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Flu data: more FAKE NEWS from the BBC and the British Government

image from upload.wikimedia.orgby John Stone

The BBC was at it again on Friday running a report hinting that 50,000 people had died from flu in the England and Wales during the the 2017-18 season based on newly published data from the Office for National Statistics:

"There were around 50,100 excess winter deaths in England and Wales in 2017-18 - the highest since the winter of 1975-76, figures from the Office for National Statistics show...The increase is thought to be down to the flu, the ineffectiveness of the flu vaccine in older people and spells of very cold weather last winter."

One fundamental problem with this is that the government had already published the influenza death toll for the season in May - it was indeed an exceptionally  bad year but it still only meant 320 deaths in England and 372 in the United Kingdom as a whole (which includes Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland):

"Through the USISS mandatory scheme, a total of 3,454 ICU/HDU admissions of
confirmed influenza were reported across the UK from week 40 2017 to week 15 2018,
including 372 deaths, based on combined data from England, Scotland and Northern
Ireland. In England, the total number of influenza confirmed admissions to ICU/HDU
was 3,175 (rate of 0.22 per 100, 000 population) and 320 deaths during the same

"The cumulative number of cases and deaths were higher compared to the 2016 to 2017
season (992 cases (rate of 0.06) and 112 deaths) and to the 2015 to 2016 season
(2,173 cases (rate of 0.14 per 100, 000) and 166 deaths) in England. This season
represents the highest number and rate observed since the beginning of the scheme

Public Health England, 'Surveillance of influenza and other respiratory viruses in the UK:Winter 2017 to 2018' p. 21

It is also interesting to note that the issue of high mortality for the period came to light early on and was even reported in some national newspapers. In the British Medical Journal Hiam and Dorling wrote in March:

"Within the first seven weeks of 2018, some 93 990 people died in England and Wales.1 Over the same weeks in the previous five years, an average of 83 615 people died..This rise of 12.4%, or 10 375 additional deaths, was not due to the ageing of the population. Ageing is a slow process and leads to slow, not sudden, rises in mortality...An additional person died every seven minutes during the first 49 days of 2018 compared with what had been usual in the previous five years. Why?

"Not the weather or flu

"The weather was unusually mild during the initial weeks of this year—very cold weather did not arrive until late February. The mean temperature was 4.1°C across the UK in January 2018, almost half a degree above the average for this time of year."

The figure 50,000 excess deaths is also misleading - there are always excess deaths in winter. In the first seven weeks of the year there were 10,375 additional deaths over the previous year and by the 8 May 20,000 - that was the real problem and the fact that flu mortality was relatively high did not mean it was enough to impact significantly on the wider trend.

In fact, the Department of Health have been playing a dirty game trying to spuriously associate excess winter mortality with flu for many years. When challenged by a BMJ editor in 2009 about flu mortality the then Chief Medical Officer, Sir Liam Donaldson, gave two different methods of reckoning the figures:

"Estimate of ‘flu deaths is found in the annual mortality statistics produced by the Office for National Statistics. These statistics record the underlying cause of death. They are based on all registered deaths, based on the information on death certificates. The number of deaths for England & Wales with an underlying cause of influenza (ICD-10 code J10-J11) for the four recent calendar years are: 39 (2008), 31 (2007), 17 (2006) and 44 (2005). Many more deaths are attributed to pneumonia, some of which will be secondary to influenza. ..The official estimate of influenza mortality is produced by the Health Protection Agency. It is derived from excess all-cause death registrations in the winter. When the number of all-cause death registrations rises above an ‘expected’ level in a given week, this excess is counted. The estimates for the last five years in England & Wales are: 1965 (2004-05 winter season), 0 (2005-06), 0 (2006-07), 426 (2007- 08), and 10351 (2008-09). The highest estimate in recent years was for the 1999-2000 ‘flu season, at 21,497.

So, in other words there were real deaths which for the previous four years had never been above 50. Part of the game was that there was always above average mortality in the winter month, and when that average was above average those deaths were automatically counted as flu, although there was no real connection.

Other Department of Health publications of the period stated:

"According to Department of Health figures, flu contributes to over 25,000 excess winter deaths every year and thousands of people are hospitalised due to serious complications." 


"Ordinary flu occurs every year during the winter months in the UK. It affects 10-15% of the UK population, causing around 12,000 deaths every year." 

not a word of which was true.

Although, no doubt, things are getting worse the government and the BBC and the British government have been providing a completely fraudulent narrative of winter mortality surrounding flu for many years. Yet they are the first to accuse others of purveying FAKE NEWS. They are the people debasing the currency.



Hans Litten

Anti-vaxxer crashes congressional debate !

Its not long now - before this all blows up !


