The Emperor Has No Clothes

Cheesecake Factory Honors The Spirit of Christmas for Intellectually Disabled Young Adult

Cheesecake factoryHi, friends. I thought we could use a feel good story that is more than lip service to those of us who have children with special needs. I'm in a Facebook group for families with children with any sort of disability or diagnosis, from young to adult. We support each other, share ideas, kvetch about the vagaries of life, etc. This week, a Mom posted a great message that I will paraphrase here. The Cheesecake Factory is at the Westfield Mall in Trumbull, CT. The manager is Jamie.

The Cheesecake Factory does not take reservations. This Mom wanted to have her young adult son's birthday party there, at HIS request. When she explained to the manager that a group of about 10 special needs guests would be attending the party, and that they might have a difficult time waiting in the infamous Cheesecake Factory line, the manager instantly made an exception and booked a table for the group.

This seems like such an insignificant gesture. So what? They reserved a table. Bah humbug! You and I know this is a big deal. Each moment of kindness that helps us to help our kids feels like Christmas Day.  

Happy Holidays.  God bless us, Kim



All heart and soul and the spirit of christmas award "The Gold Standard" High Time for Health and Social Care Professionals to want to" High tail it, and hoof it, down to the local bakers shop "
Calum Kennedy "The Hiking Song " and "The Heart of Scotland " Youtube

Jeannette Bishop

Very nice to hear of these kindnesses!


My son pleaded with us to take a day last week to go to a mall for this Christmas shopping. telling us we have not been to one in 15 years.
We use to live closer to nice malls all while he was growing up. I guess he misses it as some kind of pre-Christmas ritual.

It was really nice and we really enjoyed ourselves, looking at all the shops and all the Christmas decoration. It has kind of took on Midway of a county fair effect in some places, where vendors have set up business in the center of the halls.

We paid 20 dollars for a bag if jellybeans, but where else do you get the flavor buttered popcorn, or root beer, or caramel corn, or watermelon.

Did you know that there is a shop that has some kind of candy soaked in frozen nitrogen, and kids can blow out smoke. They call it -- Dragon breath, I think.

One of the stops that my son wanted to make was The Cheese Cake Factory. We looked and looked for it. Finally we found it right outside one of the entrances of the mall. It had a very lovely entrance, not what I was expecting or my son.

What we expected was a small confection shop full of different kinds of cheese cakes in glass cases. Instead it was a big restaurant. We do need to get out more. LOL.


Kim-beautiful story! Happy Holidays and in the words of Tiny Tim-"God Bless Us, Every one!" Could you tell us the name of the Facebook group you belong to as I would also like to join it?


That's fantastic. Good man Jamie.

Aimee Doyle

Thanks, Kim, for the feel good story.

Sometimes it's hard to remember that there are people who "get it" and who are compassionate and who go the extra mile.

Thanks again.

Hans Litten

Fair play Jamie. Thanks

Hans Litten

Tell us the chaps name ?
And we can applaud him ? personally

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