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Role of NMDA receptor autoimmunity induced by food protein containing vaccines, in the etiology of autism, type 1 diabetes, neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders

Part 2 Did A Vaccine Experiment on US Soldiers Cause "The Spanish Flu" Epidemic?

Spanish fluBy Kevin Barry, President
First Freedoms, Inc.

November 19, 2018

Part 2 of a 6 part series
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The “Spanish Flu” killed an estimated 50-100 million people during a pandemic 1918-19. What if the story  we have been told about this pandemic isn’t true? What if, instead, the killer infection was neither the flu nor Spanish in origin? Newly analyzed documents reveal that the “Spanish Flu” may have been a military vaccine experiment gone awry. In looking back on the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, we need to delve deeper to solve this mystery.

Summary from Part 1 (1):

  • More soldiers died from disease than bullets during WWI.
  • The Spanish Flu was neither Spanish, nor Flu. According to a 2008 study by the U.S. National Institute of Health, the “predominant” killer in 1918-19 was bacterial pneumonia, and the first cases were not in Spain.
  • Initial outbreaks can be traced to U.S. military bases.  A bacterial vaccine experiment on soldiers at Fort Riley, Kansas is one of the military epicenters of the epidemic.
  • The serums. Anti-toxins and vaccines used on soldiers were made in horses at the Rockefeller Institute in New York (and in NJ). The same horses were used “in the preparation of diphtheria, tetanus antitoxin and antimeningococcus serum.”  Same horses, multiple pathogens.
  • When WW1 ended on November 11, 1918, soldiers returned to their home countries and colonial outposts, spreading the killer bacterial pneumonia worldwide.
  • During WW1, the Rockefeller Institute also sent similar batches of the antimeningococcic serum used at Fort Riley to England, France, Belgium, Italy and other countries.
  • Vaccine experiments like the WWI experiments on soldiers in WW1 are not a thing of the past.  Watch as Dr. Stanley Plotkin,(2) the Godfather of the US vaccine program, describes his vaccine experiments on the mentally handicapped, orphans, children of mothers in prison.  Dr. Plotkin expresses a preference for experimenting “on children and adults who are human in form but not in social potential.” The deposition was taken in January 2018.

In Part 1, I asked if medical products made in horses may have played a role in the new disease which killed millions worldwide in the pandemic of 1918-19.

The December 1917 issue of Popular Mechanics magazine (3) sheds light on the vaccine manufacturing process of 100 years ago.  The feature article, “How New York City’s Health Department Makes Serums and Vaccines for the United States Army” describes processes in place in 1917:

“After the horse has been inoculated with the disease poison in gradually increasing doses he is bled and his serum is found to be antitoxin.  This is administered to human beings and renders them immune to the disease .... Some horses give more antitoxin serum than others. The same horse may be used at several different times for the preparation of distinctly different antitoxins ... Horses are used in the preparation of diphtheria, tetanus antitoxin and antimeningococcus serum.

It is difficult to believe that they used the same horses to make multiple disease serums, but they did.  If safety had been a concern, perhaps certain horses would have been dedicated to producing serum for one disease (or “poison” as the article calls it), but safety does not appear to be on the list of concerns.  These muddled and potentially contaminated serums were then given to soldiers (and to the public).


Were pathogens transferred from these horses to humans in mass quantities in ways they had never transferred before?  Humans and horses had interacted closely for centuries, but horse serum had not been injected into humans in the way before, bypassing the human immune system.  Is it possible that this new method of exposure caused the bacterial pneumonias which ripped human lungs apart in ways never seen before?

Could pathogens relatively harmless to horse lungs make a species-jump and destroy human lungs?

In 1919, a Dutch military veterinarian named Captain Emile Bemelmans “developed an extensive theory on the relation between human and animal influenza .... In 1919, he argued that ‘the human ‘flu’ and the so-called ‘infectious disease of the breast’ of horses are exactly identical in aetiological, bacteriological and epidemiological senses’.

In her 2014 paper “‘Spanish’ flu and army horses: what historians and biologists can learn from a history of animals with flu during the 1918–1919 influenza pandemic”, Dr. Floor Haalboom describes Bemelmans’s work:

“In 1919, Bemelmans’s argument on the identical nature of human and horse influenza in the Nederlandsch Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde (the Dutch medical journal) was reviewed in the veterinary journal,

… in 1914 he extended his theory on horse flu to several human and animal infectious diseases in an article in the Dutch medical journal.  Bemelmans listed human influenza as an example among many other animal and human diseases which he thought were accompanied by (deadly) infections of streptococci. Although he did not yet argue that human and horse flu were exactly equal, he did explicitly note their similarities: ‘Also between the human influenza and the so-called breast disease in horses peculiar similarities exist’...

… In these papers, Bemelmans addressed the nature of influenza (although he still preferred the name ‘flu’) of both humans and horses. He opposed the ideas that Pfeiffer’s bacterium or a filterable virus caused the disease, but thought toxins made by the bacteria streptococci were responsible for its deadly secondary complications. “ (4)

Dr. Bemelmans’s contemporaneous observations from have largely been lost to history, in part because of the self important attitude of the medical community.  The hubris of medical community prevented them from listening to a lowly veterinarian. However, Dr. Bemelmans’s observations and persistence in getting them published are extraordinarily valuable.  His awareness at the time that bateria was the killer of both humans and horses in the pandemic of 1918-19 put him decades ahead of his contemporaries. The NIH paper describing bacteria as the predominant killer was published in 2008.(5)

If Dr. Bemelmans was correct that horses and humans were suffering from an identical disease, are there diseases identical (or very similar) in both horses and humans?  Do any of those diseases target the lungs?

“Animal Models - A Neglected Medical Resource”,
Cornelius, CE, DVM, Ph.D.

N Engl J Med 1969; 281:934-944 (6)

In a 1969 paper,  Kansas State University veterinarian Dr. Charles E. Cornelius compiled a list of diseases which were very similar or identical in humans and various other species.  Among the diseases identical/very similar in humans and horses is pulmonary emphysema, which targets the lungs.

Did a pathogen which causes pulmonary emphysema “species-jump” from horses to humans in these serums and vaccines?  The vaccines were obviously manufactured primitive, unavoidably unsafe conditions and then given to WW1 soldiers as an experiment.  What exactly was in the serums and vaccines made in the horses at the Rockefeller Institute - especially considering that the same individual horses were used to a variety of serums for multiple diseases?  

