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Vaccine Injury is the Elephant in the Room Even in India

Note: How is it that even when vaccine injury is a apparent as an elephant in the room, the push continues to paint vaccines as always safe?  Parents are rightly afraid of the risk, especially in India where so many children were harmed, even killed. It's almost impossible to fathom. For those reading the complete report a "crore" is an Indian unit of 10m and the reference to "41 crore" is to India's 410m children between 1 and 15.


By Jyoti Pandey, DownToEarth.org

After Gujarat and Punjab, now Uttar Pradesh has lost two children to Measles-Rubella vaccination and several other schoolchildren have fallen sick in Pilibhit and Shahjahanpur districts.

School administrations are now so scared to organise such drives that the government has sought help from the Indian Medical Association to spread awareness among people.

The vaccination drive was launched in UP on January 26 and the same day several cases of children falling sick were reported from various parts of the state. While Kanpur saw admission of 100 school-going children in hospitals, Shahjahanpur reported 30 such cases, Lakhimpur Kheri 22, Mainpuri 12, Unnao 29, Firozabad four and Mahoba and Tundla reported eight cases each.

After both Pilibhit and Shahjahanpur lost one kid each, the health department went into a tizzy. Zainab, 12, a resident of Chandoi village in Pilibhit, fell sick the day after she got vaccinated. She was admitted to a hospital right after she started puking, but she died.

Similarly, Shahjahanpur's Chandpur village saw eight-year-old Prince fall ill two and a half hours after he got the vaccine. He also started puking and the same night he was declared dead, says his father Sudhir Dikshit.

Earlier, Punjab had also witnessed a girl die and several other fall sick. After the death in Bhatinda, the vaccination drive was halted. Even in Gujarat, the kin of the two schoolchildren who died blamed the vaccine for the deaths. The protests forced the state government to launch an investigation.  Read more here.


saskia oedairadjsingh

Hi, I have a suggestion to all vaccine free groups and people on FB to be united and supportive to all vaccin free groups on FB. Have a look for more information on my FB, Thank you.


FOrward this to anyone who thinks delaying vax until school age is somehow safer.

Laura Hayes

Children must be taught to run for their lives, literally, when they see someone wielding a syringe.

“Health care” has become “death fare”.

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil...” (Isaiah 5:20)

bob moffit

One 8 year old fell ill two and a half hours after being given the vaccine .. he died that very same night. Another 12 year old child fell sick and died the day after she got vaccinated.

Apparently authorities tell people these two deaths were not caused by the vaccine .. as everyone knows and we are constantly reminded .. 'correlation does not mean causation".

To calm fears of parents … "District immunisation officer Deepa Singh says that every child is kept in school for a half hour after being given the vaccine, which is absolutely safe."

That should do it .. even though a half-hour distance between the vaccine and death is about the same time authorities have to apprehend and prosecute the perpetrator of a "drive-by shooter".

Come to think of it .. the adverse reactions of this vaccine are exactly the same as the victim of a drive-by shooting .. the only difference appears to be the victim is "shot by a needle" instead of a "shot by gun".

Hans Litten

Whatsapp is killing the vaccine geno-c-industry :


In Brazil, messages on WhatsApp falsely claimed a government-mandated yellow-fever vaccine was dangerous, leading people to avoid it. Violence toward Muslims in Sri Lanka earlier this year was directly a result of social media postings.

Hans Litten

I heard a story that facebook owned whatsapp is being blamed for spreading false and fake news about vaccines being less than perfect all across India !


The WhatsApp team maintains that 'Share Joy, Not Rumours' is not a brand campaign but a step towards user education which was started earlier on print and radio.

Yeah William Thompson does not EXIST !
Paul Offit and Gerberding are honest people who care .

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