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The Junk Safety Science Which Underpins UK Government MMR Vaccine Policy

Rossi on Rossio: He's Right Anti-Vaxxer Is The New N Word

RossioBy Kim Rossi (formerly Stagliano)

Yo Ho Ho and a vial of poison, dead children TELL NO TALES! But their parents do. Shrek and Pirates of the Caribbean screenwriter Terry Rossio Tweeted the LOGICAL thought that I have had on many occasions and is now having to walk the media plank.  By coincidence, I watched his Pirates movie on Saturday night.

He compared calling a person an anti-vaxxer to calling a person the N word.  (Insert horror scream here.)

He's right. There's no way around it. Anti-vaxxer is an EPITHET - a word used to denigrate.  I would have Tweeted "N word" and not spelled the word out. But I'm a middle aged white woman in Connecticut.  This in no way compares the history of treatment of African Americans to the treatment of the vaccine safety community. Not for a second. I and I believe Mr. Rossio, are talking about the USAGE of the word - the intent by which it is written on the page.  The intent in the media and by politicians and public health officials is to brand, literally and figuratively, anyone who speaks about vaccination safety concerns a heretic.

The reports will focus on the word he used, not the fact that a successful Hollywood screenwriter sees through the draconian crackdown on ANYONE who questions vaccine safety. I'll assume he lives in California where vaccine rights are being stomped upon by the like of Senator King Pan.  The reporter glibly writes off vax safety concerns as the result of "talking too long to Jenny McCarthy." Ah a new twist on an old talking point for the Pharmedia.

Decide for yourself what you think about this.  But remember, young men go to WAR and kill when they perceive their neighbors, brothers and sisters as ENEMIES. It's the seed warlords plant to foment rage and hatred. And I see it happening right here in America for those of us who choose not to follow the CDC schedule for our children and who speak out loudly. Calls for punishment. A restaurant that will not serve the undervaccinated. A gym that wants to see... "pediatric papers please."  This is a very real trend to violence. 

You may not know the name Terry Rossio, but you definitely know his work. He’s one of Hollywood’s most prolific screenwriters, his name often buried in large writer clumps on many-tentacled blockbusters like Shrek, the Pirates of the Caribbean films, Disney’s original Aladdin, Déjà Vu, Antz, Small Soldiers, The Legend of Zorro, Little Monsters, and so on in that fashion. He’s also, apparently, what they call “anti-vax,” spreading the gospel that vaccinating kids is bad because of some stuff he read on Google or because he talked too long to Jenny McCarthy.

Rossio’s views are already controversial, and he did himself, or his “cause,” few favors Friday with a tweet that compared crusaders like himself to…well, he used the n-word.

In a response to some vaccination thoughts by The 100 writer Julie Benson, Rossio tweeted, “My heart goes out to all the parents of vaccine damaged children, who have to not only endure the sadness of their loss, but also the vitriol of ill-informed and insensitive people (such as those here). Anti-Vax is equivalent to calling someone a n—er and makes as little sense.” (Note: We censored the word, which he used.)   READ MORE HERE.

Kim Rossi (formerly Stagliano) is Executive Director of the non-profit Autism Age, which publishes Age of Autism. She is the author of the memoir All I Can Handle I'm No Mother Teresa A Life Raising Three Daughters with Autism, 101 Tips of Parents of Girls with Autism and House of Cards: A Cat Cavicchio murder mystery.  She lives in Connecticut with her three adult daughters with autism.

You can contact her at [email protected]. To hire Kim to speak at your event, contact Jamie Brickhouse at [email protected].


Laura Hayes

Thank you for the additional info about the writer of that episode, Pete. Wonder what, if anything, could be accomplished by contacting him. Any thoughts?


Politico pontificates on vaccine safety criticism-( the "I see Russia from my backdoor!" approach )


Propublica gets Cochranized.
(and mischaracterizes Dr Yazbak, and attempts to add more hate to the field of science)
remember this?



