It's the Last Day! 2018 is Down the Drain!
Happy New Year to Sanofi Merck from the FDA

Happy New Year! Let's Get to Work as Autism Ages.


Happy 2019 from all of us at Age of Autism!

We're entering our 12th year of reporting "embedded" in the autism world. Many of our kids will be aging out into adult services this year, or soon thereafter. The special needs programming world was built decades ago for people with myriad physical and intellectual disabilities, (IDs, the term has replaced mental retardation.)  But not for people with autism.

Soon, we are launching a second Autism Age platform called   Autism Age is the name of our non profit. Age of Autism is our blog, Autism Ages will become our social community.  We're building it on a bulletin/topic board platform that's designed to let users on any device log in, review and create topics.  Autism Ages will be YOUR meeting place to ask questions, share information and learn as we all go - about life from the teen years forward.  

This will NOT replace Age of Autism - we'll remain dedicated to Dan Olmsted's mission. 

I want to extend a special invitation to young adults and adults with autism themselves to join us. We have Miss Jennifer Rose, author, college student, woman with autism, helping to build this safe space to ask questions and share knowledge relevant to growing up and into adulthood on the spectrum.

Autism Ages will be about where we are going, not how we got here. Capisci? I invite you to send us an email at [email protected]. We'll send you info on how to join this groundbreaking new family. La nostra famiglia. 




Frederic Chopin

So the only article offered as proof AoA helps autistics and their families was from Michael, an anecdote about a woman from 2008 who decided her son's autism was caused by mercury in a flu shot after reading an article in Mothering magazine. And that she cured him with dietary changes after a doctor said the child had leaky gut syndrome, which isn't even a medically recognized condition.

Even RFK Jr seems to have given up on mercury causing autism. Mercury was practically removed from childhood vaccines in 1999 yet the prevalence of ASD has risen dramatically. This is why we see well-read AVs going after other ingredients in vaccines, like aluminum, because whatever it is of course it has to be vaccines.

And I actually hate the Polonaise in B-flat major, but I love the etudes, nocturnes and preludes. Check out Szymon Nehring starting at about 1:14:35

Grace Green

I suspect you are not who you say you are. Why? You haven't noticed the highly complex cross rhythms going on in the above performance.


Age of Autism is an awesome site - plenty of readers and even a few paid trolls.
We learn about things like chronic neuroinflammation secondary to aluminum exposure.


Frederic Chopin and what are you doing to help?



Anyone who thinks AoA helps autistics or their families needs to have their head examined.


Why do you care?


Fred, Following on the heels of Susan Welch I would like to bring your attention to this article from 2009, which may be before your time. Fred, it may also help you see the light. I thank Vincent S for providing the reason to look back.

I am so appreciative of the way one can see comments on previous articles which I find invaluable. What ever the course of the curse of the denial of an epidemic of ill-health in our children connected chemical cocktails injected into their bodies, Age of Autism will rank at the top in trying to "Wright" such terrible wrongs.

Thank you AOA

Frederic Chopin


Mostly AoA is an anti vaccine blog, but what's the most "positive" information this site has ever posted about autism in your opinion? (I'm perfectly serious)

And I feel by countering a small percentage of this nonsense I may help keep vaccine-hesitant parents from getting sucked in.

Jonathan Rose

Lighten up, Fred. I know you've been dealing with a lot of stress (that George Sand is a high-maintenance chick) but don't take it out on us. Hey, loved your "Polonaise".

susan welch

Please would you explain how you help families, Fred? I can only remember negative comments from you - whereas AoA has, over the years, been an absolute mine of information: much of it positive.

I find it very difficult to understand what benefit you think your comments bring to this site and would, therefore, be grateful if you could clarify your position.

Thank you in advance.

Frederic Chopin


Anyone who thinks AoA helps autistics or their families needs to have their head examined.


HI Frederic Chopin,
It sounds like this is a group for people with vaccine injured children/ and or children with autism, and also adults with autism, to get support and help with challenges in a positive environment where people give them kindly help.
Here is more a place for arguments, opinions, and studies etc.. Just an assumption based on the descriptions. So far, it seems you haven't been very interested in providing solutions to autism challenges, or been involved in any of the discussion about how to provide acceptance, social support or help, either for yourself or others, so I am not sure re this new place whether it would be place that would meet your current needs/desires with regard to communication?
Do you see yourself as having a role in helping people with challenges, or do you more see yourself as someone whose job it is to defend vaccines of all criticism? Alternatively, do you see yourself as wanting support with social challenges etc that you or family members face?

Frederic Chopin


An extra facility for what? What's different?

John Stone


Everyone else seems to get it. Age of Autism continues as before, and this is an extra facility.

Frederic Chopin

Well John, that's what was written. What exactly is it for and how is it different from Dan Olmsted's "vision"? It sounds ominous. Sponsorship opportunities?

John Stone

Well Fred you can’t read, but like those to old gentlemen who sit in the box on the Muppet show you never like anything abd you are always there all the same!

Frederic Chopin

Well y’all said the new thing is a “safe space”, that “it will become our social community” and meeting place and people need to email you to

susan welch

This will NOT replace Age of Autism - we'll remain dedicated to Dan Olmsted's mission.

Perhaps you did not read this sentence, Fred

Hans Litten

Posted by: Frederic Chopin | January 02, 2019 at 11:51 AM

Why is it then ? that spoilers like you and your ilk keep on coming back ?

If I had my way, there is 3 irritants I would ban immediately !


haha_happy New Year Fred - I hope in 2019 we can help complete your re-education.
Undoing the Pharma brainwash wont be easy (or is it brainca$h in your case ?)

John Stone


Where does anyone say that?

Frederic Chopin

So does this mean AoA won’t allow comments anymore, and the new thing will be a closed group? Like AoA hasn’t been enough of an echo chamber?

go Trump

As with any year in the past 25 years or so,

let us pray that someone, somehow, someway can get the TRUTH out to Americans and the rest of the World about Autism and its cause.

Those that make Billions LYING to the Public about Autism and other medical issues need to be put out of business.

Aimee Doyle

In 2019, I hope that...

... we develop some new, effective treatments and therapies for those on the spectrum. There hasn't been a new treatment or therapy for over a decade. Recovery/cure for autism is under 10% and the majority of those currently on the spectrum will need lifelong care and support.

...we move toward finding a cure for those who want one. I wouldn't force a cure on anyone who was happy with their autism, or parents who are fine with their kids being autistic. But those who want a cure (a group which includes some adults with autism) should have the choice, just like those in the deaf community can choose chochlear implants if they wish to.

...there is recognition of the role that vaccines play in causing autism and other neurological disabilities.

...that the autism community, and our larger political community, become less fractured and divisive, and move together toward solutions to our challenges


2019 marks the start of a fresh year and one where new and exciting advances will be made in understanding and dealing with autism. Let's make this year one to remember

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