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70 Mumbai Schools Continue to refuse Measles Rubella Vaccine

Bhopal_india_childLooks like they celebrate Ground Hog Day in India. Same spin on the vaccine Groundhog day clocksafety/injury story across the world: ...While the state has registered several cases of adverse effects, most were not found to have any direct connection with the vaccineAd nauseam

MUMBAI: Around 70 schools in the city continue to refuse the measles rubella vaccination even as the campaign comes to close in a fortnight. BMC officials said that in the last 45 days since the programme kicked off in Mumbai, along with the rest of the state, only 50% of the targeted children could be vaccinated. Read more at Times of India.




Cia, Informed consent ethic to vaccine risk taking for ourselves and our children is what we want but it is not standard practice in America. People are not given the pamphlet of the serious side effects that can and do happen everyday and that are not in a million but rather quite common: Seizures, autoimmune disorders including autoimmune encephalitis, food anaphylaxis and many food allergies, various forms of IBS, severe eczema, headbanging, screaming, unexplained death called SIDS, Guillain-Barre syndrome and other forms of progressive paralysis, some leading to a breathing machine. Mothers used to develop measles as children and get lifelong immunity and pass it to their babies in breastmilk until the baby was a little older and could process it herself with good nutrition, water, a vitamin or two. Paul Offit got measles naturally and got that immunity. Dr. Jayne Donegan in London laid out the risks of vaccines and how you can get health naturally to ward off disease. Hint: It doesn't come from injecting aborted human baby fragments into your babies or injecting various viruses, bacteria, metals and poisons.

Hans Litten


BOMBSHELL: Ethyl mercury in vaccines 50 times MORE TOXIC than methyl mercury in fish – Scientific research destroys industry parroted myth

The CDC_ience is a total lie from start to finish.
Another brick knocked off the wall it seems.

Hans Litten

Posted by: cia parker | January 17, 2019 at 01:12 PM

You don't understand the point I am making ? seriously ?
Are you hard of understanding ? Comprehension issues ?

vaCccination is an abomination, annihilation

CEASE all vaccination immediately. ALL of it.
It is a crime against humanity. A Nazis wet dream.
And you are an enabler of the biggest crime in all history - bar none

cia parker


I really don't understand your point. Have you demonstrated that there has been no increase in environmental pollutants which could account for the increase in congenital birth defects? No increase in viruses, retroviruses, or other potential causes of birth defects? You have not. In countries which routinely give the rubella vaccine, cases of CRS have nearly disappeared. In 1964-5, the year of the worst epidemic of rubella, there were 57,686 diagnosed cases (of course since the disease itself is so mild in anyone but fetuses, most cases weren't reported or diagnosed), with 20,000 cases of CRS. That's CDC information as reported in the Mothering book Vaccination: The Issue of our Time. It also says that in 1992 (a few years before the book was published), there were only 148 cases of diagnosed rubella in the US, with 9 cases of CRS. Because, you see, CRS can be recognized when it occurs and diagnosed. Look at the horrible photos in the book The Age of Autism of infants born with CRS: some of them with their back arched in a bridge even when laid down. Mothering magazine was one of the first media outlets to publish a lot on the dangers of vaccines: I don't think they're making anything up to hide or exaggerate the dangers of the VPDs. Rubella outbreaks used to spike every six or seven years. But if there were 20,000 cases of horrible birth defects caused by CRS, and only CRS, not counting all the other causes of birth defects, and they almost disappeared once the vaccine became routinely given, then, although you'd have to bear in mind that women may have reduced exposure to mercury now, there would probably still be many thousands of cases a year of CRS in those who hadn't gotten protection from rubella, either by the vaccine, natural exposure (hard to come by now, but that could change), or by the nosode.