Recall from Part 1 that Streptococci bacteria were commonly found in the tissue samples from the autopsies of those who died in 1918-19. (5)


cia parker


I think I gave the wrong title of the book about homeopathic prophylaxis: it's The Solution, not The Answer if that's what I said.

Vaccination & Homoeoprophylaxis?: A Review of Risks and Alternatives - 7th Edition
Golden, Dr Isaac, Dr Isaac Golden

You could send me an email if you want information on the company I get nosodes from. I don't want to cause problems for them if pharma spies see it. I was stunned to see how many diseases they offer nosodes for, most of them there is no vaccine for, and probably half of them I'd never heard of. But the fact that they stay in business must mean that they have a lot of customers who want to buy them. They cost ten to twenty dollars each, much cheaper than pharma drugs. ciaparker2 and I'm at gmail.

cia parker


I'd just say that any disease could be misdiagnosed. "The classic picture of tetanus, especially the abdominal rigidity and risus sardonicus, is highly characteristic and supports the clinical diagnosis of tetanus. However, a number of other conditions may occasionally mimic tetanus. These include dental abscesses, peritonsillar infections, and submaxillary lymphadenitis. Trismus, neck stiffness, and generalized spasms may be mistaken for encephalitis, encephalomyelitis, meningitis, or intracranial hemorrhage." BUT: "Markedly increased tone in central muscles (face, chest, neck, back, and abdomen), with superimposed generalized spasms and relative sparing of the hands and feet, strongly suggest tetanus." That was Harrison, and he discusses the other conditions with which tetanus might be confused. But I think it's like with polio. Dr. Rustein, writing in the '50s, said that while other diseases could cause temporary paralysis, there were very few diseases other than polio which could cause permanent paralysis in children, so that at the point at which severe, permanent paralysis occurred along with other diagnostic signs, it was almost certainly polio. I think it is like that with tetanus as well. At the point at which the patient has severe muscle spasms, especially of the central muscles, and especially if he dies, there's not much it could be other than tetanus. Mike described holding a newborn infant with tetanus from cutting the umbilical cord with an unsterile implement in his hands as he jerked constantly like a puppet, until he died. He said he and the mother hugged each other and cried for a long time. I asked if he had used vitamin C to try to treat the baby, but he didn't reply. I think it was new information for him when I put up a reference to the Bangladeshi study, and he was kind enough to put up a link to the actual study.

Tetanus was very common on the battlefield in the Civil War, still common in WWI, when they knew about the need to disinfect wounds but didn't have the vaccine, and almost non-existent in WWII among American soldiers who had all had the vaccine, but still common among the German soldiers, same time and context, but no vaccine, show that the tetanus germs were still around, but the disease was prevented by the vaccine. Dr. Mendelsohn said that the fact that there had not been a single case of tetanus among the veterans even forty years later, when he was writing in the '80s, shows that the vaccine protection lasted at least that long. And a recent study has confirmed that.

I think it's interesting that natural immunity was found in so many people. But I'd also say that it's like with so many diseases: some people have a genetic or anatomical susceptibility to it which most people do not have. But it's the same with vaccine injury: some have the predisposition to react to vaccines in certain ways, like autism, asthma, and so one, but most do not have it and do not react in these ways. They may react in other ways, like eventual cancer, but we don't know a lot about that at this time. So there are many who will get tetanus or crippling polio, Hib disease, etc., if they are infected with them, while most will not. It would be good if they could develop a test to screen for this susceptibility, genetic or otherwise, but I don't think they have much motivation now. In the meantime, we should leave the decision up to the parents, who may be aware of family susceptibilities more than any doctor could be.

Diseases like measles, chickenpox, and pertussis cause clinical disease in nearly everyone exposed to the germs, but after infancy, I thin that's a good thing and people should just be aware of how to nurse them when they occur. And how to prevent them with nosodes when advisable.

I read a book called The Answer by Cilla Whatcott and Kate Birch several years ago: it's a good introduction to homeopathic prophylaxis, and has information on large-scale nosode campaigns done in Latin American countries during epidemics of polio, dengue, and leptospirosis (until I read it I thought lepto only occurred in dogs and some other animals). I'll give you a link to a study done on a fairly recent dengue campaign and you'll see how impressive the results are. I found it last year during an online debate with Mike Stevens, and even he, after first listing many possible confounding factors, when I said But it was the same area, side by side, those who got and did not get the nosodes and/or preventive remedies, and one area just had cases increased and the nosode area had cases plummet to almost none. And he had to agree that that was the case, and he didn't know what could have been the reason (other than that the nosodes worked to produce immunity the way they were supposed to do). Large campaigns in South America in place since 2010 have shown that children who take the graduated course of nosodes in a logical and regular way actually have antibodies to the diseases when they complete the course. And that's why they called their book The Answer. It means that anyone who wanted disease protection could get it with no risk of anything using the nosodes.

I think the books by Dr. Isaac Golden are excellent: he's an Australian homeopath whose specialty is homeopathic prophylaxis (nosodes). I'd recommend you get one or more of them on Amazon. I'll get the name of one from my Amazon account that I think is very good and very thorough, and in which he lists the allopathic treatment and most common drugs used, as well as homeopathic treatment, for each of the most important diseases in the world.

You may have seen that I mentioned that after many years of not having either, in the winter two years ago and last year I had both cold sores and shingles. So this year I thought I'd try the nosodes, and got one for each condition. I don't know, possibly just one of them would have been enough, since they're closely related viruses which lie latent for life after contraction, sometimes becoming activated to cause the painful conditions. So I thought I'd take the cold sore one and the shingles one on alternate Mondays all winter. In October I already had a mild cold sore on my lower lip and shingles on my back on the right side, mild. But as soon as I took the nosodes, they healed immediately and haven't returned. So this is the first winter in several years that I'm not having to deal with either one of them. I'm sure that it's because the nosodes are working.


Hi Cia,

Some of the things I have been reading recently suggest that even having had tetanus once does not give immunity ( funny then, that a vaccine would, then when you think about it,) so it is interesting to read a different point of view, that immunity to tetanus could be naturally acquired in some way?
This article about risus sardonicus may be of interest to you

From the article
"The classic picture of tetanus, especially the abdominal rigidity and risus sardonicus, is highly characteristic and supports the clinical diagnosis of tetanus. However, a number of other conditions may occasionally mimic tetanus. These include dental abscesses, peritonsillar infections, and submaxillary lymphadenitis. Trismus, neck stiffness, and generalized spasms may be mistaken for encephalitis, encephalomyelitis, meningitis, or intracranial hemorrhage."

