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Dr. Richard Moskowitz MD On "Anti-Vaxxers"

Richard Moskowitz MDBy Richard Moskowitz, MD

Before responding to the [New York Times] editorial, "How to Inoculate against Anti-Vaxxers" (January 20, 2019), I want to point out that the opposite term, "Pro-vaxxer," is rarely seen or heard, as if belief in the safety and efficacy of vaccines were so universal and such a no-brainer that there would be no need to coin a word to single it out, much less imply that the naysayers might also have a valid point of view.  This subtext is evident throughout the editorial in question, which merely accepts as gospel the authority of the World Health Organization on the subject, as if there were nothing more to be said, other than how to combat those with the temerity to question it.

The obvious corollary is that the epithet "anti-vaxxer" is pejorative, but another less obvious is that it's inaccurate, since most  of the thousands upon thousands of parents who must live with their conviction that their kids were killed or irreversibly damaged by vaccines are not against all vaccines on principle, but simply have questions and doubts about them, want them to be made safer, and above all seek some public recognition of and validation for the truth of their experience, including their right to choose not to continue vaccinating in the future.

As a family doctor with fifty years of experience caring for many such families, I cannot remain silent about the enormous weight of vaccine-related suffering and disability, sufficient to break any heart, that continues unabated, remains largely hidden and unacknowledged, and cries out at the very least for caution, restraint, and simple compassion for the viewpoint of those whose lived experience, whatever may have caused it, is so tragically different from that of everyone else privileged enough to be ignorant of or somehow unmoved by their loss.

When these tragedies do occur, they are almost always dismissed by their doctors, friends, and relatives alike as coincidental or the result of some genetic defect, unfortunate to be sure, but in no way related to the vaccine or vaccines that more or less recently preceded them.  This amounts to saying that these parents are either lying, ignorant, or stupid, and that modern science knows what really happened to their kids better than what they have actually experienced and lived through, and that the science of vaccines is settled beyond any reasonable doubt.

Which brings me to my second reason for writing, namely, to remind your readers that questioning and doubting are at the heart of the scientific endeavor, that science by definition must never be "settled."  The late Richard Feynman of Caltech, a Nobel Laureate in Physics, said it best:

There is no learning without having to pose a question, and a question requires doubt.  Before you begin an experiment, you must not know the answer.  If you already know the answer, there is no need to gather any evidence; and to judge the evidence, you must take all of it, not just the parts you like.  That's a responsibility that scientists feel toward each other, a kind of morality.1

In addition to the tragic experience of so many families, here are a few more equally important reasons put forth by prominent physicians and scientists to cast doubt on the standard orthodoxy that vaccines are uniformly safe and effective:

1)  even the CDC now admits that supposedly vaccine-preventable diseases are being spread primarily by vaccinated individuals;2

2) the small outbreaks now occurring are predominantly in vaccinated individuals;3

3) many vaccines have led to the emergence of new, resistant strains of the same organisms that we vaccinate against, as well as altogether new species in some cases;4

4)  children coming down with and recovering from acute febrile illnesses like flu, measles, mumps, rubella, and chickenpox are much less likely to develop chronic autoimmune diseases and cancers later in life;5

5) vaccine safety studies are conducted primarily by the drug industry itself, or by government agencies that are run mainly by past, present, or future executives of the industry, in lieu of the independent regulation and oversight they are supposed to provide;6

6) these studies rarely include unvaccinated subjects as "controls," and typically give other vaccines or toxic chemical adjuvants instead of genuine placebos for comparison;7

7)  adverse reactions are accepted as vaccine-related only if they occur within a few hours or days of the vaccination, thus arbitrarily excluding the chronic dimension entirely from consideration;8

8) the lead investigator has absolute authority to decide whether unsolicited reports of other adverse reactions by the subjects themselves are or are not vaccine-related, based on criteria that are never specified and allowed to remain a trade secret, if indeed they exist at all;9 and accumulated over the patients' lifetime, which means that they are inherent in the vaccination process per se, as well as in this or that particular vaccine;10

