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Fascinating Acceptance Experiment at English Restaurant Staffed By Dementia Sufferers

Meme Your JobI'm not even sure how to respond to this article.  I'm encouraged and heartened and horrified all at the same time. Substitute autism for dementia and I wonder how our loved ones would be received? This staff was comprised of adults with dementia who had had excellent careers and proven intelligence. The same can not be said for people with autism like my three daughters. Passersby often assume they are fully intellectually disabled. They are not. They assume they can not understand what they hear. They can.  My girls at 24, 22 and 18 have never had a career. Would the public be as patient. I fear not. Read the full article and share your thoughts. Could we do this with autism -staff a typical business for a day, week, month and see the response here in hurry up impatient America?  KIM


Would YOU eat at a restaurant where all the staff have dementia? Our Mail on Sunday reporter tried it out...

Tapping my pin number into the terminal to pay for lunch, I notice my waitress Sue hovering. Quick as a flash, she says: ‘I’ll turn away but you don’t have to worry. I won’t remember the number anyway.’

Moments earlier, she had carefully entered the cost of my meal, totalling £23, into the machine, and bravely confessed she had forgotten how to add up – a devastating admission for a 62-year-old former sales rep who was once used to working with numbers.

Welcome to The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes, staffed entirely by dementia sufferers. The pop-up venue – a former Bristol fire station – was open for five weeks in December under the watchful eye of award-winning chef Josh Eggleton.  Read more here.



All those “disabled rights” scam artist like Ari Neeman would never allow a staff of only those with autism or other developmental disability at a restaurant or hotel! Why? Because it is “segregation” and “seclusion” and some non-sense about below the minimum wage pay (even though most disabled {autism included} people in the America’s and Europe receive a disability pension)is a “human rights” violation.


This is an excellent initiative - shame it was only a pop-up rather than a permanent fixture. And no, there's no reason why a restaurant staffed entirely by people on the autistic spectrum couldn't work. Remember, both autism and dementia are a spectrum. At one end (my late grandmother, for example), no, there's no way she could cope with this kind of work. Nearer the other end, absolutely. Similarly, with autism, I have several friends who have an autism diagnosis, and hold down permanent, full time, professional (well paid) jobs.

Angus Files

My wife`s aunt had dementia.Compare autism to dementia and says that the vaccine damage our son has remembers her of her aunts Dementia failings towards the end of life.

My son in a restaurant would make Fawlty Towers seem quite sane and organised.


Pharma For Prison



Lyme dementia is being added to the ICD11 diagnostic codes this year.

Jeannette Bishop

Tough to read and decide how to feel. If we were an openly honest society about all the environmental exposures involved in causing epidemics of neurological decline while we are trying to help those struggling with some of the more difficult outcomes of the assault both in restoring their health and functioning in society and also ending this assault in society, then wonderful!

But we might soon see attempts to normalize those with dementia getting flu shots (or whatever, it's a bi-weekly shot, we can't remember if we've had one or both of ours, or six or seven of them this week already...) from those with dementia (who can't remember how many shots either, but the computer should know...) who can hopefully remember how to inject them (...or maybe they'll have a robotic companion that does the injecting...).

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