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Corvelva Releases "Vaccinegate" Analysis of Gardasil 9, Turns Out To Be Gardasil 7, With 338 Contaminants...

by Ginger Taylor MS

... 10 of which are toxic chemicals, and  264 of which are unknown.

Screenshot (2242)Google translation:
"We arrive with this analysis to the fourth vaccine analyzed with this method, which aims to determine the chemical-protein composition of the analyzed vials.

On this occasion we focused on a vaccine that is not mandatory in Italy, the one against the papilloma virus, but that has done much to discuss in the recent past for the numerous reports of suspected adverse reactions received over time. The anti-Hpv vaccines have made much debate, even outside Italy; hence the decision to dedicate our attention also to this product.

ATTENTION: Gardasil 9 is an anti-Hpv vaccine that should contain 9 antigens as a leaflet, for 9 different subtypes of the Hpv virus (subtype 6 -11 - 16 - 18 - 31 - 33 - 45 - 52 - 58). However, all the antigens that are declared are not detected, but only 7 out of 9.

With reference to the methodology, the technical complaints and criticisms made in the last few weeks, we have responded (link report with the final report of the analyzes. We suggest the reading and the diffusion of this document, together with the rest, because the explanations are rather detailed and precise.

In this sample of Gardasil 9 were found, as for the previous vaccines analyzed:

Chemical contamination from the manufacturing process or cross-contamination with other production lines
Chemical toxins

ANTIGENI: as anticipated, Gardasil 9 is an anti-Hpv vaccine that should contain, from package insert, 9 antigens, for 9 different subtypes of the Hpv virus (subtype 6 -11 - 16 - 18 - 31 - 33 - 45 - 52 - 58 ). Of these, they were NOT detected:

L1 Type 11 Protein of Human Papillomavirus (one of the subtypes that are most commonly associated with cervical lesions)
L1 Type 58 Human Papillomavirus (one of the subtypes that is most frequently associated with cervical cancer)

These two subtypes were not detected with the method in use (unlike the remaining 7).

Also in this case, therefore, we are faced with a product that does not seem to contain what it should contain. That is, of 9 antigens, only 7 were detected.
This opens up an important question about product compliance. A question that is not up to us to resolve, and that as always we turn to those in charge.

In addition, 338 signals of chemical contaminants were detected, of which 22% known. This data is also in continuity with the previous ones.
Among these signals were also identified 10 chemical toxins, probably from the process of processing antigens or other production processes present at the site of production of the vaccine.

In conclusion, also Gardasil9 - as well as the hexavalents Hexyon and Infanrix hexa as well as the quadrivalent Priorix Tetra - according to the method we commissioned, leaves enormous doubts on both efficacy and safety."

The full report in Italian:


Hans Litten

Wow Wow Wow --- Newsflash

As an aside, the HPV vaccine may have an exceptional capability to involve CYP450 and cell mitochondria damage. Recently emerging research apparently indicates the Human Papilloma Virus vaccine contains human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), the anti-fertility ingredient also found in the Tetanus vaccine given to child-bearing-age females in Kenya, Africa, that was confirmed by independent testing.


This emergency broadcast gardasil pharmaceutical ROUTINES


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Nothing is being done
Send out a PLAY

Governments are instituted to protect freedoms, not restrict them. Certainly, in the event of some communicable diseases society has a need to protect people as a group, but that’s not the issue here.

John Stone

Another point to be made is that secret signs were an important way of encrypting or recognition before the days of modern technology, for good or ill, but now they are largely redundant.

Gary Ogden

John: Thanks you for reposting one of Dan's most trenchant commentaries. Three years on, and little has changed, although many more are awakened, all over the world, to liability-free vaccine dangers. The U.S. Congress is a nest of shameless cowards and crooks. They are the only ones who can put an end to this, and they're not going to. It will take citizens demonstrating in the streets, as they are doing in France, Italy, and Poland.

susan welch

Hera. I think you summed up the so succinctly.

Well said!

