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Eugene Oregon Faces Student Violence & Disruptive Behavior as Animal House meets Elementary School

Animal houseThose of us of a certain age recall Animal House with great fondness. The boys of Delta House tormented Dean Wormer and the entire Faber University at every torn. Today? Animal House is a reality in Eugene Oregon, where the movie was filmed almost 40 years ago.  The boys of Animal House were indeed naughty and puckish. But even John Belushi's Bluto was endearing, not enraging.   Today's school children are more reminiscent of another movie - Chuckie.  And I say that without meaning to belittle or shame. Behavior is out of control and not because our children are evil. Something(s) has happened to the young brain that is affecting their ability to function and cope. Screen time, forced academics far too early, changes to infant development, video games, chemicals masquerading as food, plastic in place of glass from cradle to grave, over vaccination in a a vast experiment on the human immune system and bolus doses of mercury before birth in the maternal flu vaccine. Violence and aggression are traits of mercury toxicity. This ties in with the overwhelming number of mass shootings in America. Unbridled, unchecked aggression and violence. The world is "easier" than ever to navigate. Children don't need to memorize a phone number, learn how to use an encyclopedia, read a map, make change for a $20 bill after a purchase - Siri and Alexa and iThisThatandEverything take care of thinking in so many ways. And yet they are tanking. There's no other word for it.


“We’re in the midst of a behavioral crisis,” said Tad Shannon, Eugene Education Association teacher’s union president. “We are facing real and present danger. This is happening at all our schools, it’s systemic. I don’t think that we’re going to survive the rest of the school year with the way things are now.”

Shannon was referring to increased violent and disruptive student behaviors in Eugene-area schools that he said are pushing teachers and other school staff to the brink of quitting.

Meg Carnagey, a first-grade teacher at Adams, said students are becoming more aggressive.

“Kids are hitting, choking, tackling, biting and kicking,” she said. “They’re leaving bruises, red marks and bite marks.”

The teachers who spoke Wednesday are not alone in their observations, and nearly every educator or education advocate in the area agrees that the issue is growing.

In the last three years, Bethel, Eugene and Springfield school districts — along with their counterparts across the state — have seen the frequency and intensity of violent, threatening or disruptive behaviors steadily increase, especially at the elementary level, district officials said in a Register-Guard report that published earlier this month.

Eugene schools face ‘behavioral crisis,’ board told



Microwave radiation magnifies the toxicity of other toxins. Dr. Martha Herbert has linked this type of radiation with autism and ADHD and other neurological problems.

I feel so sorry for our children being bombarded with pulsed frequencies all day and all night that affects all their internal organs, their skin and their ability to sleep, opens their blood brain barrier, prevents their cells from removing wastes, causes fatigue, exhaustion, headaches, brain fog, palpitations, dizziness, depression and that's just for starters. The worst part is they're trapped. They don't have the option to remove themselves from the invisible pollutant to make themselves feel better. They must instinctively know to flee but can't. And pathetically few adults charged with their care are aware, understand or care.

I forgot to mention this radiation can cause cardiomyopathy and type 2 diabetes, among many other problems including cancer. How many know that being near a cell tower raises one's blood sugar level? Known. Mainstream science. That's how labs create diabetes in mice - by exposing them to this type of radiation. Yet, schools are allowed to take money to put cell towers on school property and children are exposed to powerful routers all day long in school.


To David m burd: I’m watching for the toxic tipping points.

Adults are physically large and can pace out vaccines annually (until mandates), versus tiny infants getting multiple shots within minutes. Water can trickle or flood, but both cause erosion.


My husband was convinced he was going to die at age 70. Why? Because his parents were very ill in their fifties, seriously ill in their 60s and barely made it to their 70th birthday when they died. I mean barely by a couple of days.

I told my husband the difference between him and them is that he was not getting any vaccines year, after year, after year.

When his parents became too ill; I had to take them to their doctor appointments, and there was not a year that they did not get their flu shots. I know cause I watched in wonder at how they were able to do that while my two kids. and husband had serious reactions. At the time I thought well it was only the DPT vaccine. I ignored my own Mother's continued complaint that all her stomach problems and nerve problems began from a one time flu shot she received when she was in her mid 30s.

