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An On the Ground Report From Italy On Compulsory Vaccinations

Italy mandatesNote: Davide is an Age of Autism reader and vaccine safety advocate in Italy. We welcome his contribution to AofA!  Grazie!

By Davide Suraci

From Italy, December 6, 2018.

Here is what the mainstream media write about the Italian situation: “Italian health minister Giulia Grillo is expelling many members of the Higher Health Council. The Italian government of no-vax is restoring the freedom of choice for vaccination and to eliminate the obligation of the 10 vaccinations”.

It is not true. In fact, the government elected after the votes of March 4, 2018 and consisting of the "5 Star Movement" and the "Northern League" - mistakenly considered populist parties - have maintained the mandatory vaccination and many unvaccinated children have been excluded from our public and private schools also through the use of police forces.

In these days the law number 770 is being approved, with which the decisions of the previous government would be reconfirmed and made harsher. Mass vaccinations are also planned for medical personnel and teachers. Doctors remain silent and do not want to get vaccinated (only 15% of them are vaccinated). Vaccinations are also foreseen for the renewal of driving licenses and to be able to access the school classes of every order and degree.

The police forces, on the orders of the judiciary, have checked the authenticity of the vaccine certificates delivered by the parents to the schools in order to obtain the right of access for the children to the school.

Many parents have filed complaints to the judiciary for vaccines polluted by metal nanoparticles (discovered by our researchers in nanotechnology materials already 15 years ago in vaccines). An inquiry was opened by the judiciary but seems to have been shelved.

As if this were not enough, we have been activated, also thanks to the Italian association CORVELVA and the National Order of Biologists (ONB), to analyze (from international qualified laboratories) many vaccines from the metagenomic, biological and chemical point of view and we have discovered, for example, in the measles vaccine, the presence of six viruses variant derived from mutations; an entire human genome; in some vaccines the antigens declared on the factsheets and on the datasheets have not been found. In recent chemical analyzes, presences of antiepileptic drugs, Viagra, herbicides and other substances absolutely incompatible with human biology have been identified.

Also for this reason, complaints were submitted to the judiciary.

During the month of August, we collected over 130,000 signatures for a bill for the abolition of the vaccination obligation and presented the official documentation. The Italian government has not yet replied to us.

Many parents, stressed by all these obstacles to freedom, are arranging to organize themselves, in a clandestine way, in different forms of unschooling to ensure the tranquility of their children. Many K0-6 free schools are rising in Italy but their location is kept hidden to avoid persecution.

From the date of approval of the law of minister Lorenzin (08/31/2018) to date, the number of suspected deaths (aka SIDS) has soared and the Italian media avoid, in most cases, to make this news public.

Some prominent men of the Italian political and administrative establishment have been reported to the competent authorities for conflict of interests with pharmaceutical companies. Many big-pharma men are present in political organizations and drug control agencies.

At the same time, numerous parents who had asked pediatricians for written guarantees on the safety of vaccines and preventive medical tests to ascertain any predispositions to vaccine damage and related contraindications, were reported by pediatricians to the judiciary because they "hindered" their work...

In recent months there has been a defamatory campaign against us and we are fighting for the truth to be made about the numerous damages and deaths caused by vaccinations.

We ask you not to spread news from official Italian media because they are false.

These are just some aspects of a much bigger problem...

Our struggle against the constraints of liberties continues and will be ever more implacable.

Greetings from the heart of Italy to all citizens of the free world!

Davide Suraci is a teacher (graduate in agricultural science) of biotechnology at a high school in Lucca (Tuscany), the city where I live. He has dealt with research on the damage from vaccinations for almost ten years. He is t he Nonno grandfather of a proudly unvaccinated 7 year old boy.

Since vaccinations and other sources of pollution cause a great deal of autoimmune reactions, about three years ago I decided to publish on my site - Autoimmunity Reactions - many bibliographic studies on autoimmune reactions that often occur as a result of pediatric vaccinations. (all languages)

I'm the admin of the Italian group "United for the Free Choice" in which almost 30,000 members are registered.

