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Mystery Polio-like Paralytic Disease in Children Related to Vaccination?

TractionChairSongNote: One of the straw man arguments used against anyone who discusses vaccine injury, exemptions and refusal goes like this: "Do you want polio back?" Of course, the answer is "No." Below is an article from IPAK on the frightening outbreaks of "polio-like" paralysis in children across the nation.  No child should be injured by a vaccine, or thrust into another illness because of the vaccine's intended role within the body. If a vaccine stops one disease but causes another even more harmful disease or situation, the risk far outweighs the benefit. These are the conversations parents should be able to have with their doctors. And on social media, without being called anti-vaccine and shut down. Harm is harm. And when your child is worse off after vaccination, that can hardly be called a medical miracle.


Mysterious Paralysis Affecting Children: Are Vaccines to Blame?

IPAK Modern Medicine and Health News Views from the Open-Minded News and views on modern medicine, health, the future of health, public health, immunity, our environment and medical law,

Eli Kammerman - October 28, 2018

[IPAK Editor's comment: The two-hit hypothesis presented addresses a cellular, but not a molecular, mechanisms of pathophysiology involving vaccination concurrent with enterovirus infection. Whether molecular mimicry or other known molecular mechanisms of vaccine induced autoimmunity also play a role remains to be tested.]

A mysterious disease is paralyzing kids in 22 states. A three-year-old who could barely hold up his own head was featured on the news after contracting a polio-like illness that started with a runny nose and turned into something much more serious. Doctors diagnosed him with Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM), a disease that causes sudden arm or leg weakness, and in some cases can lead to permanent paralysis. The CDC reports that so far in 2018, there have been 72 confirmed cases of AFM among a total of 191 cases currently under investigation.

But what’s causing it? And more importantly, how can we prevent it from happening to our children?

Here’s what parents need to know: AFM Peaks During Back-to-School Periods During the past five years, surveillance data reported by the CDC shows a seasonal peak in juvenile cases of acute flaccid myelitis (AFM) in three of the years (2014, 2016, 2018), with the peak occurring in the month of September and the next higher levels of cases seen in the immediately adjacent months. Read on to learn about the relationship between these seasonal peaks and the back-to-school period.


Assuming the 3 peaks are non-random and related to some common phenomena, it’s noteworthy that these peaks coincide with the back-to-school period. Could this pattern involve some action which typically occurs during or immediately prior to the back-to-school period? The initial spike in case numbers in August implies that the increase in AFM cases probably isn’t related to disease transmission risks associated with increased exposure to groups of unfamiliar children when school typically starts, in early September. Instead, there’s an implication that actions in July-August have an effect that materializes and peaks one to two months later. The suspected actions then tail-off in a seasonal fashion, leading to the significant decline in cases from November onward.

AFM and the Two-Hit Theory

A plausible explanation for the seasonal peaks in AFM incidence is that some cases of AFM are dependent upon a “two-hit” or “three-hit” phenomenon, each one with an unlikely probability of occurring, thereby yielding a very low probability of all occurring together in a one person. While the first hit is necessary, it is the timing of the second or third hit which would determine the ultimate time point for the onset of a case of AFM, probably with a one to two month lag, considering the concentration of cases in the three month period of August-October.

The first hit, as widely acknowledged in case reports, could be an exposure to enterovirus such as EV-D68 and EV-A71, both linked to incidence of AFM by the CDC

Researchers have puzzled over the failure to identify the presence of either of these two virus strains in some AFM cases. A possible explanation for the lack of detection of these viruses is the presence of the virus at undetectable levels or its presence in cells that aren’t adequately sampled for testing. It’s notable that coxsackie viruses CVB3, a close relative of the two enterovirus strains linked to AFM and is also linked to paralysis, is reported to establish infection within cells of the immune system, similar to poliovirus (2,3). Consequently, a low-level enterovirus infection may exist in people believed to have “cleared” their infection.
For some, an enterovirus infection may therefore never completely disappear. Instead, the virus can reside in the immune cells known as B-cells, which produce antibodies against pathogens and sometimes circulate throughout the body as part of immune surveillance. B-cells with the marker CD19 have been observed to carry poliovirus and enterovirus and these cells can circulate through the body and can localize to sites of internal injury (4,5).

The second hit could be an intramuscular injection of drugs or vaccines into the arm or the leg that serves as a stimulus for B-cell migration to the injection site.

Intramuscular injections cause mild tissue trauma that naturally attracts immune cells, sometimes producing slight swelling known as an injection site reaction. An enterovirus carrier who has virus residing in B-cells may thereby be susceptible to “provocation paralysis”, a phenomenon that has been observed in recipients of oral polio vaccine (attenuated, live virus) who subsequently received intramuscular injections of penicillin, quinine or DPT vaccine (6,7,8,9). Other modes of sustaining muscle tissue damage could include a mild trauma such as a fall or blunt force hit, which could result in bruised muscle that becomes inflamed, provoking a mild immune response that includes B-cell migration. Muscle tissue damage is significant as a risk factor for enterovirus linked paralysis because damaged muscle has increased numbers of enterovirus (CAR) receptors on cell surfaces as part of the healing response (CAR—coxsackie and adenovirus receptor). Hence, increased presence of CAR would logically increase the probability of enterovirus attachment to damaged muscle. B-cells carrying enterovirus that localize to injection or trauma sites could then release enterovirus into damaged muscle and into nerve tissue via the motor end-plate, providing access to the CNS (spinal cord) for the virus (10,11). Like CAR, the poliovirus receptor PVR is similarly found in muscle and at the motor end-plate(12).
While intramuscular injections of drugs or vaccines into arm or leg sites post administration of oral (live) polio vaccine have infrequently resulted in provocation polio paralysis, it seems especially significant that early signs of paralysis in provocation polio cases are often first observed in the limb that received an injection(7). A reasonable conclusion is that the same phenomenon observed for poliovirus, an enterovirus, could occur with other members of the enterovirus family such as EV-D68 and EV-A71.

