cause a biological reaction. Given the axiomatic beliefs of Reed, this small reaction was invariably interpreted as early stages of deadly "yellow fever" and the patients aggressively "treated" to death, fulfilling his self-fulfilling prophecy.

No one doubts the reality of disease nor the *appearance* of contagion in certain cases. The problem arises when you begin to rationally examine the evidence to support the idea of contagion and find that it is a sand castle built on a cloud floating in a void of confirmation bias.

Hans Litten

Cia -----Page 67 Plague Kent Heckenlively

Dr G Stuart to the World Health Organisation 1953

Two main objections to this vaccine have been voiced, because of the possibility that :

1. the mouse brains employed in its preparation may be contaminated with a virus pathogenic for man although latent in mice..... or may be the cause of demyelinating encephalomyelitis

2. the use, as antigen of a virus with enhanced neurotropic properties may be followed by serious reactions involving the central nervous system

You will never guess which Vaccine he was talking about ? Cia
Only your favourite vaccine of the moment, the Yellow Fever Vax-abomination
Estimates of the number of people with the condition vary from 7 to 3,000 per 100,000 adults.[7][8] About 836,000 to 2.5 million Americans and 250,000 people in the UK have CFS.

John Stone

I take rtp's point historical point here but I still in practice believe in infection.


I note that Eindecker's entire worldview of vaccination is entirely dependent on the idea that 100.0% of the diagnoses of every single disease in all of human history have been made with a 100.0% unambiguous laboratory test.

If this is not the case then 100.0% of what Eindecker believes about germ theory and vaccine efficacy is complete nonsense.

Unfortunately for him the percentage of diagnoses in history made using reliable lab techniques would be more along the lines of 0.00001%. If that.

Which, I guess, would make every single one of his views "utter b*ll*ocks" wouldn't it?

David Weiner

You're welcome, Francis.


Cia I have some experience with yellow fever vaccine, and the advice given by the NHS over here in the UK. We were going a holiday in Zimbabwe and Botswana 2 years ago and went to get the recommended vaccinations, we discussed yellow fever vaccine and the NHS advice with the GP practice nurse. She said there were potentially serious side effects from the vaccine but yellow fever is also a potentially fatal disease so we consulted the countries listed by the NHS where yellow fever was endemic and decided that the areas where we were visiting were not the risk areas. I felt fully informed and able to make an appropriate decision, we also had all the recommended vaccinations for these areas.
Regarding the views of RTP John Stone rather generously referred to them as fanciful, I’d prefer to use the appropriate English expression as a “load of b*ll*cks”. Bacterial meningitis is a classic case where specific vaccines have dramatically reduced the incidence of the various types of bacterial meningitis, as to RTP’s nonsense that doctors just rename diseases well the causative organism of bacterial meningitis is identified by laboratory tests of blood and or CSF, so there’s no role in doctors “renaming” the disease, one little bit nonsense you peddled recently was that measles had just been renamed roseola, unfortunately for you the causative viruses are different between the two diseases: the measles virus and herpes virus strains (HHV-6 & HHV-7) for roseola. The majority of measles cases are now laboratory confirmed for the measles virus serotype.
David Weiner I suggest you read about the history of polio eradication in Europe post WW2, different European countries introduced the vaccine at different times and surprisingly enough the eradication of polio in these various countries mirrored when the vaccines where introduced. Unfortunately there was a polio outbreak in the Netherlands in the 1970’s in a community that refused vaccination, there had been an 85% reduction in polio in Europe in the decade following the introduction of polio vaccine

noel thomas

Fantastic letter !
Comments have mentioned Malaria, how or why it infects, or does not infect, people.
The industry has failed to produce a vaccine that 'works' for malaria. They dont know what is the immune mechanism, in humans, against the plasmodium/parasite.
African children growing up in malarial endemic areas have frequent infective episodes, often with complications, stunted growth, ‘failure to thrive’, etc. Many die.
Those who survive may appear healthy young adults, while a sample of their blood may show equally healthy malarial parasites - those adults are still being bitten by mossies, immune systems being kept alert.
Then those adults move, eg, to UK or US.
No infected mossie bites, no parasites in blood to restimulate immunity. ( Recurrences of malaria may occur for few years in some, then cease ). After ten years adults may go back to endemic areas, believing themselves to be immune, so take no antimalarial tabs, often develop malaria, often die. Their immunity has waned. (As immunity to varicella wanes when ‘natural varicella’ rare in Western youngsters, so adults’ immunity falls, they get shingles. )


Cia, what precise symptoms did Reed's volunteers all have? Were they merely adjudged to have yellow fever because that is what was consistent with Reed's prejudices or did they have symptoms that could only be attributed to yellow fever and nothing else?

And why is it that we don't all die from yellow fever and/or malaria given mosquitoes are, and have always been, completely ubiquitous?

Which do you think is more likely Cia? That Reed's experiments were specifically designed to tell him what he already believed or that a disease that is carried by mosquitoes just magically disappeared even though mosquitoes in Europe and the US are as common as ever?