10)  many vaccines contain chemical adjuvants and other ingredients known to be neurotoxic, such as aluminum, mercury, and detergents like Polysorbate 80, which when injected are known to cross the blood-brain barrier, accumulate in brain tissue, and have been causally linked to various forms of brain damage;11

11) the CDC admits that over 25% of American children born today suffer from some form of brain damage, yet has never investigated, or even shown much interest in investigating, what percentage of these cases are vaccine-related;12

12) other vaccine ingredients include human and animal cells, DNA, RNA, and proteins, which almost certainly provoke immunological reactions but havenot been studied, or at any rate such studies have never been made public.13

The Helsinki Declaration on the rights of experimental subjects and the Nuremberg Code of human rights, both devised in the wake of Nazi atrocities during World War II, repeatedly emphasize the right of every individual patient or experimental subject to fully-informed consent prior to any medical procedure, with very rare exceptions, such as an imminent public health emergency.14  But routine childhood and adult vaccinations are mandated purely as a matter of policy, to prevent a possible disease in the future that most people would never have acquired, in many cases would recover from if they did, and is actually being spread to a great extent by the vaccination process itself.

Most doctors nevertheless continue to believe what the CDC tells them, that vaccines are uniformly safe and effective, even though the Supreme Court has ruled that they are inherently unsafe, in order to shield them and the industry from legal liability for the injuries that they cause, to which every other industry is subject.  This, I submit, is not science, but scientism, a blind dogmatism and quasi-religious faith that whatever passes for science at the moment is the absolute truth, beyond question or doubt, to which everyone must pledge allegiance, the main result of which is to stifle the critical thinking, questioning, and doubting of seemingly settled truths that real science requires.

For all of these reasons, most parents who must live with the conviction that their kids were killed or maimed by vaccines, like the physicians who care for them, the lawyers who advocate for them, the independent scientists who study the phenomenon, and the journalists who question the official line, all of whom are regularly lumped together and stigmatized as "anti-vaxxers," ask for nothing more radical than the following:  

1) that the best scientists be recruited independently of the drug industry or the government agencies they control to investigate both the individual vaccines and the vaccination process in general, paying particular attention to effectiveness and safety, including their possible contribution to chronic diseases; to their exact mechanism of action; to the role of individual vaccine ingredients: adjuvants, preservatives, disinfectants, detergents, foreign DNA and proteins, contaminant viruses; and to the emergence of resistant strains of the original viruses and bacteria we vaccinate against; and

2) that vaccines simply be made optional for those who want them, after being fully informed of their risks, rather than mandatory.

In conclusion, I am content to repeat what Professor Mary Holland of NYU Law School has observed, that "a sizable number of developed countries in Europe, North America, and Asia that have relaxed such mandates have not only escaped any major health problems as a result, but have recorded consistently lower infant mortality rates and scored better on other standard health measures as well, without cruelly forcing parents to choose between educating their children and refusing to vaccinate them."15 

I am of course well aware that even questioning these mandates places me beyond the pale of what most people sincerely and devoutly believe, backed up by the full weight of opinion from established authorities such as the CDC, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the vast preponderance of the medical community as a whole.  So I can well understand why many parents who conscientiously vaccinate their kids with no hesitation or soul-searching, and doctors who are deeply committed to the scientific worldview, as I am, perhaps roll their eyes at my presuming to question the wisdom of a procedure that has won broad acclaim as among the best that modern medicine has to offer.

Yet the ever-increasing number of parents who honestly believe, whether rightly or wrongly,  that their children have been Vaccines Richard Moskowitzkilled or maimed by vaccines and must live with that existential reality every day of their lives hardly need my arguments to convince them.  That is why I will feel well rewarded if my words, my reasoning, and the commingled sadness, fear, and outrage I have long felt about this subject will help to promote a healthy debate and to elicit more of the rigorous scientific work that still needs to be done.

Richard Moskowitz, M. D.

I am a Family physician, semi-retired, living and working in the Boston area, and the author of Vaccines: a Reappraisal, Skyhorse Publishing, New York, 2017, from which all citations are taken.