What does this mean for parents?

AFM cases may occur in enterovirus “carriers” who experience a muscle injury from injection, trauma, or blunt force hit. Suspected AFM cases should have statistically meaningful samples of white blood cells that include CD19+ B-cells tested for the presence of enterovirus.

To reduce your child’s risk of contracting AFM, consider avoiding intramuscular injections and muscle trauma during and 1-2 months after a known outbreak of AFM-linked enterovirus strains in the community. Read more and bookmark the IPAK site here.


Jodi Kelly


Posted by: bob moffit | November 02, 2018 at 06:18 AM”


david m burd

bob moffit, David Weiner, Hera, and All,

This 10 minute Youtube is timeless and applies to the child AFM cases "coincidentally" happening with flu vaccinations and the plethora of other toxic child vaccines mandated for kids going to school in September. Gary Null nails it when at the very beginning of his testimony he quotes a timeless Jewish saying "A half truth is a full lie." Which of course applies to vaccines' so-called touted benefits, while completely denying their carnage.
Please take 10 minutes to see this, and pass it on! Also this video takes you to succeeding
and riveting testimony videos of Gary Null, a true hero for decades.


It is probably from all those activities, sports and, extra fun stuff surrounding school; that cause them to bump into each other. Probably some bumping goes on with in those crowded hall ways too.

Hmmmm are there still crowded hallways in schools,
For that matter are there many kids that are still involved in extra fun stuff after school?


If we have learned ANYTHING about vaccines over the last century it is this ..


... the financial benefits for the medical community, FAR outweigh the physical risks for the children who are too young to refuse them


Re the nasal flu vaccine, actually after double checking, it was not used during the 2016-2017 flu season, though the regular flu vaccine certainly was

From the cdc
AFM can be difficult to diagnose because it shares many of the same symptoms as other neurologic diseases, like transverse myelitis and Guillain-Barre syndrome. With the help of testing and
examinations, doctors can distinguish between AFM and other neurologic conditions.
but they go on to say
Oftentimes, despite extensive lab tests, the cause of a patient’s AFM is not identified.

Again, interesting tap dancing, with emphasis on how rare it is, in the CDC article..


I do sometimes wonder if this paralysis is being more directly caused by vaccines .

.Guilliame Barre is a known side effect of the influenza vaccine. We now have kids who are more highly vaccinated than ever before, with that same influenza vaccine. They start now with two vaccines in their first year of life, then one every year after that. Its an experiment with long term possible side effects that has never been done on the human population before. The idea that eventually a persons system can become sensitized to the vaccine ( as is known to happen with antibiotics , for example) and possibly end up having bad reactions in a way that the flu vaccine has already been shown to cause ( Guilliame Barre =paralysis, sometimes long term, sometimes resulting in death) seems something that should be investigated.

I also wonder if the nasal flu vaccine is particularly harmful. My understanding is the blood brain barrier is less protected from nasal absorption? Interesting that the year when the nasal flu vaccine was withdrawn had less paralysis.

And again speculation; I wonder if the CDC already guesses this. They have been doing some intriguing tap dancing " acute flaccid myelitis is very rare..(like all vaccine reactions, according to them. A couple of cases of self resolving measles infections; no one says the word "rare". 100 or more paralyzed kids for several years, and the numbers not being counted = rare.)
Per the CDC we don't know the cause..( we don't want to know the cause?)
Per the CDC it is not contagious between family members (Huh? Entoviruses are contagious, while normally only causing mild illness..Polio was an entovirus, and considered contagious. Vaccine reactions, on the other hand, are not contagious.)

For years, paralysis from polio has been used to explain why "unfortunate" vaccine reactions causing brain injury or death were okay and needed be ignored. Justifying why vaccines that may be causing paralysis in multiple children should still be used would I imagine be an almost impossible,. Hhard to explain that paralysis coincidentally occurs at the same time as back to school vaccinations, and its always been there, we are now just diagnosing it better...All of this is just questioning, just an opinion and some thoughts.. It would be interesting to see long term where the evidence actually leads.

David Weiner

We should also keep in mind that Dr. Klenner (and others) were able to reverse polio paralysis using high dose vitamin C, before the polio vaccine came out. So if the medical profession had followed his lead, we would never had all of the hysteria surrounding polio in the first place and, presumably, the current cases of paralysis could also be reversed.

But therapeutics such as vitamin C are like kryptonite to the vaccine mafia, to be avoided at all costs. God forbid that anyone should ever get the idea that vaccines are not essential or that the prospects of polio "returning" should not keep us up all night.

bob moffit

"To reduce your child’s risk of contracting AFM, consider avoiding intramuscular injections and muscle trauma during and 1-2 months after a known outbreak of AFM-linked enterovirus strains in the community."

Surely no one is suggesting parents should reduce their child's risk of contracting AFM by "avoiding vaccine induced intramuscular trauma" by resisting vaccines to "protect the herd" from other communicable diseases .. such as .. measles?



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