David m burd


Contrary to your belief your relatives "haven't been damaged (yet)" by their love of flu shots, the shots they get every year contain another 25 mcg of ethylmercury that progressively accrue in their brains (think Alzheimer's) and elsewhere in their bodies (think Parkinson's). The CDC brazenly first lies with their official stance that ethylmercury is harmless, then lies again claiming only a small percentage of flu shots contain mercury, the truth being 90%+ of such shots DO have 25 mcg (micrograms) mercury (data from the flu vaccine manufacturers annual flu dose production).


Animal House ,Herd immunity and vaccine risk assessments ?
Apart from school playground bullying , surely it's not normal, usual, behaviour, for children to "Want" to be so agressive, hitting, choking, tackling, biting and kicking ,leaving red marks, bruises and bite marks?
Parainfluinza overdose effects? with the unintended behavioural consequences of very acuetly distressed behavioural presentation in children ? Don't blame or accuse parents for poor parenting skills ,that excuse went out of fashion decades ago? Child vomited 2pm,mother coming up later ,is a "howler" of a statement for a Dr to write in a childs medical records !
See Cainine Parainfluenza /Merk Animal Health USA
Time To Vaccinate
Risk Assessments - The meaning of the safe harbour provisions of the United States private securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 .

On yonder hill
There stood a coo
it's no there noo
it must have shifted . By William McGonagall 1825-1902
coo=cow noo=now
Industry risk assessments for cats and dogs still" doing it's business"on every pet owners front lawn?

David Weiner

I think it would be better to refer to problems stemming from "an intensive vaccine schedule", or something along those lines, rather than attributing them to "over vaccination".

"Over vaccination" implies that there is a sound, lower level of vaccination which should be pursued and that the unvaccinated individual is under-vaccinated. It implies that there exists a correct, universal level of vaccination, which is the mindset that underlies the government vaccine program, official vaccine schedules, mandates, etc. that the program simply needs to be recalibrated.

Managing Editor

Bill - you're right. Like the Opioid epidemic - it starts in a fancy office with a Dr in a white coat prescribing pills. Kim


Bill, that was my thought too. Prescribed psychiatric drugs are the most direct cause of mass school shootings. Although years of damage caused by vaccination, etc. is what often leads up to children being prescribed psychiatric drugs.


I've got another criticism. You list a wide variety of factors, and say, "this ties in with the overwhelming number of mass shootings in America." I think it's deceptive to blame such a wide variety of factors, when ALL of the mass-casualty school shooters were on psychiatric drugs. Of course, not ALL mass-shootings involve shooters on psych drugs, but the school ones do. Psychiatric drugs are FAR LESS SAFE, far less effective, and far less necessary than PhRMA would have you believe. Same as with vaxxes. Also, there IS pervasive, vast OVER-drugging. Science, carefully and accurately understood, does NOT support either mass-vaccination, OR mass psych drugging, especially of children. I'm pretty sure that Laura Hayes, in her comment above, and myself, are pretty much in full agreement with the article here, even if we have to put in our own comments, too!


I am an ex-vaccinator. I will continue to use the term “over-vaccination.”

The vast majority of people are vaccinators, and must be addressed with language they can process in manageable ideological increments.

My relatives who still get flu shots finally showed comprehension of public health mismanagement when I told them children nowadays get 60+ vaccines. Too many, they realized. But they’re not ready to abandon their beloved flu shots. (Yet.) The process of change is for them a marathon, not a sprint, because they haven’t been directly affected themselves. (Yet.)

American consumers are conditioned for excess and magical thinking, and react emotionally and defensively when others upset their sense of security — such as questioning the safety of the vaccines they are taught to believe are protecting them.

The flip side of forced vaccination is blocked access to vaccinations. True health freedom means allowing others to make choices that may be potentially unhealthy. That includes consuming varying amounts of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana — and vaccines. In the land of the free, people must be free to make choices, even foolish ones.

Laura Hayes

Please stop using the term “over vaccination”. It implies there is a safe-for-all, desirable, scientifically proven, scientifically sound, derived from non-corrupt sources, wise-to-receive number and variety of vaccines to receive at specified ages, which there is not.

Using such a term perpetuates and reinforces the vaccine propaganda. I am shocked and angered to continue reading this term here on Age of Autism.

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