They are editors of the page and of the group "International Revolution for Choice"

If you have a Facebook profile you can find me here:




Laurie Flood

As a teacher, I will share this with my students for them to read and comment on. I don't think many of them realize what has already been done to many of these Gen. Z kids in the US.

Laurie Flood

Jeannette Bishop

"Italian scientists protest funding for vaccine-safety investigation
The National Order of Biologists made a €10,000 donation to a group that questions the safety of vaccines."

Hans Litten

WAPO sure thinks there is a problem with 5star anyway !

It was here in 1614 that Tommaso Caccini preached a sermon in the church of Santa Maria Novella denouncing Galileo and other scientists who held the heretical view that the Earth circles the sun. This was one of the main triggers that brought Galileo to the attention of the Inquisition.

There are many monuments to Galileo in Florence. None, at least that I have seen, to the Dominican friar who persecuted him. But in Italian politics, the spirit of Caccini — the sacrifice of scientific reasoning to ideology — remains at work..."

Rick Dignard

I believe that doctors opt. out but where are the statistics? I heard it was around 60% opt. out in my area but would like to see the stats... I believe because many doctors want to keep it hush they would just lie to not "rock the boat", this kind of stuff seems rampant anecdotely, which makes it basically impossible to prove... that is, until doctors and nurses decide to grow spines en masse?


Doctors remain silent and do not want to get vaccinated (only 15% of them are vaccinated)


Wait a minute.

The doctors who poisoned our children with vaccines, and who endeavor to inject 100% of the 'other people's' children who visit their offices, are afraid to receive vaccines themselves???!!!

If they're afraid to inject themselves with vaccines, then it's because they know there's a significant risk of negative health outcomes.

And if they know this, and inject your child anyway for the monetary rewards.... then that is an unconscionable, premeditated crime


Vladimir Putin and Mohammad Bin Salman both know that the further away mothers get from being able to control what gets inject into their children, the closer they get to world domination.

Trump, Le Pen, the Italian Northern League, they all work in favor of fascism. Why wouldn’t they?! That’s how you get rich. Just ask Gates.

Angus Files

I think the Law 770 means a self deceleration its used in itallian tax so I assume its a self certification on vaccines...not sure greyone.

I was having a great week thinking about Italy mind you still am..after a bit of digging still heading where I thought it was by putting vaccines where they deserve to be in the gutter.

Pharma For Prison


Angus Files

sorry missed the conquered /built..anyaways youse know what I meant.

Pharma For Prison


Angus Files

I accept what Davide is saying and I thank him very much - If I may,Rome wasn't conquered in a day :)

They are still making a start of draining the swamp in Italy a lot more than anywhere else....

Minister Grillo resets the Higher Health Council
With an unpublished decision the appointments of the members of the technical-consultative body were revoked two years before the deadline. The outgoing president: "No warning, in six months they have never met us". Minister: "We are the government of change, need discontinuity"

The Ministry of Health resets the Higher Health Council. Today a letter has been sent revoking the appointments of non-law members of the ministry's technical-advisory body. Practically only the members of the institutions (ministry itself, AIFA, Higher Institute of Health) who have a post linked to their office remain in charge.

The High Health Council was appointed in December of last year and should have been in office for three years. There were 30 members, including the geneticists Dallapiccola and Novelli, the pharmacist Garattini, the gynecologist Scambia and the oncologist oncologist Napoleone Ferrara. With an unpublished decision, however, the minister Giulia Grillo decided to cancel it and name another one. Usually when the government changed, some members were added but none had been so drastic. The idea is obviously to change everything in this body, which gives indications on some of the public health issues reported by the ministry itself. The outgoing president, Roberta Siliquini (who was second term) and some of the other 29 members expressed surprise because the decision of the ministry was not in any way anticipated to the Council but arrived today with an unexpected, very tight, communication. "I take note of the minister's decision, it is in its prerogatives.It would have been an institutional courtesy to meet us at least once since it took office, that is six months ago, but we have never seen the minister," explains Siliquini. "I would like to thank extraordinary colleagues and excellent scientists who for four years have worked hard, with rigor and competence, and free of charge for the country". It would have been an institutional courtesy to meet us at least once since it took office, that is, six months ago. But we have never seen the minister, "explains Siliquini." I would like to thank extraordinary colleagues and excellent scientists who for four years have worked hard, with rigor and competence, and free of charge for the country ". It would have been an institutional courtesy to meet us at least once since it took office, that is, six months ago. But we have never seen the minister, "explains Siliquini." I would like to thank extraordinary colleagues and excellent scientists who for four years have worked hard, with rigor and competence, and free of charge for the country ".

