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Ending the Illusion of Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness

IllusionBy Ted Kuntz

After reviewing the vaccine literature for more than 30 years (my son was severely injured by the DPT vaccine in 1984), I’ve come to the realization that the artificial stimulation of the immune system (vaccination) is a fraud. A scam. A massive and pervasive delusion.

I know this is not an easy message to hear. The idea that a medical product is both safe and effective is reassuring. Every parent, out of love and concern for the wellbeing of their children, would want to participate in a medical practice that assures the health of their children. We want to believe in the safety and effectiveness of vaccination. We want to believe that a simple injection of substances will protect our children for life. Unfortunately, vaccine immunity and safety is a myth. A story. A carefully manufactured deception.

What the vaccine literature reveals is that vaccination is not evidence-based medicine. There is an appalling lack of evidence of vaccine safety and effectiveness. We do not know the true extent of harm caused by vaccines because the studies have not been done as required. It is impossible to evaluate the risk-benefit of vaccination with any degree of confidence. Assuming that the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks is not science, it is conjecture. This fact is made obvious when one recognizes that we don’t measure health when evaluating vaccination. We measure compliance.

Vaccines are not marketed using facts and scientifically based evidence. Rather, vaccines are marketed using fear and coercion. This is intentional. The activation of fear impacts our ability to see the issues clearly and evaluate the merits of this product logically. The vaccine paradigm is then reinforced using shame and ridicule. The medical industry has traded facts for fear and science for shame.

There is intellectual dishonesty pertaining to vaccinations. Vaccines are not required to undergo the same level of scrutiny as is required with other products, medical or otherwise. We’ve been convinced to accept a different standard of evidence when the topic is vaccinations. The question is why? Who benefits when we respond to vaccinations emotionally rather than logically and when we fail to insist upon independent, scientific evidence? To impose a medical practice without evidence of safety is immoral.

The often repeated claim is - “the evidence favors vaccination”. This statement is false. The fact is there is a lack of evidence of vaccine safety and effectiveness. What is true is that medical opinion favors vaccination. The question is – is this opinion informed or contrived? Simply because the majority of people, including doctors, believe something, doesn’t make it true.

Being in the majority didn’t make the following right:

  • use of lead in gasoline and paint
  • spraying our food with arsenic, DDT and glysophate
  • removing of tonsils
  • male and female circumcision
  • slavery
  • criminalization of homosexuals

Each of these delusions caused incredible suffering and harm and invited the majority to inflict suffering on the minority.

A Warrior for Truth and Freedom

People ask me why this issue is so important to me. The answer is I am fighting for truth and freedom. I want people to know the truth about vaccine injury. I want us to preserve our freedom to choose what medical interventions we will partake in. I also want us to be free from manipulation and manufactured fear.

The pharmaceutical industry intentionally manufacturers fear and actively incites ethnic, religious and ideological conflict to divide people and pit one against another. This is no more evident than in the increasing number of stories of grandmothers who can’t see their new grandchild unless they have been vaccinated. The mother and father have been deluded with an irrational fear that causes them to sever family and friend relationships because of this irrational fear.

I know these parents love their child and would do anything for the child. Unfortunately, this love has been distorted by fear such that the parents are acting in ways that will ultimately harm their child. Manufactured fear and mandatory vaccination are acts of violence. They are a mass assault upon the human condition.

What is required is a revolution in human consciousness. We need to wake up from the deception, distortions and delusions we have been fed. We need to claim our power, our wisdom, and our ability to discern. We need to lessen our vulnerability to fear, distortion and the manipulation by the media and medical industry. And we need to insist upon our right to say no.

Parents whose children have been harmed by this medical procedure have learned these lessons the hard way. It took sacrificing one or more of their children for them to wake up. Out of their love for others, they want to assist them to wake up and avoid the suffering and loss they experienced.

