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Actor Lou Ferrigno Injured by Pneumonia Vaccine

HulkNote: While most media is using "HULK HURT!" headlines to report on actor Lou Ferrigno's hospitalization as a result of a pneumonia vaccine injury, I decided to go with a straight forward headline, no mention of his most famous role. Why? Because vaccine injury is a real phenomenon that strikes and strikes down real people. Like the man, Lou Ferrigno, who happened to play The Hulk 30 years ago. Or my daughter Mia, who turns 24 years old today. When a child is injured, the media calls us parents morons looking to blame someone, something, anything. I am glad to see the reporting on this injury.

While fluid in the bicep is probably not life threatening, any American hospitalization costs significant time and money. And what better place to catch a disease, maybe even pneumonia.  Makes me see.... green.  (Yeah, I had to go there. ;) )


Even the Hulk isn't invincible.

"The Incredible Hulk" star Lou Ferrigno was hospitalized this week after he claimed a pneumonia vaccine was administered to him improperly.

"Went in for a pneumonia shot and landed up here with fluid in my bicep," the 67-year-old former bodybuilder captioned a photo of himself with an IV in Providence St. John's Health Center in Santa Monica, Calif., on Wednesday. Read more here.



Frederic Chopin;
I don't need you to tell me about the vaccine court, I had my babies in the early and mid 80s , and they were injured at that time with the DPT vaccine. So I lived through that historic time you are trying to lecture me about, and you little whipper snapper are trying to tell me how it all began!

Since the DPT was all protected, it took years of foot dragging from the United States to get around to using a safer DTaP. Yeah, LONG after the rest of the world had LONG gone to using the DTaP. Part of the pertussis cell not the whole cell, yeah I know.

Fast forward when my daughter got her second degree in nursing, and on her graduation night we got stuck on the interstate behind a wreck. It was then she told me about her friend (second degree for her too) that would also be graduating that night was an unwed mother to a very young child with autism.

Her friend told my daughter that it was from the DTaP. Just another thing to make life really hard. .

The wreck cleared up. We continued on to the graduation, and I got to watch this precious little boy run up and down the isles, not respond to his name, stand quietly for long periods of time (having small seizures cause I recognize them) and very much wanted his mother desperately, even though she was upon the stage.

Egg on face of all the nursing professors, that preached about how safe vaccines are.

IF this young mother had even tried to sue and go through the vaccine court I suppose as far as you are concern that this would be a frivolous law suit.

I have little patience for you; I understand that you don't understand and perhaps are even incapable of understanding. Although I know that Karma or perhaps God, or perhaps the law of statistics of what happens to your fellow man has a tendency to some how boomerang back and teach very harsh, hard lessons to those that scoff. The truth will always, eventually give 20/20 clear understanding to all.

More care still Mr. Composer; that when that time comes that you will snot see yourself as the bully, jeering from the side lines fool. Hard on one's self esteem.

John Stone


One problem with such data is that doctors commonly disregarded and failed to record adverse reactions - message to parents was give them some Tylenol, and go away. There will be very poor data. In the U.K. the rate of autism went up synchronous with the introduction of the accelerated DPT.

It would be surprising given the association of autism with seizures if seizures didn’t go up as well. My article gives a very good illustration of how health officials hack the data about to suit the policy.

Frederic Chopin

Linda and John,

Under NCVIA/NCVIP it says, "Seizure disorder after DPT vaccination, which was the cause of many successful lawsuits against vaccine manufacturers before the NVICP, was removed from the list of compensable events in 1995 because of lack of evidence supporting a link."

" In the past, these vaccines were thought to cause infant deaths and brain damage. However, several large epidemiologic studies indicate that whole cell vaccines do not cause infant deaths or neurologic disease."

If you copy/paste the title of the 2nd link into Google you can read all the details.



"Without the vaccine court manufacturers were going to stop producing enough vaccines because of frivolous lawsuits."

You know that the lawsuits were frivolous how exactly?

John Stone


Too right - DPT was a disgusting vaccine which harmed many children and the companies deserved to be closed down. In the first two years after the U.K. vaccine damage act in 1979 600 cases received awards for more than 90% damage. It was a PR exercise and they soon returned to denying all but a handful of cases. In the US the position in vaccine court is much worse than the civil courts for a whole variety of reasons.


You twist my words. I was saying the companies should have faced liability and this had created a dangerous model. The position over meningitis vaccines is that they may or may not have resulted in the suppression of disease but without any attempt to measure or acknowledge harm on the way. The position in the U.K. is entirely hit and run where a government agency blocks access to the courts for virtually any pharma litigation, and where virtually no damage has been acknowledged by the VDPU for decades.

Both of you favour a hit and run system. In a balanced system there would not only be proper access to the courts there would be a genuine attempt to address harm. The hard-boiled sarcasm of “Frederic Chopin” is the real voice of the programme.

Frederic Chopin

What triggered the vaccine court were DPT lawsuits in the 1980s, so many that manufacturers were stopping production. You could read about that, Benedetta and Hera. It's not as exciting as a global conspiracy but it is what it is.

The vaccine court pays out claims at a rate of 1 in a million vaccine doses, John. Anti vaxxers only like to point out the total amount paid. They also don't like to mention that's over a 30 year period or that the plaintiffs' burden of proof is less than that in a civil trial.


