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AofA Revisited: Where’s the Outrage? Vaccines and Aborted Fetal Tissue.

By Cathy Jameson

With abortion in the news earlier this week, I took some time to reread a few articles about the practice of using aborted fetal cell lines in pharmaceutical products. I also started to watch the deposition of Dr. Stanley Plotkin who is considered, by some, to be the leading expert on vaccines and vaccine development. I wish I could say I was shocked when I heard what he said in the video about abortion and vaccines, but I'm not. Plotkin readily admits that tissues were harvested from quite a few normally developing fetuses who were intentionally aborted. He and his co-workers decided to use those tissues as ingredients in vaccines, which are sometimes listed as human diploid cells in the package insert. To my knowledge, those original cell lines, as well as newer fetal cell lines, are still part of vaccine production. Many pro-lifers state that they want to protect life from the moment of conception. All life! From womb to tomb! At all costs! No matter the circumstance! But I find them silent when I bring up the undeniable fact that aborted fetal cells are part of vaccines. While some pro-lifers have spoken up about this heinous practice, not every pro-lifer has said enough is enough. Churches either remain silent, too, or skirt the issue. Plotkin referenced the Catholic Church at one point in his deposition. I am saddened that he, and my Church, turned a blind eye on the act of willfully ending human life for "a greater good" years ago. I'm utterly disappointed that they, and too many others, continue to turn a blind eye today. - Cat Jameson


June 2016, Age of Autism - the comment thread was lengthy and interesting, read it here.

I’m sure many of our readers are aware of the vaccine ingredient I’ll mention in today’s post.  Others have already written about the topic and covered the facts well.  Living Whole and Children of God for Life, for example,  have bravely spoken up about the use of aborted fetal cell lines in vaccine production.  I applaud them.  I wish I could applaud more pro-life groups, but I hardly see them speak up about the topic.

I say that I’m a hardcore Catholic.  But even I’ve yet to take on this subject.  If I were serious about it, I’d have contacted the leaders in my Church about it.  Some leaders have spoken, but their very broad statement seems more of a CYA than anything (and I’m not referring to Catholic Youth Association if you get my drift).

For whatever reason, “the greater good” that vaccines supposedly benefit seems to trump the act of abortion and the use of this ingredient is justified.  It shouldn’t be.  But it is.  I think that needs to change.  So here goes…


I shared this link of vaccine ingredients in a post a few weeks ago.  I’m sharing the link again in today’s post.  I’d like to do that because some of the ingredients that are listed have been on my mind for a few days now.  They’ve actually been on my mind for years, but I haven’t written specifically about them yet.

Someone highlighted the use of aborted fetal tissue use in a screenshot.

that I saw shared on FaceBook not too long ago:

CJ outrage 3

Sitting here reading those highlighted words makes my stomach turn.  

That image doesn’t include it, but do be on the lookout for WALVAX 2.  That’s a newly derived cell line that’s projected to be used in vaccines, or biologics as I have recently heard vaccines being called.

I remember the first time I learned about the use of these aborted fetal cells.  Years and years ago, someone had put the bug in my ear that vaccines weren’t as perfect as I’d been told.  They said that I should read up on them.  They said I should do that before I took Ronan in for his next appointment.  They said that I may change my mind if I do.  They said that’s because there were some questionable ingredients in some vaccines, like aborted fetal cells.  They said, as a Catholic, I might find use of these ingredients somewhat troubling…or unethical…or immoral.  I looked at them like they were nuts and thought, Cancel the next appointment?  Not likely.  And gee, thanks for butting in a private matter, but no thanks.

Who were they to question vaccines?  And who were they to question me!  They were just another parent.  They had no background in the medical field.  No research articles written.  No degree in biology.  No history of formal studying of immunology or anything else related to the human body whatsoever.  Since they were just a parent and not someone I trusted to educate me about vaccines, I felt that I had no need for their commentary.  Thinking them utterly absurd, I smiled, nodded politely and walked away. 

I walked away from that conversation with only one thought – who in their right mind believes that the pharmaceutical industry uses aborted fetal cells in their product?  That’s just gross. 

Human cells from an aborted baby?  Yeah, right.

Since I was still a firm believer in vaccines for my children, I shrugged off the person and their gentle suggestion to ‘read up on those vaccines’.  Ronan’s development hadn’t taken a major nosedive yet, so I carried on with what I knew – which was to keep his next well-baby appointment.  But before that date on the calendar arrived, that bug the other parent put in my ear turned into a scratch that I had to itch.  I didn’t leap into action like I would have today, but begrudgingly, I began to search for information. 

Still a rookie when it came to doing Internet searches, I slowly found my way around the net to some websites that I thought would put this crazy idea to rest.  The more I searched, though – and verified, the more disturbed I became.  Aborted fetal cell lines were indeed part of the process!