Minister Grillo explains the reasons for her choice in the evening. "The Higher Health Council is the scientific-technical advisory body of the Minister of Health and, therefore, I decided to give a signal of discontinuity with respect to the past by renewing the composition of the 30 members of fiduciary appointment. I have already done for the appointments of my competence in the various organs and committees of the ministry, I have chosen to open the doors to other deserving personalities I am sure that some members of the Council can be appointed again, certainly not the summits, which must have the confidence and full harmony with the minister in charge. The decision to revoke the collegial bodies, and therefore of the Council, had to be taken before 5 December, that is, six months after my Government's confidence in the Parliament (5-6 June 2018). I thank all the outgoing members of the Css, which I would like to underline the indisputable technical-scientific value, but it is time to give space to the new ".

Silvio Garattini of Mario Negri said: "I do not know what the reason may be, in the approximately 15 years I was a member of the Css, it never happened, only sorry that the minister has never met us".

Pharma For Prison


Kyles mom

Look global warming is denied by manufacurers and profiteers of oil and coal. It harms individuals who are powerlessZ
Vaccine injury is denied by manufactuers and purveyors of pharmaceuticals.
In both cases, the maxim “do no harm” and “trust nature” are ignored. Illness can be minimized by using organic methods, and there are options such as solar that can safely protect the climate.


what is the law 770?
does it create fines for parents of unvaxxed?
is that already in force?

John Stone


I have commented before that the Scottish Petitions Committee which rejected pusillanemously Angus Files’ complaint (to which I was a supporter) about the U.K. Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation were not at all scared of the Scottish health minister or chief medical officer - there is footage of the committee tearing those people to shreds (well outside any normal civility) over thyroxine supplies. Those people didn’t influence them one jot - there was some greater force that scared them off. Initially they listened respectfully - even interestedly - and then the whole thing went dead.


Now we can see the elected politicians are not in charge. What kinds of people or organisations behind the scenes have the power or other ability or influence politicians to go back on election pledges and risk riots and wide-spread unrest?

And Macron, Merkel, Barnier and Juncker need to get the European Army in place ASAP.

It will always be easier to get troops from an EU state on one side of Europe to shoot dead men women and children of a different state on the other side of Europe.

Will the US National Guard or armed forces do the same to US citizens or will they show restraint against orders if the same ever happened in the USA?

John Stone


Thank you for this important clarification.


I am not sure if the French riots are much to do directly with vaccination - although it is a big cause of disaffection and mistrust, and contributes to the general bad atmosphere. Of course, in the summer of 2017 tens of thousands of Italians turned out peacefully on the streets of their beautiful cities to protest vaccine mandates - they voted out the parties that had brought them in only to be sold down the river by the in-coming right-wing coalition. It wouldn’t surprise me if Le Pen came to office in France and did the same thing. We are in the grip of a supra-national idiocy. I shall be writing some more on Monday.

I also think we live increasingly in conditions similar to those that gave rise to the French Revolution of 1789 - with a rapacious ruling global elite - which is not to say events will play out in the same way.

bob moffit

It is not surprising to see riots in France over governmental policies that will severely affect the quality of life for people who have .. just like in Italy and many other countries … NO VOICE AND NO PEACEFUL MEANS OF OPPOSING MANDATES .. whether those mandates relate to "global warming" of "vaccines".

From this column .. I suspect Italy will soon join France in having people take to the streets in order to have their VOICES HEARD. This constant turmoil is the result of decades where governments no longer represent the "best interests of the people" .. representing instead the "best interests of industries" .. be they energy or vaccines.

As Thomas Paine once famously wrote: "December 23, 1776. THESE are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman."

In my humble opinion .. today's "threat" is just as TRYING .. where the people will have no choice but to REBEL against globalist governmental policies that violate the people's right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness".

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