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Kill or Abandon: the Legacy of Denialism of Autism

DenialWhile we take comfort that Janie Gill did not murder her grandson Guy who has severe autism, the fact that she was compelled to abandon him at a rest stop is enraging. According to the article, she is raising the severely autistic teen because his parents died of drug abuse. Wow. Tragedy all around.  I fear that we these stories will grow in the coming years as cute boys (and girls) with 24/7/365 soup to nuts needs for all tasks of daily living grow into full sized adults. Dirty secret? Our kids are exhausting. My girls, whom I adore, are exhausting. When I am with them, my time is not my own. I am on call, sleeping with one eye open, circling the house like security guard, never, ever at full rest. Not everyone can handle this level of work. I'm not sure how any of us does it. There are few services for severely autistic teens and fewer for adults. Programs are for kids, under 13 is the norm. Yes, I blame Janie Gill for not taking her grandson to a hospital or police station. I also am grateful she did not murder him. That's a hell of a tradeoff. And this is the legacy of autism denialism, as written about by our own Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill. Autism can be a severe, debilitating weight on a family.

ROGERS COUNTY, Oklahoma -  A Rogers County grandmother is in jail, accused of dumping her 17-year-old autistic grandson at a Kansas rest stop and leaving him there alone.

Investigators say the boy has the mental capacity of a five-year-old and does not have the ability to communicate. They say he was left with no money, no medication, and no food. They say the only way for him to stay warm was to stay inside the bathroom. They say he was there for 24 hours before Kansas deputies took him to a hospital. They posted his picture on social media and an Oklahoma teacher recognized him.

The boy’s grandmother, Janie Gill, says she’s raising her grandson, Guy after his parents died from drug abuse. She says he's severely disabled and has become a lot harder to deal with since he’s gotten bigger. She says she’s asked for help, but, hasn’t received any.

After the boy was identified, they contacted Gill. They say she told them she'd given the boy to a relative in Ada. Read more at News9 HERE.



What a complete failure of Health and Social Care ,Support and Care Planning ,for this family situation to reach such a crisis point of desperation and no one spotted the signs and symptoms of the build up towards it ?
Strathclyde University Glasgow now offering Non-Stop Learning Discover with MOOCs at
Strathclyde University Online Learning
Masters in Autism [MSc] Degree Program UK
Microsegmentation of the Autism Spectrum - Sounds an interesting concept, - re-classification of the 4 Types of Autism perhaps?
Bullying in health and social care for folk with Autism and their support family/carers is easilly spotted, in failure to assess, failure to plan care and support, therefore no implementation and no review of service provision ? This type of organisational bullying usually happens in a big long ackward silence !
Professor Ian Rivers University of Strathclyde covers
Bullying and the bystander effect , Reminders that there are no innocent bystanders in the "Bullying Circle "
Could examples of bullying and the bystander effect in health and social care include Vaccine Safety issues /concerns /corporation neglect . As vaccine safety concerns,alarms,with all sirens,bells going but getting ignored?
For a good "Shining Light " of totally failed NHS , PLC, organisational bullying techniques see
Autism One Conference 2018 Pathological Optimist Q and A Dr Andrew Wakefield .
"True Cairn Terrior personalities know how to get the job done"

Jonathan Rose

It's a common underhanded media tactic. If a politician or anyone else says something controversial, bombard him with hostile questions, and if he in any way qualifies or clarifies his remarks, report that he "walked them back". (That's why Trump never apologizes for anything, he knows it would only give his enemies more ammunition.) I wouldn't give up on Green. Note that he didn't backtrack about the CDC whistleblower or about a possible vaccine-autism link.

Angus Files

I`ve never seen a petition finished so quickly before or since no doubt arranged by the pharma hush nothing to see folks move on troopers.

Pharma For Prison

John Stone


We saw it happen before our very eyes in Scotland.

Angus Files

And when the Politicians do speak out they aren`t long in hushing them..

Tennessee Rep.-elect Mark Green, a physician, backtracks on controversial vaccine comments
BY ABC News Radio | December 14, 2018

(NASHVILLE) — After drawing a link between vaccines and autism earlier this week during a town hall with constituents, incoming Republican congressman Mark Green of Tennessee partially walked back those comments Wednesday following an uproar over the scientifically inaccurate statements.

“Recent comments I made at a town hall regarding vaccines have been misconstrued,” Green said in a statement obtained by HuffPost. “I want to reiterate my wife and I vaccinated our children, and we believe, and advise others they should have their children vaccinated.”