CJ Outrage 2

While this is a current screenshot, the practice dates back long before I spent time to look it up.  

The initial Internet searches I did were time well spent.  As disheartened as I was, each time I went back to read more, I learned how much I didn’t know about vaccines.  I also learned that should I continue to agree to them, I faced a dilemma – a moral dilemma. 

As a life-long Catholic, I couldn’t continue to accept the medical products my doctor and society insisted that my children needed.  Backed up against a proverbial wall, I was forced into a having to make a tough decision. 

Still so new at the vaccine research game, I was comforted to a certain degree when I learned that I had some options.  Those were to get the shots (despite my religious convictions), to find an alternative (if one existed), or to skip them completely (and pray to God that my children would be okay without them).  Options were good to have, but I had no idea which one to pick. 

No easy answer

I did know that I couldn’t continue to allow my children to be injected with the vaccines that had anything to do with aborted fetal cells, so I asked around to see if an alternative vaccine existed.  Turns out, alternatives did exist!  But, how on earth would I obtain them?  I wasn’t a doctor.  I didn’t run a medical practice.  I didn’t have an “in” with a pharmaceutical company.  I’d have to find a doctor who would order the other those lots, who would agree to take my children on as new patients and who would administer the vaccines I wanted him or her to special order.  That sounded impossible.  That’s why, as hard as it was to consider, I kept the last option in mind which was to skip the shots that I know knew were questionable to my faith.  That last option was a viable option, but it came with more risks than I wanted to consider. 

Remember as of yet, I was still a firm believer in all things vaccines.  Even with what I was starting to read, which included learning about side effects and adverse events, I couldn’t wrap my head around how I was going to protect my children from what I thought were vaccine-preventable diseases. 

I honestly had no idea.  I was just a Mom trying to do the right thing for her kids.  That meant filling in all those boxes of the shot record, not haphazardly skip over them.  The dilemma I was facing was not just a moral dilemma anymore; it was a dilemma of epic proportions.

Since I needed more time to think things through, I delayed Ronan’s next well-baby exam.  I also inquired about getting vaccines that were not made with aborted fetal tissue.  Those were available and recommended for those parents who found themselves face-to-face with the same decision like I myself was. 

Coming <this> close to securing those doses for my children, as quickly as they were about to be made available to us, we were unable to get them. 

Long story short

What ended up happening?  I opted for the vaccines that I could that were free of the ingredients I did not want to support.  I also skipped the few others we were not able to obtain that Ronan was also “due” to receive.  Was that the right choice?  At the time, I thought yes.  Would I make a different choice today like skip all the shots completely – if you’ve followed my son’s story for any length of time, you know that the answer is yes.  I would.  And in a heartbeat.  I would because as I look at that screenshot of the vaccine ingredients I posted above, I have issues with some of the other ingredients, too.  I may not have had issues with them way back when, but I sure do now.  But I’ll save those thoughts for another post. 

Today’s post was to simply shed light on the use of aborted fetal cell lines found in vaccines.  It was also ask pro-lifers an important question:  Where is the outrage?  Where, I ask you?  Because I don’t see any outrage like I think there would be and should be.

As I know it, to be pro-life means that one takes a stand to value and defend all life from natural conception to natural death in all circumstances.  Period. 

If there was outrage, that defending of all life in all circumstances would be happening.  But it isn’t.  I know this to be true because those who state that they are pro-life would then not knowingly support the science or justify the use of aborted fetal cells lines in vaccines.  And yet they do.  Maybe it’s because they just don’t know.  Heck, for as Catholic as I thought I was, I didn’t know either.

But I do now.  

No matter how uncomfortable or sensitive the information may be, when the topic of vaccines comes up, the practice of using aborted fetal cell lines as an ingredient will also be included in my conversations.  Churches and other pro-lifers may remain silent on the issue, but you have my word that the next time a young mom or dad asks for my input on vaccines, as a practicing Catholic who is ready to defend all life in all circumstances, I will include that fact from now on. 

Will you?

CJ outrage



I am scared and sickened by the truth I really am. May God help us.

Donna Schwieder

Great commentary Cathy! I totally agree with you. So much for truly pro-life, our Catholic Church. Seems like it only wants to campaign against abortions. Totally agree that abortion is very wicked. But the logic must be carried further. The Church should stand strong against consequences of abortion, namely using aborted baby parts for research, producing vaccines cell lines, as a commodity! And then carry the outrage even further with us watching our government continually bomb and destroy men, women and children in other countries. How pro-life are we really?


As Jeannetta has said way better than I.


CIA parker.
I understand what you are saying, I think? If they were going to be killed anyway; at least try to make their little flash of light worth something.

