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Italy Drains the Swamp: Fires Every Member of the Higher Health Council

GrilloNote:  The M5S government in Italy is acting on its promises regarding vaccination safety and choice.  Below is the announcement from Giulia Grillo, Health Minister "The hour of change."


Italian health minister Giulia Grillo has unexpectedly sacked every member of the Higher Health Council, the committee of medical experts chosen to advise the government on health policy.

Grillo, from the populist Five Star Movement, wrote on Facebook that it was “time to give space to the new” after sacking the 30 board members unexpectedly with a formal letter yesterday.

“We are the #governmentofchange and, as I have already done with the appointments of the various organs and committees of the ministry, I have chosen to open the door to other deserving personalities,” she wrote. Read more at


Angus Files

Same here Benedetta I had hoped the French vaccine objectors would have raised a voice since more than 40% of the population feel vaccines are French friend says riots were about the petrol increase then hijacked by others to the left ..Athens burns tonight also...Trump said that he would buy the Itallin debt from Europe a few weeks back the US saving Europe`s skin once again.

"But suspicion of vaccines is also partly to blame. Unlike America, Europe does not have an organised “anti-vax” movement, but in many countries fears are much higher. Two-fifths of people in France—a country whose people pop antibiotics like sweets—believe that vaccines are unsafe. A quarter of Greeks and Ukrainians are also hostile. "

Pharma For Prison




Agreed, climate change is an excuse for global taxes to fund the United Nations world government, as revealed by the Club of Rome thinktank.

"It would seem that humans need a common motivation, namely a common adversary, to organize and act together in the vacuum; such a motivation must be found to bring the divided nations together to face an outside enemy, either a real one or else one invented for the purpose."


"In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself."


I think the new Italian minister of health missed an opportunity. I think there could of been qualifying examine of these 30 experts. I think a series of easily answered questions that experts should be expected to answer without having to resort to the internet (opposed to the medical journals they rely on), submitted by Chris Exley, JB Hadley, Robert Kennedy, John Stone, Andrew Wakefield, Laura Hayes, Hans, Hera, Benedetta, Becky Estepp, Lynn Redwood, Mark Blaxill, Teresa Conrick, Angus, Kim,......Oh heck everyone here! If they can't score better than a "F" then well they're not experts and are therefore unqualified to serve.

Apologies for the thousands of names that escape me at the moment.

cia parker


I certainly don't dispute that pharmaceutical companies, many of them American, are the puppeteers in all of the vaccine debacle. They control many legislatures here and in other countries. And the pharma companies are the most powerful lobbyists there are, after defense contractors. I'm not going to argue with that. Italy is playing a very important role now in putting the interests of its Italian citizens first in each of the several important areas that it has. It's very heartening to see the changes now occurring. And it will be interesting to see how the votes go in Marrakesh on Saturday. What a farce.

Jeannette Bishop

On topic I want to add, I'm sending out hopes and prayers for a thorough shut down of even the whisper of any vaccine mandate proposal in Italy (and everywhere) and a climate where researchers are able to continue their work without harassment and intimidation in the near future.

@Benedetta, I'm certainly not assured I have a correct view of the state of mind of some of the 0.01% (and it's unhealthy even if it is right), but I suspect some have believed (I hope they are beginning to doubt) they have the means to ride out any ill consequences of their agendas.

@Angus, I understood (but I may have jumped to a wrong conclusion, I'm not reading up on this deeply) the justification for the petrol tax was it would be used to "fight climate change?" But assuming there were probably other grievances weighing in to the protests, I hoped a desire for medical freedom might have been one of them...sounds probably slim, I'm gathering...


CIA Parker; Environmental issues have been my job for years. I worked for the government in that area for a while. My education was geared toward all that as well.

I will tell you, even though you will believe as you will, but I will tell you anyway, that global warming is a scam, a big lie.

I am so sorry, but global climate warming caused by humans (and is not even a good educational guess out there that it will happen) , or global climate change is your number three. Well it maybe your number three if you fell for the holes in the ozone which was # 2. Yeah, I fell for that one. At any rate we all fell for number one

John Stone


The former Italian government and the EU are very convenient stooges but it all starts in Washington:

I should be writing more very soon.