On Tuesday, the congressman-elect, a medical doctor, told the group assembled in Franklin, Tennessee, that “there is some concern that the rise in autism is the result of the preservatives that are in our vaccines.”

Pharma For Prison


Sher DeGenova

It's always hard to read the ND writings about taking pride in 'who they are'...and to basically 'leave asd individuals alone'. Shall I leave my 24 yr old son, who would rather hang out with children, is unaware of the social norms of not scratching or touching yourself in public, and can get aggressive and violent towards his family, alone? shall I respect who he is and let him be?
The ND approach may be PC, but it's not realistic if you want your child to survive in this world.


The ND movement has completely neglected the severe and even moderate autism sufferers. Contrary to popular believe, the “low verbal” make up nearly half the spectrum. The ND movement would prefer to police the words and actions of dedicated autism parents than actually help the autism community.

It disgusts me whenever I hear a professional subtly brag that he/she is on the spectrum. I would bet my last dime that this person has never donated so much as an hour of his/her time to help a low verbal child/adult. None of these “Aspies” has ever dedicated their lauded intelligence to helping others on the spectrum.

Now TPB and NDers will vilify this desperate woman instead of taking a good, hard look at our invisible suffering.

Aimee Doyle

I wish the neurodiversity movement would care about (or even acknowledge) the challenges of severe autism - for both the individuals affected and the families who care for them. I don't understand why individuals on the high end of the spectrum don't provide hands on help and advice to desperate families and affected individuals. After all, the NDers claim they are the only ones who really understand autism. All I've ever received as a parent from the ND movement is criticism of my parenting (telling me that if I loved and accepted him he would not be aggressive or self-injurious). And I've certainly never met anyone high functioning who wants to spend any time at all with my son.

I wish the media would accurately portray the challenges of severe autism - for the individuals affected and the families who care for them. Seems all we get are "shiny happy autism stories." Any other portrayal gets savagely attacked in the comments as presenting "a negative aspect of autism." Thinking of the Washington Post here - the main paper here in the DC area.

I wish the medical profession would acknowledge the challenges of severe autism and actively research to find treatment, therapy, and cure that work. When my son was an adolescent, he punched holes in walls, broke his computer, gave my husband and myself bruises, spent a lot of time in the "time out" room at school, and hit himself in the chest and legs constantly. We'd always been committed to biomedical options - for the first time we turned to pharmaceuticals (lack of sleep - he often yelled for hours each night - made us desperate). And the psychiatrist just chuckled. After trying a number of ineffective drugs, he said "I only expect medication to work about 20% of the time." What an indictment of the profession. Compassion and understanding - zero.

I wish politicians - at the state and federal level - would do something. I saw a recent statistic that said the current rate of autism here in Maryland is 1 in 39 kids. You'd think the cost of autism (in terms of education, health care, services and supports) alone would demand some attention.

We're lucky that our son outgrew his period of physical aggression and self-injury. We're lucky that he is somewhat verbal. We're lucky that we made it through extremely rough periods with our family and marriage intact. We're lucky that our son is doing well now, although he'll need lifelong care and support. I never once thought of harming my son, but many families are not lucky, and they deserve support and real solutions.

bob moffit

I wish our national media and influential politicians .. of BOTH PARTIES .. at the highest levels of our government .. would provide the same sense of "national outrage" for the desperation this grandmother exhibited by abandoning her grandson in a Kansas rest stop .. leaving him there alone with "no money, no medication, no food" seeking to keep "warm" by remaining in the rest room for 24 hours before he was finally rescued by authorities


Unfortunately .. mainstream media and powerful politicians .. while vigorously focusing on and heatedly debating problems with our immigration problems … such as .. BUILDING A WALL .. have .. for DECADES … deliberately IGNORED the desperation of families, including communities/localities .. struggling to cope with the incredible increase in autism in our country .. from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 35. Even worse .. when not IGNORING the unfolding national catastrophe .. they are quite content to dismiss the catastrophe as a natural occurrence .. due solely to "better diagnosing and broader spectrum".

As emotionally disturbing it was to see children being separated from their parents at our borders .. it is just as emotionally disturbing .. if not more so .. to KNOW the desperation of families .. such as this particular grandmother .. has been ongoing for DECADES WITH NO RELIEF NOR DEBATE ON HOW TO HELP THESE DESPERATE FAMILIES.

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