The truth is uncomfortable. It is only comforting to those who welcome it. Then, truth becomes not only comforting, but also inspiring.



David Weiner

David M Burd,

I will send you an email. I would be interested in seeing this documentation.

I think that this topic is HIGHLY relevant to the agenda of the Age of Autism website. Conventional medicine is failing the vaccine injured and how those in the AIDS community responded to the AIDS crisis sheds light on what activists can do when other areas of medicine fail. In fact, I just watched a very interesting documentary the other day on glioblastoma; the researcher who developed the successful protocol for treating leukemia said that oncologists should learn from the approach taken to treat AIDS and abandon the current failing paradigm that is now standard for glioblastoma.

Hans Litten

Doctors faking the consent forms to force vaccinate children now ?
CASEY COUNTY, Ky. (LEX 18) — LEX 18 is learning more after a Casey County mother says a forged permission slip allowed her daughter to get a vaccine that she had already received.
Rachel Hack’s 11-year-old daughter recently came home with some news she could not believe.

“She said, ‘Mom, I got a shot today. They gave me a shot at school,'” Hack told LEX 18 Investigates.

Hack’s daughter told her the vaccine was for hepatitis A. That presented a problem. Hack’s daughter had already received her first vaccine in the series on Aug. 6 at her doctor’s office. A followup booster was scheduled by Hack for next month.

A consent form used by the schools indicates immunizations for Tdap and Menactra were administered by the Healthy Kids Clinic at Walnut Hill Elementary. Hack’s daughter isn’t due for those shots until next August.

When Hack asked for a copy of the consent form, she says it obviously contains a forged signature. In fact, whoever signed the form didn’t spell Rachel’s name correctly.

David m burd

David Weiner, There is abundant documentation disclosing The Dallas Buyers Club to be a clever fraud (and this topic not directly related to vaccines' toxicities, AoA's prime topic).

Please email your contact info; I'm sure you will be glad you did. Thanks.

My email:

David m burd

Linda, You are mistaken about "one half" flu shots contain 25 mcg of mercury. Rock-solid dsta from U.,S. Flu vaccine manufacturers through flu season 2016-2017 documents 90%+ of .50 ml flu shots contain such 25 mcg of mercury.

I don't have the 2017-2018 data, as the manufacturers have apparently now hidden such (incriminating) production/shipment crucial details.


The fact that half the flu shots still contain 25 mcg of mercury via the use of multi-dose vials (and even "mercury free" vaccines" have trace amounts) is sufficient to show that the vaccination program is not about keeping us healthy. Scientists know that even the smallest amount of mercury can be extremely harmful. The vaccination program is truly a scam.

David Weiner

For those interested in the way that the AIDS community worked around the confines of mainstream medicine, check out the great movie Dallas Buyers Club.

cia parker


I completely agree that parents who do not vax, and even if they DO vax, must learn about the dangers of the diseases as well as that of the vaccines. It is VERY important that they know what symptoms require allopathic medical intervention, and also that they know they should not lower fevers, which are very beneficial in the training of the immune system to give a lifetime of protection. But they MUST know that difficulty breathing, shallow, quick breathing, altered consciousness, and similar symptoms might be life-threatening and have them seen by a doctor.