It seems likely that if a harassed young ER doctor ( often working 70 or more hours in a week) sees someone with risus sardonicus, takes a medical history ,and asks about a recent tetanus shot and is told no, then then that doctor may well be, imo, extremely likely to diagnose tetanus without doing much to necessarily rule out other diagnoses.
( Which could explain the cases of "tetanus" where no spores are found.)
Similarly, if the harassed ER doctor is told that a recent tetanus shot rules out tetanus, then the same doctor, having been told that the tetanus vaccine is extremely effective, is imo, now more likely to spend the time to look for, or give another diagnosis.
Which of course becomes an interesting catch 22/loop; the vaccine must be preventing tetanus, because no one who has had the vaccine gets tetanus, and if anyone vaccinated does have symptoms of tetanus, then it must be something else, because no one who is vaccinated can get tetanus...
SO we neither know how many cases of "tetanus" are actually caused by tetanus spores, nor on the flip side whether vaccinated people are still catching tetanus and possibly being misdiagnosed.

Without definitive lab tests, it pretty much comes down to guessing...(Cough; I mean "diagnosing based on symptoms only".. and vaccine status of course :) )

I have never done any real research into homeopathy, and have not read any science about nosodes? You have mentioned it several times; are there studies that have convinced you they are effective?

Certainly I agree about the need for people to have the freedom to chose their medical care, whether vaccinating or not, without duress, and informed consent is also part of that.

cia parker


This is from Vaccines, second edition, by Plotkin and Mortimer. Most people in the Third World seem to develop natural immunity and about a quarter in the First World do.

Second edition, p. 63, in the chapter of tetanus. "Debate continues over whether humans can develop antitoxin against tetanus in the absence of vaccination or disease. ..Studies in the developing world and some developed nations using other generally acceptable assay (e.g., enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and passive hemagglutination) have shown substantial proportions of some reportedly unimmunized populations in Brazil, China, Ethiopia, Indian, Italy, Israel, Spain, and the USSR with detectable levels of antitoxin. (There are many footnotes included here and elsewhere.) Specifically, up to 80% of persons in India and up to 95% of persons in a group of Ethiopian refugees had levels of antitoxin suggestive of protection. Such studies have been criticized because the absence of vaccination cannot be completely ensured and because of the assays used. ..Testing methods may not be specific at low levels of detection. Nonetheless, this information suggests that at least in some areas of the developing world, asymptomatic colonization - presumably of the intestine - or infection with C. tetani occurs, leading to the production of antitoxin. In the developed world, this phenomenon has not been adequately studies. Serosurveys in the US have found 25% or more of reportedly unimmunized individuals to have circulating antitoxin, although negative immunization histories are perhaps more likely to be unreliable. Overall, even if natural immunity occurs in some populations, it cannot be relied on to control tetanus."

I knew there was no lab test for tetanus. But Harrison's, 17th edition, p. 899, says: "Markedly increased tone in central muscles (face, chest, neck, back, and abdomen), with superimposed generalized spasms and relative sparing of the hands and feet, strongly suggest tetanus." They discuss the question of differential diagnosis and consideration of poisoning, alveolar abscess, meningitis/encephalitis, and rabies. But lockjaw, the first symptom of tetanus, and facial rictus, would probably mean tetanus.

I would have to say that you'd have to consider the difference in the number of cases of suspected tetanus in highly vaccinated countries and unvaccinated ones to get a general idea of how many were really tetanus, and also rely on the experience of the doctors diagnosing it. It has probably always been rare because a certain percentage has natural immunity to it. So it would be similar to polio in that an anatomical susceptibility must be present for a clinical case to present. And also, of course, if a tetanus-prone injury had been sustained and symptoms of tetanus occurred fairly soon after that, it would probably be tetanus. Also in wartime, when tetanus is very common among the wounded. And that's another good example: in WWII close to no Americans got tetanus because all had been vaxxed, while it remained common among the Germans because none of them had gotten it. Which would show that most or all of the suspected cases were really tetanus. We really don't have a good idea of how many have natural immunity to either tetanus or polio (or meningitis, etc.). I think you'd have to leave it to the judgment of the patient or the parent whether or not to get the tetanus series after two or three years old, and whether to get the antitoxin after getting a tetanus-prone wound. In our case, I'm glad we got the tetanus vaccines we did thirteen years ago, but I won't get any more: we will be taking the nosode soon for tetanus protection. On the other hand, I'm sorry I thought I needed a tetanus booster before going to Mexico for the first time when I was 19. Now I know that a lot of boosters is dangerous. That one was my ninth tetanus-containing shot, but the eighth had been when I was eleven. That fateful shot paralyzed both my arms starting the same day (brachial plexus neuropathy) and I think started the process which would be diagnosed years later by MRI as sometimes-paralyzing MS.

However, if we got a tetanus-prone wound, it's been thirteen years since we got the vaccine, and I'd definitely ask for the antitoxin. And definitely IV vitamin C if we got tetanus anyway.

I noticed in Moskowitz' book Vaccines that in his discussion of the redefinition of polio paralysis to include only cases which lasted for over 60 days, that he says that this excluded not only those cases caused by short-term paralysis from other enteroviruses, G-B syndrome, etc., but those caused by mild cases of polio. It's always been known that most polio cases cause no symptoms, or no paralysis, or no permanent paralysis. So the redefinition may or may not have been done to make the vaccine look more effective than it was. Even most cases of polio paralysis resolve on their own. No proof has been offered as to any of the diagnosed polio cases really being something else, it's only a hypothesis. If they included all cases of polio paralysis in their figures in the early '50s, most of which resolved in less than two months, it WOULD reduce the number of cases if you threw out all the cases which resolved quickly. But there were still thousands of cases of permanent paralysis caused by polio, as in my roommate Tina Frank (who started a support group a few years ago). Her parents had been afraid to get her the vaccine. They probably made the wrong decision, although it's hard to ever say for sure. My parents got me a ton of them. I didn't get polio, but who knows if they played a part in causing my health problems?