I don't understand the point you're trying to make either. Are you saying that because so many now are refusing vaccines, that that proves that the VPDs are and would be no danger to anyone? Conclusion by consensus? I have said many times that I am against most vaccines, but would allow the parents or individuals involved to make their own decision. I've said that I am cautiously in favor of the DT series after the age of two, the polio series if it comes back here, and the Hib series in babies who have to be in daycare in their first year, after four months old. I don't often mention rubella because both the vaccine and the disease are potentially very dangerous (well, true of Hib disease as well). There IS a nosode, however, and it is genuinely safe and effective. I only ask that all girls older than ten be informed about it and that they and their parents talk about it, and decide what to do to protect the girl's future infants from it. At this time, there would be no danger even if she decided to refuse the vaccine, which I don't think can be uncoupled from the rest of the MMR (and I definitely don't recommend that). I've ordered many nosodes, and that would probably be the best course of action. I hope that natural rubella will come back so that girls can get it and get antibodies well before they get pregnant. I DON'T think, however, that it's good to shout how awful vaccines are without considering the dangers of some of the VPDs if many people don't vax and the diseases come back. What do YOU recommend that girls do to protect their future babies? And I'm sure you realize how anti-vaxxers' credibility would crash once there were many disabled or killed because they didn't vax for something. I think it's better to clearly explain both the risks of the diseases AND of the vaccines, and this is different for every disease, every vaccine, and every location in the world.

Hans Litten

Can we move to India ?


No Compulsory Measles Rubella Vaccination On Children Without Consent, Orders Delhi HC

The Court held that vaccination can be given only with the informed consent of parents or guardians.The Delhi High Court yesterday stayed the Measles Rubella(MR) Vaccination Campaign of the Delhi Government, which mandated compulsory vaccination on children even without consent of their parents or guardians.The order was passed in a petition filed by six children through their parents, challenging the direction issued by the Delhi Government on December 19 to all schools across Delhi and NCR region to compulsorily conduct the vaccination program on children between the age of 9 months to 15 years at their premises on different dates starting 16th January 2019. According to the petitioners the Delhi Government's direction is contrary to the instructions of the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, which stated that the vaccine would not be forcibly injected into the children without informed consent of parents.Justice Vibhu Bakhru stayed the directions, after finding prima facie merit in the petitioners' case. The Court held that vaccination can be given only with the informed consent of parents or guardians. It further directed the Government to issue advertisements through various modes, including national dailies, explaining the vaccine and its benefits, to enable persons to give informed consent. The matter has been posted next on January 21.The petitioners' counsel Abhinav Mukherjee argued that forcible vaccination without informed consent violates 'bodily autonomy' and 'informational privacy', which are recongized to be facets of the fundamental right to privacy under Article 21 of the Constitution of India as per the SC decision in Puttaswamy case."It is settled principle that choice of an individual, even in cases of life-saving medical treatment, is an inextricable part of dignity which ought to be protected… The law and procedure, authorising any kind of interference with personal liberty and right to privacy, must also be right, just and fair and not arbitrary, fanciful and oppressive," the petition said.The petition also highlighted newsreports regarding deaths of children in Gujarat, Punjab, Maharashtra and UP in 2018 after the administration of the new MR vaccine. After such reports, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has directed the officials to immediately stop certain batches of the vaccine. The new MR vaccine is in addition to the already prevalent Measles Mumps Rubella(MMR) vaccine, which is being administered for past several years. No information has been provided regarding the need for "additional dose" of vaccine, stated the petitioners.In this backdrop, the students claimed that adequate information about the clinical trials and side effects of the new vaccine should be supplied to quell the genuine apprehensions regarding its safety and efficacy.


I never said my article referred to CRS.

Total congenital defect rates increased since the rubella vaccine.

Therefore, either the rubella vaccine doesn't reduce rubella or rubella was actually a trivial cause of congenital defects.

Or, more likely, both.

Hans Litten

See this Cia_VPD , the trouble you are causing is beginning to be felt, your tireless campaigning !


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), people who reject the science and efficacy of vaccines are among the top 10 health threats facing the world in the coming year.

