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Laissez Les Mals Temps Rouler: Quebec Conducts HPV Vax Experiement To Save Money

The Greatest Generation Dies the Sickest Generation is Born

New NormalYesterday, our nation buried President George H.W. Bush, a World War II hero. Tom Brokaw wrote a book called The Greatest Generation about men like Bush, who served in what my Dad, a WWII Navy vet called "the great 'waah' in his Boston accent.  These men and woman catapulted America into the post-war boom years. My father was born in 1922. His granddaughters are part of the sickest generation, their lives shot down by autism.  I teach Karate to students beginning at age four. Last week, three kids, 8 years old or so, had a chat about epipens and how to use them. When I was 8 I talked about riding my bike after school and eating Hostess Big Wheels. Today's children face active shooter drills and constant medical interventions for chronic illness. Below, Children's Health Defense discusses the plight of the sickest generation.


From Robert Kennedy's Children's Health Defense

Too Many Sick Children

More than 54% of American children are suffering from one or more chronic illnesses, with the late 1980s and early 1990s viewed as the gateway period that launched the decline. Autism, ADHD, asthma and allergies have doubled since that time, with autism now one in 34 children in some regions. Pediatric autoimmune conditions are also on the rise, and the proportion of public school children using special education services is estimated at 13% to 25% of school populations. Mounting evidence indicates environmental toxins such as heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides as the principal culprits, while studies link vaccines and toxic vaccine ingredients to a wide range of adverse health outcomes, including seizures, neurodevelopmental disorders, and infant death. As the medical, public health, and government circles remain silent on the social and economic fallout from these toxic exposures, American children have never been so sick.

Our comprehensive white paper, The Sickest Generation: The Facts Behind the Children’s Health Crisis and Why it Needs to End covers these chronic illness and more, along with the causes and the steps you need to take to protect your children now.

Read more here and share your own stories of what you see in children around you.




Adult vaccine mandates.
My Dad and Mom are still alive and very much part of the great generation.
Dad was a sergeant and a master of scouts in the South Pacific. He was in five major battles.
Fearless all of his life; they scared him into taking flu shots. Hart attack from the inflammation they caused and a slow neurodegeneration disease they call Parkinson.

I am now taking care of five vaccine injured people in my life, plus myself in that I don't eat gluten, milk, and take a .75 mg of thyroid every day. We really got it good for darkening health facilities doors.

go Trump

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury act of 1986 looked to be a positive "step forward at the time" when there were only 10 vaccines to age 5.

No one dreamed that they would quickly move to 40+ vaccines and ignore Autism & other medical disasters that the parents have been shouting about for 30 years now.

Vaccines are certainly a part of the NWO order as most are still sharp enough NOT to "load themselves onto railroad cars."

Look for the adult vaccine mandates to soon come to Congress once again.

Gayle DeLong

Thanks, Jonathn Rose, for remembering your father-in-law as part of the Greatest Generation. George DeLong was aboard the USS Oklahoma at Pearl Harbor 77 years ago. Dad's last words to me were, "Take care of those two beautiful little girls." Well, Dad, we're trying; against incredible forces of evil and ignorance, Jonathan and I are doing our best to recover your two beautiful granddaughters so they can carry on what you helped to build. We miss you and your generation immensely.


Canadians should be ethical and titer check for HPV antibody production needs before giving the vaccine.


The words ethical and vaccine do not belong in the same sentence.

No vaccine has even prevented a disease of any kind. Vaccines have been designed from the start to create illne$$, not prevent it.


Fab Tai Chi encourages, focus - balance-graceful flexability-co-ordination-timing /rythym -self discipline and respect -individual or good teamwork in presentation of tai chi!
See- Tai Chi Edzard Ernst . https/edzardernst.comtag/tai-chi
Are all cultural, traditional ,health and welfare, health maintainance modalities, getting totally rubbished as tosh or what? Only industry Vaccination adoration apparent? despite previous and ongoing health and safety risk assessments not being completed as stated they should/would be done over the past 30 yrs?
Vaccine risk assessments been delegated to the sugar plum fairy dept? for regulatory compliance and oversight? Broken Standards heading for "The Nutcracker Zone"
The Sugar Plum Fairy has chucked their failed risk assessments down the line .Crash-Bang- Wallop.
straight into a dead-end risk assessment pile-up, at the end of it's limits and boundaries of broken promises that vioxx and vaccines are safe and effective ?
Dance of the Line Riders Youtube to music of The Sugar Plum Fairy

Kyles mom

Bush and Quayle were both heavy into Eli Lilly.

Ted Fogarty, MD

Canadians should be ethical and titer check for HPV antibody production needs before giving the vaccine.


When mentioned President George H.W. Bush, I was expecting you to call him a war criminal rather than a war hero.