Hi Cia,
After reading your comments about tetanus, I checked into the CDC website about prevalence. Did you know that tetanus is, per the CDC, purely a diagnosis of exclusion? There is no lab test that can tell whether or not the paralysis etc from "tetanus" is caused by pesticide exposure in agriculture, etc or by exposure to a "tetanus spore".
The person your father watched die( and I am very sorry for that person,and what sounds like a horrible death) certainly died of something. But that something may have been (and if he was working in the agricultural zone) a may even be likely to have been,excessive exposure to pesticides or herbicides or other chemicals, some of which can have exactly the same symptoms as "tetanus" which apparently, rather like autism, can only be diagnosed by a set of symptoms. To reiterate, Tetanus spores are present in unaffected people walking around, and , they are not present in some cases of dagnosed"tetanus" so the CDC says a lab test can't be used to diagnose it.

From the website
Doctors can diagnose tetanus by examining the patient and looking for certain signs and symptoms. There are no hospital lab tests that can confirm tetanus.

This also leads to the idea that if tetanus is diagnosed in part by vaccination status (ie someone who is recently vaccinated must have another cause for their muscle spasms and difficulty breathing,,) we therefore have a self fulfilling prophecy re the supposed efficacy of the vaccine. Any vaccine is essentially 100% effective, if anyone given it has to be diagnosed with something else.

cia parker


I agree that good wound hygiene is very important, but half of all tetanus cases are from a wound that the person was unaware of having, from a splinter or a thorn prick maybe. I agree that it's a rare disease, and that it must be up to the individual to decide to get the vaccine series or not. I sometimes wonder if my way of deciding it is a good way or not. A thousand babies a year dying of Hib disease in the years right before the vaccine is still not that many in a country the size of the US, but I personally think it's enough to give the vaccine series careful consideration if the child has to be in daycare in his first year. Pneumococcal disease caused less than five hundred deaths a year before the vaccine, measles causes 450 deaths a year in the early '60s, and that doesn't seem like enough to get the vaccines. To me. Others must be free to make their own decision, which may or may not turn out to have been the best one, but there's no way to be 100% sure whatever you do.

Angus Files

Yep mud and lack of letting the cuts drain hygene etc -up to the individual we have no fear and no vaccines.

Pharma For Prison


cia parker


I just looked up these figures. I tried to open a study which Eindecker posted last year, but it no longer worked.

The worst year for tetanus (after the thousands killed by it in the Civil War) was 1923, when 1,560 cases were reported, with a 40% mortality, so 624 deaths a year from tetanus. I don't think it would ever happen that most people in the US no longer got the tetanus vaccine series, but if it were to happen, you could calculate an estimate of incidence and deaths taking into account the greatly increased population and reduced exposure to horse manure, but continued presence of tetanus spores in the soil from various animals. If IV vitamin C treatment was standard for the treatment of tetanus, it would greatly reduce mortality. In the UK thirty years ago, tetanus mortality was still one in five cases. The link to the US study from 1960 was posted by David last year, and shows very high mortality still at that time.

In England and Wales between 1985 and 1991, there were 104 cases of tetanus and 19 deaths. (Cumberland 1993).

It is believed that adults having had five tetanus vaccinations at any time are protected for life, and that excessive use of boosters is dangerous. However, most cases of tetanus now occur in women over fifty, probably because men tend to get the antitoxin after getting various injuries, and vaccine protection eventually wears off. Meaning that five received in childhood are not enough to protect for life, and that boosters should be minimized. I'd say based on what I know at this time that it would be good to get the DT series after the age of two or three and then get one booster forty years after the last one, and that should be enough for life.

I don't think you're running a huge risk if you don't get any tetanus vaccine, but it's a gamble. Tetanus is an ever-present possibility, the disease is terrible and often fatal (twenty to fifty percent of the time even with hospital care, but vitamin C would lower that), and the vaccine is very effective and usually (but not always) safe. I think we need to keep an eye on the results of any vaccine decision parents may make, to give everyone more current information to use in making their decision. I got a graduated series of tetanus nosodes at the same time as the others, and when we finish the meningococcal series, we'll take those. We're probably still protected by the vaccine we both got in 2005, but it's hard to tell.

cia parker


It is not the case that I make decisions from fear and not science. And you are mistaken about tetanus. It has always been a rare disease in the developed world outside of battlefield conditions (where it was common). But it is a real condition: my father saw a man die of it in agony in his father's doctor's office in Reserve, Louisiana, when he was growing up. It is caused by a bacterium which lives in the digestive tract of many mammals. Horses used to be the most common one, and the tetanus from the proverbial rusty nail was a nail from a shoe that had been thrown by a horse. But it is found in the digestive tract of many, even most, mammal species, and is found in the poop which they excrete, where it can subsist in a latent state in the ground for decades. It requires strict anaerobic conditions to develop, usually when something sharp pushes it far under the surface of the skin. So stepping on a rusty nail, cutting yourself with something that has the germs on it (the unsterile knife or scissors used to cut the umbilical cord of many newborns in Africa), a splinter, a prick from a rose thorn grown with the use of manure for fertilizer. And it produces a toxin which is one of the most poisonous substances on earth, causing muscle spasms and often death, very quickly.

Many soldiers died of tetanus in the Civil War and in WWI. Few Allied soldiers died of it in WWII because all of the American soldiers and most of the others had gotten the vaccine, new at that time. Many German soldiers died of it because they had not gotten the vaccine.

The spores have been found even on the desktops of offices in high-rise buildings in big cities. Many people develop immunity from natural exposure, but many others don't. To the extent that immune women may transmit their immunity to their infants (and I'm not aware of any study done on this), it would only last for a few months. We don't have many cases now partly because the vast majority of children in the First World get MANY doses of tetanus vaccine, usually in the DTaP, but preferably in the DT series. And immunity lasts for at least forty years, much longer than previously thought.

The vaccine is very effective in preventing tetanus, and is one of the safer ones, although, like any vaccine, it can cause death and disability in some. IV vitamin C GREATLY reduces mortality. So every parent needs to think about all of this and decide. They might decide to reject the vaccine but consider getting the antitoxin in the case of a tetanus-prone wound. Or not even do that, but then accept that even with the best of hospital care, tetanus mortality is still almost 50%.