Now I have quite an advantage on you over this you see because I happen to know that a self-replicating pathogen is not even mathematically possible. Eindecker won't help you out on this one either. I also know that the reason multiple people can come down with the same symptoms (siblings, classmates, colleagues - possibly even a country) is because of shared trauma not contagion. I know that contagion cannot possibly be true because if it were, only a madman would visit (let alone become) a doctor.

That is why I don't have much faith in 100 year old experiments. Which, by the way, many had tried before with zero success. Reed's experiments don't even make any sense. Why would an incubation period on the mosquito matter for the virus? If the mosquito gave you just one solitary viral particle then, under germ theory, you would get it because germ theory is not dose dependent. You would also die as under germ theory nobody can ever recover.

Clearly Reed was manipulating the results because he couldn't get it to work - just like everybody else - so he had to make up excuses and grasp at straws with things like "incubation period". That is one of those Deus ex Machina that the Almighty Pill pointed out.

Hans Litten

Posted by: cia parker | January 30, 2019 at 11:00 AM

I think your pro-CDC tactics are simple enough.
To distract attention away from the most massive crime story, that the entire childhood vaccine schedule is entirely untested ! There is absolutely zero science underpinning the words "routine" & "safe" & "effective".

Vaccination is a lie, a crime, genocide, mass murder on a truly global scale.
This truly is greatest crime in the history of mankind. Don't you agree ?

Francis Weibel


Thank you for the video link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9hYRuWTRzs

The pro-vaxxers truly believe that their views on vaccination are scientifically correct. I do not doubt this. They firmly trust that current and previous government officials, and all our ancestors and great-ancestors got this right: vaccinations are safe and effective. That is their tradition that has been handed down to them. And they cannot imagine that such a tradition could be wrong.

Since the pro-vaxxers (mistakenly) believe that science is the basis of their beliefs many of the anti-vaxxers make the mistake of responding to their arguments with better science and better logical arguments. But as you and this video point out, this is mistaken view. Logical arguments will not change them; only relevant stories will.

cia parker


Dr. Reed's team was able to cause yellow fever to start in a few days by having a mosquito loaded with blood from a yellow fever victim bite a volunteer under controlled conditions. Carefully controlled. In one experiment they only used young non-immune American soldiers who had stayed on the American base in a yellow fever-free area in Cuba. The soldiers bitten by loaded mosquitoes got yellow fever within two or three days, while those who weren't, did not.

So the only proof that you would accept as to the reality of viruses is that the virus must produce symptoms of disease within seconds of its entry into the body? ...........................

cia parker

The Almighty Pill,

If you were to read The American Plague, you would learn the answers to all of your questions. Early researchers had a difficult time when they first tried to deliberately cause yellow fever by letting loaded mosquitoes bite volunteers. The time frame turned out to be crucial, and when they lit on the method of letting aedes mosquitoes bit yellow fever victims in the first three days of the symptomatic disease, and then quickly bite a volunteer, they found an almost certain method of causing yellow fever.

I googled Dr. Noguchi last night, Japanese researcher on yellow fever and several other diseases. He worked with loaded yellow fever mosquitoes in Africa, and another researcher criticized him for being careless in keeping them confined. Many of them escaped and circled the lab, biting people. And that's how he himself caught yellow fever. Dr. Young, another yellow fever researcher, visited him in the hospital, where Dr. Noguchi asked Dr. Young if he were sure that he was quite well himself. Dr. Young said he was. Dr. Noguchi died the following day of yellow fever and Dr. Young died of yellow fever a week later.

All diseases have their own natural life cycles, undergoing predictable surges and lulls over time. Pertussis has worldwide peaks about every three and a half years, with vaccination not affecting that cycle at all. You could easily find information on these cycles on the Internet. One factor partially independent of this is that once the pathogen has infected most of the non-immunes in a community, it has no new victims, and dies down until there is a new group of non-immunes.

Denying the reality and dangers of contagious or infectious diseases is counter-productive. Most people know that these diseases are real and that some of them are potentially very dangerous. Each person has the right to make his own decision as to what to do about it, if anything. Good nutrition, sanitation, and hygiene are very important, as are breastfeeding babies and toddlers and avoiding drugs and vaccines whenever possible. Homeopathy is an excellent alternative. But epidemics are themselves proof of the reality of disease, and it seems strange for the need to insist on that. Not many people believe now nor ever will believe that germs don't cause disease, especially after they personally see the results of an epidemic of a dangerous disease. It doesn't mean they have to take a vaccine, but vaccines are one of their options, which usually induce immunity to the targeted disease, although of course their dangers must be considered as well.

Eindeker, are you out there? I've been wondering what your views on yellow fever are.


"Anti-vaxxers are quick to point out how safety issues are not merely correlation, yet they accept the underlying paradigm purely on even flimsier correlational grounds."


Ask someone if they or anybody else has ever witnessed a virus entering someone's body and then that person immediately getting sick and it soon becomes obvious the germ theory is an observation free belief.

When you start asking them why doctors nd their patients don't drop dead despite always being around other sick people you soon realize the germ theory is also a logic free belief.

I love your comment about the Deus ex Machina.

German New Medicine explains precisely why some people get a short mild set of symptoms and others more intense or long lasting.