John Stone

As far as I am concerned "conspiracy" is a perfectly good word - people plan ventures and people conspire. It is something that they do. It was just pointed out in an article I was reading that probably the first usage of the term was by Karl Popper in 'The Open Society and its Enemies' (1945) and the sort of example he had in mind would have been bad politicians exploiting fear of one's neighbor - a general conspiracy theory of society - as governments now exploit fear of "anti-vaxxers". He was thinking of how people might for instance be encouraged to blame their misfortunes on the Jews. This a further explanation:

In these columns Jonathan Rose also cited Richard Hofstadter:

"In his classic "The Paranoid Style in American Politics", historian Richard Hofstadter carefully drew that distinction. A conspiracy theory of history, Hofstadter argued, portrayed "conspiracy as the motive force in historical events". It imagined that the machinations of some small group (Freemasons, Jews, the Illuminati) explained all of history over the centuries -- and that, of course, was completely daft. But Hofstadter readily acknowledged the reality of more mundane conspiracies. "There are conspiratorial acts in history," he wrote, "and there is nothing paranoid about taking note of them."

There is no doubt we are enmeshed in some perfectly horrible politics, but quite fundamentally our institutions have spun out of control and global corporations control governments - I don't know whether people make secret signs to each other - but if they want to play at secret societies it does not really add anything to the general problem, which is how people behave given the wrong conditions.

Fabulous article by Dan btw.


I tend to agree with John Stone here. It does not really need a conspiracy, to have all this happen, just people being people, and doing what they do.

You have vaccines that no one ever checks for quality or ingredients ( because the governments that are pushing them on everyone know that bringing up quality control issues might put people off, so they just decide not to look for them. ) Companies that manufacture the vaccines realize they are completely liability free ( those good old liability free vaccines) and they can probably depend on the government agencies whose job it is to get everyone vaccinated, to shut down any criticism of the contents anyway, unless people are actually dropping dead like flies, and even then it may well still take a while,for people to notice, as newspapers for the most part feel that reporting on vaccine injury in any style that doesn't push people to take more vaccines is anti social for some reason, and even when doctors suspect the vaccine, they are loth to make it sound like they are responsible for harming someone.

No one likes to admit they made a mistake that hurt someone else.

So there is no reason for vaccine manufacturers to remove contaminants, or even make sure the contents are exactly what they say they are, because there are always going to be people like Eindecker who will most likely defend the contents of the vaccine no matter what. And, while I am not a lawyer, it seems likely that at least right now, they are legally protected anyway, since vaccines are the only medical product out there that is liability free. Why do things that cost money, that they don't need to do?

Form a manufacturers point of view; their job is to protect the bottom line, increase the company profit margins etc. Wasting time and money on quality control and contaminant removal when there are no outside checks and balances is from their point of view, stupid. And they probably go to sleep at night saying that they are protecting jobs, and doing a good thing for their company, and really if there was an issue, the doctors would catch it.

The doctors go to sleep saying, " well, sometimes reactions happen, we don't want polio back, if I make a fuss, I could get blacklisted, my practice must just have a couple of extra sick kids, because if it was a real issue the manufacturers or the CDC would let me know.

And the workers at the CDC go to sleep saying Well I am protecting all these kids from nasty diseases. I haven't heard of reactions in the news, so mostly it must be fine, and anyway my job is to make sure everyone gets vaccinated. It is the doctors job if an individual kid has problems.

Then the bloggers being hired to write pro vaccine pieces or argue on line about how wonderful vaccines are say "well, I need to keep the power on, and I like writing; I can spin this, and anyway, if there was a real problem the CDC would be on top of it, or the doctors, or someone would sue or something..

Lots of people just doing their jobs, making damn sure they don't ask too many questions or look to hard at things they don't want to know about, and then going to sleep with a "clear conscience", from their point of view...

Hans Litten

Question for Corvelva :

Are you able to isolate the adjuvant AAHS at all ?
Or are you able to document its structure ?

I know Chris Exley has been refused samples of AAHS to be able to test it by Merck.
What is Merck worried about ? Why is it hiding AAHS away like it is ?


Hans; Did they ever find out who decided to do the study on three identical triplets, and how were they suppose to be monitored? Is that not the creepy part.

Grace Green

I find I agree with Hans on this - if you didn't see that there is something totally weird going on you would have to accept their allegations that we are out of our minds. So you might as well name the conspiracy for what it is.

Hans Litten

Film recommendation for AoA contributors (to demonstrate the capabilities of the conspiracists !)