And I agree with you that we must be factually accurate. Vaccines are USUALLY effective in preventing the targeted diseases. That is a COMPLETELY different issue from the question of whether or not they are safe. Some are more dangerous than others, but the vaccination process per se is dangerous, and Dr. Moskowitz explains how it ALWAYS works by producing autoimmune reactions which can manifest as very serious diseases. So the bottom line is always going to be whether or not it's worth it to take the risk of the vaccine(s). One of our cats goes outside every day. There are MANY raccoons living here, I have seen dozens of them in our yard. There are bats and there are foxes, and all of them can contract rabies and spread it to other animals. There have been many cases over the years of rabies in Missouri. So I have gotten our cats the Merial Purevax rabies vaccine, two a year apart, and then I got the older cat a booster after three years. I don't think I"m going to get any of the pets (also a dog) any more rabies vaccines for the rest of their lives, the protection from the shots they have gotten should be enough for life. But the rabies vaccine IS effective and HAS eliminated rabies in vaccinated cats and dogs, which is nearly all of them. A boy in Orlando died of rabies last year from having picked up a sick bat and put it in a bucket next to his house. If one of us were bitten by a possibly rabid animal, I would get the recommended vaccine series. If the risk of the disease is very likely greater than the risk of the vaccine, then I'd get it. But it comes down to a judgment call. I have used several homeopathic nosodes and believe that they are effective and preferable to vaccines, but if, for example, half the people on my block had died of Ebola, and there were an Ebola vaccine available which seemed to be relatively safe and effective, then I would get it. If it didn't seem to be even minimally safe and effective, I'd just get the nosode, which I'd take in addition anyway.

Vaccines ARE dangerous. We should say and discuss that, and not say things which are demonstrably untrue. Reading about the tetanus vaccine in Kenya the other day, I saw that thanks to that program, neonatal deaths from tetanus have plummeted. In the Third World, traditionally tens of thousands of newborns have died of neonatal tetanus every year. Why do you think that in countries which have mounted large-scale tetanus vaccination campaigns, such deaths have been reduced to almost zero? It's always going to be risks vs. benefits, plus consideration of homeopathic nosodes. But it is unethical to deny the dangers of many of the VPDs in many areas, or to say that getting the vaccines for them has never helped anyone avoid getting them.


Cia, I would add that parents who have mostly arrived that vaccinations are under-studied and over-sold must take their responsibility of not-vaccinating by an equivalent investment in health and healing philosophies so that when their child is running a fever, flushed red faced and likely have the measles, they have the confidence to take care of their child as many have done over the centuries. My mom did that for me, but I as man as a father, that knowledge was not passed on to me. Belief in vaccinations was. Just like fluoridation, smart phones, 5G etc.

Cia, I appreciate your comments.


" As soon as they introduced the whole-cell pertussis vaccine, pertussis rates plunged down to almost zero. Same for the measles vaccine. Same for the diphtheria vaccine. Same for the Hib vaccine. Same for the chickenpox vaccine."


The number of people diagnosed with those conditions fell but the number of people diagnosed with conditions that looked exactly like those conditions increased commensurately.

For example, respiratory hospitalizations have not fallen since the pertussis/diphtheria vaccines and total rates of invasive disease have not fallen since the various meningitis vaccines (Hibv, Prevnar).

They. Did. Not. Work.

The diseases were renamed.

Tell me Cia, have you *never* come across a doctor in all your life that would have altered their diagnosis if they knew the patient was vaccinated? I suspect you have.

Daniel Barrett

when you speak of this problem, separate safety science from effectiveness science. You put them together as if they're the same.
There IS some efficacy science.
There is NO safety science.
Distilling the discussion down to that makes it clear that no conclusions can be drawn about risk benefit when risk is totally unknown.

When will they ever learn?