It also explains why rashes are focused - something no doctor in history had ever bothered contemplating before.

cia parker


I was addressing the comment which was posted to the effect that fear of disease is the problem, while disease is never a problem itself, and that neither viruses nor bacterial germs are ever a problem. Or parasites like malaria. Have you noticed that many comments are in response to another comment, with only, at most, tangential relevance to the topic of the main article? Would you censor such comments and the responses to them? What do you think the desired response to epidemics of deadly contagious diseases should be? I am aware of the dangers of vaccines and only recommend them when there is no better alternative when threatened by a potentially very serious disease, and even then only with free and informed consent. I don't think ignoring the deaths is a good option.


Cia speaking of fantasies I note with bemusement your idea that malaria comes at people many times in their life but, according to you, people only get the flu one and only one time only.

There are plenty of mosquitoes in North America and Europe. DDT or not. And mosquitoes can very easily travel between Africa and Europe.


Here is another Jurassic Park quote I always believed applied to the pharna industry:
John Hammond: [Eating several bowls of ice cream, which were melting] They were all melting.
Ellie Sattler: Malcom's okay for now, I gave him a shot of morphine.
John Hammond: They'll be fine. Who better to get the children through Jurassic Park than a dinosaur expert? You know the first [swallows] attraction I built when I came down from Scotland... was a flea circus. Petticoat Lane.Really..quite wonderful. We had uh...a wee trapeze, a merry-go-... carousel.Heh. And a see-saw. They all moved, motorized, of course, but people would say they could see the fleas, "Oh, mummy! I can see the fleas, can't you see the fleas?" Clown fleas, highwire fleas and fleas on parade. But with this place... I wanted to give them something that wasn't an illusion.Something that was real. Something they could see, and touch. An aim not devoid of merit.
Ellie Sattler: But you can't think through this one, John. You have to feel it.
John Hammond: You're right, you're absolutely right. Hiring Nedry was a mistake, that's obvious, we're over-dependent on automation, I can see that now. Now the next time, everything's correctable. Creation is an act of sheer will. Next time it'll be flawless.
Ellie Sattler: It's still the flea circus. It's all an illusion.
John Hammond: When we have control again--
Ellie Sattler: You never had control! That's the illusion! I was overwhelmed by the power of this place. But I made a mistake, too. I didn't have enough respect for that power and it's out now. The only thing that matters now are the people we love. Alan and Lex and Tim...John,they're out there where people are dying. So...[takes a spoonful of ice cream;swallows] It's good.
John Hammond: Spared no expense.


rtp, I agree completely. Conceding the basic paradigm of "infectious disease" and vaccine effectiveness to vax pushers is a fatal error in tactics. Any successes made on the safety front can be wiped out in an instant when they wheel out the tired old Boogey Man.

Most here recognize how deeply conditioned our society is regarding the inviolability of vaccination, yet fail to realize that the foundational concepts upon which it is built are little more than deeper conditioning (even within themselves). Anti-vaxxers are quick to point out how safety issues are not merely correlation, yet they accept the underlying paradigm purely on even flimsier correlational grounds.

cia, you say rtp is engaging in fancies while simultaneously putting forth nothing more than narrative that constitutes no proof whatsoever and is built on nothing more solid than confirmation bias and blind faith in a paradigm.

Can you really think of no other ways that large numbers of people might have come deathly ill under brutal living and working conditions? How was it proven they died of yellow fever virus, were doctors running PCR tests in the late 1800s? How is it that an outbreak of this virus spanning the entire Americas magically disappears the next year? How can it be explained that only a small percentage of YF cases become severe without invoking the mysterious "immune system" as a deus ex machina to explain away all the inconsistencies?

Hans Litten

Cia the subject of this thread is not the Yellow Fever Vaccine .
It is the fact that all of the childhood vaccines have been falsified in testing.
Not one of them tested against placebo but tested against each other.
And Gardasil was testing against the AAHS adjuvant (so not even sure where that placebo comes in).

Can you stay on topic please - tell us what you think about that ?


Great piece of work,scoping the industry's temperature "PR" and "Part Dolan fashion! " "It's wrecked-em-again!" "Oh What" 100 Big Watts -n-a high wire sending out an SOS . Vaccine Industry ,caught again with it's pants on fire!
The Pharmaceutical Journal . A Royal Pharmaceutical Society Publication- states
Vaccination in Community settings could improve uptake , Public Health Report finds 24 Jan 2019
Based on [RSPH] Royal Society for Public Health has called for a multi-pronged approach to offer vaccinations in a more diverse range of locations eg gyms and High street pop-ups?

New Report [RSPH] December 2018 . Moving The Needle - Promoting Vaccination uptake across the life course .
Report sponsered by MSD, Trade name of Merck and Co
"Barra Boys" setting up shop on high street corners with a multi- pronged approach to Health and Safety Risk Assessments ?
See Classic Two Ronnies Fork Handles sketch You Tube
There will be "No Safe Harbour provision" available to them, or for them , on The West Coast of Scotland, for Biocidal Products and chemicals with totally failed Health and Safety Risk Assessments
A Transparent Template of Atrocity, identical, with total Risk Assessment failure of Cladding and Insulation at Grenfel Tower Disaster !