I completely agree, the episode is called Bart-Mangled Banner

The writer was John Frink

Pretty sure he's with us!

Laura Hayes


Thank you for the additional links, which I just viewed.

I don't watch the Simpsons, so I am not sure how they typically tend to get their political points across, but the original link you sent sure seemed to point toward an anti-vaccine sentiment.



I'm glad you liked the Simpsons clip, I believe it was shown on mainstream TV.

The pharma-friendly Vaxopedia site have had time to do their own analysis and have put together apparently all the times vaccines have been mentioned in different episodes

Perhaps it depends who the writer of the episode as to which stance they will take with vaccines. There's also the possibility with pro-vaccine mentions, that orders have come from above e.g. from the pharma-connected Murdoch family, to put them into the stories.

On another topic which I suspect there is some interest in on AoA, the writers had potentially been given foreknowledge of the plans for 9/11, which thousands of architects and engineers now believe was false flag event.

Joy B

Yes Kristina, that's the panel. The link to the full clip is in the video's info below, but it takes a strong stomach to get through, and a bit of eye/brain bleach after.


Joy B, I found that youtube clip you must have been talking about, showing Dorit Reiss's tic disorder that she was trying to hide. It's very sad.

Gary Ogden

Joy B: Last year on my trail hike I met a young Israeli family. Both parents post-doc biologists vacationing from an east coast university. I always try to steer conversations with people towards the evil of vaccines. He told me that in Israel physicians have the lowest uptake of the flu shot of any subgroup. They know.

Jeannette Bishop

Out on twitter:

My first experience with a video abstract and I didn't like it much...high level of reporting that healthcare needs of those with ASD are not being met, but the researchers are sure that "pediatricians can play a KEY role helping them, whether it's achieving a medical home, or facilitating needed care coordination..."

The rate appears to be rising still, also. Even if in some fantasy parallel universe pediatricians weren't causing the immune-mediated autism epidemic (among others), shouldn't they by-and-large be fired simply for letting it happen with no remedy?!?


To the degree that everybody in the ‘50’s had to declare that they were not communist, Laura Hayes is correct!

Joy B

cia, re: DR, I saw her on a panel w Offit last year(?) on youtube, and she was very actively trying to cover up what was a severe tic disorder. She would cough, laugh/chuckle, and flip her hair to disguise it. How many vaccines has she had, I wonder? She is a complete and total fanatic, along the lines of Robespierre and Rasputin, no exaggeration. Does she munch on Lariam, recreationally? Put drops of oral polio vax in her cocktails? I mean I wouldn't be surprised.

Her home country, Israel, is currently advancing a vaccine bill which states that no one unvaxxed can enter an educational facility - parents, children, teachers/admins. Funny, in this article it appears Israel uses the same figures as the US when it comes to vaccination rates, as well as all of the nonsense surrounding the measles hysteria, which seems to be playing out in mirror fashion in both countries. Identical "statistics".

So just how many d*** jobs does this lady have??


Our children and adults are suffering from a neurological immune system damage that was caused by over vaccinating an entire generation. There exist medications called immune modulators that would reverse the damage to our children. Our children are suffering from a medical pandemic that these immune modulators could reverse, correct, and CURE. The problem is that no one is attempting to do any clinical trial of these medications as the CDC and NIH are not interested in pursuing the trials or spending the 20 million needed to conduct them. What is needed is a pharmaceutical company and there are many of them who could raise this money and get started on the trials that should have occurred over 20 years ago. The technology is there, but the money needs to be acquired in order to do the clinical trials correctly so the FDA would approve their usage for our "autism" labeled children.


Being an anti-vaxxer is fine until someone says to you that since you are one you are not entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, that you are not entitled to work, or move freely in the community, go to school, travel, and not too far fetched the way things are going - vote.