It is a rare disease, but a very dangerous one, and it attacks even the healthiest of people if they don't have either natural or vaccine immunity. I wouldn't recommend the vaccine until the child is two or even three years old, running around and getting scraped knees and so on, and having had time to develop his nervous and immune systems normally, but at that time I think for most children it would be wise to get them the DT series. You cannot say that that is a fear-based decision unless you establish that the tetanus bacteria are completely absent in a given society. Can you do that? It is simply not true that it is not a dangerous disease or that children get immunity from their mothers. A certain number of people still die of it every year, in the UK and in the US, usually older people who haven't gotten a booster in many years. Children usually do not because nearly all of them have gotten the vaccine.

Angus Files

We don’t do tetanus either and every day we have dirt and animal poo around us living rural as we are. Your blood will kill it.Natural immunity to it is passed on from your mother.
“What is the real cause of tetanus? How may it be prevented, and how may a patient recover once tetanus has developed? The real cause of tetanus is not a germ, but dirt and filth. The bacteria are harmless when placed into a surgically clean wound. Tetanus develops when drainage of a wound is checked and dirt is retained in the tissues. The bacilli do not circulate in the blood. They remain at the point of entry and produce toxins. One of these poisons, tetanospasmin, is one of the most dangerous poisons known to man which occasions vigorous activity in the nervous tissues. The other toxin, tetano-lycin, occasions a breakdown of the blood cells. If good drainage is facilitated from the beginning, tetanus will not result from a wound. If tetanus has developed, an incision should be made to afford drainage, removing the foreign matter, and once the wound is drained and cleaned, the bacteria will not be able to elaborate the powerful toxins which are poison in the body. Once the poisoning ceases, the patient will start to recover.”

Where I disagree with you is your fall-back position of making decisions based from fear. You vaccinate out of fear and not science. There are no independent scientifically proven results that prove any vaccine is what it says it is and does. Merck won’t even give you the ingredients of its placebos never mind an itemised vaccine potion with all its scrapping’s of puss from multiple animals and propagated in the skins of aborted fetal tissue- that’s what your injecting.

Pharma For Prison


cia parker


Yes, today we all get a variant of the Spanish flu and most of us get over it. If we had gotten it in our youth in 1918, it would have been different for most of us, because at that time H1N1 was new. Older people had partial immunity and so had a much better survival rate because most had been exposed to a flu strain in the 1880s which included one of the portions of H1N1. 99% of those born before 1958 (in the US), have natural immunity to measles, because we were exposed to and developed immunity to the natural virus. But one crucial factor is natural exposure and the other crucial factor is the newness and virulence of the invading pathogen. Our immune systems don't know how to respond to new pathogens they have never seen before in any form. Ebola was new in 1976 and had an almost 100% kill rate: four years ago people's immune systems had seen it enough to provide some protection, and the kill rate was "only" around 50%. When measles was a new virus, it had a very high kill rate. The Indians in the Americas never had any contagious diseases except probably syphilis, because they didn't live in close proximity to domestic animals, and they very few domesticated animals to start with: only turkey, Muscovy duck in South America, the dog everywhere, the llama, alpaca, and guinea pig in the Andes. So when the Spanish came and introduced many diseases which had become much less deadly than they had been in Europe, millions of Indians contracted them and died, by the millions, of smallpox and measles, etc. Then their immune systems became acquainted with them, and mortality plunged.

You saw that they have found the H1N1 flu virus in the disinterred frozen bodies of Indians who died of it a hundred years ago. They really don't need to come up with anything new to explain why it killed so many. It was a new flu strain. The immune system of young, healthy people mounted a strong attack on it when it was contracted, but the mechanisms which would in many cases have expelled the virus backfired. So much of an inflammatory response was produced in the lungs of those most severely affected that the lungs filled with more fluid than could be coughed out and the inflammation restricted normal circulation, often resulting in the asphyxiation of the flu patients. But, again, everyone in the world alive in 1918 developed specific antibodies to this flu as well as a general priming of their immune system to improve its ability to respond quickly and effectively in a coordinated manner to all future infections of any kind. And this was done without any vaccine ever being developed for the H1N1 Spanish flu.

I do NOT recommend that anyone get all the recommended vaccines. I HIGHLY recommend that they research the issues carefully and only consider vaccinating for those diseases which are very dangerous and to which exposure is likely. Everyone has to do that balancing according to his own judgment: a disease which only kills five people a year in his state might be very frightening to one person, but not so much to another. Like tetanus, which in our highly vaccinated population kills only a few people a year (but would probably kill at least a thousand a year if no one vaxxed for it, just extrapolating roughly from our increased population and the tetanus incidence and mortality around the time of the development of the vaccine, taking into consideration that hospital care reduced mortality, but it still remains very high, probably between 20 and 50% even with advanced hospital care. Vitamin C does greatly reduce tetanus mortality). Maybe diphtheria, polio, and Hib under the right conditions. Certainly resist vaccinating "just in case," without considering the manifest dangers of the vaccines. Yes, vaccination reprograms the immune system to respond in a chronic, autoimmune fashion, strengthening the Th2 humoral response over the Th1 cellular one, which is the reverse of what we have evolved to do. I recommend that parents of immunocompromised children get the nosodes for those diseases which might be a danger to them: they are very likely to react adversely to the vaccines.

But everyone MUST be aware that there are very dangerous diseases which could disable or kill them. If there are vaccines available for them, then research it and consider the vaccine, weighing the risks and benefits very carefully. There are homeopathic nosodes available to prevent most diseases. I got a notice in August that my daughter had to get the meningococcal shot for her senior year in high school. That vaccine is very dangerous, and I went to the health department to get ANOTHER religious exemption. I said I've already gotten a religious exemption several times, do I HAVE to go and get another one? They said it was a new requirement, and yes, I did. So I did, but then, considering that meningococcal meningitis is an EXTREMELY serious disease, though rare, that maybe it would be good for both me and my daughter to be protected from it. So I ordered a nosode in four ascending potencies, 30 C, 200 C, 1 M, and 10 M. Many homeopaths no longer think this many are necessary, that one or two of those is enough, but I wanted to follow Dr. Isaac Golden's protocol and I bought all four of them. We're now up to the 200 C potency, and I just gave a dose to my daughter, three pellets to dissolve under the tongue, and one for me.

