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Expired Vaccines in China News

NOTE:  This article appears to have been translated from Chinese and has some issues, including to a reference to a leprosy vaccine in an article about polio vaccine. At any rate, teh vaccination program appears to be in chaos. Do you have the lot number and date of every vaccine given to your child? Does CVS or Walgreen or Kroger give out full information to patients who get retail vaccinations? Doubtful.

Expired parking meterOutdated vaccines involving children in Jiangsu Province are still increasing and hospitals involved are in long-term chaos.


On the afternoon of January 10, many parents came to check and register in the Licheng Preventive and Protection Center of Jinhu County. Pictures provided by respondents

After the exposure of the outdated polio vaccine incident in Jinhu County, Jiangsu Province, local parents began to check themselves. At 7 p.m. on January 12, a reporter from China Newsweek saw that although it was Saturday night, there were still staff responsible for reception. Many parents reported to reporters that according to the vaccination books at home and the records printed at the county CDC, the suspected expired vaccine is not only a kind of polio vaccine, but also involves more than 145 children announced officially, and the number of statistics is still increasing.

After the outdated polio vaccine was given to children in Jinhu County on Jan. 7, the news was frequently forwarded in the local Wechat group. At first, Tian Hua (alias) didnt care, until three days later, when he looked at the vaccination book of his two-year-old daughter, he found that among the four vaccines that the children were vaccinated with, in 2017, the vaccination time and the doctors signature were only written, but the vaccination location, the type of vaccine, the manufacturer and so on were blank. The remaining three needles can be found in the production batch number without expiration.

In order to find out whether this leprosy vaccine without batch number is expired, Tian Hua has repeatedly visited Licheng Preventive and Protection Institute, County Health Planning Commission and County CDC for inquiries, and the answers are Registration first, there will be notification. On the evening of Jan. 10, at the Licheng Defense and Protection Center, he saw eight staff members at the scene to make statistics. Statistics are divided into two cases, one is based on the information on the vaccination book to confirm expiration, the other is unable to find the batch number, each statistical table can record 17 peoples information. According to Tian Hua, one form was full in less than 10 minutes. Within five hours of his stay, the filling of the form never stopped.... Read more here.


Jeannette Bishop

Shelley Tzorfas

We can't seem to store vaccines at the correct temperatures..
We can't seem to keep track of where they are shipped to....
We don't know which children received the "Bad Lots".........
We don't know which vaccines contain unknown "White Particles" or glass....
We don't know which children received Expired Vaccines...
We don't know which vaccines contain "Retro-Viruses"..........
We don't know which children might have serious allergies to vaccine components...
What do we know? We know that children are mandated into Forced Vaccination and that schools receive Federal Money when kids are vaccinated or injured by vaccines!

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