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Terri M

Dr M,
I just came across an article that you wrote called, “The Case Against Immunization”. I have so many thoughts and would like to hear your thoughts too. I hope you don’t mind me asking about that article.
First I would like to introduce myself, my name is Terri and I’m 40 years old. I have two children Coltrane 4 years old and Corrinne who is 15 months. Coltrane is my partially vaccinated child and Corrinne is not.
From the time Coltrane was born I feel like he’s been my sick child. I allowed my OBgyn to give me the dtap while I was pregnant. When Coltrane was born my mother said he looked like he had the allergic shiners around his eyes, which looking back he did but I thought ok my baby was born with allergies already? I would take him to his check ups and get him partially vaccinated. In the course of the first year of his life I let the dr give him 3 vaccines of the rotavirus, 3 dtap, 2 hib, 2 pneumococcal, and 2 polio vaccines. Some were shots, boosters and ingested. Since then I decided to stop all vaccines because every time he was given a vaccine my child had a fever or got sick.
I would say a year ago or so he got really sick, he had upper respiratory issues coughing and had a hard time breathing at night when he was sleeping. He also had ear infections repeatedly and a runny and stuffy nose. Just this year in January, I took him to an ENT and she said he has an enlarged adenoid and constant fluid in both ears. She would like to remove the adenoid due to snoring and breathing problems and place tubes in his ears to drain the fluid. And in the past three weeks his had low grade fevers and a cough. He still has a stuffy nose that will not go away and hearing loos due to the fluid I
In his ears
I wanted to know your thoughts on my sons medical issues. Reading your article has me wondering does he have a mild case of whooping cough? If so how do I check? How can I get him better? The dr has already given him powerful antibiotics for the ear infections in the past year and have tried Flonase to clear his nose but he is still he sick. I don’t want his adenoids removed either and I worry about the drugs they use when they need to put him under to place the ear tubes in. I would love any insight you may have. Thank you

Richard Moskowitz, M. D.

Yes, you can use the measles nosode, Morbillinum, or better still the MMR itself, say 200 or 1M (but 30 is OK, too), 3 doses in 24 hours -- the night before the shot, the morning of, and the night after. But by far the best course of all is, JUST SAY NO THANKS!
Dr. M.


I have a question for Dr. Moskowitz. I wonder what you think about giving an HP dose of, for example, Morbillinum 30c or 200c to a child who has had to receive the MMR vaccinations. I am wondering if giving the nosode would strengthen, educate the immune system the way the natural disease of measles does and, if given after the inoculation, would be beneficial. I would think that it might be what could be needed if the child and her symptoms were not improved after diligent treatment with 'constitutional remedies' and her etiology and symptoms pointed to that nosode. But what about giving it after the child has received all the early childhood required measles vax ? Do you have any experience with this or is there any sound ground for doing so ? I have thought of asking Dr Isaac Golden this but have not yet done so.

Richard Moskowitz

Wow, I love and deeply admire your work with your daughter. Bless you for that.
My problem with the HiB and Pneumococcus is long-range and concerns the micro-ecology of our normal flora. Both organisms are mutant strains of our basic nasopharyngeal flora, so that the very effectiveness of these vaccines virtually guarantees the emergence of new resistant strains that may well be just as bad or worse, just as has already happened with pertussis and possibly polio as well. In short, I fear we're simply chasing our tail, robbing Peter to pay Paul, or call it what you will. But, that said, I think that on the whole parents are the ones best fitted to judge what their kids need.