I completely recognize that all vaccines are dangerous, to some more than to others, but that everyone is damaged to some degree by every vaccine they take. But at the same time, both of us got tetanus shots thirteen years ago, the vaccine protection is now believed to last for at least forty years, I was careful to get a vaccine for C that had only trace amounts of mercury, not nearly as much as it used to have, and I'm glad that I don't have to worry about tetanus every time one of us sustains a possibly tetanus-prone wound. But I don't care if others decide differently.

Angus Files

But even the Inuet specimens where they scooped out large portions of lung in 1951 didn’t produce a virus. Then 50 years later they went back to the same site exhumed another person and got viral RNA but still they were unable to find what caused the pandemic. Today we all get a variant of Spanish flu and have resistance to it.That is nothing to do with being protected by vaccines . The problem you have is when a new mutated strain comes along such as swine flu,bird flu, etc and it takes time for our immune system to catch up and protect us all from it. There might be natural wastage during this time but it is what it says on the can natural. You can live with natural wastage but when you trustingly take an innocent baby to be protected via vaccines and you destroy that most precious being forever, it’s a totally different mind set,to natural wastage. I know as I had a brother who died of flu like symptoms. My mother and father got over it eventually we all did-but never forgotten.You put it down to -it wasn’t meant to be, no blame, no ifs and buts it was natural. Taking the baby to the murdering Devils (MD`s) isn’t. If pharma has a skin scrapped puss mixed potion backed by pseudo science that people think saves life ,it has to be a mistake.

If I stepped out the front door of my house and a body lay there, and I stepped over it.Then another and another.Then further down the street I met a bloke who was alive because he had, had a vaccine and I seen him having it and I was 100% convinced it saved ALL who had had it, I would have it. In the real world though the truth is vaccines don’t work its a complete fraud. Makes money for the Pharma and the Pharma phamilies and after that the golden egg for many generations to come .You ask about drug dependent asthma and diabetes type 2 and what my view would be. Allopathic is so restricted and cures nothing .Just for you a quick couple from mercola below. There are many hundreds of ways to treat and cure both without the use of pharma killing machine drugs.



Of course it’s the case vaccines are bio-warfare nothing less than that ILL -HEALTH DEATH AND DESTRUCTION.

Pharma For Prison



Oops - Typo in the headline and jump link - "soliders" instead of "soldiers."

cia parker


There are diseases which are now nuisance diseases and those which have been or still are genuine killer diseases. It's not the case that if only no vaccine had ever been developed, then no one would ever have died of contagious disease. And then many are only killer diseases to those who are malnourished or already immunocompromised. But I, for one, would be reluctant to be exposed to Ebola, as most people would be. Many people who were from the West and healthy and well-nourished have died of Ebola. Ebola is a Western conspiracy? How about hemorrhagic dengue, an extremely serious and often fatal disease? How about yellow fever, which killed tens of thousands of those who worked on the Panama Canal a hundred years ago? Which killed thousands in the American South in the late nineteenth century? No vaccines, just disease. And thousands of Africans died of it too, long before any vaccine was introduced there, even for smallpox. Chikungunya is increasing in incidence as well, also often deadly. Or malaria, a disabling disease even when not fatal. My father got it growing up next to the Mississippi before DDT wiped it out there. He had an attack of it when he was 77, sixty-five years after he contracted it. It struck the Little House on the Prairie, afflicting Mary and Laura with chills and fever. Typhoid. Typhus. Cholera. All have killed hundreds of thousands down through the centuries. Despite the absence of vaccines or pharmaceutical drugs. It does humanity a disservice to say that if only no one took vaccines or drugs, then everyone would be healthy.

cia parker


I read the whaleto article you linked. When was it originally written? It says that it had been 58 years since the Spanish flu (of 1918-9), so it was apparently written in the '70s, which might account for its saying that the virus responsible had never been found. Since that time, it has been found in the frozen bodies of Inuit who died of it.

The article rested on the premise that everyone who died of the Spanish flu had gotten many dangerous vaccines. This was not the case. At that time, the only vaccine routinely given in many places was the smallpox vaccine. There were more vaccines developed experimentally (which didn't work out), and soldiers were given some of them. But there is a gap between that and saying that they didn't really die from the flu, but from vaccine reactions. And I completely agree that the smallpox vaccine used in the nineteenth century was both ineffective and actively dangerous, often causing gangrene, cancer at the site, withered limbs, anaphylaxis, syphilis, TB, leprosy, etc. (from unsterile reused vaccination implements). In the twentieth century they started to make the vaccine in a more effective way. It was still dangerous and still killed many, but not nearly as many as before, and it used the actual smallpox virus to make the vaccine, unlike in the nineteenth century. However, at least in the developed world, it was no longer needed.

But well over 99% of those who died of the Spanish flu had never gotten more than, at most, the smallpox vaccine, and most had never gotten that either. The disease reached every corner of the world. Remote Inuit camps in the Arctic, and human populations everywhere in the world. A few towns kept it out by not permitting any outsider in, not even the mail carriers. Everyone alive in 1918 was later shown to have antibodies to the Spanish flu in their blood. I can't say whether or not the residents of the quarantined towns did or not, there weren't that many of them.

Homeopathy achieved an extremely high cure rate, unlike allopathic medicine, and very few of the many thousands who took the nosode or remedies died of the Spanish flu.

I agree that most cases of asthma and possibly childhood diabetes are caused by vaccines. But the question is what do vaccinated people do then when they develop the conditions? If someone were about to asphyxiate in an asthma attack, would you allow them to take the inhalant and other drugs which would save their lives, even though they were produced by the pharma industry? Would you allow children with diabetes to take the injected insulin produced by the pharma industry? Or should they just die, but be unsullied by pharma products?