Greyone, the problem with the Chinese social credit system is that I have not heard one US gov't official denounce it.

cia parker


It's just another aspect of the propaganda war. They pay hundreds of minions to attack vaccine critics on the blogs. But their war is fought on many fronts. I looked at DR's FB page the other day, and was a little surprised that she said that Gardasil has now been approved for women over the previous top age of 26. They USED to say that giving the HPV vaccine to people who have already been exposed to the virus, i.e., nearly everyone who had ever had sex, plus many who get it from nonsexual vectors, is very dangerous and INCREASES the incidence of dangerous lesions. NOW she says that everyone of any age can and should get it. She had her older son take a picture of her with her sleeve rolled up getting the injection. She said yes, she IS married and in a monogamous relationship, but who knows? She seemed to be saying that the vaccine would prevent future cancer from long-ago relationships, which is not the case, but of course it would sell vaccines to the unwary. Another devious strategy in the bigger war. I followed a link to an article on the FB page and commented there. Unleashed the whirlwind. The moderator said I know who YOU are, you're REALLY ciaparker2. Chris said Yes, I realized that too, that's why I didn't pull any punches with her. Chris said Measles deaths dropped in the '50s because of excellent improved allopathic care. I said There IS no allopathic care for measles absent the uncommon bacterial complication. She said Yes, that's why it's so important to VAX for it. And then to prevent the obvious response, they closed the article to further comments. Another strategy of theirs.

They're losing. They know it. They've called up their mercenaries to stab away one meme, one article, one photo, one law at a time. But they can't stand against the deluge of autism caused by vaccines, increasingly obvious to everyone. So we just have to do the same thing, bring one grain of truth at a time which is rapidly becoming a mountain.

That's just part of their strategy, to clog up the blog comments with insults and filth so that nice people are repelled and may stop reading. But a lot of formerly nice people are angry about what's happening, so many blatant lies, so much denial of the truth, and they keep reading and become the most stellar blog commenters.

Laura Hayes


Thank you for posting that Simpsons is excellent. I wonder how that ever made it on to mainstream TV (I am assuming that was part of an actual episode on TV, correct?). Perhaps an entity other than Pharma sponsors the Simpsons??

go Trump

There used to be anti-tobacco, anti-lead in gasoline, anti-thalidomide, anti-Vioxx, anti-dioxin, anti-DDT, anti-fluorocarbons,

We now know who was proven correct on those issues and it was NOT those who had all the money.


The creators of The Simpsons appear to understand the vaccine situation very well, hopefully some children have been influenced by this one.

Shots vaccine day Simpsons episode (3m 30s)

cia parker

They only do it because they know that most people will just take it at face value so they don't have to think about it. That's why every totalitarian régime has propagandists in an exalted position. The best memes are distorted, but have a basis in reality. After all, how many of us are in favor of condemning children to die of contagious disease?

We should wear it with pride! Or, in my case, say Yes, I'm an anti-vaxxer, except that I think... Or say at every turn, Yes, I'm an anti-vaxxer! I'm totally against inflicting brain damage and autoimmune disease on babies! You're saying that you are in favor of them? Hmmm? It's just part of the battle. What else are they going to say?

Jeannette Bishop

It's hard to study the downside of vaccination (this includes an attempt to study the up side) for a few years and still think the term "anti-vaxxer" sounds bad, a little more derogatory than "anti-vaccine" maybe, but I appreciate Mr. Rossio's attempt to encourage civility in discourse with the parents of vaccine injured.

The backlash informs enough to motivate a few more to undertake further vaccination research I hope.

Not exactly on topic...but I wonder if attendees have to pay to be "informed" by some of these speakers:


Just when I was about to pull my hair out of my head over the idiotic response to Rossario's tweet, I found your delightful analysis, Kim.

Thank you. :)


Seems like Rossis has apologized for using the N-word. I knew it was coming, but still consider it brave of him for standing his ground that dehumanizing epithets targetted at any group is not acceptable.