cia parker

Thank you for your reply, Dr. Moskowitz! I support everyone's well-considered position on any particular vaccine and on vaccines in general. If I had it to do over again, I would not let my daughter get the Hib vaccine (I let them give her three doses at 2, 4, and 6 months, but refused the fourth after reading information about it in Mothering magazine). (I wouldn't let her get the pertussis vaccine either if I could do a replay. I refused most of the vaccines they suggested, but the two severe reactions she had did severe brain damage. But she was breast-fed for years, until self-weaning, and cared for at home, so she was at very low risk for Hib disease. I was horrified when I read Heather Fraser's book The Peanut Allergy Epidemic: she conclusively established that the Hib vaccine is responsible for the creation of peanut allergy, now at about one in fifty children in every country which gives it. But then when I read more about Hib disease, rare before the forties (I think rare until the DPT from 1948 on), but usually treatable with antibiotics until antibiotic resistance in the '80s, and then preventable with the very effective Hib vaccine. I recognize the dangers of the Hib vaccine, including diabetes and autism, but the incidence rate of clinical and often disabling disease had reached one in 200 American babies by the mid-'80s, with one in a thousand dying of it. And then the disease almost completely disappeared within a few years of the introduction of the vaccine. Dr. Thomas described in his book how there were always babies with Hib disease in the hospital where he worked in the early '80s, and how it struck perfectly healthy babies very hard and unexpectedly, and often caused death or disability: deafness, MR, or speech disorders. I had been completely against it after reading Fraser's book, but then changed my mind after reading more about the disease, at least for babies who had to be in daycare. I looked up the rate of peanut allergy fatality, and it wasn't very high, nowhere near one in a thousand. I had never heard of the disease before I had my baby in 2000.

I would only cautiously suggest that parents might consider it, but I think it would be much better if parents moved heaven and earth in order for the mother to stay home to take care of the baby for as long as possible and breast feed him or her until self-weaning, and then not give the Hib vaccine. Or get the homeopathic nosode.

That's my reasoning, but I certainly respect yours. And I respect the opinion you gave in Mothering thirty years ago, that it would be good if children in elementary school were offered the chance to be given natural measles, mumps, chickenpox, and rubella, at the age when it was least problematic, and get permanent immunity, the way I did when I was a child. I wish my daughter had had that opportunity. She got pertussis at eight months old and chickenpox at nearly two, many stomach flus when she was little, but now she's never sick.

My daughter has made truly astonishing progress because I have been teaching her English as a Second Language, using Cambridge ESL textbooks, for five and a half years. I thought that the cause of the problem was damage to the inborn neural circuits in the language center of the brain: I was very impressed by Chomsky's theory that there are physical structures in the brain pre-programmed with grammatical structures, activated when the child hears his native language used around him. And I thought that that's where the whole problem lies, and that using ESL methods of demonstration and practice, new neural circuits could be made, enabling the gradual structuring of intellect, with memory, reasoning, empathy, and narrative, all dependent on functioning language circuits. And my daughter has gone from only using set phrases learned as blocks, not as individual words, like What are we having for supper? to fairly complex and sophisticated written narratives, finally able to grasp that language is made of many structures and vocabulary words built on-the-spot to express an original thought. Her oral language hasn't caught up to her written skills, but she can express and understand a lot more now than when we started when she was already 13. In the second chapter of Connect Book 1, she learned It's over there! (she'd NEVER used it), and we went to the store, where I asked Where's the aisle with the toilet paper? And she stopped the cart, annoying me, but then turned it and said It's over THERE! Et ainsi de suite. She'd never used some, any, none, but as soon as we did that chapter in the book, she immediately asked Do we have any ketchup? We need some eggs. We watched E.T., and at one point, after having just studied it, she said WHO is in the tool shed? She had never used the word "who" in her life.

After voting with me for the first time in November, she wrote this: "I went to vote for my first time at Gentry MIddle School with my mom. We stood in line for 40 minutes. We looked at the Gentry Jaguars on the entrance. Then we sat down and voted for the republicans. After that, we put the sheet of paper in a folder. Before we went home, we got stickers that said 'I voted' on them. Finally, we went home."

I am optimistic that she'll continue to make progress toward normalization. She could NEVER have written anything so logical, detailed, and sequential, using numerous grammatical structures, before. Thank you for reading, I've read so much of what you've written that I feel I know you. I wanted to tell you about what I think would be an EXCELLENT way to help autistic kids, and it's not being done now at all. Speech therapy now is just chat therapy, assuming that of COURSE they can understand and use the basic structures of their native language. But they can't, not without help. We finished all four Connect books, all four Interchange books, and are on the second of the two Passages books now. And last week she said Passages. A paragraph. It took me a minute to understand what she was saying, and I said Yes, it could mean many paragraphs and texts to read, or it could mean a hallway leading from one room or level to another.