What data? Health or Weather forecasting backwards?
A wave of cold and coughing going on with symptom charactistics -moderate -rough- very rough-with high wave consequences ?
I hope the BBC hasn't accidently got it's health data mixed up with previous years Malen /Hebridean Shipping Forcast .That's potentially gale force wind circulating in a clockwise and anti-clockwise fasion at the same time, to scare the pants off people and NHS Staff, to get in line for flu jab, or else!

Sailing By, Ronald Bing's, Live BBC Concert youtube
Country Life, August 24, 2017, Article . 10 Fascinating things you should know about the Shipping Forecast

John Stone


It’s about hypocrisy (Jesus).

Hans Litten

BTW The picture (by Domenico Fessi) is an illustration of the proverb about the mote and the beam.
Posted by: John Stone | December 03, 2018 at 07:25 AM

I am not familiar with this proverb.

Is it smthg like : "Every vaccine harms, Every Time" ?

Jenny Allan

Public Health England uses these kind of scare tactics in order to increase the take up of vaccinations, in particular the MMR and Influenza vaccines, with scary talk of deaths and disabilities. Although we are bombarded on a daily basis with inflated statistics about measles and flu, PHE is strangely SILENT about the recent increases in Mumps cases , mostly in young adults.
Laboratory-confirmed cases of measles, rubella and mumps, England: July to September 2018

The latest stats for the quarter July to September 2018, state there was 143 confirmed measles cases, a single rubella case, and 200 confirmed mumps cases. The previous quarter, April - June 2018 reported 307 mumps cases. Why no BBC outcry about this?

Extract from the PHE blurb:-
"A decrease in mumps activity was observed in England this quarter with 200 laboratory confirmed mumps infections, in line with usual seasonal trends [1] (Figure 2). Mumps cases were reported in all regions of England, (Table 3) predominantly in young adults aged 15 to 34 years (142/200, 71%). More than a half (108/200, 54%) of the cases this quarter were unvaccinated. Although mumps in fully vaccinated individuals can occur, due to secondary vaccine failure, it is less likely to lead to complications requiring hospitalisation such as orchitis and meningitis."

In line with "Seasonal Trends"?? " less likely to lead to complications" ???
In other words -PHE is playing down what amounts to a mumps crisis in mostly young adults. This is due to the mumps component in the MMR vaccine 'wearing off' . Don't believe that 'unvaccinated' nonsense. Most young adults have no idea about their infant vaxxes.


It does seem Benedetta, there's been a concerted effort to link life expectancy with flu "epedemics". I've seen multiple pro-vax trolls do so lately.

Alessandro and John, I do not know nearly as much as I should about Theresa May, but this never gets old:

Raymond Gallup

FAKE NEWS ALRIGHT!!! You are right on, John.

Raymond Gallup

An excellent article, John. Thank you very much. The USA health authorities like to lie about flu deaths as well as British health authorities. I wonder how many deaths are actually caused by flu vaccines. You know these "Health Experts" will never tell us that.

Plus they never remind the public that the flu vaccines use last year's strain of the flu. This might be why people are surprised when they get the flu vaccine and become sick with flu. They do not realize they are not getting a flu vaccine with THIS YEAR'S FLU STRAIN. So it makes sense they are getting sick. Any time a doctor asks me if I will get the flu vaccine I let them know these details and why I won't get it.

roslyn ross

So, can we see the research looking at whether the increased deaths are in the vaccinated or non-vaccinated? I have seen more than one aged person die within weeks or months of a Flu vaccine. Some fully fit before they got sick and died. Brain bleeds seem common and strange blood disorders?????

John Stone


Yes, in the excess mortality data there are about 17,000 respiratory cases which would translate very well to 80,000 in the US, but still very few of them were flu deaths: in fact we have the exact figures which I quoted: 320 for England 372 for the UK. I don’t have an exact figure for Wales but about 15-20. Another question would be why we are getting all these respiratory deaths after the pneumococcal vaccine.

David m burd

John, As commented here several times about the completely-hyped media phony "80,000" U.S. flu deaths in the 2017-2018: Essentially this 80,000 figure was a combined death toll for both "pneumonia" and "influenza-like-illnesses".

As well documented by the American Lung Association, taking their statistics from the CDC, has long recorded " pneumonia deaths" per year average close to 40 times recorded "flu deaths".

Yet both here in the U.S. (like in the UK), fraudulent fear-mongers brazenly keep citing " 35,000 flu deaths" every year (and the 80,000 previously cited
and robotically repeated by mainstream media) though digging finds true "flu mortality" ranging from 600 to 4,000** per year, averaging close to 1,200.

**I suspect the great range of 600 to 4,000 is due to shifting political pressures to actually report more than is true; of course it is also true here in the U.S. the very elderly comprise more than 80% of "flu-associated deaths" - though the elderly are constantly pushed into getting flu shots every year. It is actually logical the toxic flu shots CAUSE more deaths.