Loraine Fishel

I am the antivaxxer RN at work. They think I am an absolute Anti vaccine Nazi. Really, if I spoke my mind, which I would be fired for, I would be SO SO much worse. I think I can be more effective there on the down low. I wear my mask. I consider it a badge of honor. Co workers say,"How can you wear that?" I reply I would drag a ball and chain down the hospital halls rather than be vaccinated.


The Chinese Social Scoring program is shocking!
So is their new "vaccine" gene editing.

David Weiner

I agree with Laura Hayes that it is a mistake to respond in a defensive manner when one is labeled anti-vaccine or an anti-vaxxer.

Personally, though, I do not embrace that label, because it implicitly frames the issue as a technology problem, while I consider it to be primarily a political/economic problem.

If someone were to call me an anti-vaxxer, I would likely respond with something like the following:

I do not hold a favorable opinion of vaccines, but I am really more fundamentally opposed to the government vaccine program. The entire apparatus that centrally plans, approves, schedules, mandates, absolves from liability, and propagandizes for vaccines is destructive, tyrannical, and not suitable for a free society. Whether or not anyone uses vaccines, and to what extent, should be a strictly private matter. The government vaccine program should be abolished.

It doesn't make for a good sound bite, but I think that the government vaccine program is the proper target of our criticism.

David Weiner

Kim is exactly right in her analysis. The regime has adapted the playbook for going to war laid out by Hermann Goering during the Nuremberg Trials, though in this case it is (allegedly) a war against pathogens.

“Why of course the people don't want war. Why should some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally the common people don't want war: neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But after all it is the leaders of a country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or fascist dictorship, or a parliament or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peace makers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”

John Stone


I think the issue is irrespective that the term is used in a derogatory and polarising way in order to rob people of status. I certainly feel that it is significant that “they” don’t see any place for compromise as they expand their demands on the community - indiscriminately any single criticism is classified as “antivax”. This shows that we are dealing with a lobby which is beyond reasonable discourse, an absolutist, totalitarian ideology so that even if any of it is based on science this has been left well behind.

Back in the last decade Paul Offit made the claim that it was safe to administer 10,000 or 100,000 vaccines to infant all in one go (irrespective apparently of disease or product) and no one took this apart like I did (it even became part of state ideology in the U.K. which is perhaps why I took special trouble) and even he became embarrassed by it, but now there is no theoretical basis (however flawed) and a rapacious lobby goes on saying it wants more and anyone who murmurs the slightest criticism is trash. That’s extreme.


“Maybe if you study them, or his dozens of other major credits, really hard, you’ll notice their subtle anti-vax commentary”.

Yes, yes! Mr. Prigge! And if you study them really, REALLY, hard you’ll find that they’re laced with communist sentiment too! How many more people in the entertainment industry have to be black-listed before we can evolve beyond the label and have an adult conversation about the science?!

Laura Hayes

Like Bob, I have no problem with the label anti-vaccine, and use it to label myself as an “anti-vaccine activist/advocate”.

Those in the know about the horrors of vaccines, and worse, about the horrors of mandating them, who have a problem with being labeled anti-vaccine, versus embracing it, triggered the title of my 2016 WAPF presentation: “Vaccines: What Is There to Be ‘Pro’ About?”

Brett Wilcox has posted an incredible list of synonyms for anti-vaccine here on AoA in the comments section in the past to point out just how accurate the label is for those who understand the dangers of, failures of, lack of need for, corruption underlying, and propaganda surrounding and artificially propping up vaccines.

As I commented here on AoA in response to Del Bigtree telling a reporter in Sacramento earlier this year that he wasn’t anti-vaccine, he was pro-science, I pointed out that if one is pro-science, one must be anti-vaccine, as there is no valid science to support their use, and much evidence, in addition to much science, to support immediately discontinuing their use. There is so much evidence and science to support discontinuing their use, in fact, that the title of my most-recent presentation in early November in Utah was titled “Why Is This Legal?” with regard to the use of vaccines and the mandating of them.