As for academic learning, which they don't address at all at school, we've done all the information in the Core Knowledge books (What Your - Grader Needs to Know), I have the outline book Core Knowledge K-8: A Model Monthly Topic Organizer, and for many years I've written out all the material in the outlines for each month of each year as questions and answers, and she has to learn to give the correct answer to each question over several weeks. And she's done an amazing job, we're going to finish the eighth grade level in June. We'll finish our unit on electricity today and go to Baskin-Robbins as a reward. I have to google everything at this level, but I learned about capacitators and electric fields so I could teach her. Same idea, consciously building our way of structuring reality and historical experience, to have a framework for arranging all future information she hears.

Richard Moskowitz

To Cia Parker,
Hi, Thanks for your comments on AOA. I also love your questions, the basic sense underlying which I mostly agree with. Simply being anti-vaxx isn't enough. I'm not in favor of vaccine mandates against anything, and I might even argue with you about the advisability of HiB, for example, but I totally respect your right to have the say about what's important to you. Many parents I see do give some vaccines eventually, mainly the DTaP and IPV, but also others in some cases. Some just want to separate them and delay them. Personally I believe that once we understand them better, with more honest science than most of we have now, we'll see that the whole idea of mass vaccination was a very expensive and damaging mistake. (Cf. the final chapter in my book.) I am genuinely "anti-vaxx" to that extent, and I don't give any vaccines myself. But I sympathize very much with parents who want to, or are afraid not to, and I bless them for it.
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No safety studies were done. This is the biggest scam ever.


There's so much propaganda right now pushing vaccines, there have been articles on both CBC and BBC trying to make it sound like vaccines are harmless, the BBC article had the nerve to lie outright and say that serious injuries from vaccines are i in a million ( more like 1 in 36). I can see how gullible people who don't have any vaccine injured people in their family can be led astray.

Somebody on my facebook posted a clip from "The Simpsons" where the kids are getting vaccinations and Bart escapes the Dr's office to try to avoid the shots. In the video the shots are portrayed as a weapon (the doctor is shooting them out of a plane at Bart as if they are bombs). In the end Bart is injured by the vaccines and the doctor tricks Homer into signing a waiver, the doctor calls Homer "Fool" and then runs down the street laughing . It seems almost like art imitating life. Here's a link.

Bob Moffit

@ annie

"........ Goodman and Maddow have not reported that that Poul Thorsen is a wanted felon, the Thompson transcripts, Zimmerman's avadavit, tens of thousands of Italaien moms taking to the streets in 2017 to protest mandatory vaccination."

We should remember the "greatest power of the press … is their power to IGNORE"


Have i told you guys how much i want to convert Declan, and Grady, and Drew?! i am so dissatisfied with their vaccine status that i really feel that they should be converted.


Short of Olmstead, my dad was the best journalist ever. Here's what he said. The two reasons facts don't get reported, and no, there are not three, if number three is "they are not facts". Edward Murrow is going to tell us, "facts, just the facts". Pat O'Brien (dad) is going to tell us why (who, what, where, why) facts don't get reported because, #1 ignorance #2judgement. Goodman and Maddow have not reported that that Poul Thorsen is a wanted felon, the Thompson transcripts, Zimmerman's avadavit, tens of thousands of Italaien moms taking to the streets in 2017 to protest mandatory vaccination.

Concerning what is getting injected into American infants, there is a large part of factual stuff that is not being reported. Murrow would be sad. Putin would be elated. Just sayin...


I used to be a great proponent of vaccines. When I started to question the link between autism and vaccines, I was told to “read the science”.
I did.

My friends and family use my “anti vaccine” views to belittle me.
I think my doctor uses it to farther her believe that I have schizophrenia because it means I am “paranoid”.

Barbara Caceres

Thank you for providing calm clarity and direction around this complex issue that often becomes highly emotional and polarized. For the sake of humanity please someone do an independent, true placebo-controlled, scientific study of vaccines, including a long term comparison of those who are vaccinated and those who are not. Truth should never be afraid of scrutiny.


Did anyone else hear Offit say, "If vaccines cause autism then, I'M WITH YOU, in no sense should they be mandated". He said that in his interview with Lynette Barron. Thank You Lynette!!! (Cut to Offit mockingly shooting himself in the head).

