An Open Letter to Peter Hotez, Autism Dad and Vaccine Developer

Why Doctors (and Newspaper Columnists) Rarely Dare to Question Vaccine Safety

SPEAK TRUTHBy Ken Walker, M.D. (Syndicated as W. Gifford-Jones, M.D.)

(OMNS Dec 18 2018) Do you need excitement in your life? If so, just write a column on the rewards and risks of vaccination. Then find a safe, secure hideout. Pour yourself a drink and wait for those who want to boil you in oil. This scenario happened to me when an editor pulled my syndicated article, balanced I thought, after it was published, due to criticism.

Some readers thought I'd been fired.

A professor of medicine in Calgary writes, "I was horrified that you would publish these remarks for unsophisticated readers." This implies newspaper readers are stupid! Another reader wrote, "Your recent piece is a threat to public health. You should be ashamed for spreading lies and fear." These are damning comments that must be challenged.

I also received an overwhelming positive response from readers. The general reaction was "Thank God a doctor has finally had the courage to speak out about this matter." A few predicted I'd be fired. Another wondered why I wasn't stoned at my front door!

WD from Toronto replied, "I cannot believe your column on vaccines was removed. What is happening in this world? Big pharma has its teeth in everything and people blindly follow. Your column simply advised people to look at both sides of the coin. We are living in a sad time."

From the Prairie Provinces: "You are one of the brave. All mothers out in the trenches are celebrating your article." Another reader in Massachusetts claimed that "Dropping the column was an attack on free speech."

MG writes, "With my first and only flu shot I developed Guillain-Barre disease and became paralyzed. I've regained the ability to walk, but have permanent nerve damage. It's so frustrating to hear that flu shots are safe as one nearly killed me. Thanks for speaking up."

From Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario: "I'm a registered nurse who worked in Toronto and never took a flu shot. Like you, I take a lot of vitamin C, and also bee pollen to increase immunity."

A doctor from Mexico says, "I wasn't taught about immunology and I was impressed and shocked to read about the dangers of vaccines in your column."

What have critics missed in denouncing this column? Investigators always counsel, "Follow the money to find the answer." This means following 3.6 billion dollars, awarded to families due to the complications of vaccines. It's a huge pay out if nothing wrong ever happened.

Critics also make the error in ignoring the fact that no therapy in this world is 100 percent safe. I could never guarantee that my surgical patients would have an uncomplicated recovery. Every day people die of blood clots after surgery and prescription medication. Vaccines are no exception.

Some things like apple pie, motherhood and vaccines have become sacrosanct. And if doctors analyze them they're immediately damned.

Some critics claim that substantial amounts of mercury are no longer used in vaccines. But mercury even in small quantities is dangerous. Common sense tells us that something in the vaccine triggers occasional complications. To date, we regrettably do not have a utopian 100 percent safe vaccine.

I am a moderate, actually. I've previously written that vaccines have thankfully saved countless lives from infectious disease. I have never counseled anyone to refuse vaccines. Rather, the decision should always be made by the patient and his/her doctor. Informed consent should include the possibility of an unexpected, minor or serious complication.

One thing I do know. I'm not related to the Almighty. I therefore can't be infallible. I also know that readers often request that my column be discontinued when I write about controversial social and medical issues.

In view of what happened should I have bypassed a column on vaccines? I hate hypocrisy, so I'd be the world's worst hypocrite if I followed the non-controversial path. Medicine is made up of many controversies.

An editor 45 years ago counseled me, "It's the job of a journalist to make people think." This has left me with scars. But if I get fired for writing what I believe should be said, it's time to stop. After all, the motto of the Harvard Medical School is one word, Truth. I will live or die by it.

(And he means it. Dr. Ken Walker, 94, is a Harvard-trained surgeon and outspoken advocate of nutritional medicine. Last we checked, he's still writing his column, still read by millions. The doctor's website is and his email for comments is [email protected] .)

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Susan Welch

Jon Woodhouse

Thank you for posting the excellent, comprehensive article re Gardasil


Go Get it! We support you the whole way , but think about Dr Sukhomy Das as well, before you wade right in there ,like John Wayne, with both Guns fireing ! Real life is not like a cowboy movie?
We were taught even before starting nurse training in the mid 1970s , that if you were in a difficult situation of damned if you do something or damned if you don't, best just going ahead with thinking and doing the right thing anyway . Very well respected Geritrician Dr Sukhomy Das gets our full support .Shame about his huge legal bill, not being able to do the same thing? He won an NHS Tribunal
and was awarded £9000 ,but his legal bills came to around £80,000 Dear man had to re-mortgage his house to pay legal costs!
Runrig, Healer in your Heart[ Live Balloch] youtube

Jon Woodhouse


unsophisticated readers?
Oh the ones that when they are left unheard, ignored, abused, taken for granite, looked down upon as being subhuman by the system of elites such as a big Harvard Professor will be the very ones that with pitch forks (or what ever work day weapon) they have in hand and change the world. After years of abuse though, but they will wake up, always and they will be so very angry.

bob moffit

I believe the first question any 'scientist" should be required to answer is simply .. "Knowing the complexity of the "inherited" human autoimmune system .. which is as unique to each individual as are their DNA and fingerprints … do you believe it 'SCIENTIFICALLY" possible to create a "one size fits all" vaccine .. that is as safe and efficient for ALL who are approved and recommended to receive?

I would love to hear the "scientific" explanation that a "one size fits all" vaccine is as safe and efficient to ALL who receive it .. when knowing each individual is born with an immune system unique to that individual .. such as .. intolerant predisposition to various adjuvants in all vaccines?

I suspect all vaccines come with a warning not to receive the vaccine if patient is allergic to any adjuvants .. even though it is virtually impossible to know if a newborn infant .. or .. children one through five .. will KNOW if they are allergic until INJECTED with the vaccine. This is especially troubling since all vaccines have so many adjuvants it would be impossible to know if one's child is allergic to any ONE of those adjuvants.

It is not in the best interest of the CHILDREN to require them receive all recommended and approve vaccines .. exposing them to high risk of .. life threatening and life long .. serious adverse reactions .. in order to protect the "herd".

There is only ONE thing that can be done to assure each child in the 'herd" it is worth the RISK .. and .. that ONE thing would be the independent scientific study of vaccinated populations (HERD) .. to ascertain that BOTH populations of the HERD .. are suffering the same dramatic, inexplicable increase in childhood chronic autoimmune disorders, that were far less common in all previous generations of the same HERD as today .. where more than 54% of children are reported to be suffering some type of childhood development problems.



Pediatric care is not being delivered through the Petrie dish, it’s being delivered through the stock exchange. That is the fundamental problem.

Vicki Hill

I really don't get people's antagonism. If you tell someone that you are can't take penicillin, they nod and say, "Oh." In spite of the fact that penicillin has done good for many millions. And they never ask for proof from your doctors or to review your medical history.

But if you tell someone that you can't take a vaccine, then you may be fired from your job, called hateful names, screamed at online by trolls, etc. Your doctor may risk losing his license. And without batting an eye, these same folks tell you that they are doing this "for the people who CAN'T take vaccines." Hello? Do they ever listen to themselves?

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