David Weiner


I don't disagree with you about the importance of the efficacy argument. I think that our movement has not done enough to kill the lies surrounding polio and smallpox. These form the cornerstone of the vaccine zealots' attack strategy. Though I have seen more push back against the polio story lately. We should never concede that vaccines wiped out these diseases - BIG MISTAKE.

cia parker


They are your fancies, and you are welcome to them. Everyone in the South got malaria before they drained the swamps and nuked the mosquitoes with DDT. My father got it as a boy of twelve in Reserve, Louisiana. When he was 77 and hospitalized after falling on the floor and being unable to get up, his face turned a ghastly yellow: the dormant malaria had reawakened. It's with you for life after having gotten it. Not flu.

It's not just getting bitten by mosquitoes that's the problem. It has to be bitten by a certain kind of mosquito, like aedes aegypti, which is relatively new here in Missouri. There are three other types of mosquito which can carry it as well. I read it was new in southern California in 2011, having come in shipments of bamboo plants from Japan. They have white stripes on their legs and spots on their bodies. A while lyre shape on their backs. And they have to be carrying the virus, which at this time is not present in the US, but it IS present in Brazil and several other countries in South America. I read that they are expecting yellow fever to surface in Mexico soon, it has all the appropriate conditions if someone arrives from an affected country with the virus in their blood.

You think the tens of thousands of men who died while attempting to build the Panama Canal had all self-medicated and that's why they caught and died of yellow fever? Why don't you read the book I mentioned? Several hundred thousand people died of yellow fever from the tip of Argentina up through America in the epidemic of 1878, you think they all brought it on themselves in some way? There was an epidemic in 1873 as well, then quiet before and after. You don't believe that the mosquito carries it? Dr. Noguchi was working hard to develop a vaccine for yellow fever, as were many of the doctors I mentioned. To make the live vaccine they had to work with the live yellow fever virus, obviously an extremely dangerous thing to do. One of the doctors had an open wound on his hand and it is believed that he must have gotten infected that way, although it hadn't been known before that that was possible. Areas that don't have mosquitoes which are carriers of the yellow fever virus don't have any yellow fever, while those that have the mosquitoes, with the virus being carried by them, and a hot, humid climate, do.


They are attempting to vaccinate literally millions of people right now in the affected areas because of what I mentioned. That yellow fever had been at low levels for many years, but in the last few years has come back at high levels, infecting many, and killing a large portion of them. It's just what some diseases do. Where did the French version of English sweating sickness come from when it killed tens of thousands in France in the fifteenth century? It infected many English soldiers who took it back to England with them, where it killed many thousands in the sixteenth century, killing Arthur, the brother of King Henry VIII and almost killing Anne Boleyn. Went on killing for decades and then completely disappeared. They have no idea now even what family of viruses it belonged to.

Why was there an epidemic of yellow fever in 1868, 1873, and then a dual-continent one in 1878? Why not constantly, always at the same levels? That's just the way it goes. With more periodic outbreaks until Dr. Reed made the mosquito connection and the affected countries made intensive efforts to eradicate the mosquitoes. Cuba and other Latin American countries had squads of public health officials inspect every house in every town looking for standing water where mosquitoes could breed (although they say that aedes is not dependent on standing water). They drained everything they found and fined people for not taking care of it themselves.

Most people in sub-Saharan Africa and Brazil would rather take their chances with the vaccine than with the disease, all of them either having seen it for themselves or heard true accounts from their friends and relatives of its ravages. Most of these countries had not been giving the vaccine routinely in the years that the disease was not a big problem. Now many of them are, because it has become a big problem again. Situational ethics.

I would rather see people take the nosode: effective, safe, inexpensive, easy to administer. Cuba was in the forefront of research in HP, administering it to MILLIONS of Cubans for leptospirosis and other diseases, and they proved it to be very successful. I agree, Ati, there is a lot of proof as to the effectiveness and safety of homeopathic prophylaxis. And I'm giving my autistic daughter CEASE therapy: graduated nosodes made from the hep-B and DTaP vaccines she reacted to. It would have been better to do it when she was younger, she's 18 now, but I think they've helped to some degree. We completed the meningococcal HP protocol and have started the tetanus one. And we'll be doing it for many tropical diseases before we go to the Yucatan next year, including yellow fever and malaria (which is making a come-back in Mexico).

I am not in favor of vaccines, but I'm against suffering and death from disease. I agree that childhood diseases like measles, mumps, chickenpox, rubella, even flu, pertussis, rotavirus, and hep-A, are very beneficial for most people to get naturally. But I think that it's worth trying to prevent the more serious VPDs. I would not recommend getting the yellow fever vaccine unless there's a good reason to get it, and would prefer to see people get HP. But if they're in the path of yellow fever, and are in good health and past early infancy and younger than 60 or so, then they should consider how much yellow fever there is in their area or in the area where they plan to travel, and maybe get the vaccine. Totally up to them.


For those people who doubt my strategy you should probably consider the following two strange phenomena about our time right now.

According to opinion polls, never before have the people been as weary about vaccine dangers as they are now. According to one poll after another, something like half to two thirds of people have concerns about vaccine safety.

And yet, according to opinion polls - most people still support mandatory vaccination.