The report comes in the wake of a study published by the science journal PLOS ONE that shows anti-vaccine sentiment is growing in the United States.

“Since 2009, the number of ‘philosophical-belief’ vaccine non-medical exemptions has risen in 12 of the 18 states that currently allow this policy: Arkansas, Arizona, Idaho, Maine, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Utah,” the authors of the study wrote.

The Centers for Disease Control report that the percentage of children age 19 to 35 months who’ve remained unvaccinated has quadrupled since 2001.

In the report, WHO says that “vaccine hesitancy” threatens to “reverse progress made in tackling vaccine-preventable diseases.”

Measles, for example, has seen a 30% increase in cases globally. The reasons for this rise are complex, and not all of these cases are due to vaccine hesitancy. However, some countries that were close to eliminating the disease have seen a resurgence.

WHO’s report mentioned some of the reasons people are resistant to vaccination, among them being complacency, lack of confidence in established science, and “inconvenience” when it comes to seeking out places where vaccines are administered.

In recent years, the U.S. has had multiple vaccine-preventable disease outbreaks triggered by people who refuse to vaccinate.

cia parker

Your article didn't mention congenital rubella syndrome. There are many causes of birth defects, and most are unrelated to CRS. The rubella vaccine wiped out all birth defects caused by CRS.


I'm not saying any girl or woman should get the vaccine. I AM saying that if they don't get the vaccine, at this time of low rubella incidence, there's a small chance that they will have CRS if they get rubella in the first months of pregnancy, and when that occurs, MOST women have infants born with severe defects. If a lot don't get it, there's a much greater chance of this occurring. It would be ideal if all girls caught rubella before puberty, to eliminate the chance of CRS. As I did. As nearly ALL children did before the vaccine. Unfortunately, there were still a lot who didn't get it naturally, and, probably because of all the mercury-containing medical products used then, tens of thousands of pregnant women caught it, the worst epidemic being in 1964-5. The disease is completely harmless in everyone, well, nearly everyone, who gets it, only being dangerous to fetuses in early development. The vaccine was breathtakingly successful in eliminating these birth defects. But it would be FAR better to get it naturally before pregnancy. Or get the nosode.

Your article in NO way showed that the rubella vaccine was ineffective.


Cia, where do you get your belief that the rubella vaccine has had any success at reducing congenital defects?

That is not what the data (that the CDC itself uses) shows.

Doctors stopped blaming rubella (CRS) for defects. But the vaccine was - like all vaccines - completely worthless.


cia parker

I am against all vaccine mandates. But I'd like to know how much of a problem congenital rubella syndrome is in India, or what it was before the majority got the vaccine, if it's the case that they have. The article didn't mention how much of a problem the disease was in India. Maybe most children still get natural immunity to it, the way most children did here (including me) before the vaccine. I'd like to have more information on this. Certainly the problems caused by the disease in pregnant women are horrifying enough to make most women at least consider the vaccine (which DOES often cause arthritis, especially in girls past puberty and grown women). And there is a homeopathic nosode to prevent it, which would be safer than the vaccine. But I don't think it's a good response to be knee-jerk against the vaccine without thinking of the birth defects as well. But certainly it must be left up to the well-informed parents, or the girls themselves, to decide.

Jeannette Bishop

If I'm reading this correctly the courts deferred a government forced MR campaign in Delhi:

"The said notification also indicated that the vaccination would be administered without obtaining any consent of the beneficiary or their parents.

"The Public Interest Litigation filed against the order clearly stated that the notification is ultra vires (beyond the legal power or authority) of the constitution and this vaccination campaign can't be forcefully administered. (ANI)"

Hans Litten

The criminal fraudsters will be at work right now to overturn this wonderful resistance.
And you can be sure this will never be reported in the western lamestream.

It seems the mandatory vaccination policy of Macron in France is very much a part of the Yellow Vest Protests which are still ongoing - how many continuous months is that now Mr Macron ?

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