In that same interview Offit said the justification for pregnancy pertussis vaccination is a lack of protection for the infant from her 2/4 month vaccines. Meaning, we have to vaccinate pregnant women against pertussis, because the infant she has will not be protected by her pertussis vaccines, said infant needs to be exposed to pertussis vaccines in utero, so she can be protected from pertussis, despite her pertussis vaccines. You really can't make this up.

CUT TO, the HPV vaccine paying for Vioxx's loss. Middle-aged men get more protection from pharma - by our laws, by our media, - then teen-aged girls do. Shame, shame, shame, Amy Goodman and Rachel Maddow. Have you ladies read HPV on Trial? My guess is no. My guess is you brilliant folk justify not reading that book because you sincerely believe that doing so will bring about the apocalypse. Millions of children, throughout the world will perish of polio, and diphtheria, and measles, and the flu, and chickenpox, and scarlet fever (oh wait).

The polarization of this conversation; "anti"/ "pro", has served its purpose. It's meant to to silence it.
GIVE OUR SCIENTISTS THE MICROPHONE!!!! You ladies know who knows who Dr Judy Mikovitz, Dr Toni Bark, Dr Sherri Tenpenny, Dr Suzanne Humphries, Dr Brian Hooker, Dr William Thompson, Dr Andrew Zimmerman, Dr Tetyanna Obukahnych, Dr Jennifer Maruglies, Dr Thersa Deisher, Dr David Brownstein, Dr James Lyons-Weiler, etc.,etc, Oh yeah, almost forgot, DR MOSKOWITZ are!!!!

We are talking about the scientific reality of what we, as a culture of people, inject into infants. It is crazy, in the face of this much public outcry, we can't publicly discuss.

R Prasad

Pardon me doctor. But the term 'Pro-vaxxer' sounds decent to me. The appropriate better word is "Vax Pushers".

cia parker

Dr. Moskowitz,

I am one of your biggest fans and just last night reread your three articles in the Mothering book Vaccination: The Biggest Issue of Our Time. Also the excellent one by Dr. Harold Buttram. I also read a lot of your book Resonance last night, and want to focus on the chapters at the end about miasms. I have read your new book Vaccines: A Reappraisal cover to cover twice, have reread many parts, recommended it innumerable times, and gave it to a pro-vax friend a couple of months ago. I think it's the best book ever written about vaccines.

I have wished many times that I could consult with you about my very complicated case of MS and permanent chronic insomnia caused by the mercury in nine DPTs/dTs I got growing up. Taking a combination remedy Mer Detox caused two months of mercury attacks twice a week, with vomiting and unbearable, whirling vertigo for several hours each time, with sweating and severe ataxia, but only during the attacks. I don't know if that's possible. Remedies sent from a homeopath in India did the exact same thing, as did ascorbyl palmitate and taking more ALAs than the Andy Cutler low-end protocol recommended.

And I completely agree that all vaccination must be left to personal choice. You said in your book that many of your parents have opted for just the DT and polio vaccines, and no more, and you thought that was a reasonable position. In one of the articles in Mothering you said that the diphtheria and tetanus vaccines are only made from the toxins produced and not from the pathogens themselves, and that many parents understandably wanted vaccine protection from these diseases. And that the polio vaccine is about as safe as it's possible for a vaccine to be. I agree with all this. I don't completely agree with you on the meningitis vaccines. While it's better to eventually get natural immunity through subclinical cases, which is what nearly everyone does by the age of five, I am troubled enough by the eventual one in two hundred babies in the US getting a clinical case of Hib disease by the '80s, before the vaccine, and one in a thousand dying of it, with many left with permanent disabilities, that I think that in cases in which the baby HAS to be in daycare in his first year, not breastfed, as he probably wouldn't be if he were in daycare, then the parents should consider it, even though it causes peanut allergy in one in fifty now (I looked up the number who died of peanut allergy, and it's much less than one in a thousand.)