Here is the thing: some children cannot tolerate vaccines.My uncle had a seizure immediately after a vaccine in 1940. His doctor exempted the others in the family. My sister was hospitalized for a week after her vaccine at age 4. Our doctor exempted me. Not knowing this history, I consented to my son getting hep-b vaccine at age 1 day, even though I did was hep-B negative. ANd he ended up in the newborn ICU for THREE Days. And a neurologist told me it was the shots--but not until his shots at 14 months put him into a autistic fog. . . I am a liberal democrat. Vaccines are generally a good thing. But since 1986, pharma has had no liability for any vaccine on the vaccine recommended schedule and they have tripled the number of shots children get. For example, getting hep-B at birth is ridiculous. 1 in 4000 children do benefit from this. SO give it to them. We know who they are. Their mothers are hep-B positive. Instead, all children get this and many do not do well with the shots. Pharma thinks that if 1 in 200 get hurt from a given intervention, that's fine. If you don't believe me , watch any drug ad. . Well, if you get 67 shots, and 1 in 200 may get hurt from each shot, those odds get more and more dangerous. Parents should have the right to decline shots, and judge each shot on its own merit. Otherwise there is absolutely nothing to hold the vaccine industry in check. Vaccine injury does not always appear immediately and even when it does it's called a 'coincidence'. Vaccine control groups still get a shot with the adjuvvants in them. On what planet do you think that ANY substance is ever safe for 100% of the recipients? Vaccines work by including poisons that aggravate the immune system. Educate yourself. Learn the ingredients. Do not give up your rights. Intelligent people have different opinions based on different family histories. No one should EVER be forced to take a medical intervention. Nuremberg code. Thank you.

cia parker

Most vaccines are effective in inducing the production of antibodies to the targeted disease, and in most cases the vaccinated person is immune to it for an uncertain length of time. As soon as they introduced the whole-cell pertussis vaccine, pertussis rates plunged down to almost zero. Same for the measles vaccine. Same for the diphtheria vaccine. Same for the Hib vaccine. Same for the chickenpox vaccine. The acellular pertussis vaccine is extremely ineffective, while still being very dangerous. The flu vaccine is very ineffective, while being very dangerous. All the vaccines are dangerous, but in most cases the vaccinee doesn't react with autism, seizures, etc., and if he reacts with autoimmune disease, he never realizes it was from a vaccine reaction.

I think everyone should minimize vaccines: the more you get, the more dangerous it is, although any single vaccine might cause a devastating reaction. The tetanus vaccine is one which most writers on vaccines both pro and con recommend consideration of, and I'm glad that my daughter and I have both gotten the tetanus series. If that were the only vaccine which children got, we wouldn't even be talking about this: it is usually a very safe vaccine, while the disease is extremely serious, often fatal even with hospital care, and always possible everywhere. It is a very effective vaccine. If Hib disease, polio, or diphtheria make a comeback, we'd have to revisit this question. Parents of babies, whether or not they vax them, should breastfeed them and keep them out of daycare.

Angus Files

Ted just went through your article and although none of us on here have never ever met we all know we could all sit down for a day or two and have a coffee, thank you.

Pharma For Prison


David m burd

Ted Kuntz, You have succinctly summed up the horrific - never before in history - cabal of evil entities that are married to pushing the greatest destruction of all time, via vaccones, onto families and the destruction of their children, and thence then certain disintegration of society.

This Vaccine Holocaust spreads ever further with rocketing up seniors being afflicted with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, ALS, multiple sclerosis, all directly connected to vaccines' toxicities they trustingly accept.

And college students mandated to take numerous toxic vaccines to either be accepted or to graduate adds to the Holocaust (think "Fatigue Syndrome" rising out of nowhere in the late 1980s when vaccine mandates swept the college scene; to even graduate.

This massive destruction of societies via vaccines has no precedent of recorded history.


Re, the comment about gay people and the bible. I seem to remember someone in the bible saying "judge not, lest ye be judged." I would trade my son's autism for being gay in a second.
Unbelievable the hatred in this world.

Michael S.

Excellent Post. Thank you. It's good to hear the truth, even if it is painful to take sometimes. I especially liked this line: "This fact is made obvious when one recognizes that we don’t measure health when evaluating vaccination. We measure compliance." That really needed to be said.

bob moffit

Ted's excellent column opens with:

"After reviewing the vaccine literature for more than 30 years (my son was severely injured by the DPT vaccine in 1984), I’ve come to the realization that the artificial stimulation of the immune system (vaccination) is a fraud. A scam. A massive and pervasive delusion."