John Stone


I simply don’t know - we do know there was a sudden spike in deaths at beginning of the year - 20,000 additional deaths by week 18, unrelated to flu or cold weather. I suppose that would be equivalent to a spike of 100,000 in the US. What could change so suddenly? There is no doubt the toxic soup is being added to from all directions.

Jeannette Bishop

Mr. Stone, have they installed a substantial number of S.M.A.R.T. meters and possibly also appliances in the U.K. in 2018?
"While smart meters have been big business in the US for a while – 70 million were installed in the US in 2016 – things in the UK are just getting started. As of January 2018, just 8.6 million of them have been installed, and in typical Brit style, the issue is fraught with controversy, whataboutery and half-cocked technology that's already being superseded."
"The government wants energy suppliers to install smart meters in every home in England, Wales and Scotland. There are more than 26 million homes for the energy suppliers to get to, with the goal of every home being offered a smart meter by 2020."

John Stone


Flu deaths will be for all flu like diseases rather than vaccine targeted. I rather imagine if the deaths were preponderantly among the unvaccinated we would be being told.

Angus Files

I wonder if there will be a figure shift in Scotland after the procurement failure..hahaha!!I dont know what they are all dying of but it aint the flu Massive immune system collapse.. more like,but then I made that your quack at all times they know best.

Shortage of enhanced flu vaccine for over 65s in Scotland
The Pharmaceutical Journal3 OCT 2018By Corrinne Burns

People between 65 and 75 will miss out on receiving the adjuvanted trivalent flu jab after NHS Scotland was unable to secure enough of the vaccination for everyone aged over 65 years.

Pharma For Prison


John Stone


Yes, I also recall that recently May vowed to eliminate homelessness in ten years. I never disliked May that much: as a shadow spokesman for education c.2001 she wrote me a detailed and conscientious letter about special education. She wasn’t Blair or Cameron or Macron - but ten years, really!


Nice winter and still more deaths than usual. Just a messy mess with things like; if the death rate rises above the expected number each week, in the winter, it is assumed; it is the flu!

The life expectancy here in middle America fell again this year. It has been falling for a while, now. No body says a word, here! Making room for immigrants, I suppose? The CDC will get them too!

It is hard to understand how the CDC seems so clueless on how the immune system can over inflame, and cause pain till people are all flocking to pain mills, which causes initial but legal addiction. When some patients are cut off they turn to buying illegal opioids from China.

The opium wars are on again, only it has been turned around on the western world this time.

It could be that with in all those convoluted counting there are really deaths from pneumonia not caused by the flu but "vaccines." We would never know. How would we know that they cleared the way, the field, the niche of one microbe for another more deadly pneumonia?

Know nothings about the immune system and if we could learn; hide it all in a messy mess.


Of course it is much better for the English government to attribute excess deaths to influenza.

For them it would be much worse if more people were dying because they had to make a choice between making the rent, buying food or heating their accommodation. And then there is the increase in homelessness with more people living on the streets.

Its better their deaths are attributed to influenza than poverty and homelessness.

Over 8 years ago the English government introduced austerity. In that time they have nearly tripled the national debt. It stands now at £2.1 trillion [getting on for US $3 trillion].

If instead all those years ago they could have borrowed just a small fraction of that money. They could have built capital infrastructure like schools, roads, hospitals, green energy plant and all sorts of other things. The money would have gone back into the economy, raising taxes and coming back to the government, people would not be poor and the national debt would not be accelerating out of control as it is doing.

Abandon ship!! Which country should we move to?


Pharmster you are wrong. Its not that there is zero scientific evidence to support it. There is plenty but it proves the opposite.

Additionally, whenever a tower block catches fire in England and turns into an inferno killing the poor people having to live in its apartments, those deaths according to the UK's Department of Health are caused by influenza.

And according to the BBC that is not fake news of influenza deaths but real news from professional journalists about real influenza deaths.

Many years ago there was a purge of journalists and others at the BBC. A rival commercial TV channel was advertising for staff. But they put on their job advertisements "ex BBC need not apply". That is how highly thought of they were then.

What has changed?

John Stone

BTW The picture (by Domenico Fessi) is an illustration of the proverb about the mote and the beam.

Hans Litten

Fluthanasia at work amongst the politicians (at least they are honest if ill-informed I suppose) :
California Assemblyman Diagnosed With Guillain-Barré Syndrome
Pro-Vaccine Senator Dies After Receiving Flu Shot

It isn't like we didn't warn these people - tough way to learn.


The flu vaccine scam works by attributing deaths from various causes to the flu and asserting that they can be prevented with the vaccine.

There is of course zero scientific evidence to support it.

Winter mortality is due to many different causes and a small part is due to influenza viruses of which at best only some can be prevented with vaccination.

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