Three Identical Strangers

Hans Litten

Posted by: John Stone | January 15, 2019 at 10:49 AM

Ok i do agree with you.
But the controlled international media blackout bothers me so much
The compliant politicians who pretend they dont hear us
The doctors and nurses who see it all first hand and turn their backs

And how do the organisers of all this, avoid it for their own families
There is a conspiracy occurring in plain sight which cannot be denied
How do they organise and communicate - because they are

I can see the vaccine maimed children everywhere - and so can you !


When trust is broken!
When the masses finally understand that their leaders are liars.
As in there are suppose to be 9 different types of antigens for nine different cancer causing cervical viruses in the vaccine. Yet, when looked at; there are only 7, and the two major viruses that they really think are the mostest in causing cancer is not present in the vaccine.

Did I understand everything?

Then looking for hidden meanings from such leaders is to be expected and endured.

Significance of the number 9

It is used 49 times in Scriptures, the number 9 symbolizes divine completeness or conveys the meaning of finality. Christ died at the 9th hour of the day, or 3 p.m., to make the way of salvation open to everyone.
Soooooo, number nine is conveys to me that dear Mr. Richie Rich Gates and his ilk named the Gardisil vaccine as the final vaccine needed for the final downward slide of the human population. Lowest ever in 2018; you have not seen anything yet.

John Stone


Why waste our time looking for hidden meanings when we know what the actual meanings are? It looks like a splendid way of convincing sensible people that we are insane. Any number could be a code for something. We know our governments are trying to screw us, with powerful corporate interests behind them, Bill Gates, the WHO, the Global security agenda etc., etc, etc. It isn’t really a secret anyway.

Hans Litten

John, if people hadnt been conditioned into this trusting state none of this debacle would have ever got off the ground - think about that ?

See these apparently more prmitive less educated people inn India who are actually clearly much more intelligent than those of us who think we are smart in the advanced western society :

Mumbai: In an example of how spreading fake news could lead to massive social and political problems, some Muslim schools in Mumbai have refused to permit health officials to administer the Central government's flagship measles-rubella vaccination to kids because of social media rumours claiming that the vaccination caused infertility.

According to the rumours, these vaccinations are a ploy by the government to sterilise Muslims. At least 60 Urdu schools have now refused a vaccination due to this fake news doing the rounds on the social media.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is now making all efforts to convince the Muslim community that this was merely a piece of fake news.

Meanwhile, an official said: "There is no substance in this rumour. This vaccination and infertility have no connection. We have vaccinated nearly 14 lakh people in Mumbai."

She added that the vaccination drive was conducted successfully in other states, like Telangana and Jammu and Kashmir, where there is a huge population of Muslims.
Meanwhile in the brilliant amazing United Kingdon (where numbers couldnt mean anything more sinister) the Gardasil uptake is now at 85% . US is only at 45%

Hans Litten

Posted by: John Stone | January 15, 2019 at 07:42 AM

These two subtypes were not detected with the method in use (unlike the remaining 7).
Yes I know what you mean, there once was a time when I believed vaccines were safe and effective.
Boy my imagination is a runaway train !

Prevnar13 is a piece of garbage too that maimed 1600 in Belgium (documented).

Why isnt it MMR3 John ? Or DTaP 3 ? Ask questions John - take nothing at face value with these scoundrels & criminals .

John Stone


But it is the number of virus types. Then, there is Prevnar 13 - which is obviously a resonant number, but there are times when you let your imagination run away with you.

Hans Litten

numerology ? Anything significant about the number 9 ?
Isnt this how the freemasons communicate with each other ? numerology ?

Too far fetched, I bet you'll say. Dont discount unless you have examined it carefully.

Jeannette Bishop

Do you think the vaccine industry in the west (or is this coming from China where they mandate expired vaccines, etc) where they are largely indemnified in most nations (at least it seems like that's the case) just decided to use hazardous waste water in vaccine production (maybe as a "proprietary" technique), their own wastes, or maybe they're even paid to "dispose" of some of it by other industries? I bet they find these contaminants make things more "antigenic" (when the antigens make it into the swill) by and large (maybe this makes up for a lost synergy with thimerosal for instance) and who would be checking up on them?

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