I, too, would have been reviewing vaccine literature for more than "30 years" if I had been informed that my then 4 year old daughter's ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura) blood disorder that eventually required the surgical removal of her spleen had been "caused" by the same DPT vaccine that Ted identified. Unfortunately, I did not learn of the DPT vaccine causing my daughter's ITP until 35 or so years later .. when the DPT vaccine was FINALLY identified as causing ITP among what had become known as Gulf War Syndrome .. and .. Thrombocytopenic Purpura is not listed as a possible adverse vaccine reaction to both DPT and MMR. By that time my daughter was the proud mom of three children of her own .. and .. my son had become the proud father to two others .. one of whom "regressed" and was diagnosed autistic .. who is now 19 years of age .. non-verbal and will most likely never be self-sufficient in his entire life.

Having suffered two of my own family to the tragic consequences of vaccines .. the "scare tactics" will no longer work on me .. so .. the new tactic is to "demonize" someone like myself as an "uninformed anti-vaccine nut" that is a real and present danger to parents of children today.

Ted writes: "Vaccines are not marketed using facts and scientifically based evidence ……. The medical industry has traded facts for fear and science for shame."

I would suggest vaccines are "marketed" as a RELIGION would be .. such as .. one must have FAITH AND TRUST in the scientific infallibility of a vaccine industry that demands we BELIEVE it can manufacture a "one size fits all vaccine" where the "benefits of the vaccine will ALWAYS outweigh the RISKS".

That BELIEF is not only scientifically implausible … it is scientifically IMPOSSIBLE.


Ted, this is outstanding! Thank you for taking the time to thoughtfully express what many of us have had to learn.

Hans Litten

To my mind none of these are more than a drop in the ocean compared to the crime of vaccination and I don't find these to be comparable at all.

Being in the majority didn’t make the following right:
•use of lead in gasoline and paint
•spraying our food with arsenic, DDT and glysophate
•removing of tonsils
•male and female circumcision
•criminalization of homosexuals

Vaccination is the biggest crime in all history, of all time.

Hans Litten

I cannot date this Archie Kalokerinos quote but it seems he beat us all to it :

"I found that the whole vaccine business was indeed a gigantic hoax. Most doctors are convinced that they are useful, but if you look at the proper statistics and study the instance of these diseases you will realise that this is not so"

Susan Welch

An excellent post. Thank you Ted Kuntz


Such a great piece! Thank you Mr Kuntz!

Dan E. Burns

Hi, Ted. I wonder if you or any of our readers have seen Season 2, Episode 8 of "The Good Doctor." Dr. Shaun and his colleagues struggle with a patient whose parents don't believe in vaccination. The doctors use fear to have their way with the kid. "Measles kill" says the doctor, who "saves" the kid by vaccinating him without consent from the Dad. The kid goes into convulsions, but the doctor re-assures the parents that it's not caused by the vaccine. I wonder who the bad guy is supposed to be in this episode. Any thoughts?

Coram Deo

I was in agreement up until...
> "criminalization of homosexuals
Each of these delusions..."

That which God calls an abomination is not a delusion - whether you personally adhere to it or not. Your opinion against God's clear command counts for nothing.
It would be profitable for you to read Romans 1 in the Authorised Version of the Bible.


The biggest obstacle in the way is the U.S. NCVIA of 1986. Today, less than 5% of the Congress even knows it exists unless it is brought to their attention. The average American ( and Canadian) does not know that there is a problem with the law. They also believe that the VICP actually provides for all of the victims of vaccine injury. Naive? No, they simply have been brainwashed. Pharma and the shills that represent them have convinced the public that they are there to "save" them. Never mind those we have sacrificed. I grew up in a dense urban part of NYC. Everyone got the measles. Nobody died. Mom was at home to care for you. Just as MLK led a revolution with massive numbers of people in the streets. It was then and only then that there was even "progress" on the road to racial equality. Twitter and Facebook never changed government and big corporate interests without the troops to back it up.
Your fellow "warrior",

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