I'd like to ask you what you think of this new phenomenon of anti-vaxxism. In the past, anti-vaxxers were usually parents whose children were severely and permanently damaged by vaccines, including myself, my autistic daughter, and many members of my family. I was thinking about your book the other day when I said that genetic factors largely determine who reacts to vaccines and how. I was ecstatic to read in Vaccination your confirmation that delayed reactions are much more the rule than the exception, brought about by a new infection or vaccine. My MS symptoms started years after both arms were paralyzed for a few days by a tetanus booster (with mercury), when I got a 105 degree fever in Italy, which started the insomnia (for the first time in my life) and then, one by one, the other symptoms which were eventually diagnosed as sometimes-paralyzing MS by MRI.

Of course I understand being angry when you or your child is disabled by vaccines, angry at the official denial, also widespread among the public. What I don't understand is the new position of believing that with good nutrition no one need be afraid of any contagious or infectious disease, the lack of memory of how ravaging some of the diseases were in the past, and might be again in the future. The DENIAL of their ravaging nature. Some go so far as to say that ALL reports of bubonic plague, Spanish influenza, widespread deaths from diphtheria, for the last week, yellow fever, were invented by pharma companies only to sell their wares, that in reality the diseases have NEVER been that bad. Many deny that any vaccine has ever prevented a single disease in a single person, that they're all always completely ineffective, and all they do is disable or kill many people. I think this is a true anti-vax position and it has become surprisingly common. I understand that for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction, but I think this position goes much too far and disrespects both the millions who have died of contagious and infectious disease and those who have sought to heal them and prevent the diseases in others. While completely agreeing that the pro-vaccine narrative and its supporters and pushers have gone much, much too far, and have disabled many millions.

And I used long passages from Vaccination about the benefits of natural measles to post (attributed) in blog comments, also from other sections of your book. I COMPLETELY agree that most of the VPDs are beneficial for the vast majority to go through naturally and should not be vaxxed for, although I feel concern about those immunocompromised who will get and be severely affected, even die, from diseases relatively mild for most, and also for those who seemed very healthy but still died of something like chickenpox. Homeopathy for them, both for prevention and treatment. My main concern is with clinical cases of the dangerous diseases. Tetanus, diphtheria and polio (if they come back), meningitis, and, where applicable, the tropical diseases. I recommend isolation and homeopathic pertussin for young babies, never the pertussis vaccine.

And, if you've read any of my comments, you'll know that I strongly support the use of both homeopathic remedies, combination remedies, and nosodes. I'd REALLY like to know your opinion on what should be done about yellow fever, for example. Ideally there would be massive homeopathic campaigns in areas where the disease occurs, but I really don't know how long it is believed that HP protection lasts compared with vaccine protection. It is a lot cheaper and easier to administer than vaccines, but I don't know how long it will be before it would be practical to give it to all the millions of people in the world who need protection from it. The vaccine is clearly strongly protective against yellow fever, although it has proven very dangerous for a small number of the recipients. But you know how horrifying and often deadly disease it is. Would you recommend that people in the path of yellow fever, if they had no access to homeopathy, get the vaccine?

I am ciaparker2 and I'm at if there's anything you might be able to tell me in addition to what you might answer here.

Jeannette Bishop

Very well-written distillation of this issue!


Absolutely John!
I was so much one of them. Mistaken parents my professor called them, my children's pediatrician. My foot.

So was Jon Poling for that matter after going through the education system kept repeating in his interviews that he if had not seen it with his own eyes, he would never have believed it.

It is amazingly amount of good will, and trust that was built over decades around vaccinations.

Our school lessons have been a very important factor.


Wow! Such a clear and concise outline of the entire situation! I will be sending this to my legislators in Arizona. Thank you Dr. Moskowitz


If women have a RIGHT to CHOOSE an abortion, then why don't Mothers have a RIGHT to CHOOSE vaxxes....????....
If vaxxes are so good for the public, then why aren't they required to be produced on a NON-profit basis....????....

*I try to use the phrases "pro-vaxx", and "pro-vaxxer" as often as I can, when writing online comments....
My personal observation and opinion is that public perception is FAR MORE "vaccine skeptic" than Dr. Moskowitz appears to believe. But aside from that, yeah, I agree 100% with Dr. Moskowitz!