However; it maybe more that there is a financial incentive of powerful people preying on the weakest and vulnerable of our society. I am not just referring to unborn babies either, but their parents.

Planned parenthood holds out a carrot so to speak of free women's care, but I have heard from a few that it is like a fly entering the web of a spider.

This late term abortion though, is being driven; I think- by our own tax money that those behind the curtain of pharma and federal health agencies have ghoulishly decided to make some Frankenstein or rather Island of Dr. Moreau


These recent, introduction of state bills for late term abortion suddenly appearing in New York and then Virginia reminds me of all of sudden the pharma/government run on all the states to push mandatory vaccines.

Now we all know here on this site that it is about big pharma making a push to be in control, keep being in power, making money off of mandatory vaccines.

But what is this push for late term abortions?

The only thing I can find is humanized mice - is driving the demand for "Late" yes it is late term fetuses of human beings.

I see that the FDA has with drawn any money going to this project in October of last year.
I am unsure if that means that the NIH has too?
But NIH had about 103 million dollars set aside for grants to anyone that wanted to work with late term fetuses and humanized mice.

Jeannette Bishop

Demand drives production. I think it should be argued there is a moral responsibility here, though most responsibility is on the heads of those who undertake to violate right to informed consent.

Regarding trustworthiness of the picture painted about what goes on with this practice...
"...they have to find babies that were infected, for example with they scared the pregnant women by telling them that their babies had been exposed and they would be born with horrible birth defects, so they convinced 27 women to abort their babies before they found one baby who was infected with rubella..."

Also, perhaps there is evidence that rather than the "ends justifying the means" we are experiencing a case of the means determining the ends, considering the carcinogenic tendencies of fetal stem cells and the rise of some rare childhood cancers. Also, there is the unpredictable nature of insertion of DNA fragments into host DNA and the concern of potential for chimerism leading to gender dysphoria which is also on the rise, concerns about promotion of autoimmune conditions, etc.

We do not know the full extent of injury that has or will result from vaccinating infants with the rubella vaccine alone, injuring some infants, perhaps setting the stage for future injury, compromising the immunity of all creating this cycle of vulnerable vaccinated mothers in pregnancy and their infants, possibly creating the conditions for common subclinical transmission of the vaccine virus to pregnant women and post-natal developing infants who may be harmed by the immune activation of an attenuated virus while being injected with many doses of adjuvants within the same vulnerable window.

(Of course if the antigens for rubella are missing in the vaccine received, then ...? Maybe the industry believes the vaccine strain is now making the rounds on its own?)

R Prasad

Slightly off the topic, but I have started using the with Age of Autism as my charity. It is slowly adding dollar by dollar. It is a very small amount, but if all AoA readers consistently do this, it could become a big help AoA (and hence Autism community) in future. All Autism families are financially challenged, but the Smile donation is simple and not a burden and every AoA reader can do without sacrificing anything. My 2 cents.

cia parker

But I don't think any of these women had an abortion so as to contribute the fetal cells for this purpose, and I think that makes a difference. They have used fetal cells for other medical purposes as well. If their use in stem cell research, for instance, permitted another baby to live, what would the ethical issue be in that case? We're not talking about creating fetuses for the express purpose of harvesting them. If they were aborted anyway, would it be better to use their tissues or let them go to waste?

I remember reading that a former pope said that it was morally permissible to get vaccines which had used "diploid" cells from aborted fetuses, I assume using the same train of reasoning.


New York State's new law allowing abortion up to the moment of birth seems a little extreme to me....
Since the true reality of it is hidden in deceptive language, let's be honest.
An exercise of "women's reproductive rights" which results in DEATH....
Just because somebody has a "right" to do something, doesn't mean that it's the RIGHT thing to do....
Using "cell lines" "developed" from ABORTED FETAL TISSUE in vaccines, seems a little, um, *SATANIC* to me....
Regardless of whether or not you truly believe "satan" actually exists, the word certainly does....
There's no word more accurate to describe dead babies in vaxxes, than "Satanic"....
And I'm a Protestant Buddhist!.....
Happy Sunday, huh? May GOD HELP US ALL!....


(EDIT of my previous message; sorry)

I in no way want to discourage either the writer or the dissemination of the message. However, in an upside-down society that fights to protect the "rights" of so many animals but has killed millions of the most indefensible of humanity, all while promoting mandatory vaccination in the name of "the children," this message will likely get NO traction.

Killing babies is simply too profitable in too many ways.


I in no way want to discourage either the writer or the dissemination of the message. However, in an upside-down society that fights to protect the "rights" of so many animals but has killed millions of the most indefensible of humanity, all while promoting mandatory vaccination in the name of "the children," this message will likely get any traction.

Killing babies is simply too profitable in too many ways.

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