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DTaP Vaccine and Food Allergies: Trial Underway in Australia

Epi-penAustralia has been hostile toward those who warn about vaccine injury. From the "Don't Punish Progress" files, comes this story.  Whooping cough is exhausting and dreadful. Anaphylactic food allergies are terrorizing for families. And sometimes deadly. A vaccine outcome or side effect should not be worse than the disease for which is purports to prevent. A parent should have a right to refuse this and every vaccine. Where there is risk, there must be choice.

Fears whooping cough vaccine gives children food allergies sparks major $4million trial involving 3,000 babies

A multi-million dollar trial has been launched to see if a whooping cough vaccine is linked to the dramatic rise in children with food allergies.

The number of Australian children with food allergies has skyrocketed since the late 1990s – about the same time a new whooping cough vaccine was introduced.

Researches in Melbourne and Perth will test the theory that the two are linked on 3,000 babies as part of the $4million clinical trial.



By Dr. James Cherry, described in his bio thus: "Throughout his career, Dr. Cherry has received numerous national and international awards. Some of these include: The John and Mary B. Markle Scholar in Academic Medicine; Distinguished Physician Award of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society; The Stanley A. Plotkin Lectureship in Vaccinology of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society; and the European Society for Pediatric Infectious Diseases Bill Marshall Award."

"....DTaP vaccines were developed in the Western world, and definitive efficacy trials were carried out in the 1990s. These vaccines were all less reactogenic than DTwP [whole cell] vaccines, and despite the fact that their efficacy was less than that of DTwP vaccines, they were approved in the United States and many other countries. DTaP vaccines replaced DTwP vaccines in the United States in 1997. In the last 13 years, major pertussis epidemics have occurred in the United States, and numerous studies have shown the deficiencies of DTaP vaccines, including the small number of antigens that the vaccines contain and the type of cellular immune response that they elicit. The type of cellular response a predominantly, T2 response results in less efficacy and shorter duration of protection. Because of the small number of antigens (3–5 in DTaP vaccines vs >3000 in DTwP vaccines), linked-epitope suppression occurs. Because of linked-epitope suppression, all children who were primed by DTaP vaccines will be more susceptible to pertussis throughout their lifetimes, and there is no easy way to decrease this increased lifetime susceptibility."

Frederic Chopin


Thank you for that anecdote.


I'd like to get back to allergies and vaccines and add to what I shared in an earlier post of what Dr. Alibek, head of the Soviet biowarfare program from 1988-1992, said on the subject in Biohazard:

"Repeated vaccinations have been known to trigger or aggravate allergies. Thirty minutes after I received my last vaccination against anthrax in 1987, my face became swollen, and I developed a rash and had trouble breathing. I took Dimidrol, a powerful anti-allergy medication available in Russia (though not in the United States) and felt better again in a few hours. For the next ten days I received intravenous preparations at a hospital--a form of allergy treatment we called desensibilization therapy. Several colleagues had been forbidden from anthrax work after similar reactions. I knew this to be a sign that I was genetically susceptible to large quantities of specific foreign proteins, and that my immune system had been stretched to its limit. I received my first anthrax vaccination in 1979 and began a course of annual vaccinations in 1982. I was also vaccinated against smallpox once, twice against tularemia, and four times against plague. The chronic allergies I have suffered throughout my adult life are a direct consequence of repeated exposure to live vaccines, and to other biological substances I worked with."

Frederic Chopin


So because vaccines have made it so unlikely for someone to die of tetanus in the US we should stop vaccinating for tetanus. That’s logical to you?


I just saw today (see below) that it looks like the Australian Govt. NHMRC is jumping the gun before the proposed study on DTaP and link to possible food allergies has begun (deliberately no doubt). The are going through the usual motions of asking for public feedback (see link below for survey) about adding this vaccine to the schedule for pregnant women. From past experience this organisation will ignore any feedback that does not benefit the drug companies and will assure the public their research deems it safe to add the pertussis vaccine for pregnant women to the national vaccine schedule. Strict adherence to the vaccine schedule in Australia is usually required in most cases if you want to get certain welfare payments, childcare rebates and enrollment of your child in day care and pre school. Doctors can't give medical exemptions unless they want to be struck off.
Proposed changes to the pertussis recommendations of the Australian Immunisation Handbook released for public consultation
The Department of Health, on behalf of the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI), has released proposed changes to the recommended use of pertussis vaccine in pregnant women for public consultation between 10 January 2019 and 9 February 2019.

ATAGI will be seeking NHMRC’s approval of the guideline recommendations under section 14A of the National Health and Medical Research Council Act 1992.

Link to online survey

Gary Ogden

Master Frederick: Last I looked at MMWR the U.S. neonatal tetanus mortality rate was 1/4,000,000. Is that because there is only 1 unvaccinated mother in the U.S.? Just askin'. The glory of vaccines? We've wiped out another one?

Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

'Of the 19,937 neonatal tetanus deaths, 45% of deaths occurred in South Asia, and 44% in Sub-Saharan Africa. Of the 36,806 deaths after the neonatal period, 47% of deaths occurred in South Asia, 36% in sub-Saharan Africa, and 12% in Southeast Asia.'

Few of the deaths due to tetanus appear to have been in Australia.

If indeed the study is negative it will no doubt be added to the pile of Cargo Cult Science used to claim that the full vaccine schedule in its entirety is not causal of any of the chronic disorders of the immune system that have risen in conjunction with it.

Frederic Chopin


How about 56,000+ deaths from tetanus just in 2015?


Fred, can you please provide me with one.

Just one solitary example - in all of human history - of someone dying immediately following wild type virus infection with one of these diseases we vaccinate against.

If you can't then I will take this as proof that you believe in vaccines based on precisely zero facts and logic.

Gary Ogden

Susan: There is only one word for the behavior of people like Master Frederick, Stanley Plotkin, and their ilk: sociopathic. Medical fascism is what our political leaders are allowing the high priests of the church of vaccinology to impose upon us. We will have none of it. Their propaganda is less believable by the day. We have facts, and we have science on our side. And we have a hell of a lot of angry parents. These people are criminals, and they belong in prison.

Angus Files

’Chop time to check your thinking ,what Global Conspiracy there isnt one Pharma are quite open about it all, these days. 1984 is supposed to be a book, not a pharma study manual.

Pharma For Prison


susan welch

Fred, you are probably right that 'the study will show no association' as it is being funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council, which I assume is part of the Australian government (pro vaccine zealots)..

You may call that 'proof of the global conspiracy', but I prefer Gary's definition of a crime against humanity.

As far as 'not a single controlled trial....' is concerned, surely you watched Highwire and heard about their 80+ page response to HHS (see John Stone's excellent article today), in which they prove that there is not one pediatric vaccine that has been tested with an inert placebo.

How you can keep defending vaccines, whilst ignoring the suffering they can, an have, caused, is beyond my comprehension.

Takes all sorts, I suppose.

Frederic Chopin


A crime against humanity? Like not protecting children from VPDs? (yes, even to serve as a control arm for a vaccine trial for AVers who won't believe the results anyway)

Not a single controlled trial for any pediatric vaccine? You read that where again?

No post-marketing surveillance? Did you read that in the same place?

Will John post this response? (it's always a mystery)

Jeannette Bishop

So are the concerns really just about the switch from one dose of the "old vaccine" (DPT with thimerosal and aluminum?) to the "new vaccine" (3 or 4 doses of aluminum maybe?)? Is this going to be another useless compare-a-group-of-infants-vaccinated-with-lots-of-doses-of-adjuvants with another group vaccinated with lots of adjuvants, but slightly different whooping cough vaccine/schedule and then since allergies are equally through the roof in both groups it's nothing to do with the whooping cough vaccine?!?

Or is Australia so "backward" as to not yet be trying to encourage shift of haemophilus influenzae types and strep and pneumonia serotypes, playing influenza whack-a-mole in infancy too, and failing to prepare their newborns for a world of IV drug use and prostitution from day one?

If the latter, then I think the more recent vaccines have actually been much more contaminated/poisoned, probably an "unintended consequence" of indemnification and/or the levels of EMP radiation in society are weighing in enhancing the toxicity of these injections. And perhaps Australia imports glyphosate "ripened" U.S. wheat (though I think that practice began a few years after the late 1990s)?

Gary Ogden

Master Frederick: This is nothing short of a crime against humanity you are feebly defending. Not a single controlled trial for any pediatric vaccine, not one. No post-marketing surveillance. Do you think parents are idiots? Did you sleep through the lecture on intellectual honesty?


From Biohazard by Ken Alibek. (Alibek, deputy chief of Biopreparat from 1988-1992, was a leader in the Soviet biowarfare establishment. He defected to the US in 1992.)

"I have lost all sense of smell and have the broadest range of allergies of anyone I know. I can't eat butter, cheese, eggs, mayonnaise, sausages, chocolate, or candy. I swallow two or three pills of anti-allergy medicine a day--more on bad days, when my sinuses start to drain. Every morning, I rub ointment over my face, neck, and hands to give my skin the natural lubricants it has lost. The countless vaccinations I received against anthrax, plague, and tularemia weakened my resistance to disease and probably shortened my life."

John Stone


So, why do we need epipens in every class room now? I agree that any vaccine study commissioned by the Australian government has a massive conflict.

Frederic Chopin

Can I make a prediction? The study will show no association and anti vaxxers will claim it's just further proof of the global conspiracy.

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