Hans Litten

Hospital disinfectant chemical glutaraldehyde deliberately added to vaccines, admits CDC … Chemical dangers abound
This is new name to me : glutaraldehyde
According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), glutaraldehyde is a pungent chemical that is commonly used as a tanning agent, a biocide in metalworking and a preservative in cosmetics. It is also used as a hardening agent in x-rays, and is a staple in embalming solutions. Furthermore, the hazardous chemical is used as an antimicrobial in water treatment systems, and remains a widely utilized tissue fixative in histology and pathology laboratories.

Eight vaccine excipients included in the CDC list contain this hazardous chemical, most of which were used against diphteria, tetanus and pertussis. The most alarming common variable that these excipients have, patient-wise, is that they are intentionally injected into children younger than 7. DTaP vaccines themselves are laden with side effects ranging from swelling and fever, to more serious conditions such as severe allergic reactions, faster heart rate and constrained breathing. Considering the notoriety of glutaraldehyde in a number of research and case studies, its presence in these vaccine excipients raises further concerns about the already-disputed safety of vaccinations, especially among infants and children.

John Stone

We should never forget - whatever we think now - that we were the people who followed the official advice, and now they jeer at us. That is fundamental and disgraceful reality of this episode in history.

Mary S. Holland

Thank you, Dr. Moskowitz!
Mary Holland

Hans Litten

Genocide is a profitable business !

Bill Gates: My 'best investment' turned $10 billion into $200 billion worth of economic benefit
•Investing in global health organizations aimed at increasing access to vaccines creates a 20-to-1 return, the Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist says.
•Putting $10 billion into the S&P 500 would have grown only to $17 billion over 18 years, factoring in reinvested dividends, he tells CNBC in Davos.

On vaccines, Gates also had a message for parents who fear side effects as a reason not to get their kids their shots. "It is wild that just because you get misinformation, thinking you're protecting your kid, you're actually putting your kid at risk, as well as all the other kids around them."

Using measles as an example of a once dangerous disease that's easily preventable by a vaccine, Gates warned against complacency.

"As you get a disease down to small numbers, people forget. So they back off. They think, 'Gosh, I heard from rumor. Maybe I'll just avoid doing it,'" he explained. "As you accumulate more and more people saying that for whatever reason, eventually measles does show up. Kids get sick. And sometimes they die."

Angus Files

Hans just think of the money mate! Dead On Arrival stories about vaccines not wanted...

Pharma For Prison


Bob Moffit

The terms "anti-vaccination" and "pro-vaccination" are POLITICAL terms … which is why the term "anti-vaccination" is applied to anyone regardless whether or not the individuals involved are NOT OPPOSED TO ALL VACCINES. The term is used precisely as described as a "pejorative" .. meant to distort objections to certain vaccines as being against all vaccines .. thereby avoiding any meaningful discussion on the merits of those vaccines being "safe or effective".

This is what happens when serious issues become POLITICIZED … such as … the abortion issue .. which is now heatedly debated by calling each side .. PRO-LIFE … PRO-CHOICE. Obviously arguing for freedom of CHOICE instead of arguing for ABORTION is preferred.

Odd the same POLITICAL organizations that argue so strongly for the RIGHT TO CHOOSE AN ABORTION .. are mostly silent on the issue of parents RIGHT TO CHOOSE VACCINES?

Hans Litten

On the 4th of January this year, at the end of the required 6-week period, two Pfizer Group Regulatory Affairs Directors, Mary Allin and Helen Edwards, sent a response to Dr. S. Spinosa of the European Medicine Agency on the topic of ‘higher number of neurologic events reported in Italy following the coadministration of Pevenar 13 and hexavalent vaccines.’ The two directors specified at the end of this letter that based on data supplied, they did not feel there was any need to modify the vaccine’s reference safety information (RSI), in other words, its package insert.”

To grasp the extent of the problem, just remember that the Belgian annual birth rate is approximately 128,000, a very large majority of whom receive BOTH the Prevenar and the Infanrix Hexa. A simple calculation reveals therefore that the annual number of serious adverse effects, taking ONLY this vaccine into account, could be 3% x 128,000 births = 3,840 children!”

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