Angus Files

Italy Fires Pro-Vaccine Health Board; Paves Way To Ban ‘Dangerous Vaccines’

C`mon California wake up..

The previous government banned children from attending school unless they received the full schedule of Big Pharma sponsored vaccinations.

Critics of the previous government claimed Italy was at the forefront of a vaccination experiment conducted by a government corrupted by Big Pharma dollars. By allowing pharmaceutical companies to create new laws and force the full range of their products on the whole population against their consent, the Italian government was betraying their people.

However, upon taking office in June, Grillo immediately changed the rules and said parents could “self-certify” that their children had been vaccinated, instead of providing a doctor’s note, allowing many parents to avoid vaccinating their children.

Pharma For Prison

cia parker


No one wants the changes which will be caused by global warming. However, the question here is how much suffering the working classes must endure to try to delay it. The working classes have had to see their standard of living, their security, their employment, their access to low-cost housing, hospital care, school places, and their cultural identity be severely damaged by what they have been forced against their will to pay for and accept in other areas. Their leaders have not paid attention to their concerns, as theoretically they should do in a democracy. So after having suffered greatly in the past few years, with no end in sight, should they be forced to live on much less income than they had a few years ago to possibly delay global warming? I don't think they should. This is a time of crisis and other concerns must wait. Global warming is and will continue to be a reality. With our population levels, there is no way to stop it. This is just a diversionary tactic on the part of Macron. I saw last night that crowds in Paris were shouting America is booming, Paris is burning! And I saw that Trump had succeeded in closing trade deals very beneficial to us with Canada, Mexico, and China. Certainly very ironic. Italy knows that these issues are all due to EU high-handedness, and is resisting it on several fronts, and I think this is the way that it will go in the rest of western Europe as well. The EU will implode. I thought last night that that may be the way to avoid civil war, to elect leaders similar to Salvini in many of the western European countries.


And the controlled opposition begins! I do not know what all that rambling about fuel and France in the comments above has to do with the Italian government supposedly firing corrupt health officials. This "mass firing" is a publicity stunt, all governments are in bed with big pharma and dangerous chemical companies even more so the "conservatives".

bob moffit

'"Italian health minister Giulia Grillo has unexpectedly sacked every member of the Higher Health Council, the committee of medical experts chosen to advise the government on health policy."

I would call Minister Grillo's "sacking every member of the Higher Health Council" .. DRAINING THE ITALIAN SWAMP.

Ever hopeful to finally have someone in Trump administration do the same to the entrench .. life-long .. unelected .. career appointed BUREAUCRATS .. WHO HAVE DOMINATED THE VERY SAME PUBLIC HEALTH SWAMP IN THE USA.

Angus Files

Jeanette the French lady said "petrol".

Even the BMJ running with it...

Italy’s health minister, Giulia Grillo, has fired all 30 independent members of the country’s Superior Health Board, a body set up to advise the government on all aspects of public health, explaining that she wished to send a “signal of discontinuity.”

Pharma For Prison



Jeannette Bishop: Who in their right mind would want earth cooling, and go to all that trouble to put sulfites in the atmospheres? It is well known to any earth scientist that we are only one giant, big , explosive, sulfite, belching, spewing volcano away from an ice age as it is.

I have been ignorant to a lot of things. Vaccines for one. Hole in the ozone fraud for two, Proud to say global warming or is it climate change was not three.

chemtrails are surly just water vapor of a very busy traffic of jets in our skies.

Sigh, but then do I put anything past money grubbing idiots?

I am pretty sure that Exxon and other gas companies used the EPA and the scare of "holes in the ozone" to help make a market for the glut of natural gas they got from fracking.
Global warming was a rues to help get rid of the competition of coal.
Exxon and such are taking the market away from safe/heavy gasses once used in air conditioning, refrigerants, heat pumps, and blowing agents for plastics; and replacing them with more dangerous natural gas. What is a few thousand people blowing up as they open the refrigerator door compared to saving the earth. This makes my head hurt, so Exxon make people believe in global warming, so we can get idiots with some power to agree to put sulfites in the atmosphere, thinking that it is important to cool earth down; meanwhile if it does cool the earth down it will lead to a rise for the demand for more natural gas?