Angus Files

Will bone up!! The Pres had lost his mind...

Now getting back to Nancy Reagan and the part she played in today’s epidemic.

Fact 1 Nancy Reagan hid her husbands Alzheimer’s illness from the country for years while he was guiding us and making some of the most important decisions for our children.

Fact 2 He signed a law into effect that stripped a parents right to sue a pharmaceutical company when their child got injured or died from a vaccine.

Immediately after Reagan signed this abominable law into effect, the vaccine scheduled practically doubled overnight with absolutely no liability for vaccine makers. So they kept producing more an more and adding more and more to the already overpacked schedule. Why not…right? There were huge profits, no oversight and precisely no negative impact if they didn’t work or maimed and killed innocent children. Sounds like the best business model anyone could ever conceive.

Pharma For Prison



So people here admit those "conservatives" are corrupt! Legislation under Reagan is what made legal and financial liability for vaccine manufactures almost non existent. This bad Reagan law was the national childhood vaccine injury act of 1986. Reagan also allowed laws to be passed that "liberalized" the definition of disabled and the lead to a large increase in SSI and SSDI claimants. Social Security benefits reform act of 1984 was the main law that caused this. Under Bush the useful ADA law was passed but sadly over the years minor health problems (I.E. ADHD, asthma,osteoarthritis) were abused and frivolous lawsuits had a negative impact on the significantly disabled (I.E intellectual disabled, quadripalegics complete blindness) in the realm such as supportive employment and affordable housing.

Angus Files

Clustervacs before development -shame on them.

Pharma For Prison

Jonathan Rose

In the Second World War my father helped break the Japanese codes, and my father survived Pearl Harbor. Is this what they fought for?

Maurine Meleck

bENDETTA Josh wrote another letter to Santa. he's 21. I will never forgive any of these selfish people, including George H.W.


I think Maurine; that the Bushes are all part of an elitist group that have not a clue how the rest of us live. Sure they are likable. All the presidents from Bush through Obama are likeable, yet part of the higher system whose policies diminished the middle class.

My 32 year old son wants a lamp of Goku holding a power ball that is really an LED night light lamp for Christmas. I told him that would be like me wanting a Barbie Doll holding a flashlight or something. He said well if that is what you are interested in. Sigh. So many mixed up feelings about having your little boy all your life.

All that said, I will put those worries aside and point out that even the elites are being caught up in this vaccine fraud.
Reagan died like he did, while Mr. and Mrs Bush the first; both developed Graves disease. Bush the second developed Parkinson. Parkinson is an inflammatory disease and we all know here that vaccines causes inflammation. Do you have to have Parkinson just because you are 94? I don't think that is the case. Bush had a long while struggling/suffering with a movement disorder.

How do I keep a movement disorder from coming to my over vaccinated children earlier in life, or even something as deadly as lupus, or diabetes. My daughter already is on a dose of .75 thyroid medicine when she was only 29.

Maurine Meleck

Unfortunately George H.W. Bush was the biggest pusher in DC on Reagan's signing of the 1986 Vaccine Court bill giving total immunity to vaccine makers. He also served on the board of Eli Lily for years. I think I'll leave him out as a part of what is considered the greatest generation.

Hans Litten

Canada's children are about to get even sicker thanks to this latest living experiment :


Students in Quebec are the first in Canada to be vaccinated in a program that uses two different vaccines to protect against the human papillomavirus, a change that has divided experts.

Under the new program, which started this fall, students receive one shot of Gardasil 9, which protects against nine strains of HPV, including 16 and 18, the two that cause the majority of cervical, anal and other HPV-related cancers. Early next year, students will receive a shot of Cervarix, which protects against HPV 16 and 18 only.

The new schedule is expected to save the Quebec government $3-million a year.

Several experts and organizations call the change a risky experiment that puts savings over health. None of the experts dispute the safety of Cervarix. The concern is that students who do not get two doses of Gardasil 9 will not build sufficient immunity to seven of the nine strains. Cervarix, produced by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), costs about $110 per dose, while Gardasil 9, made by Merck, costs about $190.

“[The change] took a lot of us by surprise,” said Nancy Durand, a gynecologist at Toronto’s Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. “It’s a living experiment."


The sickest generation ever has been created, not born.

bob moffit

"More than 54% of American children are suffering from one or more chronic illnesses, with the late 1980s and early 1990s viewed as the gateway period that launched the decline"

Nothing to worry about .. 54% of American children are suffering from one or more chronic illnesses .. because our public health and medical profession have identified issues like ADD, ADHD, etc .. which are not new and have ALWAYS been in our population .. but are now being diagnosed.

Broader "new" spectrum of chronic illnesses …. coupled with better diagnosing .. nothing to see here .. move on .. THE EVER PLAYING BAND IS SLOWLY PASSING BY

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