How could people hold both sets of views? Simple.

The ragtag bunch of moms and dads screaming about vaccine injury have in fact been highly successful. We have absolutely changed people's minds. You only have to go back 20 years and concerns over vaccines were nigh on non-existent. And yet we didn't have the hysteria over measles "outbreaks" like we do now.

So what happened?

The vaccine industry responded the way they were always going to respond. It wasn't to sit down with parents of vaccine injured children and sing Kumbaya and make everything better. It was to launch an all out attack using their best weapon. Fear of contagious disease.

This was easy to predict. And it was why I was telling people 15 years ago that if you didn't attack vaccine efficacy (and, if you were brave, germ theory) then we had virtually no hope of winning.

I could walk down the street, talk to 100 strangers and get 90 of them to believe that vaccines are more dangerous than we have been told. But the moment those 90 go to their doctors they will almost all be bullied into vaccinating with stories of plague and whatnot. On the other hand, if I persuade just 10 that germs are not particularly dangerous and/or the diseases have been renamed, none of those 10 will ever be bullied into vaccinating and what is more, they will be far more confident about projecting their arguments to others.

Our strategy has been a mile wide but an inch deep. Mine is the opposite. It would have taken a little bit longer to get some level of traction but the moment that traction was achieved and the vaccine industry thought it was important to responde, the entire paradigm would have been demolished within a couple of years.


cia I can't believe you used this stuff as proof. People get bitten by mosquitoes all the time so how does anybody survive? For example I always love hearing the mainstream story of malaria.

You see, malaria was very common in Europe and North America up until the early 20th century - the largest "outbreak" in history occurred in the then Soviet Union. But then it just stopped. And it then only continued in poorer African and Asian countries.

Because you see, these mosquitoes all of a suddden developed a fear of the cold and a newfound respect for international borders!!!


There is my theory instead of course which is that what we used to call malaria we now call flu - their symptoms cover the same range after all. Malaria/flu still exists in richer and poorer countries and has nothing to do with parasites or mosquitoes. This theory of mine has the benefit of not being completely ridiculous.

And the same applies to yellow fever. Why on earth do the mosquitoes that supposedly harbor yellow fever virus confine themselves to poorer countries in Africa and South America when they didn't do this 200 years ago?

This makes no sense.

As for your stories of the people who died. Well, in at least one case, the person who thought he was infected (Noguchi) actually gave himself a "vaccine".

I don't know about the others but it is a fair bet that most (or all) of them took some kind of dangerous medical treatment before, during and after they thought they were infected. This makes sense because as you say, they were researching what they thought was a dangerous virus.

cia parker


As always, I have no desire to interfere in whatever decisions you make for yourself. Yellow fever, after many years of low activity, has made a come-back in South America and in Africa. A number of tourists in Brazil have gotten it and some have died. They had not gotten the vaccine. There is no reason that it should not come back here. Many travelers go to Brazil or other endemic countries unvaxxed, get bitten by mosquitoes there, and come back to the US. If aedes mosquitoes bite them here and then bite others, well, that's how outbreaks start. I would recommend that travelers get the yellow fever nosode instead, but they should be aware that the danger exists. You don't think they should be? You may think the cases reported in the links below are inconsequential, ten cases in the last year of yellow fever in international travelers to Brazil, four deaths, 464 cases in people living in Brazil in the last year and a half, with 154 deaths, but they were important to those involved.

I recommend that most people refuse most vaccines (except DT, in the US, and in some circumstances the meningitis and rubella vaccines), but I think that those who will be in an area of active yellow fever would do well to consider that vaccine as well. It has NOTHING at all to do with measles or the measles vaccine. I have said many times that the yellow fever vaccine is more dangerous than most vaccines and it is a serious decision to make, taking into consideration general health, age, etc. But going to vacation in Africa or South America (or, soon, Miami or Houston) without giving it a second thought is foolish.

by DH Hamer - ‎2018 - ‎Cited by 38 - ‎Related articles
Mar 23, 2018 - Since January 2018, 10 travel-related cases of yellow fever, including four deaths, have been reported in international travelers returning from Brazil. None of the 10 travelers had received yellow fever vaccination.

Dec 13, 2018 - Between July 1, 2017, and February 16, 2018, 464 confirmed human cases of yellow fever were reported in Brazil, including 154 deaths [33].


Hans Litten

Posted by: cia parker | January 29, 2019 at 11:47 AM

Please post up on here when you get your own Yellow fever Vaccine then.
I think this disease sounds so rampant and awful you need to get this life saving vaccine asap.

I would recommend that you read my books to see just how dangerous all vaccines are.

There are the largest Mass YF vaccination drives on right now in Brazil & Nigeria going out to potentially hundreds of millions of people. Can you see what I am saying ?
These hundreds of millions all previously existed just fine with this rampant voracious killer.
How did that happen ?
Meanwhile the world is in the grip of a most massive measles pandemic killing literally single peoples all over the world totalling maybe 10 people now at this stage.

I cannot ever take you seriously

Jeannette Bishop

(speculative) What we're calling viruses are starting to sound like tools of DNA maintenance to me--this is with very, very little study on my part--and immune systems perhaps function in part to keep these "tools" in check, that is, maybe preventing more bodily "housekeeping" than the body's vital organs can tolerate or need at a time, but also perhaps more importantly in assisting the carrying out of this maintenance?