Ahhh, more about getting rich off of confusing global carbon trading deals would be my guess. Chemtrails - water vapor from special fuels would be my guess. But this could be my number three. Who knows.

Baroness Green

Ok, do we have any more information ?!?!


Angus; Is the 23 percent increase taxes?

Jeannette Bishop

@Cia, thank you. I pray also that good comes out of these demonstrations.

Many "world leaders" are looking at space and implementing more efficient forms of energy production from what I hear, and a lot of fraud has financed a mostly secret hoarding of tech and other knowledge advancements. Down here on Earth, total control of resources (including human, essentially slave labor, if they find that useful over robotics in one or more ways) is the goal as far as I can tell, which means eliminating national borders with varying laws and regulations and maybe even differing cultures and values the corporations and financiers have to deal with. No property rights, no rights at all really, implementing continual full-spectrum surveillance. Climate change, like terrorism, like "enemy nations," is one "villain" useful in justifying application of more control ("smart" meters for instance), more wealth transfer, even planet poisoning experimentation to "control" the weather (or nations/regions with weather warfare).

Angus Files

The Guardian

Sacking of Italy's health experts raises political interference concerns
Vaccine-sceptic M5S says it plans to replace panel with ‘other deserving personalities’

Irish Times

Italy’s vaccine-sceptic party sacks board of health experts
Concerns step by Five Star Movement health minister ‘politically motivated’

Pharma For Prison


cia parker


It was also police in the protests. I saw a moving video in which several police officers who were supposed to be quelling the riots took off their helmets to show solidarity with the protesters. I am sure that there is going to be civil war all over western Europe, and this is just the beginning. The gilets jaunes riots will calm down temporarily, but the problem at this point is probably unsolvable by peaceful means. I just stopped to run over in my mind the possible solutions before leaving it like that, but I really can't think of any. The gilet jaune protests have spread to Belgium and the Netherlands. Italy too, but they say they support Salvini's government but are angry at EU policies. The leaders have sold out the people, and why? What is the purpose? Just cheap oil? They're willing to appease even to the extent of refusing to help Christians seeking protection from homicidal mobs, afraid themselves of the homicidal mobs? Shades of you-know-what. And Rivers of.....

And yes, they are bigger than the media are reporting. As we know, the MMM have a party line to promote, and certain voices and events they have to censor and hide. But, as with the vaccine issue, there are many outlets reporting on them and many videos on Youtube.

Angus Files

Jeanette my pleasure :)

Pharma For Prison

cia parker


I don't think the vaccine mandate plays any part in the Gilets Jaunes riots. Macron says he has to raise taxes a lot to try to delay global warming, but I don't think this is the time to do it, and many think that's not the real reason, and the people are really tired at having to pay a lot to support the ----. On a new poll, 80% say they don't want any more. And yet France is probably going to sign the Global --- Pact in Marrakesh this Saturday, which would erase borders entirely. In the UK, well over 100,000 have signed a petition against their government's signing it. 'We were never going to sign it. Poor Asia Bibi and her family were rejected for asylum in the UK or Australia because the governments fear ---- violence.

Jeannette Bishop

@Angus, thank you for the added perspective.

Angus Files

The Italian government can always come here for advice but they seem to know what they are doing.
I spoke to a French lady at the HBOT chamber and she drove down from the Pyrenees on Sunday,she says its to do with the 23% increase in petrol but various left wing groups have joined in.Seemingly if you drive down the motorways you are fine plenty petrol but the citys and towns have been starved of petrol with blockades of burning tyres etc. Vive la résistance!Bella Ciao!...

Pharma For Prison


Laura Hayes

My first thought when reading this headline was, "Wait, is it April 1st today?"

Let's hope, as Jeannette says, that they can get incorruptible (and informed as to the truth about vaccines) replacements!

Jeannette Bishop

Correction: It was firefighters, not police in the protests.

Jeannette Bishop

I pray they can get incorruptible replacements (and I wonder if they actually need 30).

On an aside, apparently the riots in Paris are larger than the media is making out. I've seen a tweet indicating the ambulance drivers, police, and others are on the side of the protestors. Does the recent vaccine mandate there weigh into these events at all?

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