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San Diego Man Diagnosed with Severe Autism As Tot Defies Prognosis, Passes Bar Exam

Dr. Bob Sears Interviews How to End The Autism Epidemic Author JB Handley

Vaccine conversationWe invite you to bookmark and visit The Vaccine Conversation podcast with Melissa and Dr. Bob Sears. Below is an interview with JB Handley.   Visit the link at The Vaccine Conversation here, or listen below.  Napkin headwear optional, but highly recommended.  Thank you.

Today we introduce JB Handley and his new book, How to End the Autism Epidemic, and explore how the mainstream medical community has spent the last two decades refusing to acknowledge that autism is on the rise. JB shares how autism has affected his own family and how it turned him into a "reluctant activist." Together we discuss the media and medical machine behind our nation's vaccine program as they aim to maintain the narrative on this issue.




susan welch

R Prasad. Thank you so much for that encouraging information.

R Prasad

@susan welch and @JB Handley

While I agree that China may take a lead on ending Autism Epidemic way sooner than America, I also think India will also contribute significantly. There is a section of mainstream medicine in India that follows western medicine, but many follow different alternative systems of medicine such as Ayurveda, Siddha, Yoga, Tribal medicine, Naturopathic, Homeopathic, Unani etc. Also, in India the highly recommended childhood vaccines are 10 or less. And vaccines are not mandatory to join a school, job, day care etc.

Note: I am from India.

R Prasad

I liked this brilliantly informative, articulated and sensible interview that I shared this page link with my known therapists and other parents. I strongly suggest all AOA readers and parents also share this with their friends, family and other parents.

Hans Litten

I was also heartened by his reference to the fact that it may be China who breaks this.
Posted by: susan welch | January 09, 2019 at 12:44 PM

Why ? "Because the Chinese really love their kids" - made no sense to me whatsoever.
Plus I have seen there was 5M chinese autists back in 2005. Probably >15M by now
And they just took "Gardasil-massSterilisation" into China.

Italy is our best chance, maybe even France with the YVs.
Polands resistance is very encouraging. I like the EEFV people (they are making the right noises)
Vaccines will be defeated in a country that is previously used to fighting persecution, but they are very successfully compartmentalising our efforts on vaccine_truth. They have stopped us becoming a global international movement (probably by placing interlopers in our key positions of authority to prevent effective communication).

The mandating of vaccines is what will bring them down. Ok California and Australia have both gone quite well (both fully fluoridated water supplies). Europe generally isn't going so well.

Have you seen the pictures of the African children scaling 25 foot fences running for their lives because the vaccinators are coming ? And plenty of mistrust (quite rightly so ) in Pakistan & Afghanistans etc.

Earthquakes Wars Floods Tsunamis meteor strikes Alien landings , the very first thing the childrens charities do, is rush vaccines into the event. Food Water Shelter, not required , just vaccine.

Jeannette Bishop

Great interviews (parts 1 & 2)! Looking forward to the next one.

In the "news," I wonder what motivates this release, possibly typed up in a hurry:

My guess is this has to be aimed at the true believing, largely not yet educated vaccinators, but I can't imagine something like this actually being swallowed.

susan welch

Excellent interview. I particularly liked JB's comment regarding how massive the cover up is now 'It is a hungry lie - you have to keep feeding it'

I was also heartened by his reference to the fact that it may be China who breaks this.

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