If that is an even viable theory, then a virus jumping species could be a seriously concerning event, particularly early on, maybe for generations, until the virus mutates to less "virulent" (possibly more adapted to host) forms or immune systems memory (whatever all that entails) put this new invader in check. Though I personally don't hold much hope for the practice of antibody stimulation (an end and not even necessary part of the immune system process from what I understand) via injection to become an overall beneficial intervention in such events, and I really question the intervention in terms of "preventing infections" we've evolved/were designed to exist with.

Further, if infections actually serve to reduce bodily pollution levels (perhaps clearing DNA mutating metals, etc) either as part of this "housekeeping" process or just added benefit, then it seems like we're completely going at things backwards with the practice of vaccination, enhanced with "adjuvants" today (nevermind that we're creating more and more opportunities for viruses to jump species, recombine, revert, mutate, etc. with our "biological laboratories").


I have witnessed the effectiveness of homeopathy to treat vaccine damaged children, including autism spectrum children. The earlier treatment begins, the faster and better the results, but even older children and adults benefit from this method which, by the way, uses homeopathic remedies to reverse vaccine damage symptoms!
In other words, this approach using homeopathic remedies to reverse autism and ADD points to the impact that vaccines have to destroy the health of our kids - when you treat for the vaccine poisoning the children get better! Clinical proof that vaccines have something to do with these neurological conditions.
Homeopathy also offers prophylaxis against contagious diseases and it truly is safe as it contains no chemicals. Yet this assertion is fought tooth and nail by official opponents and we can see this in the attempts to (yet again) suppress homeopathy and make it unavailable to people.

cia parker


I finished the book on yellow fever, The American Epidemic, last night, and I would recommend that you read it to see just how dangerous some viruses are. The last chapter describes how, after several volunteers, including doctors, willingly let themselves be bitten by "loaded" mosquitoes, got yellow fever after a few days and died of it, many doctors and scientists researching the virus and the disease got yellow fever and died of it. Dr. Jesse Lazear, Dr. Hideyo Noguchi, Dr. Adrian Stokes, Dr. William Young, Dr. Paul Lewis, and Dr. Theodore Hayne are a few of them. One of Dr. Reed's original team, Dr. James Carroll, was permanently damaged by his bout with yellow fever and later died of complications from it.

One interesting thing I learned was: "In spite of carrying a single, simple strand of RNA, yellow fever does not mutate easily. Instead, flaviviruses like yellow fever somehow disable the body's immune respone - a process that continues to elude scientists. When the body encounters the virus, it mounts a mass campaign against the foreign invader on two fronts. White blood cells known as B cells create antibodies that cleave to the virus and mark the virus for destruction. At the same time, Killer T cells search out infected cells and destroy them. During the several days it takes to organize and implement this counterattack, the virus courses through the body, taking over kidney cells, liver cells, breaking down blood vessels until the organs themselves fail, and blood flows uncontrollably. There is no way to stop it unless the body can mobilize its forces before the virus has taken hold - that is what a vaccine does." (226-7)

As for proving that it is caused by a virus transmitted by mosquitoes, that proof has been carried out many times. Many healthy young volunteers have allowed themselves to be bitten by mosquitoes which have been seen to bite patients with yellow fever in the first three days of the disease, and have then come down with yellow fever themselves within a few days. And many of them died of it. Clara Maas was a nurse who hoped that if she got yellow fever herself she would have immunity and be able to nurse yellow fever patients. (Lena Angevine was the nurse who had gotten yellow fever at nine years old when all the rest of her family had been found dead of it, boarded up in their house. She was later the nurse of Jesse Lazear because she was immune to it.) Clara Maas died of it. The virus has been identified as well. I don't see how you could get any more proof than we now have that this is an extremely dangerous virus which often kills.

And I learned that at this time, the aedes aegypti mosquito, one of several which can transmit yellow fever, is now found all across the southern states, certainly here where I live. Several South American countries used DDT to eliminate that mosquito from their countries, but it has been many decades since DDT was used here. I learned that it is now considered certain that outbreaks of yellow fever will occur in the US: there is nothing to stop this from occurring. It's just something to think about and consider what we ought to do when that happens. I don't think the vaccine should be routinely given and it should always be voluntary, never mandated, but mandatory quarantine might become necessary, and that would be a reasonable step when such an outbreak occurs.

I couldn't remember where I saw the following quotation last week, but it was in the book, p 209. "In recent years, popular attention has been drawn to...Ebola as the most frightening emerging infection of humankind. However, patients with yellow fever suffer as terrifying and untreatable a clinical disease, and yellow fever is responsible for 1000-fold more illness and death than Ebola." (Lancet Infectious Diseases 2001)

I also learned that it is not permitted to give the yellow fever vaccine to those over 75 years old, and many say that it is too dangerous to give to those over 55. The disease tends to be more severe in those over 30. But for those who are or may be exposed to the disease, it is worth careful consideration. Many millions in yellow-fever endemic countries, and those who are going to travel in those countries, have gotten the vaccine without reaction and have also not gotten yellow fever. It IS a calculated risk, but may be worth it for healthy young and youngish people. But there are no grounds for saying that yellow fever does not exist or that it is not a dangerous, often fatal, disease.