In the post above, the term “under- vaccinated” was used. In previous posts here on AoA, the term “over-vaccinated” has been used. I am opposed to the use of either, as they imply there is some scientifically-valid, acceptable level of vaccination, which there isn’t. The rhetoric we choose is of critical importance, and it is my firm belief that we should not use rhetoric which condones and perpetuates vaccine propaganda.

“Anti” means against or opposed to. I am against and opposed to vaccines, to the use of such unproven and dangerous products, to the mandating of them, to the devastation and death they cause, and to anyone who supports, condones, or legislates the mandating of them. Therefore, I am anti-vaccine, and I am also anti-vaccine mandates. If the definition fits, use it, and explain to others at every opportunity why it is accurate. By doing so, we will destigmatize it. By constantly denying it, we won’t, and worse, we will increase the power of its use by those who use it to demean and debase us. Let’s not permit that to happen. Own the label, explain the label, and turn it into the label of those in the know, of those who want no part in the continuance of the harming, disabling, making chronically ill, and killing via vaccination.

Angus Files

Anti vaccine and proud of it.And what will happen to our children and anyone associated with us the new (great)unwashed .Today the authoritarians have a new way of teaching us where we belong.Soon to be rolled out in a country near you for questioning vaccines.

China's TERRIFYING Social Credit System

Pharma For Prison


Hans Litten

This Stanley Plotkin testimony is quite the best entertainment I have ever seen in my life.
This man is much worse than a common criminal. He knows exactly all the carnage he has been involved in his whole life. And this nonsense about not being interested in money at all.

He knows full well the devastation he has caused all around the world.
He knows it all and he "lies by omission" every second line he utters.

He read through various anti-vax websites (but only mentioned
I was praying he would give AoA a mention. haha

I hope you read this Stanley - for you are a scoundrel sir. I will never forgive you.
The same of your protégé Offit.


Kim check out Reggie Bush & Mike Cernovich's Twitters. They were both tweeting about vaccines last night. Cernovich just watched Vaxxed. Bush share the YouTube of the retired nurse giving awesome testimony about the flu shot.

John Stone

An aspect of this I noted last year was the call by Seth Berkley, Director of GAVI, in the once respectable Spectator to have “antivaxxer” comment excluded from the web. The point is it isn’t just these allegedly very defective people but any vaccine critical comment at all which is thereby excluded. The vaccine lobby can no longer cope with any reality check at all.

When I commented, of course, I was immediately surrounded by low grade abusive and libellous comments which made the blog comments impossible to read.

bob moffit

It is a common tactic highly recommended by Sol Alinsky in his infamous "Rules for Radicals" .. of which they are 13 rules. Rule #5:

" “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions."

The entire purpose of Rule #5 is to "demonize" your enemy .. which is why the pharmaceutical vaccine industry - public health bureaucracy complex .. is determined to denigrate our community by using any means necessary .. hence linking "anti-vaccine" to whatever label most offensive at that moment in time.


Common sense mandates this "scientific study" must be done .. and .. it is clearly ANTI-SCIENCE to continue decades refusing to conduct this study by the PRO VACCINE INDUSTRY .. deliberately denying scientific evidence proving vaccines are NOT as safe and effective as the PRO VACCINE industry insists they are.

The PRO-VACCINE industry has the resources, data and expertise to conduct this study .. they lack only the will to do it .. obviously paralyzed with fear of what this SCIENTIFIC STUDY WILL PROVE.

It is not easy trying desperately to "demonize" your enemy .. when your enemy has been begging for a common sense SCIENTIFIC STUDY the vaccine industry is terrified of conducting.


Hans Litten

I am fairly sure the demonization isn't working very well - they are showing increasingly more desperation because the truth is very much available and out there now.

I love this by the way, does anyone else find this hilarious ?

The Washington Post - Democracy Dies in Darkness
(democracy is already dead, operation mockingbird, fluoride, corptocracy, one world govt etc)
And WAPO is one of the leaders of killing it.

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