Angus Files

Modern medicine is about how many herd animals you can legally cull it very rarely cures anyone just keeps them just alive enough to keep coming back for more poison from the MD`s (medical devils).You mention penicillin a fungi ,you date it to the 40`s? Well about 40 centuries before that the Egyptians were using it “Imhokep, the notable ancient Egyptian healer, (….) is known to have treated surface infections with mouldy bread“,. And Fleming never invented antibiotics all by himself and they certainly never only came into use in the 40`s.You are an apologist for superstitions at best.You say drugs – when diet is best for diabetics and most illnesses most of the time,time and time again And asthma I had it after a vaccination when younger and as soon as I came off the horrible blue liquid they were giving me I never had asthma anymore gone after a ferocious temperature it vanished. Left to the quack I was the mouse on the wheel job and a good start to his pension plan. So far as keeping healthy I haven’t been to a quack for over 35 years and never had a cold. Oh yes smallpox don’t mix it up with the great pox and how did they get rid offit?bearing in mind that when they claimed they had wiped it out only 10% of the population were ever vaccinated at best?” In the epidemic of 1871-72, there died 14,808 persons of Smallpox in London, of whom 11,174 were Vaccinated.But then smallpox must be held up as the justification for all the other horror vaccines on the market and don’t question it.In 1936 is was written “"Compare these well vaccinated countries with Australia, the least vaccinated country in the world. In 134 years, not one-fifth of the children born have been vaccinated. Yet only three Australian children under five have died of that disease. In the last 50 years, no child under five has died of smallpox, and in the whole of her history, less than one person per annum has died of it, although allowing five years protective period, only 2 per cent, of her population have ever been "protected”.” I could go on “to quote Dr Wakefield. Has it ever crossed your mind that the reason possibly that large numbers of people die from previously thought nuisance illnesses is because they have been given a potion/vaccination or a cow, horse, chicken puss mix scraping that rather than kill or prevent it promotes or causes it-that’s a jump to far for some especially the medically trained who have to support fast Eddy Jenner’s bio-hazard superstitions.
For the majority of your duplicitous assertations a very well written article below covers most of your post

As has been stated before, all medical and non-medical authorities on vaccination agree that vaccines are designed to cause a mild case of the diseases they are supposed to prevent. But they also know and admit that there is no way whatsoever to predict whether the case will be mild or severe - even deadly. With this much uncertainty in dealing with the very lives of people, it is very unscientific and extremely dangerous to use such a questionable procedure as vaccination.

Many vaccines also cause other diseases besides the one for which they are given. For instance, smallpox vaccine often causes syphilis, paralysis, leprosy, and cancer. (See the chapters on smallpox and plagues.) Polio shots, diphtheria toxin-antitoxin, typhoid vaccine, as well as meas…

Pharma For Prison


cia parker


And I recommend every person's studying every disease, every drug offered, and every vaccine very carefully before getting or refusing any medical treatment. I understand that Jenner was wrong in many ways, certainly wrong about horse grease or other products produced by sick animals being therapeutic. I recognize that scientists have both made mistakes and committed crimes on many occasions. But I think standard medical treatment is lifesaving in many instances: antibiotics have saved millions of lives since the '40s, even earlier than that for sulfa drugs and similar. Standard drugs save and prolong lives of those struggling with diabetes or asthma. Taken to an extreme, it appears that many would advocate rejecting these drugs even for those with a life-threatening infection, asthma attack, or diabetic coma. Of course I recommend breastfeeding, good nutrition, vitamins A, C, and D in therapeutic amounts, whatever they may be, herbal remedies, and homeopathic nosodes and remedies. But even if you do all that, sometimes you will get sick, and getting sick is necessary to train your immune system. Sometimes there will be complications while your immune system is weakened and under attack, and sometimes the complications may become disabling or fatal. Not a reason to try to prevent the flu or measles, but facts to bear in mind and prepare to handle appropriately.

But it is a serious mistake to contend that there has never been and will never be any disease serious enough to kill large numbers of previously healthy, well-nourished people, and, while refusing most or all vaccines would result in fewer immunocompromised people, there are always going to be a lot of people weakened and possibly immunocompromised by suboptimal nutrition, genetics, bad lifestyle choices, or unavoidable environmental conditions. A hundred and fifty years ago, smallpox, diphtheria, scarlet fever, measles, and pertussis were the biggest childhood killers. Smallpox is gone: the nineteenth century smallpox vaccines may have been completely ineffective and was certainly often deadly, but the twentieth century version probably played at least some role in wiping out smallpox. Pertussis and measles became milder on their own, as well as nutrition and living conditions improving in the developed world. Scarlet fever has largely disappeared, though it may be making a comeback in Europe, but since antibiotics treat it, it's not the killer disease it used to be. Diphtheria has been wiped out by the vaccine as well as natural changes in the pathogen, which has not, however, been eradicated. If a lot of people refuse the DT series for their children (I wouldn't recommend the pertussis vaccine for anyone), the diseases may very likely reappear in their countries.

Diphtheria and tetanus are both real killer diseases, even with modern hospital treatment. Good wound hygiene is important to prevent tetanus, but half of all cases of tetanus are from wounds the person didn't know they had. The DT and polio vaccines can be dangerous, but, that being said, are the safest vaccines we have. I think you have to look at both sides and then make a choice. Polio is gone, at least for the time being. The germs for diphtheria and tetanus are always around us.

In the case of the Spanish flu, you have to consider the evidence offered. It's not good to say that it often caused very serious pneumonia (true), more severe and rapid than most flu strains (also true), and that that PROVES that it must have been from a mad scientist's tampering with the pathogen and inadvertently creating a rogue strain. I remember four years ago when a number of people thought the same about Ebola, that it must be the result of demonic American scientists tampering with the virus to enable it to become a major urban killer, when before it had mainly been found in outbreaks in small rural villages. Or maybe it was because of the increased urbanization in Africa and the tremendous growth of big cities, with much migration to them from rural areas. It is a very lethal virus for all primate species and has greatly decreased the population of gorillas in many areas in Africa. What purpose does it serve to say that it was clearly the fault of the Americans, when there is no evidence for that? Diseases happen. They always have. The plague of Athens over two thousand years ago killed huge numbers of people in Greece millennia before modern microbiologists or Americans came into existence. Yes, biological warfare is possible and many have worked in that area. But was the flu outbreak last winter the result of a familiar phenomenon, a more serious epidemic flu strain than usual, or the result of Merck's frenzied efforts to force everyone to take a flu shot by terrifying them to death? Did Merck biologically engineer a new, very virulent flu strain and release it in key locations? Or was it just one of those things?

The bubonic plague emerged in Asia and then traveled along the Silk Road to devastate Europe, eventually killing possibly a third of the population or even more. Carried by the fleas on rats. It's still a disease which occurs in some places, but I don't think you can blame any mad scientists for any events in this history. Or Americans. My great-grandmother emigrated to the US from Prussia in about 1875, because her father had just died of tuberculosis. Her mother had died of it five years before, and several of her sisters died of it, along with millions more in the course of the nineteenth century. Their family doctor recommended that she go to the US, where the weather was better, and it was less likely that she be infected by it. She went to Houston, Texas, and then Taylor, after she married a man from Greenwich, England. She lived into her eighties without TB, although I don't know how she coped with the heat in long, heavy dresses. I don't think you can blame the millions of deaths from TB, diphtheria, pertussis, measles, and scarlet fever around the world on anything but the course of Nature. Populations that get too large are culled by natural processes like disease and starvation, in which the strongest with the healthiest genes usually survive.