David Weiner


I very much appreciate a good argument, and have put forth more than my own fair share of them, but unfortunately they will never change the minds of most people.

People mostly respond to stories. Simple stories that have good guys and bad guys in them. Stories like: "anti-vaxxers are endangering people, just look at all of these outbreaks of diseases that are making a comeback".

Check out the video below for a discussion of this topic:


Gary Ogden

John: Agreed about Plotkin. Gates without the money. Harks back to the deep, dark days of eugenics, which is still with us.

Gary Ogden

John: A bit of rhetorical flourish. I’m just so tired of quackery in medicine. In many ways modern medicine is wonderful, but quackery is just as rampant today as in the 19th Century. Vaccination, which I consider pure quackery, is the most damaging, but to this add statin drugs, the most profitable ever, psychiatric drugs, salt restriction (a very dangerous thing), routinely treating fever with such dangerous drugs as acetaminophen, and on and on. I have yet to read anything Master Frederick has posted which sheds any light at all on the issue of vaccine injury and its consequences. I have tried. To no avail. Why he bothers I do not know. It is our political elites who I feel deserve most of the blame for the mass poisoning of the world’s children. They are the ones who should be indicted and prosecuted. The drug companies are completely amoral, merely seeking market share and profit. I despise them, nevertheless.

Grace Green

Your plight is terrible but not unheard of before. I'm guessing it's you giving the majority of the care to your daughter, in which case you should have the final say on medical options. But I don't suppose that logic would cut any ice with those corrupt lawyers.

Grace Green

This is an amazing letter - I've read a fair chunk of it so far - and thanks for the write-up, John. You and Del are a pair of towering giants in the cause!
As for Plotkin, I don't know how I would describe him, but surely that name is Dickensian? He may as well be called Murderchild. He certainly plotted against me and my kin.

John Stone


Well, so long as that is clear.

Hans Litten

Fox Says “Criminally Prosecute” Anti-Vaxxers
The only defence they have left available, is martial law.
And I cannot rule anything out because this is a crime of the most immense magnitude ever.
Fiona Godless do you hear me ? Mark Pepys ? And the rest

Angus Files

Any honest person would be mea-culpa,but then the big pharma vaccines were never big on honesty to start.So nothing to own up to.

Well done all another nail in the pharma coffin.

Pharma For Prison



Thankful to all involved in exposing this. Certainly sounds criminal to me.


Whose got time to be concerned with proper placebo controls being used to test the products forcibly injected into one’s children! We’re in a STATE OF EMERGENCY here! Don’t you know there are women and children seeking refuge at out southern border and 35 CASES OF MEASELS in the Pacific NW!!!

Yeesh! Priorities people!


Nobody is trying to rhetorise sickness (or even the fear of it) away. Taking away the fear of sickness can be done with dialectic but certainly not rhetoric.

I am rhetorising away the fear of germs and contagion. There is a world of difference.

In fact you have it backwards. I am using the rhetoric of fear of sickness to demolish the idea that we should fear germs and contagion.

John Stone


With the best will in the world I don’t think you can rhetorise sickness out of existence like that - you are probably sincere but ultimately it is whimsy, I fear. However, it is not more fantastic than the view of Offit, or so many British health officials or the RSPH that people, infants even, can withstand an indefinite barrage of vaccine products without risking harm. If anything it is rather similar.


I don’t really think Fred’s a sociopath, more a grumpy old man. I am not very keen on the term but it strikes me that Plotkin goes beyond something like mere sociopathy.


"They could come out and admit this, and then in the next breath still ask that parents do the 'right' and 'responsible' thing and vaccinate their kids, and half of parents still will. This is how powerful the dogma is."

Yes Greg and I have been saying this for over a decade.

We will never get anywhere unless our arguments are completely *foundational*. If we leave so much as a sliver of hope that some vaccine somewhere, somehow can prevent disease then pro-vaxers will cling onto that to maintain their cult-like delusions.

And there are two completely foundational arguments that are very simple to understand but for some reason frighten the life out of anti/ex-vaxers who would prefer to use piecemeal arguments that always leave the paradigm completely intact.

1) If the germs of sick people were dangerous then nobody would ever visit (let alone become) a doctor. And if they were not dangerous, then nobody would ever get a vaccine.

2) Doctors typically refuse to diagnose the condition if the patient is vaccinated. So the diseases have been renamed not reduced.

Now it is much easier to persuade someone that vaccines are more dangerous than we have been told than it is to persuade someone of the above two points (even though they are completely obvious) but once you have persuaded someone of the above two points then they will never turn back to the idea of vaccines. Nothing anybody could say or do would make them start believing in vaccines again.

Jeannette Bishop

A prodigious amount of work and important service performed by ICAN!