The only people that certainly benefited were the shareholders and employees of the pharmaceutical companies, and the class of people who receive their patronage. Not forgetting John all the people who didn't die as a result of the introduction of vaccines such as meningococcal C & B ,
you might find this useful,

Hans Litten

Ok thanks Hera I have found it . Thanks


Hi Frederick Chopin;
how strange that no other producer of a safe medical product, or car, or food, has a problem defending themselves against "frivolous lawsuits".

It was "real lawsuits" because of "real, devastating side effects" that were putting them out of business.
And maybe if a product causes so many problems, it needs to be forced to improve, by the courts.

The ridiculous situation right now, is that officially, all vaccines are safe, they should be mandated, but somehow the safety of the product can't be defended in a court of law.

The shingles vaccine lawsuit ( blindness ! as a side effect) is only going ahead because that particular vaccine wasn't covered under the vaccine court. If this lawsuit wins, do you think the vaccine manufacturers may actually have to make it safer, or at least start identifying people who are at risk of a reaction?


"frivolous lawsuits"

I suppose that frivolous would be a vaccine injury that lowers the IQ of a child, ruins it's mental health, causes seizures are really considered mild reactions, when considering less frivolous lawsuits when a vaccine injury causes a child to be wheel chair bound, drooling from their mouth, with bent at the wrist hands, or dead.

Yet, those frivolous lawsuits over mere lowering the IQ, ruining mental health, and having epilepsy; does seem to be problematic going into adulthood. You know life long in that it just ruins, or at least diminish the ability to exercise your constitutional right of pursing happiness.

John Stone


I believe vaccine court pay outs now exceed 4b dollars - apparently all frivolous, hoho! What a very bad idea to leave the public without any sanction against the manufacturers producing harmful products - no wonder they want to get more and more of them made compulsory (hundreds in pipeline). It’s just a massive - to use the US expression - boondoggle. We know that cost of vaccinating a single child in Europe went up by 68 times as the schedule expanded between 2001 and 2014. The only people that certainly benefited were the shareholders and employees of the pharmaceutical companies, and the class of people who receive their patronage.

Frederic Chopin


Without the vaccine court manufacturers were going to stop producing enough vaccines because of frivolous lawsuits. It's not a conspiracy theory.

Two of your other 3 examples are just allegations. The yellow fever vaccine when improperly used can be dangerous, just like many thousands of other things.

But I think Lou will be fine.


Hi Frederick Chopin, The CDC doesn't seem to think that, per their table of accepted/known vaccine injuries.Also, in good news, there is no need for vaccine liability protection any more. Who needs liability protection for a product that is perfectly safe?

And of course these recent news articles must have all made some kind of error...

Recent news of vaccine "side effects' such as death, blindness, paralysis... Not my definition of "a shoulder or arm injury is as bad as it gets".

Frederic Chopin

"Hi Frederick Chopin, that does speak to the problem of vaccine injuries."

Yes that's about as bad as they get.


Hi Frederick Chopin, that does speak to the problem of vaccine injuries. Once injected, what is the medical treatment to reverse a damaged arm from a vaccine injection?
Hospitals don't keep people who they have nothing to offer. Does a discharge necessarily mean that his arm is okay? or will ever actually be "okay" again? We don't know.

Frederic Chopin


Yes the headlines say "hospitalized" but being treated and released from an ER isn't being hospitalized. And that's an ER cot - it's not a hospital bed.


Looks like he just went to an ER with a common local injection site reaction, didn't get admitted, and now is fine. They likely just used warm compresses and some Tylenol:) Let's not make mountains out of mole hills.


Really ? So you figure he hooked up his own IV, donned his favorite green hospital smock... and just doddled on in to have his injection site reaction looked at ?

Otherwise, care to explain the HOSPITAL-BED picture in this attached article titled "The Incredible Hulk's Lou Ferrigno HOSPITALIZED After Pneumonia Vaccination Goes Wrong" ?

Hans Litten

Posted by: go Trump | December 15, 2018 at 09:26 PM

What can the ER or 99% of all doctors do about nanograms of aluminium , mercury , formaldehyde and all the rest of the vaccine garbage !

Once this toxicity is in, its a lifetimes work trying to get it back out.

Yeah Fred - The Incredible Hulk is just complaining about a small injection site ache. haha

go Trump

One can only imagine how a 2 month old infant feels after 8 or 9 vaccines on the same day.

Lou Ferrigno could go to the ER if he wanted to...

Parents are told on vaccine days not to go to the ER unless the fever hits 105.

Frederic Chopin

Looks like he just went to an ER with a common local injection site reaction, didn't get admitted, and now is fine. They likely just used warm compresses and some Tylenol:) Let's not make mountains out of mole hills.

Jeannette Bishop

It also makes me a little green considering recent research finding no overall reduction in pneumonia (a slight increase in fact, but "not statistically significant"), some reduction in vaccine types in the vaccinated, but more of other types than seen in the unvaccinated.

bob moffit

Lou is not out of danger just yet if he has been admitted to a hospital .. where an estimated 440,000 deaths from care in hospitals are reported … which by the way “is roughly one-sixth of all deaths that occur in the United States each year,”


Happy Birthday Mia!!!!!

Can’t help but ‘Marvel’ at how amazing you and your girls are! (I couldn’t resist either)

Angus Files

The injection site sounds `angry` good luck with his litigation..or maybe he wasn`t show the package insert like everyone else isn`t either.

"Reactions at the shot site such as pain, swelling, redness"

Pharma For Prison


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