Unless you have specific evidence of criminal intent and concrete actions with names, dates, and locations with the tragic results occurring in a timely fashion, I don't think it helps anyone to posit biological crimes which result in killer epidemics. We've seen in the past that this often leads to the persecution, harassment, and even killing of those who belong to the groups people decide to demonize without evidence. Scapegoating.

I completely agree that the recommended vaccine schedule is bloated and is killing and disabling far more than it is protecting. Everyone has the duty to research every vaccine and every disease before consenting to any vaccine. But it's not the case that without corporate greed, there would be no serpent in Eden. You've got to read a lot to discern what diseases might endanger you or your child right now where you live, and whether the vaccines available would be more likely to help or harm you and yours. And yes, every vaccine disrupts immune function to some degree, and I don't know if it will ever be possible to know how much danger this poses for any one individual. But my parents saw deaths from diphtheria and tetanus, and I had a roommate crippled for life by polio. I don't know anyone who suffered from clinical Hib disease, but I believe the statistics which say that one in 200 babies got a serious case in the decade before the vaccine, and one in a thousand died of it. Still not carte blanche to get the vaccine, but just facts to bear in mind when deciding. It's not that there's nothing for healthy people in the developed world to fear from any disease except greedy, callous Americans.

Angus Files

Jenner who was as mad as mad can be you would have to be to vaccinate your son knowingly with something that was causing death.Mad fast Eddy Jenner was taking puss from horses,cows,goats,chickens and any other creature he could find mixing the puss up then scratching it into humans and letting it propagate in humans. You`re seriously suggesting who never interferes with what?The plague for instance had been released onto enemies first written 1600 B.C. when the FOUNDER OF AYURVEDIC MEDICINE VARIOLATED HIS FELLOW HINDIS. By 700 A.D. The Taoists were huffing Small Pox scabs to try to catch it before they caught it. How that makes sense keep scratching your head. Anyway to suggest all this medalling in viruses bacterium et-al is just recent or never happened at all or only happened in the miracle wonder happening place of pharma science labs or happened naturally is preposterous ..Jenner was taking `grease` from horse and trying pass it onto cows and failed.As natural as Jenner`s descendants buttocks The Kardashian`s. The only safe vaccine is one that isnt used.

Pharma For Prison


cia parker

All respiratory illnesses lead fairly often to pneumonia, which can be dangerous and even fatal. Colds, flu, measles, pertussis, any of them. The Spanish flu was a very virulent strain which often caused a very severe pneumonia which quickly killed. You don't need to hypothesize anything beyond what it was.

New diseases occur. In the sixteenth century, sweating sickness killed tens of thousands in France and in England for about a hundred years, but then disappeared completely as quickly as it had come. Scientists cannot even say what family of diseases it formed part of. We can pinpoint the first century in which nearly all the contagious diseases were first described:nearly all of them had a beginning in historic time. Nearly all of them made the species leap from animals to humans. Ebola did so in the '70s. Smallpox was mild until the seventeenth century, when it exploded to become a major killer, long before science had advanced to the point of tampering with microbes.

I don't see the purpose in seeking a nefarious crime in the natural course of a natural, though very deadly, disease.


Dr Plotkin served on the Vaccine and Therapeutics subcommittee of the Tick Borne Disease Working Group.

There is a minority report on vaccine development on page 33 of the main report.

Angus Files

Scary stuff,zika being recent as was seen as no more serious a killer than the seasonal flu in the jungle.What have they done with that.I read that pharma released mosquitoes with a supposedly anti zika concoction into the genes of the mosquitoes and this is to blame for the spread of zika.

Never ph-fear Pharma is here trying it out in California


Pharma For Prison


Shelley Tzorfas

Humans should NOT be shot with Horse, Dog, Monkey, Pig, Cow, Chick, or insect materials and the general public must find out how they are turning humans to animals?

Hans Litten

Posted by: bob moffit | November 20, 2018 at 07:02 AM

The plotkin testimony where he mentioned experimenting on peoples of the third world should not be overlooked in any way at all. The 1 million people of the Congo and the chimpanzee Polio work with Hillary Kaprowski has long be highly controversial. (The River - Hooper)

The region where they worked was of course eventually the epicentre of the Aids epidemic.
And they have had to defend themselves many times.
They may well be innocent of course. Other WHO vaccine theories abound (Gallo etc).

bob moffit

"•Vaccine experiments like the WWI experiments on soldiers in WW1 are not a thing of the past. Watch as Dr. Stanley Plotkin,(2) the Godfather of the US vaccine program, describes his vaccine experiments on the mentally handicapped, orphans, children of mothers in prison. Dr. Plotkin expresses a preference for experimenting “on children and adults who are human in form but not in social potential.” The deposition was taken in January 2018."

Gee .. isn't the world lucky to have Dr Stanley Plotkin .. proudly named "Godfather of the US vaccine program" .. to make the difficult choices in our lives .. such as .. playing God by determining who qualifies as "a child o adult who are human in form but not in social potential".

During the infamous Nuremberg Trials following WWII .. former German doctors and bureaucrats attempted to justify their barbaric "experiments" on "undesirables" as ethical and moral. It is hard to comprehend THIS TESTIMONY WAS NOT TAKEN 60 OR SO YEARS AGO AT THAT TRIAL .. IT WAS TAKEN THIS YEAR .. IN 2018 .. yet .. this present-day testimony is as chilling and frightening in its cold indifference towards humanity .. specifically children and adults who were classified as .. "in human form but not in social potential".

The Nuremberg Trials sentenced many of the most egregious perpetrators of the Nazi Holocaust to well deserved death and life term sentences .. and .. listening to Dr Plotkin's absurd defense for experimenting on children and adults because HE DECIDED THEY WERE ONLY IN HUMAN FORM BUT NOT IN SOCIAL POTENTIAL is worthy of the very same harsh sentences as was given at Nuremberg. Maybe even more justified punishment for his CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

How in God's name do these people sleep at night?

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