HHS, all the agencies that signed on to Azar's falsifiable response get paid to do what? Work for the industry shareholders and betray those they're charge to protect?!? If you consider what that small "saline placebo" arm of the Gardasil trials actually was (the only "placebo" in the chart at 36 minutes)...a carrier solution tested against a lower-aluminum formulation for a theoretical-at-this-point-if-not-forever "cancer prevention" vaccine than was then marketed to/mandated on to all 9-15 year olds shortly afterwards... It's like we're at the regressive stage of having to establish with our regulatory agencies, "What part (if not all parts) of SAFETY RESEARCH don't you understand?!?"

Gary Ogden

Teresa: Correct. I think Deborah may have been referring to the penultimate sentence of the first paragraph. A bit of a mouthful, but correct English. I tripped up a bit on it at first, but ultimately understood the meaning. Not to criticize John; he is a first rate communicator of meaning, and the meaning is perfectly clear. A pyramid scheme of deceptive "safety studies."

R Prasad

Truth is bitter. When the governments stop working for people and start working for special interest lobbying corporate monopolistic groups (like Big Pharma Vaccine industry), they cannot handle truth that Vaccines are two edged swords and can cause enormous damage in most kids while seem to protect against a miniscule of least possible diseases less than placebos. Hence, they don't placebo test the vaccines and desperately trying to shut down the Web to stifle the Truth.

Teresa Conrick


Thanks for reading but I think the first paragraph is great and key to understanding the whole placebo issue.

Gary Ogden

Thanks, John. They no longer have a single leg to stand upon. All they have left is lies and bullying.



I am so sorry about what you are going through with your daughter. Family court is notoriously corrupt.

Ann Dunn

I sent a link to the story to my school district superintendent since the district was promoting the flu vaccine on their Facebook page.


My daughter has been court ordered to be vaccinated. I also lost primary placement and the ability to make any medical decisions for my daughter. 100% of the medical decision making has been granted to the father by the court. I lost my rights to make medical decisions because the court disagreed with my decision to exclusively breastfeed and absolutely no vaccinations. My daughter was misdiagnosed with ftt at 4 months old. She will soon be 3 years old and am still fighting. I need help fighting the system.

Lynn Sailor

My hope is that one day, in the not so far future, the pharmaceutical companies and the people in charge of our health (FDA, AMA, etc) will be brought to Justice and this medical tyranny will be exposed and brought to a sudden end.


Folks, we sre not dealing with an opponent that has science, facts, or logic on it's side. We are dealing with a religion. They will continue to say and do anything, no matter how egregious, knowing they have the gullible masses in their corner.

I am amused at the thought that public health figures could come out tomorrow and concede that 'antivaxxers' are right, and vaccines are dangerous and do cause autism... They could come out and admit this, and then in the next breath still ask that parents do the 'right' and 'responsible' thing and vaccinate their kids, and half of parents still will. This is how powerful the dogma is.


Excellent article! Not to be critical, but the first paragraph needs some editing.

elaine dow

If you ever watched the first Jurassic Park movie, a quote from Dr. Malcolm to John Hammond is applicable to the AAP and all the other agencies promoting this overloaded toxic vaccine schedule.. I always tell everyone to listen to the words said.
Dr. Malcolm: "Let me tell you about the science on display here today. It didn't take any discipline to attain it. You read what others had wrote and you took the next step. You didn't earn the knowledge for yourself, you don't have any responsibility for it. You stood on the shoulders of genius's and before you knew what you had, you packaged it, and slapped it on a plastic lunch box and you selling it.

John Hammond: " but our scientists have done what none have done before."

Dr. Malcolm: "Yes but , your scientists were so preoccupied that they could, they didn't stop and think if they should!!!"

susan welch

We seem to be approaching an 'Irresistible force (truth) meeting an immovable object (Powers that Be). How long will it take?

Great article, John. Thank you.


This is an interesting one just gone live (28th Jan 19) on The Conversation, they are accepting comments, the article is also being republished around other media.

A proposal to reduce vaccine exemptions while respecting rights of conscience


Stacie Kershner, Georgia State University; Daniel Salmon, Johns Hopkins University; Hillel Y. Levin, University of Georgia, and Timothy D. Lytton, Georgia State University

Bob Moffit

"The manufacturers did this: the governments, the politicians and the regulators (internationally) let it happen."

Yes they did .. aided and abetted by every professional medical organization .. APA, AMA, etc .. public health bureaucracies .. HHS, CDC, FDA … and … a conspiracy of indifference by major media outlets who will simply IGNORE Del Bigtree's "88 pages" of irrefutable evidence revealing the complete lack of concern for the SAFETY OF MILLIONS OF CHILDREN. Consider what Bigtree's letter revealed:

".....they established that none of the vaccines those vaccines had been trialed against had ever been trialed against genuine placebo either. At the end of the line the toxic products were only being compared with other toxic products, rather than against saline."

That vaccines had been approved absent ANY trials against a genuine placebo is beyond simple mistake or omission .. it is deliberate effort to DECEIVE parents as to the SAFETY of the vaccines they are recommended to administer to their children.


Hans Litten

Arizona lawmaker says parents should get list of ingredients in all vaccines
on tucson.com
Wants to mandate that parents be told exactly which ingredients and chemicals are in vaccines before their children are inoculated

Hans Litten

We are looking at quite the biggest crime in all history.
There is no doubt.

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